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😀 | World's first?Manga read naked Challenge of two people who love public baths and manga


world's first?Manga read naked Challenge of two people who love public baths and manga

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Mr. Naganuma said, "When I was in elementary school, Weekly Shonen Jump and magazines were popular, and everyone went to buy jumps on Mondays and read them as if they were competing.

Even in Tokyo, public baths are being closed one after another.Meanwhile, "reading naked ...", which seems to be the first in the world to be studded with "sento love" → Continue reading


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Weekly Shonen Jump

"Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shukan Shoen Jump)ShueishaIssued byJapan OfWeekly publicationjuvenileCartoon magazine.. The abbreviation is "Jump''WJ].1968/ToBoy jump]Published twice a monthFirst published as a magazine, the next1969/It became more weekly and was renamed to "Weekly Shonen Jump".again,2014/May 9As a more applicationShonen Jump +] Is being delivered.


1968/May 7ToBoy jump] In the same yearMay 8First issue as issue. Launched twice a month (2nd and 2th Thursday) at the time of launch,1969/Weekly since October.2003/Released every Tuesday until May,2018/Currently released every Monday[1][Note 1][Note 2].symbol mark ThePirateMark (Jump Pirates).1994/The third edition of 12, released at the end of December, recorded the highest circulation of comic magazines in Japan, at 1995 million.

The magazine keyword is "Friendship / effort / victory".Previously, it was said that it was an editorial policy to always include at least one of this element or something connected to the theme of all published works.[4]..This slogan is the predecessor of the magazine, the monthly manga magazine "Boy bookIt was inherited from the editorial policy ofprimary schoolIt was decided by a questionnaire for the 4th and 5th grade students (“the most heartwarming words”, “the most important words”, and “the most happy words”).[5]..However, the opinion that "at least I don't think there is such a theme now" and "if you make a boy's manga, such a theme will come out spontaneously"[6] Editors who have or assert that "I have never advocated" "The only thing that matters is whether the work is interesting and whether it can be communicated to the target readers"[7] It is not an absolute element in modern times.The name of the magazine, "Jump," was the editor of the company and was involved in the launch.Dr. ToiletIt became a model of Mr. Sunami who appears inKakunan attackIs properly named[8],Hop Step JumpIt is said to have been multiplied by[9].

A store that sells original goods related to "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Jump shop) And web comic distribution site (Jump digital manga・Shonen Jump +), theme park (J-WORLD TOKYO),TV program(Saki Yomi Jean BANG!-Tokusou police Jampolis) And so on.

Since September 2014, the e-book version has been distributed on the same day as the paper medium.Boy jump +"ofApplicationCan be purchased for a fee by installing[10].


First issue


First published in 1968.The nominal circulation of the first issue is 10.at firstOtokogiThere isDramasTone works were popular. "Father's soul""Harenchi Academy""One man"(1968-) etc. are serialized.

1970 era


In 1971, the nominal number of circulation exceeded 100 million.1973/8Is the number one magazine publisher, surpassing "Weekly Shonen Magazine". "Storm! Three""Gut frog""Dr. Toilet(1970 -),"Samurai giants""Wilderness Boy Isamu""Lion books(1971 -),"Astro team""Mazinger Z(1972 -),"Barefoot Gen""Knife flat""Play ball"(1973-) etc. are serialized.


Gag cartoonAs a result of embarking on strengthening the field,1 and 2 Ach!!(1975 -),"Evil giant""Todai straight line(1976 -),"Recommendation!! Pirates(1977 -),"Kinnikuman"(1979 -) and other hits,Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward(1976 -) became a long-run work that has been serialized for 40 years. Besides that,Wolf on the circuit""Doberman detective(1975 -),"Hang on the ring""Asataro Den""Hole in one(1977 -),"Cobra""Refreshing Mantaro(1978 -),"Private high school""Tennis boy"(1979-) etc. are serialized.

In 1978, the nominal number of circulation exceeded 200 million.

1980 era


In 1980, the nominal number of circulation exceeded 300 million. "Fist of the North Star(1983 -), the fighting action route drastically increased the circulation, andGeki !! Gokutora family(1980 -),"Captain Tsubasa""Black angels(1981 -),"Fuma's Kojiro""Regards Mecha Dock(1982 -),"Shape up""Eat heaven and earth""Ginga-Shooting Star Silver-"(1983-) etc. are serialized.on the other hand"Dr. Slump""3 years quirky[11](1980 -),"Stop!! Hibari-kun!""Cats eye(1981 -),"Wingman] (1983 -) and many other works that have gained popularity with a focus on girls and female characters have appeared.


1984/From the 1st and 2nd issues, the magazine name logo that has been used since the first issue will be renewed into a square shape.From this period, the aspect as a manga magazine was strengthened, gravure such as idols and athletes were no longer published, and it was released in 1983 and attracted attention from the readership.NESThe game software introduction corner is "NES fistAppeared as a start.The game introduction cornergame machineIt continues even now when the leading role of is changed. In the final issue at the end of the year in December 1984 (the merged issue of March and 12, 1985), the nominal circulation exceeded 3 million. "ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル""Kimagure Orange Road""Osaka(1984 -),"Kaiki!! Otokojuku""By the way""city ​​Hunter(1985 -),"Saint Seiya""Prefectural Kaizoku High School Baseball Staff Taro Yamashita"(1986-) etc. are serialized.


Achieved 1988 issues from the first issue in 2 issue 23 released on February 1988, 13[12]This year marks the 20th anniversary of the publication.Furthermore, in the final issue at the end of the year in December 1988 (the merger issue of March and 12, 1989), the nominal circulation exceeded 3 million. "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure""Burn!""God Cider""THE MOMOTAROH(1987 -),"BASTARD!!-Dark Destruction God-""Bastard BLUES""Jungle King Tar-chan""God is South Po""Magical Taruruto-kun""I'm Taka(1988 -),"DRAGON QUEST -Dai no Daibouken-""Movie girl"(1989-) etc. are serialized.

1990 era


"Keiji of the flower""SLAM DUNK""Chinyuuki -Taro and his funny friends-""Yu Yu White Paper(1990 -),"Outer zone""Pennant race and the miracle of Taichi(1991 -),"Bonbonzaka High School Theater Club""BØY""Ultimate!! Hentai Mask(1992 -),"Hell teacher""NINKU -Ninja Sky-""Very lucky man""D・N・A² ~He's lost somewhere~"(1993-) etc. are serialized.

From 1990 to 1992 F1 team "McLaren] Will be the sponsor, and feature articles will be put up on the color page at the beginning. At the same time, several works on F1 were published.

The 1993st issue of 31 marks the 25th anniversary of the issue. As a commemorative event, this year's summer vacation, the largest event since the first issue "Weekly Shonen Jump 25th anniversary special project Jump Multi World" TokyoKorakuenHeld in. It mobilized about 19 people during the 16-day event. Nominal circulation of the 1991rd issue of 3 exceeded 4 million. Weekly magazineNational newspaperThe general media also reports that the number of copies of the


"The King is a donkey ~ The counterattack of the blunt empire ~""Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-""Green Makibao(1994 -),"Jinnai-style Jiu-Jitsu Fighting Biography Mashima Kun""Level E""Sexy Commando Gaiden is amazing!! Masaru(1995 -),"WILD HALF""Makuhari""Hoshin Engi""Yu-Gi-Oh!"(1996-) etc. are serialized.

1994 Year of 12 Month1995/Achieved the highest number of copies in history with 3 million copies in issues 4 and 653, but then in 1995 issue 25, "Dragon Ball",1996/No. 27, "SLAM DUNK", the signboard works end in quick succession, and the nominal circulation starts to decrease. During this period, there was an idol gravure that had not been held for many years and the "Popular Reader Award" was revived. In issue No. 1996 in 52, "This is the Kameari Park-mae police station in Katsushika-ku" reached the first 1000 serializations in this magazine.

