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👍 | Hiroyuki Miyasako Video distribution is suspended for the time being. Severe voices around yakiniku restaurants.

Photo Hiroyuki Miyasako

Hiroyuki Miyasako Video distribution suspended for the time being Severe voices over yakiniku restaurants "Resurrection" for poor physical condition PCR is also negative

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Tatsuki Nambara, a businessman who once appeared on the TV program "Money Tiger", is in a state of fire, saying "Eating and drinking is not so sweet" and "Are you really motivated?"

Hiroyuki Miyasako updated Twitter on the 21st, and it started when the video distribution on the YouTube channel was suspended for "for a while" ... → Continue reading

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Nambara Tatsuki

Tatsuki Nambara(What a mess,1960/May 5 -) isJapan OfBusinessman..Co., Ltd. (former: Co., Ltd.)Auto Trading Luft Japan) Chairman.The affiliated office is 9th CODE. From 2021Karos Entertainmentbusiness partnership.


Okayamabirth.1966/,Nagoya cityMove with your family.

Graduated from Aichi Prefectural Matsukage High School.Aichi Institute of TechnologyDropped out. In 2018, entered the Graduate School of Sanno University.Drop out.

From the top of companies with annual sales of 100 billion yenホ ー ム レ スAfter that, he succeeded in the business again and returned to a company with annual sales of 100 billion yen.

1984/,personalCar parallel import businessStart.BenzEvery time I sold one, I made a profit of about 1 million yen, but I didn't have enough working capital to buy it in Europe, so I bought it after receiving the price from the customer.

1988/,Auto Trading Luft JapanFounded.It was said that there was a lot of pressure from major foreign car distributors because it sold European cars at almost the same price as the local ones, calling it a fair price.

2005/, BritishRoverThe impact of the bankruptcy hit directly and almost all employees were dismissed. Although it has a debt of 30 billion yen or more, it repays more than 25 billion yen by selling the business.At that time, the house was also used for repayment, soRoppongi HillsIt is said that he was spending the night on the park bench.

President resignation turmoil

According to an article in Nikkan Sports on March 2005, 3, "The imported car dealership Auto Trading Luft Japan, which was running, is a major used car purchaser.Gulliver InternationalWill be acquired by the company and will retire from the position of president at the end of March 2005. "However, although there was contact with Gulliver in the process of negotiations, after thatMG RoverThe talk of acquisition disappeared due to the bankruptcy of.



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