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⛺ | Have a hot drink at camping / outdoors!15 Recommended Hot Drink Recipes


Have a hot drink at the camp / outdoors!15 Recommended Hot Drink Recipes

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Finely chop the chocolate bar Put the milk in a pan and heat it over low heat so that it does not boil. When small bubbles appear around the pan, add cocoa powder and mix with a wooden spatula. Mix slowly with a pan, and when the chocolate is completely melted, it's done!

You'll want hot drinks in the cold autumn-winter season of camping and the outdoors.This time Hapican ... → Continue reading


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Finely pot

cocoa powder

cocoa powderIt is,Cocoa beansCan be taken fromチ ョ コ レ ー ト,cocoa,OtherWestern confectioneryIt is one of the raw materials of.In making chocolateCocoa butterIs related to smoothness and meltiness, while cocoa is related to its unique taste and color.


Cacao mass"Cocoa cake", which is the residue of squeezed cocoa butter, which is the fat content, is crushed into powder, but cocoa powder also contains about 11% -23% of fat.In the manufacturing methodBroma processDutch processThere are two types.

Broma process (Broma process
It is made by hydraulically pressing cocoa mass.The resulting cocoa powder is so-calledChocolate colorIt is more reddish than, and as you can see from the bitterness and sourness.pHShows a slightly lower value[1].. Around 1865(English editionWhen the mashed cacao beans were put in a bag and hung, the fat content was separated and the manufacturing method was devised.It has a strong scent and contains many ingredients peculiar to cacao.(English editionIt is suitable for making dishes with high fat and sugar content.
Dutch process (Dutch process chocolate
alkalineutralizeWhile doingcocoa powderIt has a milder flavor and aroma than cocoa powder made by the broma process and is smoother, and the color is closer to chocolate.[1][2]..Cocoa powder from Dutch processice cream,hot chocolate, Suitable for baked goods.On the other hand, it has an antioxidant effectFlavonolsThe amount of kind also decreases[3]Therefore, it is said that it has little effect on health, but no confirmation has been obtained.For example, even if the content of flavonols is low, otherPolyphenolAnd some scholars argue that it doesn't matter because Prusianid remains.[4], New research also reinforces this theory[1][5][6].. Around 1828(English editionDeveloped the manufacturing method.

Cocoa powder contains various ingredients that prevent oxidation in the body, but health experts recommend that you take it as hot cocoa when you take cocoa nutrition.This is because you can consume more cocoa and less cocoa butter.[7].


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