Works published in the March / 653 merger issue of 1995, which recorded a circulation of 3 million (in order of publication)[13][14]
Title of workAuthorOriginal authorOther
SLAM DUNKTakehiko InoueIntro color
SHADOW LADYMasakazu KatsuraRead all
ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルAkira Toriyama
Green MakibaoTsunomaru
Very lucky manGamou Hiroshi
Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-Nobuhiro Watsuki
Bonbonzaka High School Theater ClubYutaka Takahashi
NANPO U DEN -Southern Yuden-Umezawa HarutoRead all
Hell teacherTsuyoshi OkanoSho Makura
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureHirohiko Araki
Captain Tsubasa World Youth EditionYoichi Takahashi
Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika WardAkimoto Osamu
New Jungle King Tar-chanTokuhiro Masaya
DRAGON QUEST -Dai no Daibouken-Koji InadaRiku SanjoSupervisionYuji Horii
Kagemushatokugawa IeyasuTetsuo HaraKeiichiro Takashi
NINKU -Ninja Sky- SECOND STAGEKiriyama Koji
RASH !!Hojo
Bastard BLUESMorita Masanori
BØYUmezawa Haruto
BAKUDANAkira Miyashita
The King is a donkey ~ The counterattack of the blunt empire ~Kokichi Naniwa

The number of copies to be issued will change from the previous number to the number of copies with a print certificate (the number of copies with the certificate actually issued). as a result,1997/In issue 48, the circulation was overtaken by "Weekly Shonen Magazine". "Hanasaka Tenten-ten""I"s""Takeshi, the leader of the end of the century!""ONE-PIECE""Emperor Meiryo Seijuro Aokiri(1997 -),"ROOKIES""whistle!""HUNTER × HUNTER""Shaman king""Rising impact(1998 -),"Hikaru no Go""Prince of Tennis""Naruto"(1999-) etc. are serialized.Although the number of copies continues to decline, it remains second only to "Weekly Shonen Magazine".Also, the name of the magazine used for 2 years from 1998.logoChange, on the cover in consideration of economic aspectsgimmickContinued trial and error, such as abolishing.

2000 era


"BLACK CAT""Blowing pew! Jaguar(2000 -),"Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo""Mr. FULLSWING""BLEACH(2001 -),"100% strawberry""Eyeshield 21(2002 -),"Armed Alchemy""DEATH NOTE(2003 -),"Gintama""Katekyo Hitman Reborn!""D.Gray-man""Muhyo and Rosie's Devil Law Consulting Office"(2004-) etc. are serialized.

1998/The official website "POP WEB JUMP" opened from (10) continued to expand, and the "Digital Manga Division" was newly established, and new attempts were made such as serializing manga on the site.2000/からJump FestaIs held every year and continues to be a success by selling event limited goods and inviting serial writers.

While the circulation of the entire manga industry is declining2002/(14) In August, he overtook "Weekly Shonen Magazine" and became the number one manga magazine in circulation again. The actual sales rate, which had decreased since the end of "Dragon Ball," recovered to 8-1%.

"Shonen Jump" has 305 million copies.

According to materials from the Institute of Publishing Science, the actual sales rate has recovered to 97-94%, although it did not reach 95% in its heyday. Popular manga such as "One Piece" and "Naruto" are doing well, and the hits of the new serialized manga are boosting the number of copies.

Specifically, there is a detective suspense "DEATH NOTE".This has been a big hit from the beginning and is now becoming a driving force.There is also a comedy "Gintama".This is a form in which the book became a hit and the popularity of the main story revived. — "Wound』May 2005 issue

"Majin detective brain biting neuro""Life(2005 -),"To LOVE Ru -Trouble-""M x Zero""P2!-- let's Play Pingpong!--(2006 -),"SKET DANCE""PSYREN(2007 -),"Nurarihyon's grandson""Toriko""Bakuman.""It's numaru""Kuroko's Basketball(2008 -),"Beelzebub""Medaka Box""Reaper in the infirmary"(2009-) etc. are serialized.

2008/The 34th issue celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first issue, and the 48th issue of the same year achieved a total of 2000 issues from the first issue.While sales of serialized books are strong, grotesque expressions and bioethics are violated.Japan PTA National CouncilIn the media ranking magazine section byGirl comic] Was overtaken and ranked first in the worst.

As part of activities that go beyond the magazine2009/May 4FromTV Tokyo seriesEvery Friday from 18:00 to 18:30, "Weekly Shonen Jump", "Jump Square", "V Jump" joint jump specialized information program "Saki Yomi Jean BANG!Was broadcast (2014/May 3Broadcast ends).

2010 era


"Kurogane""Nisekoi(2011 -),"Haikyu!!""Saiki Kusuo's Ψ difficulty""Assassination Classroom""Gourmet Soma(2012 -),"World trigger""SOUL CATCHER (S)""Isobe Isobe Monogatari ~Ukiyo is hard~(2013 -),"Hinomaru Sumo""My hero academia"(2014-) etc. are serialized.

2010/Issue No. 2 returned the number of copies with print certification to 300 million.

2011/May 3Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), the 17th issue was temporarily suspended (postponed release). This event had a great impact on the way we published and published the serialized works, and at the same time showed the persistent popularity of Weekly Shonen Jump. Detail isGreat East Japan Earthquake and Weekly Shonen Jumpchecking ...

2013/, A theme park to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the first issueJ-WORLD TOKYO"(TokyoSunshine City) Is opened. For the first time in history, 2013 issue 33 (45th anniversary issue)デ ジ タ ルThe edition was released on the same day as a paid distribution as an e-book.[15].

2014/September 9, manga magazine app "Boy jump +First issue[10].. After this, the electronic version will be paid for on the day of sale.


"Demon Blade(2016-) gained high popularity such as being treated in various media after being made into a TV animation, and became a hit that is called a social phenomenon.[16]..Other,"Black clover""Pin the spine!-Welcome to the Shika High School Dance Department""Left gate is a summoner(2015 -),"Yuna-san from Yuragiso""BORUTO- -NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS-""The Promised Neverland(2016 -),"We can't study""Dr. STONE(2017-), "Actage""Magic round""Jimoto is Japan(2018 -),"Chain saw man""The Great Operation of Night Cherry Blossoms"(2019-) etc. are serialized.

2016/,Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika WardClosed the curtain on a long-term serialization spanning 40 years.It is the longest serialized record in a shounen manga magazine,Mass mediaNo. 42, which was featured in the magazine and the final story was posted, was sold out in less than 5 days[17], First edition since 12st December[Note 3] Was released.

2017/In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first issue,Weekly Shonen Jump ExhibitionBut the next2018/Divided into 3 timesRoppongi HillsHeld in[18] Other than that,Reprint edition Weekly Shonen JumpWas released. On the other hand, the number of copies printed in January to March (not including the electronic version) broke in 1 and fell below 3 million.[19].

Occurred in July 2018Heisei 30 year 7 month heavy rainDue to the influence of, the delivery of No. 7, which was released on July 9, was delayed significantly, mainly in the affected areas, and there was a situation that it was not delivered. Therefore, free delivery of the same issue was carried out on the Internet from July 32th to 7st.[20][21].

For a limited time from April 2019 to June 4, 8, this magazine and ``Weekly Shonen Magazine"Janmaga Gakuen" is a website where you can read about 150 titles of the serialized works of "Free of charge". 『Boy jump +"When"Magazine pocketWas the first joint project in history.

