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👩‍🎤 | Elaiza Ikeda & Yui Sakuma, Suzu Hirose's best friend role!Special drama "Umeko Tsuda-It became a bill ...

Photo Elaiza Ikeda & Yui Sakuma, Suzu Hirose's best friend role!Special drama "Umeko Tsuda-International student who became a bill-" will appear

Elaiza Ikeda & Yui Sakuma play the role of Suzu Hirose's best friend!Special drama "Umeko Tsuda-It became a bill ...

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He married Uryu Sotokichi, a Navy soldier who was studying abroad at the same time, which was rare at that time.

Elaiza Ikeda and Yui Sakuma will star in the special drama "Umeko Tsuda-International Student Who Has Become a Bill" starring Suzu Hirose ... → Continue reading


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Uryu Sotokichi

Uryu Sotokichi(Uriu Sotochi[1][2][3][Annotation 1],Ansei4/May 1(1857/May 1)- Showa12 years(1937/)May 11) IsDainichi this empire OfNavysoldier..The final rank isAdmiral.IshikawaI'm fromShigeko Uryu(maiden nameIs Nagai.educator,pianist..One of Japan's first female international students) is his wife.


Kaga DomainOf the branch domainDaishoji DomainShigeru Uryu Ginya (90 stones for Rokudaka)[5]) Is born as the second son.Western-style military school of the clan "SogakukanAfter going through the branch school,Meiji5 years(1872/),Navy soldier dormitoryに 入 る[6].. Founded in 1874Tokyo First Elders ChurchBecome a member of[7]..8 years (1875/)AmericaStudy abroad at. In September 1877Annapolis Naval AcademyEnrolled in[8], Meiji 14 (1881/), Graduated from the same school, in November of the same yearNavy LieutenantCommissioner.

"Settsu'Squad Leader,Kaimon"Squad Leader,"Hibiscus"Squad Leader,Navy MinisterMessenger,General meetingSecretary,Staff Headquarters Navy DepartmentChief of Section 3 of Bureau 2, Protected Cruiser "NaniwaDeputy Chief, Gunboat "Akagi"He has served as a captain.

24th year of Meiji (1891/),Navy Colonel-Yokosuka Guardian OfficeMarinesBecame chief and with the French legationNaval attaché,AkitsusuCaptain, "Hibiscus"He has served as a captain.

30th year of Meiji (1897/)June,Seto Inland SeaDue to stormy weather during the voyage, "Matsushima""ItsukushimaIn April of the following year, he was sentenced to three months' imprisonment.

After returningSasebo Guard OfficeCaptain of the military port, Captain of "Matsushima", "YashimaAfter working as a captain, in the 33rd year of the Meiji era (1900/)Admiral-Military departmentFirst director.Moreover,Standing fleetAfter working as a commander, as a commander of the 4th FleetRusso-Japanese WarWelcomeBattle of Chemulpo Bay, IncheonAnd win.

After the warTakeshiki Port AreaIn the 40th year of the Meiji era, he served as commander, Sasebo Naval District Secretary, General Assembly member, and Yokosuka Naval District Secretary.1907/)BaronWas bestowed.

TaishoNew Year (1912/),AdmiralAnd served as the extraordinary president of the extraordinary exposition.Taisho 2 (Taisho XNUMX)1913/),Reserve roleWas incorporated into.

3th year of Taisho (1914/)Panama CanalParticipated in the opening commemorative exhibition as a representative of Japan.Taisho 11 (Taisho XNUMX)1922/) For 3 yearsBaron of the House of LordsIn 2 (Showa XNUMX)1927/) Was retired.


Medal, etc.


  • With six years of study abroad experience in the United States, he was known as one of the leading American connoisseurs of the Navy.Old friendUS Secretary of the Navy-Edwin DenbyInformed of the movement to hold a disarmament conference, Uryu inspected the overseas situation andSea phase-Yuzaburo KatoI am reporting to.
  • Wife'sShigekoAs the first overseas student of the new government at the age of 10Iwakura MissionHe went to the United States and studied abroad for 10 years. He met while he was in the United States and got married after returning to Japan.Mitsui's first presidentTakashi MasudaIs Shigeko's brother,Kaku MoriIs a son-in-law.The eldest son, Takeo, is from the 33rd MarineNavy EnsignSo, while participating in the 34th pelagic voyage, the ship "MatsushimaIn the explosion accidentMartyrdid.


注 釈

  1. ^ In the 9th year of the Meiji era (Meiji XNUMX) while studying abroad in the United States of Uryu1876/) The signature (European) dated September 9 is "S. Uriu".[4].


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