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😀 | "I want you to support Tsunko" Cosplayer Tsunko shows off "Young Gangan" tiger pattern bikini shot


"I want you to support Tsunko" Cosplayer Tsunko shows off "Young Gangan" tiger pattern bikini shot

If you write the contents roughly
Tsunko is featured in "Young Gangan" on sale as a member of YG Favorite Girls 2022.

Tsunko, who is active as a cosplayer, DJ, and voice actor, updated her Twitter on January 1st, saying "Young Gun ... → Continue reading

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Young Gangan

This item includes some computers andBrowsing softwareContains characters that cannot be displayed(Details).

"Young Gangan』(YOUNG GANGAN) isニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エIssued byJapan OfPublished twice a monthyouthCartoon magazine.. Commonly known as "YG""Young gangan"Such.


2004/May 12ToGangan YGThe magazine name was changed from "Young Gangan" to "Young Gangan".Released on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month (If the 1st Friday of January of the following year is a holiday, it will be released on the 1th Friday as a merger issue with the 12rd Friday of December).

Sister magazine "Monthly Shonen GanganAnd 'Monthly G FantasyThere are many works by manga artists who were originally from or are still writing.However, it has unique characteristics such as putting "This work is fiction" at the beginning of the work.

At the beginning of the publication, "Dragon Quest Retsuden Lot's Crest ~ To those who inherit the crest ~"When"FINAL FANTASY XI ~ THE OUT OF ORDERS ~Was placed on the signboard, but the latter stopped the serialization only three times.After that, the former and "Sumomomo Momomo: The strongest spectacle on earthAnd 'Black God], Etc., which is a magazine specializing in fantasy or comedy.Compared to competing magazinesDramaThan a literary workAnimeIt is also a feature that there are many chemical works.Many comicalizations such as light novels are also serialized.

2005/From Vol.8, newcomers following the existing boy and youth manga magazinesGravure idol OfgravureHas also been posted, and the cover page has changed from a serialized manga character to a gravure idol.To the gravure industry that continues to be sluggishNew entryIs extremely rare.Also,2006/ThanWatanabe EntertainmentWe are holding a new idol audition "B-GIRL Audition" in collaboration with.

2007/The special issue "Special Young Gangan" was published in June, but the magazine was renewed to the bi-monthly "Young Gangan Big".2011/From OctoberMonthly Big Gangan], Strengthening independence.

From the 2017th issue of 3 released on March 17, 2017, the distribution of the electronic book version has started.

Current serialized work

Bold isGangan ONLINEWorks that will be republished in. As of issue 2022 of 10 (as of September 2022, 5).

Serialized once a month

Works that are not serialized

  • Angel discretion(Itodamaru, No. 2012, 9-)
  • Gogh-chan(Mabrex, No. 2012, 22-)
  • Maria-sensei is a younger sister! (Satomi U, No. 2018, 8-)
  • Purely and correctly slutty (George Mikumo, No. 2020, 8-)
  • EAR'S GIFT -Mimi Kaki-sensei- (September Takaaki, 2020 No. 19-)

Transfer work

Serialized end work

Visualized work


Television Animation
worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
Sumomomo Momomo: The strongest spectacle on earth2006 - 2007 Studio hibari
Celestial warrior sun red2008-2009 (Phase 1)AIC ASTA
2009-2010 (Phase 2)
Wagtail2008 (1st term)Seven arcsThere is OVA (1st term), 1 unbroadcast episode (2nd term)
2010 (2st term)
Black God2009/SunriseThere is one episode each for special edition and unbroadcast
Saki2009 (1st term)Gonzo(Phase 1 / Station 1-Station 14)
Picture magic(Phase 1 / Station 15-Station 25)
OVA (Saki weather), 4 unbroadcast episodes (2nd term) available
2012 (2st term)Studio XNUMX groups
2014 (3st term)
Arakawa Under the Bridge2010 (1st and 2nd term)シ ャ フ ト
WORKING !!2010 (1st term)A-1 Pictures
2011 (2st term)
2015 (3st term)
Hanamaru kindergarten2010/GAINAX
With manga artists and assistants2014/ZEXCS
The dress-up doll falls in love2022/Cloverworks
Web anime
worksRelease yearAnimation productionRemarks
+ Chick sister2011 - 2012 TYO Animations
Burnham Studio

Live action

worksBroadcast yearRemarks
Arakawa Under the Bridge2011 (TV)
2012 (theater)
I was looking forward to last night2019/

Young Gangan Comics

Young Gangan ComicsMainly records works published in "Young Gangan"Manga book label.2005/First published in May.Abbreviation is "YG COMICS. "

The format is B6, but there are some A5 formats as well as other labels.


2008/In October, a male contract employee who was in charge of gravure in the editorial departmentmixiIn the diary ofGravure idolFalse information that he drank, andGeekIt became a problem because I made a description that slandered.Square Enix has fired the contract employee and apologized to the named idols and officials[11].


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  3. ^ After the release of the 2013th issue in 9, the death of Isuka Hakozaki, who is in charge of drawing, was announced.After that, the serialization was suspended, but the drawing charge was changed and resumed.After resuming, Isuka Hakozaki is credited as a character draft.
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