2020 era


"Undead Anrak""MASHLE -MASHLE-""Ayakashi Triangle""Destruction God Mag-chan""Roboco with me""High school family""SAKAMOTO DAYS(2020 -),"Young man who is good at running away""Witch watch""Ao no Hako"(2021-) etc. are serialized.

2020 year 3 month,New coronavirusAs a measure to prevent the spread of infection, a request to temporarily close public elementary and junior high schools nationwide was passed to public elementary and junior high schools, so free distribution on the Internet from 2020 1 to 13 will be implemented until 31st of the same month. Announced[22].

On April 2020, 4, it was announced that employees in their 8s working in the editorial department were suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus.[23]..Along with this, it was announced that the 4st issue scheduled to be released on April 20th will be released as a merged issue of 21st and 27nd issues on the 21th of the following week.[23].

On May 2020, 5, it was revealed that the serialization of comics will be suspended due to the effects of corona measures on writers.[24].

Shueisha's "Weekly Shonen Jump" on May 2020, 5Jump SQ.The editorial department of the manga magazine app "Shonen Jump +" jointly established a manga production course for weekly manga artists and aspiring manga artists, "Weekly Shonen Jump Jump SQ. Shonen Jump + present Jump Manga School" Announce to do[25].

From the 2021th issue of 13, the short story reading frame "Jump Short Frontier』Start[26].



Weekly Shonen Jump readers (2012)
9 and under
10-15 years
Over 16 years old

The editorial department is mainly targeting elementary and junior high school boys[27]..The population is large during the 1980s and 1990s, when sales are at their peak.Baby boom juniorThe generation is at the center of the readership, and it is regarded as a manga magazine familiar to many men of this generation.[28].. According to the 2012 survey, the reader composition is mainly junior high school students from the upper grades of elementary school to high school students.Weekly Shonen Magazine』(Kodansha)・「Weekly Shonen Sunday』(Shogakukan)・「Weekly Shonen Champion』(Akita Shoten) Is younger than[29]。2012年9月時点では男女比が約8対2、年齢層は9歳以下が5.1%、10〜15歳が約63.0%、16歳以上が31.9%となっている[30].. According to Shueisha's public information, as of 2009, teens accounted for 7% of the reader survey.[31].

Published work

Due to the relationship with Shogakukan at the time of the first issue, there is no serialized work in front of the building (all are read out, and it is in the form of episode ○, end)[Note 4].

The posted works are basicallyBattle cartoon-Sports cartoon-Gag cartoonSuch asBoy cartoonIs the mainstream, compared to other competing magazinesSF・ Adventure objects, etc.FantasyThere is a tendency for many styles.on the other handLove comedy, Social and documentary works are also posted regularly.

Even if the editor feels that it is a good work, it can not be posted for works that do not match the jump, such as for adults who are difficult for boys to sympathize with, so for newcomersGrand jumpThe new face awardBoy jump +Follow up such as guiding to[32][33]..In addition, even if the work is being serialized, it may be transferred to a youth-oriented or monthly derivative magazine and continued in consideration of the style, reader target, serialization pace, etc.[Note 5].

The serialized works that have become less popular soonCensoredSince many of the works are finished within 10 to 20 weeks (volume of 1-3 volumes of books), it is intense to serialize between works and writers.Survival competitionHappens every week in the magazine (see below).


The cover is basically in charge of serialized manga works. Many of the works selected for the cover are new serials and celebrated the anniversary. As of issue 2018 of 14, the character with the most number of covers was the one from "ONE PIECE".Monkey D. LuffySo, it has been decorated 336 times[34].. In addition to the characters of the cartoon works published in the same issue, the cover of No.Southern All StarsIllustration decorates the cover[35].. In the merged issue, it will be a "collection cover" where characters from multiple works are lined up, but it may also be used in the regular issue due to a gap due to suspension of publication.[36].

The back cover is basically decorated with the work on the cover. Works that celebrate the 10th anniversary of serialization may monopolize the spine cover illustration throughout the year[Note 6].

In the past, like other weekly Shonen Manga magazines,gravureWas displayed on the cover and intro (1970 eraFrom the second half1980 eraUntil the first half1990 eraAlmost no time after 1996[Note 7]..In this magazine, special features and interview articles of athletes may be posted on information pages in two colors.

In issue No. 2012 18, it is called "W (double) introductory color" and the front and back covers are upside down. Decorated the beginning[39].

Editorial policy

For details on the new contract system and questionnaire system listed below, served as the editor-in-chief (3rd generation) in the early days of "Shonen Jump".Shigeo NishimuraThere is a detailed description in the book "Farewell Youth's "Shonen Jump"" written by.

New employee appointment and exclusive contract system

Since its inception, it has been actively promoting new writers.Since this was a latecomer at the time of the first issue, popular works are serialized in other magazines at that time.manga artistIt is derived from the fact that it was not possible to secure the above, and almost all of the serialized writers were recruited as newcomers.This policy has been inherited even after becoming the largest number of copies in weekly shōnen manga magazines, and the editorial department is still focusing on training newcomers.[40]..In recent years, for aspiring cartoonists who are aiming to make their debut, we have been holding a "Jump Manga School" inviting active serial writers and editorial staff as lecturers.[41].

The author who debuted in this magazine must beShueishaExclusive contractTie[Note 8].. While this contract is being signed, writers will not be able to get a contract fee in addition to the manuscript fee, but they will not even be able to negotiate for work at other publishers or even after the end of their exclusive contract[Note 9].. The contracts in the margins of each work, such as "You can read manga by XX only in jumps!", are due to this contract. "Harenchi AcademyThe author ofNagai HaoHas started serialization in other magazines, and has a sense of crisis (at that time)Nagano NoriWas invented by[Note 10]. "One manWas serializedHiroshi MotomiyaThe contract was first signed.However, Nishimura arbitrarily corrected the original final episode and was forced to extend the serialization unwillingly, so Honmiya deleted the relevant part and beyond from the paperback edition of this work (E-bookRevived in the edition).Excessive intervention and relationships in the work by such editing[42]In some cases, it became a problem.

After leaving Shueisha, Nishimura pointed out in his own book, "It is an extremely advantageous contract for the editorial department in that there is no item of writing guarantee for cartoonists and it is not possible to even negotiate writing with other magazines during the contract period." Is[43]..Like Jump, there is an exclusive contract systemWeekly Shonen MagazineDebuted at and had an exclusive contractKen AkamatsuIs a magazine in which three editors give their opinions for each writer, and there is no exclusive contract system, so the connection between the writer and the editor is weak.Weekly Shonen SundayCompared with, he said that it would be painful if an editor who does not match hits.[42].

Shinobu Kaitani, Kyu (currentlyMatsui Shoho), Ken Kiriki (currentlyKenichi Kiriki),Kosuke HamadaIn some cases, writers who couldn't make a hit in this magazine succeeded by moving their activities to other magazines or other companies without renewing their contracts.

As for the original manga author, a person who turned from a manga artist (Riichiro InagakiEtc.) and novelists who made their debut at other companies (Nishio Restoration, Etc.) is sometimes used, but the human resources are being discovered by holding the newcomer award for the original authors of comic books such as Story King.

