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⛺ | [Hakukin Cairo] You can use it as many times as you like with warmer and eco-friendly than disposable body warmers!Explaining how to use the camp and precautions


[Hakukin Cairo] You can use it as many times as you like with warmth and eco-friendliness that surpasses disposable body warmers!Explaining how to use the camp and precautions

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For the time being, the supply of oxygen should be cut off, so you can extinguish the fire by putting it in a fire extinguishing pot or zip lock.

Hello.Recently, the meat 襦 袢 has become thicker, and I've been wearing light clothes even in winter camps.This time… → Continue reading


Camping / outdoor information media "Hapican".
Based on the concept of "Let's go find Takaramono", we send useful information such as popular camping goods, campgrounds, cooking recipes, and fashion.
In addition to broadcasting the TV program "Ogiyahagi no Hapikan" on Me-Tele (Nagoya Broadcasting Network), we also deliver fun content on YouTube "Hapican Channel"!
You will surely find your Takaramono!

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Good fire extinguisher

Zip lock

Zip lock(English: Ziplock) IsSC JohnsonManufactured and sold byfastenerWithPlastic bag.Food storage bagWidely used as.JapanThen.Asahi KaseiSold by Home Products.

History in the United States

1951/, Flexigrip was founded using the technology of Borge MadisonPlastic・ Fasteners, mainlyLoose leaf-binder,BriefcaseIt was developed and sold for the contents.Then wrap the productBagsI noticed that there was a lot of demand for1961/, Japanese production Japan (Seinichi)[1]From Minigrip type plastic fastenerAmericaObtained manufacturing and sales rights at Minigrip[2]Was established. In 1964, MinigripDow ChemicalAnd for groceries (supermarketFor) products nationwideMonopolyOflicenseIt was a great success when it was manufactured and sold in Japan.

1968/, The Ziploc brand was launched,Test marketWas done[3]..Dow Chemical has since improved the speed of production of plastic bags to offer cheaper materials.

1978/, Minigrip is Signode[4]It was bought by and became its subsidiary.1986/, Signode and Dow Chemical are Zip-Pak[5]Established.1991/IsIllinois Tool WorksMade Dow Chemical's Zip-Pak stake, making Zip-Pak a wholly owned subsidiary of ITW.

1997/,SC JohnsonHas acquired Dow Brands, including Dow Chemical's Ziploc, to this day.The buy price is said to be $ 13- $ 17 billion[6].

in Japan

Initially in JapanLionHad the right to sell,1996/ToAsahi KaseiThe sales right has been transferred to Asahi Kasei Home Products, which is currently selling.Trademark rights in Japan are shared by SC Johnson and Asahi Kasei Home Products (registered trademark No. 2203799 and others).[7]).


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