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🥾 | Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, collaborate with Montbell to improve the area around Miharu Dam Create a variety of outdoor environments


Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, collaborate with Montbell to improve the area around Miharu Dam Create a variety of outdoor environments

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Montbell is committed to social contributions centered on the outdoors, and provides local governments nationwide with know-how on outdoor activities.

Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, in collaboration with the outdoor equipment manufacturer "Montbell" (Headquarters, Osaka City), Miharu Dam in the town, Sakura Lake ... → Continue reading

 Fukushima private press

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    Social contributions

    Social contributions(Shaken)社会 OfProfitIt means performing an action that contributes to.

    What is social contribution?Corporation or Group,IndividualbyPublic interestOr, it means general activities that contribute to the public interest, and direct social contributions that are made from the beginning with the purpose of contributing to society and indirect social contributions that lead to social contributions as a result of doing a specific business or action. is there. In many cases, there are no clear criteria for value judgment or agreement, depending on what concretely contributes to society or concrete cases, and it often includes self-righteous values.

    As a representative of individual social contributionvolunteerThere are companies, organizations, etc.Charity,Philanthropy,MecenatOr to correct the resulting social problems through commercial activities, or to assist volunteers, donate human resources to specific charitable activities, or donate. Especially in various fieldsProfessionAre inExpertOr according to it能力Who hasSpecified nonprofit corporationInvolunteerContinuing activities is important for NPOs to continue their activities.

    Especially today, although there are many aspects of public relations, corporate brand, and corporate image, donations and technical support for specific non-profit activities conducted by for-profit companies are becoming popular.

    JapanInCorporate social responsibilityIt is often talked about in the context of (CSR), but originally, CSR is to voluntarily contribute to society through business,volunteerActivities should be distinct.

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    OutdoorIt is,

    1. Outdoor activities. Details are given in this section.
    2. It's just outdoors.EnglishOutdoor.

    Outdoor activities(outdoor activity) Is a general term for activities performed outdoors.JapaneseThen for shortOutdoorIs often said.outdoor activities(How about it)Outdoor activitiesAlso called.


    Outdoor activities refer to outdoor activitiesGeneric termIs[Note 1].

    In "Outdoor Activities"JapaneseSince the word "activity" is too long, the word "activity" behind it is often omitted and the word "outdoor" is often used.

    outdoor "Outdoor" basically means outside the closed space of a room.[1].. However, it does not simply refer to the outdoors, but generally refers to a place far away from the city, a natural space.

    Many modern people are forced to live in the artificial space of the city, but the activity performed in nature, away from such artificial space, is called "outdoor activity". It is.

    In particularSportsIt is also called "outdoor sports" when performing activities classified as. EspeciallyLifeIt is sometimes called "outdoor life" to mean that you are doing activities (cooking, eating, sleeping, etc.) or living outdoors.

    Specific examples of outdoor activities

    Specifically, it looks like this:There are various classification methods, but it would be possible to list them as follows.

    Education and outdoor activities

    In Western schools, as part of school education, there are activities such as hiking and trekking on a day trip, staying overnight and observing nature and trekking.

    In Japan's elementary and secondary education, it is also called "outdoor activities" in kanji expressions, and in this context,Outdoor educationActivity,Outdoor learning activities,Nature experience activitiesActivities for educational purposes such as are assumed exclusively. For this reason, although outdoor activities and outdoor activities are originally synonymous, in Japan, specific content is often imagined.

    Still moreBoy scoutIs an organization that aims to foster young people who are physically and mentally healthy through outdoor activities, and is particularly focused on camping and related activities, and branch offices are often set up in each region. Parents who have children who have become elementary and junior high school students and want to train their children in the wilderness may have boy scouts participate.

    At university, we are doing outdoor activitiesClub / Club / CircleIs often installed.Wonder VogelOften the club has a fairly wide range of outdoor activities. In addition, departments named "Exploration Department" and "Adventure Department" may be engaged in a wide range of activities while focusing on exploration and adventure. Also, in general, especiallyClimbing,Swamp climbingWe focus on (and mountain skiing, etc.), and the canoe club is for kayaking and the ski club is for skiing.SkiFocuses on.

    Celebrities on outdoor activities

    Outdoor magazine

    Works on the subject of the outdoors

    TV program

    Major outdoor equipment brands



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    注 釈

    1. ^ "Indoor activity" and "indoorIt is a term / concept that has a contrasting relationship with.
    2. ^ Jimmy Carter is very famous in the United States for his passionate outdoor enthusiasts. Growing up in the wilderness from a young age, he loves fishing and hunting, and his outdoor enthusiasts are so high that he pretends to return to the president's official residence even while he is in office.secret ServiceAfter deceiving (guardian) and returning home, I secretly boarded a special helicopter to fly down to my villa, and I took a leisurely outdoor activity in the wilderness and picked up at the helicopter the next day. It is said that he had been asked to come and made a disgusting face and returned to the presidential office many times.Washington DCHe said he was worried about stopping the president on the way because he wanted to be more in nature, away from the crappy politics of his politics. After retiring from the president, he has lived a leisurely life of enjoying outdoor activities. His book, Jimmy Carter's Outdoor Diary-Days of Adventure and Thought (1992), describes Carter's passion for outdoor activities, including the above-mentioned history of his inauguration.


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