Questionnaire supremacy and censorship

Weekly Shonen Jump is a reader even compared to other magazinesquestionnaireWith reference toEditThere is a strong tendency to determine the policy of. Evaluation by questionnaire is applied equally regardless of the author's achievements and careers,Survey supremacyIs called. For this reason, even if the works and writers who were predominant in the Issei, the questionnaire is bad, it will be serialized.CensoredSometimes. As an example"Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo"ofHiroo Sawai,Kuroko's Basketball"ofFujimaki Tadatoshi,Nurarihyon's grandson"ofHiroshi Shiibashi,Naruto"ofMasashi Kishimoto,Toriko"ofShimabukuro Mitsutoshi,Beelzebub"ofRyuhei TamuraThe popularity of the work serialized after the hit work has been sluggish, and it has ended in a short period of time.However, for some popular works, even if the serialization of this magazine is discontinued, the final version is often published in books, special editions / derivative magazines, application versions, etc.[Note 11].. The editor who has decided to discontinue the editor has support for the next work, and the discontinuation of the work is not a notification of the author's force. 『Devil Boy BeattyWas discontinued in 10 weeksHirohiko ArakiAfter analyzing the questionnaire with the editor after the serialization, he found a popular element and became a masterpiece.JoJo's Bizarre AdventureIt is connected to.

Yusei MatsuiThe questionnaire isグ ラ イ ダ ーThe altitude (popularity) gradually decreases like this, and if no measures are taken, it will land (lowest) and end (discontinue), but if you grasp the updraft (popular element), the altitude (popularity) will be temporary. He says that he will recover and then go down repeatedly.[44].

Basically, the order of publication is earlier as the work is ranked higher in the questionnaire, but the results of the questionnaire are not strictly operated and composed, and the sales strategy of the editorial department andData MiningDepending on the timing of the media mix, the composition of the magazine/work may be affected.[Note 12][Note 13].

Shigeo Nishimura said, "All the works with the second or lower questionnaire are candidates for completion.[45].Sho Makura-Tsuyoshi Okano"I was always worried about when the serialization would be discontinued due to changes in the content of the work based on the results of the questionnaire and all the ingenuity required," ("Hell teacher] Paperback edition).On the other hand, some writers have planned multiple developments in advance to complete the process in preparation for the discontinuation.Nobuhiro WatsukiIsRurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-』Before serialization of "if serialization is completed in 30 weeks" was prepared to complete the configuration in a short period of time (later restructured "Kinema version" announced).BunsonIsFist of the North Star』Is also expected to end in a short period of time, the beginning of the series was started with the idea that it will end in 17 weeks, after that he said that he continued to write on the spot.Riku SanjoIsDRAGON QUEST -Dai no Daibouken-At the beginning of the serialization, the departure of die and pop was set to be exactly the 10th episode, keeping in mind that it will be terminated in 10 weeks at the worst.[46]..Due to its popularity, the 10th episode became the first color, and it was the moment when the first chest was stroked because there was a lot of pressure due to the cartoonization of the national game.[46].

According to the 2018 standard, basically it will be discontinued when the sales of comics 1 and 2 do not reach a certain level, but a clear number will be raised because differences such as paper media and apps, writers and styles are also taken into consideration. Is not[47]..However, "THE COMIQ(1 volume) andBao visitors』(2 volumes in total), works that are scheduled to be completed in a short period of time from the planning stage (short-term intensive serialization) are also posted irregularly.Except for such works, the earliest serialized works in history areHiroo Sawai"Chagcha』(2008) 8 weeks.

The author who started the serialization is required to respond to the editorial policy that emphasizes momentary popularity by questionnaire rather than long-term development, and techniques have been devised for that purpose.[44]..Repeated outlandish settings and rapid development to maintain popularityMasami Kurumada"What I need for my manga isn't the sequel, but how to surprise the reader," he said.[48]..In addition, Eiichiro Oda said, "'Readers will change in five years' is the theory of long-term entertainment .... I told myself that they are people who will leave someday." Don't treat me. "[49].

Some writers feel that the policy that the questionnaire affects not only the serialization but also the content of the work does not fit, and they made their debut in Weekly Shonen Jump and have serialized twice.Kosuke HamadaHas canceled the exclusive contract and transferred to another company's monthly magazine, producing hits[50].

Jump Nize

Because the themes of "friendship", "effort" and "winning" and the style of boys' comics are required[32], "Jump Nize" to match the style and story to the magazine may be performed.

From illustratorIzumi PosukaIs "The Promised NeverlandI tried to bring the design to the jump work, but it didn't work, and at the beginning I drew it with a touch that I usually put up on the illustration posting site.However"Haikyu!!And 'Demon Blade, Etc. and gradually jump-nized with reference to works serialized at the same time[51][52].

Media mix of works

ShueishaHas little involvement in mediaization by itself, and has a policy of visualizing it only when an offer comes in good conditions, especially regarding visualization.[53].. On the other hand, novelization and VOMIC conversion are carried out in their own medium.

TV animation

Most of the popular worksTV animationAs a national broadcast to replace terrestrial broadcasting since the 2010sSatellite broadcastingIt is also broadcast on (BS / CS).

Movie theater-OVAThere are also works that will be developed inド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル''ONE-PIECE''Naruto''BLEACHThere are also works that are very popular outside Japan.

Jump editors until the 1970s except the first period were worried that free broadcast of the work on TV animation would make readers happy and magazines and books would not sell[54].. However, in the serialized work "Dr. SlumpThere are offers from multiple TV stations,Fuji Television Network, IncOrganization director[Note 14](at that time)·Hisae HieVisited Shueisha a number of times, and due to the passionate request Shueisha broke down and the animation was licensed. 『Dr. Slump Arale』(1981/Since the broadcasting of (starting airing) made more profit than expected, such as sales promotion and copyright, Shueisha will become more active in animating its own works.

Compared to anime/drama adaptations of other magazines, there are more all-day anime. However, in recent years, due to the declining birthrate, the number of all-day animation frames has decreased,4 key stationsAtPrime timeThe obi broadcasting work was moved to another frame in October 2006.ONE-PIECEWas the last[Note 15].. Therefore, since the 2010s, it is often broadcasted in the midnight frame regardless of the content.[Note 16].. 『Saiki Kusuo's Ψ difficultyThe broadcast format of 』is different depending on the season,Good morning』Was broadcasted in the next week, 5 episodes were summarized in the next week and broadcast at midnight.[55].. The second term will be broadcast only at midnight, the final version will be broadcast in the morning, and the Ψ start version will be broadcast.NetflixBecame a monopoly[56].

All ofKey stationThere is a track record of animating the work at, and in the 2010s, it is the Osaka station of TBSMBSThe number of animations in production is increasing, but some are UHF animationsTOKYO MXLocal stations such asBS11There are also works that will be broadcast at. 『Haikyu!!And 'Gourmet Soma, The first period was broadcast on TBS system, while the second period was broadcast as UHF animation, although the net form for each season may be different, BS can broadcast nationwide. Therefore, changing the internet station or time zone is not a problem.

NHKThen, in 2010, the first jump new animation work "Bakuman.Was broadcast.

2012/, "Jump Super HEROES Special Collection DVD", which contains only the first episode of Weekly Shonen Jump TV animation, has been released[57].

New TV anime on air

As of 2022 year 4 month
worksBroadcast start dateBroadcasterAnimation productionRemarks
ONE-PIECE1999/10/20FNSToei animation
BORUTO- -NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS-2017/4/5TXNstudio PieroThe original is "V jump] Serialized.
DRAGON QUEST -Dai no Daibouken-2020/10/3Toei animationThe second work.
The serialization of the original has already ended.
Yu ☆ ​​Gi ☆ King Go Rush !!2022/4/3bridgeThe serialization of the original has already ended.

Works to be broadcast

As of 2022 year 4 month
worksBroadcast yearBroadcasterAnimation productionRemarks
My hero academia2022/unpublishedBondsIssue 6
BLEACH2022/TXNPieroSecond stage.
The serialization of the original has already ended.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure2022/Netflix-MX-BS11david productionThe 6 part(2nd cool).
The original is "Ultra jump]
The sequel (Part 9) will be serialized.
Dr. STONE2023/unpublishedunpublishedIssue 3
The serialization of the original has already ended.
Magic round2023/unpublishedMAPIssue 2
Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-unpublishedunpublishedLeiden filmThe second work (whether it is a sequel to the previous work or a remake version has not been announced).
The original is "Jump square], The sequel is being serialized.
Demon BladeunpublishedunpublishedufotableSecond stage.
The serialization of the original has already ended.

Works animated in the past

List in the order from the earliest start of anime broadcasting.
For works broadcasted during the rest period, except for the generally recognized series names, those with strong style independence at each broadcast time are said to be "1st, 2nd...". If it is judged that the same series was broadcasted with a short rest period, it is described as "1st, 2nd...".
In addition, "Weekly Shonen Jump officially called the first TV animation work "Ben SanshiroIs excluded because it is essentially a comicalized work.

Animated film

Broadcast mainly as a movie version of TV animation. "ONE-PIECE''Naruto''ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル''BLEACH] There is also a series.

VOMIC conversion

Shueisha's voice comic "VOMICThere is also a work developed in. "Saki Yomi Jean BANG!There are many works broadcast on TV.

Flash anime

For short filmsFlashI have made an animation and distributed it on the Internet.


1978/Toビ ク タ ーReleased an LP record "Super Sound Comics "Shonen Jump"" (standard number is JBX-188) that contains the image songs of the serialized works of the time.

Also, of ShueishaDrama CDlabel"Shueisha Drama CDThere is also a work developed by.


Light novelsystemNew bookLabel"Jump jay books』, Main story andSpin-offWorksNovelizeMany have been done.

Live action

TV dramaThe converted work was "Harenchi Academy"(1970, Channel 12 in Tokyo),"Cats eye"(1988, Nippon Television) was broadcast, but in the Heisei era, many works began to be dramaized from the latter half of the 2000s to the 2010s.The main one is "Bastard BLUES"(NTV Wednesday 24:59), "Hell teacher"Gut frog"(Saturday drama), "DEATH NOTE"(Sunday drama), "Astro team(TV Asahi Wednesday 27:10),ROOKIES"Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward"(TBS Saturday 8pm), "Movie girl"(TV TokyoSaturday 24:20-Wood Dora 25), "Fuma's Kojiro"(Independent broadcasting stationOther) etc. The same applies overseas,Prince of Tennis(China) andcity ​​Hunter"(Korea) has been made into a drama.

In addition to the movie version of the TV drama “ROOKIES” mentioned aboveKaiki!! Otokojuku""Prince of Tennis""DEATH NOTE""Blowing pew! Jaguar""Rurouni Kenshin""Ultimate!! Hentai Mask""DRAGON BALL""Assassination Classroom""Bakuman.""Chinyuuki -Taro and his funny friends-""Gintama""JoJo's Bizarre Adventure""Saiki Kusuo's Ψ difficulty""BLEACH""Nisekoi""The Promised NeverlandIs a live-action movie.

From January 2018th to March 1th, 13Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Then, the TV drama "Shonen Jump"Oh My Jump!-Shonen Jump Saves the Earth-Was broadcast. The jump editorial department is fully cooperating with this drama. Blu-ray BOX and DVD BOX released on June 2018, 6.

Stage setting

"WILD HALF""Naruto"And so on. "Prince of Tennis""BLEACH""DEATH NOTE""Rurouni KenshinIs a musical.

Real escape game

"DEATH NOTE""ONE-PIECE""Assassination Classroom""The Promised NeverlandIn the form of a permanent studio or a tour tourReal escape gameThe event is being held as.


Of "Shonen Jump"EditorAlthough there were non-regular employment such as part-time jobs and part-time jobs at the beginning of the publication, it basically consists of only regular employment (regular employees).Therefore, in addition to other magazines published by Shueisha, they may be transferred to completely different departments such as the General Affairs Department and the Human Resources Department.On the other hand, there are some who have not changed from the "Jump" series magazine at all, and all the editor-in-chiefs after the 4th generation have been appointed as the editors of the "Jump" series magazine since joining the company.

Changes within departments and changes between "Jump" series magazines are frequent, and even if there is no discontinuation or new serialization, the person in charge is often changed, and as a result the manga artist may be confused. actually,Eiichiro OdaI wrote in a comment at the end of this magazine, "I will change the charge again. I want you to do it for at least 3 years"[59].

The editor is assigned to be the manga artist or the person in charge of the work, and works with the manga artist to create the work. Some editors may be in charge of two or more serial works.Bring in, Is also in charge of the manga artist who has not yet debuted and is in the process of producing the next work, so he is in charge of more than that. From these things, it has great power to influence the direction and content of manga. "Weekly Shonen Jump" has a tradition of leaving everything to the editor in charge, and there is no manual method of editing. Even when taking over a manga artist, the previous editor does not teach the editing method so far, and the passing takes only one day[60].

On the other hand, it is said that the working environment of the weekly serial cartoonists is harsh, but the work of editors and editorial departments is also extremely busy, and it is said that there is a lot of pressure and stress. Among them, the 7th editor-in-chief of "Weekly Shonen Jump", which is a jump up of the jump editorial department since joining the company,Toshimasa TakahashiIt is,2003/At the production announcement press conference of the animated film "ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead End Adventure" of the magazine "ONE PIECE" that was held on board the boat in Tokyo BaySubarachnoid hemorrhageAnd fell and suddenly died.

For editorsFemaleIs known that there is no one (exists in affiliated magazines such as "Jump +"[61]), Gender issues can raise this topic (more on this later).According to Shueisha, editors need to "understand the hearts of boys (regardless of gender)" and deny exclusion by gender as their qualities.[61].

Since we have a very close relationship with manga artists when making works, it is not uncommon for characters to be modeled after the editor in charge of "Shonen Jump" to appear in the work. As an example, Dr. Sunami of "Dr. Toilet" (Kakunan attack), Mr. Nakano of Aderans of "Kinnikuman" (Kazuo Nakano), or Dr. Masirito from “Dr. Slump” (Kazuhiko Torishima) Or ``Shape upMatch Ibaraki andBy the wayIbaraki (Ibaraki Masahiko) And the like. A character modeled on Toshimasa Takahashi, who died suddenly in 2003, was introduced (Lower news item(I used to be a gag-like character) "Tsune ni Tonchinkan" and "Makuhari”, in order to respect the deceased's honor, the appearance time of the character ispaper bagThe version is cut.

Current executive

Hiroyuki Nakano 
Editor-in-chief (in charge of media)
Kohei Onishi
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Hiroyasu Miwa, Yu Saito, Yuyuki Honda
Editor-in-chief (group leader)
Tatsuhiko Katayama
Team leader
Shu Murakoshi, Taku Sugita, Takuma Naito, Ryosuke Yoritomi

Past Editor

1Nagano Nori1968-1974
2Nakano Yusuke1974-1978
3Shigeo Nishimura1978-1986
4Hiroki Goto1986-1993
5Norihiko Horie1993-1996
6Kazuhiko Torishima1996-Issue 2001 31, Issue 2003 11
7Toshimasa TakahashiIssue 2001 32-Issue 2003 10[Note 19]
8Ibaraki MasahikoIssue 2003 12-Issue 2008 17
9Takashi SasakiIssue 2008 18-Issue 2011 29[62]
10Yoshiko2011 Issue 30[63] -2017 issue 30
11Hiroyuki Nakano2017 Issue 31[64] -In office[Note 20]

Serialized work

The following works are currently serialized on August 2022, 5 (No. 9, 2022). Including irregularly posted works and short-term intensive serialization.

Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
DogONE-PIECEThank you ChiroEiichiro Oda-1997 Issue 34
Hoku no Hiiro AkamateaMy hero academiaDustyHorikoshi Kohei-2014 Issue 32
Shiyu Shiyu Tsukai SenMagic roundKekeUnderestimation-2018 Issue 14
Yosakusansan no taisakusenThe Great Operation of Night Cherry BlossomsKontai La HitsushiGonpei sheep-2019 Issue 39
Antetsu and annoyanceUndead AnrakYoshifumi TotsukaYoshifumi Totsuka-2020 Issue 08
MatsushiruMASHLE -MASHLE-KomotoKomoto-2020 Issue 09
HokutorohokoRoboco with meMiyazaki ShiyuuheiShuhei Miyazaki-2020 Issue 31
Speed ​​boostHigh school familyLet's get alongFriends-2020 Issue 40
Sakamoto TeisuSAKAMOTO DAYSMiscanthus YutoYuto Suzuki-2020 Issue 51
Nike Let's WakakimiYoung man who is good at running awayYusei MatsuiYusei Matsui-2021 Issue 08
Utsuchi UotsuchiWitch watchKenta ShinoharaKenta Shinohara-2021 Issue 10
AonohakoAo no HakoMiura KoshiMiura-2021 Issue 19
HihihihihihiPPPPPPMahoromaticMapolo No. 3-2021 Issue 42
AyashimonAyashimonKaku YuushiYuji Kaku-2021 Issue 50
Protected YukomaruProtect! ShugomaruIhara TaikiDaiki Ihara-2021 Issue 51
Toron ToronDelon DororonOsuka KenGen Osuga-2021 Issue 52
No AkaneAkane RakugoAlready TakamasaTakamasa Moue(Drawing)Yuuki SuenakaHiroki Suenaga(Original)2022 Issue 11
Chiki YunokoChild of the earthShinkai HideKamiumi Hero-2022 Issue 12
Amazing mahoAmazing smartphoneFolded KentaroKentaro Hidano(Drawing)Hiroki TomisawaHiroki Tomizawa(Original)2022 Issue 23


Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
Hantaa HantaaHUNTER × HUNTERToshiyoshi YoshihiroYoshihiro Togashi-1998 Issue 14Not published since issue 2018 of 52
Floating blackBlack cloverYuki TahataYuuki Tabata-2015 Issue 12Not published since issue 2022 of 23

Special issue/derivative magazine

It has been published from the year following the first issue for the purpose of filling the space every other week.

Derivative magazine
Decommissioned derivative magazine


By the mid-1990s, the number of copies issued was not the number of copies with print certification, but was published by Shueisha in-house.

  • First issue in 1968 10 copies[65], Sales rate 76.5%[66]
  • 1968 Issue 2 10 copies[67], Sales rate 86.2%[66]
  • 1968 Issue 3 12 copies[68], Sales rate 93.0%[66]
  • 1968 Issue 4 12 copies[68]
  • 1968 Issue 11 16 copies[69], Sales rate 77%[70]
  • 1969 Issue 1[Note 21] 24 million[71], Sales rate in the 80% range[70]
  • 1969 Issue 9 27 copies[72] No. 16 58 copies[73]
  • Issue 1971-3, 4[Note 22] 115 copies[74] November 11 copies[75]
  • Issue 1972-3, 4[Note 23] 88 copies[75]
  • Issue 1973-4, 5[76][Note 24] 112 million[77]
  • 1973,Weekly Shonen Magazine』Is exceeded by the number of circulation[78].
  • Summer 1974 Maximum 165 million copies[79], Sales rate 86%[79]
  • 1977 New Year issue[Note 25] 188 million[80]
  • Issue 1978-3, 4[Note 26] 210 million[81][82]
  • Issue 1979-3, 4[Note 27] 280 million[83][84]
  • Issue 1980-3, 4[Note 28] 304 copies[85]
  • Issue 1981-4, 5[Note 29] 308 million[86][87]
  • Issue 1982-3, 4[Note 30] Break 300 million[88] 342 million copies annually
  • Issue 1983-3, 4[Note 31] Break 300 million[88] 371 million copies annually
  • 1984 Issue 4 318 copies[89] Printing more than 7 million copies from July[90] No. 37 330 copies[91] 390 million copies annually
  • Issue 1985-4, 5[Note 32] 403 million[93][94] Regular issue from January to May: 1 to 5 million copies[95] No. 37 405 copies[96] 450 million copies annually
  • 1986 Issue 5[Note 33] 435 copies[94][97] 6 No.[Note 34] 410 million[98] No. 37 420 copies[99]
  • 1987 Issue 5 450 copies[100] No. 37 435 copies[101]
  • 1988 Issue 5 485 copies[102] No. 38 465 copies[103]
  • Issue 1989-3, 4[Note 35] 500 million[106] No. 37 491 copies[107]
  • 1990 Issue 5 530 copies[108] June issue of about 6 million copies[109] No. 21-22 503 million copies[110] No. 37 520 copies[111]
  • Issue 1991-3, 4[Note 36] 602 copies[112][113] June issue of about 6 million copies[109] No. 21-22 585 million copies[114] No. 36-37 615 million copies[115]
  • 1992 Issue 3-4 618 million[116]
    • The actual number of copies sold as of March 1992 was 3 million to 580 million.[2]
  • 1993 Issue 3-4 638 million[117] No. 36-37 643 million copies[118]
  • 1994 Issue 3-4 648 million[119] No. 36-37 650 million copies[120]
  • Issue 1995-3, 4[Note 37] 653 million[121][122] Recorded the highest number of copies (Guinness BookRegistered to). Return rate 3% (sales rate 97%)[122]
  • 1995 Issue 25[Note 38] 625 million[123] No. 26 618 copies[123] No. 27 615 copies[123] No. 28 612 copies[123] No. 29 612 copies[123] No. 30 601 copies[123]
  • 1996 New Year issue 588 million (estimated)[124]
    • From this year, the circulation and the letters "new record" on the cover of the New Year issue will disappear. The number of copies is not the nominal of Shueisha but the estimated number of copies.[124].
  • Issued at the end of July 1996 About 7 million copies (estimated) (nominal 500 million copies)[125]
  • July 1997 About 7 million copies (estimated)[126]
  • August 1997 8 million copies (estimated actual sales of 450 copies)[127]
    • The actual sales estimate is based on the Shueisha sales department. Estimated to be sold to "Weekly Shonen Magazine" (440 million copies issued, an estimated actual sales of 413 million)[127].
  • September 1997 9 million copies[127].
  • Issued on November 1997, 11 (November 4) 11 copies[128][129]
    • It was overtaken by "Weekly Shonen Magazine" due to its circulation.
  • 1997 405 million copies (annual average)
    • From this year, the number of circulation was changed from Shueisha's nominal to the number of circulation with print certification.
  • 1998 New Year issue 415 million (estimated)[130][131]
  • 1998 360 million copies (annual average)
  • 1999 363 million copies (annual average)
  • 2000 363 million copies (annual average)
  • 2001 340 million copies (annual average)
  • 2002 320 million copies (annual average)
    • In August 2002, he regained the lead position with the sudden drop of "Weekly Shonen Magazine".
  • 2003 300 million copies (annual average)
  • 2004 300 million copies (annual average)
  • 2005 295 million copies (annual average)
  • 2006 2,953,750 copies (January, check the site below)
  • March 2007 3 copies
  • January 2008 1 copies (Japan Magazine Association
  • 2010 Issue 2[Note 39] 300 million copies (05 million copies returned since August 8)[132]

* Refer to the table below after 2008

The cumulative circulation of this magazine as of Issue 2018 13 is more than 75 billion.[133].

Number of circulation (2008/(Heisei20 years)4Or later)Japan Magazine Publishers Association
1 to 3 months4 to 6 months7 to 9 months10 to 12 months
2008/(20)2,785,833 copies2,790,834 copies2,793,334 copies
2009/(21)2,800,000 copies2,806,667 copies2,840,000 copies2,879,167 copies
2010/(22)2,872,500 copies2,878,334 copies2,875,834 copies2,935,000 copies
2011/(23)2,964,546 copies2,825,000 copies2,841,667 copies2,845,000 copies
2012/(24)2,837,500 copies2,831,167 copies2,838,334 copies2,827,693 copies
2013/(25)2,835,455 copies2,809,167 copies2,779,231 copies2,745,000 copies
2014/(26)2,715,834 copies2,677,500 copies2,665,834 copies2,605,000 copies
2015/(27)2,422,500 copies2,395,000 copies2,376,667 copies2,321,667 copies
2016/(28)2,238,333 copies2,168,333 copies2,151,667 copies2,005,833 copies
2017/(29)1,915,000 copies1,852,500 copies1,840,833 copies1,813,333 copies
2018/(30)1,760,833 copies1,750,000 copies1,768,333 copies1,706,923 copies
2019/(31/First year of Reiwa)1,692,000 copies1,655,833 copies1,628,462 copies1,602,083 copies
2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)1,572,833 copies1,539,091 copies1,516,818 copies1,475,000 copies
2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)1,435,833 copies1,404,167 copies1,371,818 copies1,354,167 copies
2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)1,322,500 copies

Price transition

consumption taxPrice including tax after the introduction.

seasonRegular priceSpecial price or service price
First issue-January 197090 JPY90 JPY
1970 year 2 month to 1971 year 7 month80 JPY90 JPY
1971 year 7 month to 1973 year 3 month90 JPY100 JPY
1973 year 3 month to 1973 year 11 month100 JPY100 JPY
November 1973, 11, first stageOil shockCabinet decision on "Oil emergency measures summary"
1973 year 12 month to 1974 year 2 month120 JPY130 JPY
1974 year 3 month to 1976 year 6 month130 JPY150 JPY
1976 year 7 month to 1980 year 6 month150 JPY170 JPY
1980 year 7 month to 1989 year 3 month170 JPY180 yen or 190 yen
1989 year 4 month to 1990 year 8 month180 JPY190 yen or 200 yen
On April 1989, 4, 1% consumption tax was introduced.
1990 year 9 month to 1996 year 1 month190 JPY200 yen or 210 yen
1996 year 2 month to 1997 year 8 month200 JPY210 yen or 220 yen
1997 year 9 month to 1998 year 4 month210 JPY220 yen or 230 yen
On April 1997, 4, the consumption tax rate was changed to 1%.
1998 year 5 month to 2004 year 4 month220 JPY230 JPY
2004 year 5 month to 2008 year 8 month230 JPY240 yen or 250 yen
2008 year 9 month to 2014 year 3 month240 JPY250 yen or 260 yen[Note 40], 230 yen more[Note 41]
2014 year 4 month to 2017 year 9 month255 JPY260 yen, or 270 yen, and 280 yen[Note 42]
On April 2014, 4, the consumption tax rate was 1%.
2017 year 10 month to 2019 year 9 month260 JPY270 yen, or 280 yen, and 300 yen[Note 43]
2019 Year 10 Monday ~270 JPY290 yen or 300 yen
On April 2019, 10, the consumption tax rate was 1%.

Transition of logo mark

  • First generation: 1968 first issue-1969 number 15
  • Second generation: 2 issue 1969-16 issue 1971
  • Second generation: 3 issue 1972-1 issue 1974
  • Second generation: 4 issue 1974-39 issue 1983
  • Fifth generation: 5 1984st and 1nd merger issue-2 issue 1997
  • 6th generation: 1998 Issue 1-Present

Sub corner

Reader corner

1Reader corner1968/
2 Hare hare school 1969 Issue 20- 1978/52 No.
3 Hop Step Jump Issue 1969 21-Issue 1969 26Serialized in parallel with "Hare Halle Lol School". Finished in 6 times.
4 Surprised playtown 1979/Issue 1- 1980/26 No.
5 Jump pirate world 1980 Issue 27- 1982/43 No.
6 Jump broadcasting station(JBS)1982 Issue 10- 1995/12 No.A method in which points are totaled for each race (half a year) to determine the winner.
Unusual for the reader's corner, it was made into a book (24 volumes in total).
Regular isAkira Sakura,Takayuki Doi,Kazuo Enomoto,Yokoyama ChisaEt al.
7Jean Post 1996/3 merger issue --- 4 issue 1996Regional league format.Due to sluggish popularity, only one race (half a year) will be discontinued.
--1996-1997(For several months, there was no reader corner)
8 Postcard warrior jump corps 1997/ - 2001/Add a cartoon element to the postcard introduction.If you can clear the quota set for each season, the season is over.
StarringHiroshi Izawa(Experienced posting to JBS),Yuko Ishizukaetc.
9 Jampuru 2001- 2005/A few weeks after the end of the "Jump Team", some of the staff were changed and the renewal started.
In a format similar to "JBS", it has also been made into a book.Izawa and Ishizuka will continue to appear.
10 Jump soul 2006/Issue 10- 2009/24 No.Start by renewing "Jampuru".
Regular members are Izawa (continued from the previous work) and Shinichiro Yamashita (part-time job at "Jampuru")
AssistantNakagawa Shoko [Note 44](- 2008) →Miki Hayashi(2008-2009) →Shiori Sato(2009 -)
11 Jean Soul G! 2009 Issue 25- 2014/29 No.Renewal start of "Jump Soul". It inherits "Jean Soul" almost as it is.
--2014-2015(For several months, there was no reader corner)
12Bato!2015/19 No.[134] - 2016/17 No.4 comic strip cartoonPosting corner.
13School of jump2016 Issue 23[135] - 2017/43 No.TwitCastingThe program is distributed using.
It will be the last reader's corner, and the reader's corner will be abolished at the end of Sukujan.

End of variety variety corner

  • End-of-life liberation area! WEEKLY Week (2019/Issue 14 -)-Planning and composition: Ipiao, Illustration:Yuyama Koyama

Game introduction corner

  • NES fist(1985/ - 1988/[Note 45]
  • Nintendo Phantom Thief Demon Troupe (NES)1989/ - 1992/
  • V-NET (1992- 1998/
  • Jean G-do (1998- 1999/
  • Jean G School (1999- 2003/?)
  • On Team G59!! (Team Gekoku Joe) (2003?- 2011/
  • G Humanitarian! (2011) 2015/)
  • Hero Game + (Helloge Plus) (2005/ -2015)
    • Corner introducing games based on Jump cartoons
  • WJ Game Special Search Team Jean G! (Jungebu) (2015 -)
  • Weekly Shonen Dorakue!!2016/ -)

Recruitment plan for new manga artists

Current events

Reader Award

1973/ - 1983/,1997/Made in. 10 authors selected in the reader surveyRead allWrite a work. The order of posting is decided by lottery. The writer selected as the first place had a gift for overseas travel. There was also an event in which readers who wrote impressions about the work selected as the first place and wrote excellent impressions could travel abroad with the author.

Not only Weekly Shonen Jump, but all comics artists who are professionally working in other magazines are eligible for entry, but since it is basically a popular voting color within Jump, it is usually written in this magazine. A writer who is selected is selected. However, due to the nature of the reader survey, writers who have almost no contact with jumps may be selected, so in the pastMizushima Shinji,Reiji Matsumoto,Adachi MitsuruAnd other writers have been nominated[137].. Shinji Mizushima and Mitsuru Adachi both declined because they couldn't keep up with the schedule, but contributed an apology and illustrations for that reason.


Boy jump outside Japan

As of 2021, "Shonen Jump" has been published outside Japan, and popular works such as "ONE PIECE", "My Hero Academia", "Jujutsu Kaisen", and "Black Clover" have been translated.

Carlsen PublisherThanGermanyIssued in (2001/10 month - 2005/12).Official site (German)
VIZ Media(Formerly VIZ Comminucation Inc.)AmericaIssued in.
2002/May 11First issue,2012/March Publication end Official site (English).. E-book"WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP ALPHAWas launched on January 2012, 1.[138].
Treasure island boy
Toryu PublisherThanTaiwanIssued in.1992/May 9First issue. As of February 2014, it is Taiwan's most popular comic magazine.[139].
Another "Shonen Jump" Taiwan versionHot boy TOP』(Ozen publisher),2003/In May, Shueisha canceled the publishing contract with Taizen Publisher and unified it into "Takarajima Shonen".
Cartoon line
From translated mangaChugokuIssued in.2014/First issue in February. Biweekly publication[138].

Weekly Shonen Jump Incident History


The radicalness of cartoon expression and the author'sScandalDue to this, serialized works have been discontinued, and this magazine has been collected in some cases. The works that caused them and the details of each are shown below.

"Harenchi Gakuen" sexual mischief boom case

"Harenchi Gakuen" (Nagai Hao) Was a problem.

1968/Because of the effect of this work serialized from the first issue ofSkirt flippingSuch asPublic obsceneBecause of the fashionPTAThere was a fierce protest from the Board of Education and the Board of Education. However, "Jump" continues serialization under the name of diversity of manga expressions. The editor-in-chief (at that time) Nagano was an educational critic.Susumu AbeIn cooperation with, he proactively went to TV programs and PTA meetings to defend "Halenty Gakuen".

As far as this matter is concerned, the editorial department is proud of its continued serialization without losing power, and such a comment was seen in the special feature at the 30th anniversary of "Jump".

"Private Gokudo High School" Actual School Unauthorized Publication Case

"Private high school"(Akira Miyashita) Was a problem.

ShigaShiga Prefecture with the names and school emblems of five real junior high schools in the Koto region, and the names and school emblems of four graduates posted in the work without permission.Omihachiman,Yokaichi,Gamo-gunAzuchi OfBoard of educationAnd received a protest from each school[140]. Miyashita's assistant was one of those junior high school graduates and borrowed his friend's name without permission.[140]. This junior high school was a school where many Buraku people were discriminated against[141][142][Source invalid].1980/Issue 1 issued on January 29th was recovered[143]. Also, next week's No. 10Shiga,京都,GifuThen we will sell the modified version[Note 46][143].

In response to this turmoil, "Private Gokudo High School" was discontinued in No. 11.[144]. The story was serialized up to 41 episodes, and the book was released as a volume of 1 read-out edition and the first 6 episodes in the series, but the incident triggered the out of print. An address book was sent to those who cooperated in the collection.

Miyashita returned to the series with "Geki!! Gokutora Family" after a while. Many characters from "Private Gokudo High School" have appeared in "Geki!! Gokutora Family". Also, in 32, 2012 years after the serialization, a book that corrected the problematic part and added new writing was published as "revival version"[140].

"Burn! Brother" Occupational Discrimination Case

1990/Issue 45Burn!"(Tadashi Sato) Was a problem.

The main character, Kenichi National Treasure's homeroom teacher, Shiro Hayami has been removed from his homeroom due to a work failure.JanitorWill be[Note 47]In addition, the principal also said that "Janitor" should "do it" and despise the janitor's duties as lower than the teacher's duties.Hayami himself said, "Why am I a janitor?"In response to Hayami who became a janitor, Kenichi said, "I'm not a teacher, I'm a janitor, so I don't care what I do." He insulted him with "I don't mind" and "stupid staff", and he said that he could do whatever he wanted to do as soon as possible (after that, Hayami counterattacked in a more radical way, and Kenichi became the punch line at the end).

Immediately after the release of this issue, the labor union (mainlySelf-help) And readers flooded with protests such as "making the janitor foolish". Autonomous Labor Osaka Prefecture Headquarters protested, "To school janitors, this comic denies the work and existence of janitors in all episodes and insults janitors and their families nationwide."

  1. Presentation of the company's opinion on this work
  2. Collection of the issue
  3. Apology in the magazine and posting of apology advertisements in the five national newspapers
  4. Cancellation of serialization
  5. Clarify the company's awareness of human rights and discrimination issues and their efforts

5 items are required. A site for confirmation meetings was set up with 8 field leaders and 5 publishers from the Autonomous Labor Headquarters and Osaka Prefecture Headquarters. Since the interview from the media and the media coverage offensive continued, the editorial department of this magazine who saw the situation seriously, after several discussions,

  1. Formal apology
  2. Call for publication of apology and recovery
  3. Serialization will continue, but the work will not fit in a book
  4. Posting an "apology" using a part of the company's advertisements published nationwide
  5. Holding in-house workshops
  6. Holding a social gathering in Kansai

The six points are presented by the publisher and an agreement is reached.

When the issue was mailed to Shueisha, the mark of this magazine was entered in exchange.mechanical pencilI got it.The cost of the collected treatment was about 1 million yen, the number of copies collected was about 8, and the 2nd and 3rd basement floors of the head office building were filled with the issue.[145][146].

However, in the work Hayami did not appear for a while, re-appeared as a teacher at another school later, and it was said that there was no change in job category to a janitor. The situation was described as "a mysterious transfer" by the characters in the work.

The author's arrest case of "End of Century Leader Takeshi!"

2002/May 8, Of the author of "Takeshi the Leader of the Century"Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi Child Prostitution Prohibition LawA case arrested for a violation.

In response to this incident, "Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi!" Was discontinued, and the book was discontinued.Also, in this magazine, an apology from the editorial department was posted using one page.After that, Shimabukuro returned with "Super Jump" after a period of self-restraint. The "Takeshi" book was also republished as "Wide Format" and serialized until the end.

"Actage act-age" original author arrest case

2020/May 8,Actage] Of the original authorMatsutatsuya(Real name: Tatsuya Matsuki) was arrested for obscenity.Matsuki generally admitted the charges.

In charge of drawing after Matsuki's scandalUsazaki whiteAs a result of discussions with the company, it was announced that the series will end as it is because it is difficult to continue the next day.[147].

After that, the book was discontinued after the 13th volume, and the shipment of the published book was suspended indefinitely.[148] It was announced that it would be, and it was virtually out of print, and the selection of the leading role by the stage version and audition that was in progress was also canceled.[149].

Intimidation damage/piracy

"Kuroko's Basketball" Intimidation Case

"Kuroko's Basketball"(Fujimaki Tadatoshi) The case where the people concerned were threatened.

Since October 2012, a person who claims to be ``Phantom 10 Face Appearance'' has received a threatening letter from Fujimaki and Kuroko's Basketball related parties and related organizations to announce the death, and in some cases, self-restraint of events and sales Was also seen. It ended on December 801, 2013 because the criminal was arrested.

Correspondence to spoiler site

In September 2017, Kumamoto Prefectural Police, Akita Prefectural Police, and Tottori Prefectural Police posted images, dialogues, synopses, etc. that appeared in manga works such as "ONE PIECE" before the magazine was released.spoilerFor the administrators who have delivered a large amount of advertising revenue by distributing without permission through the siteCopyright lawAnnounced arrest for suspicion of violation (public transmission right infringement, publishing right infringement)[150].. This is the first case of a manga spoiler site arrest.


"My Hero Academia" Shiga Log Case

On February 2020, 2, in "My Hero Academia" published in the 3th issue of 2020, the name of the doctor involved in the villain coalition was revealed as "Shiga log", and "log" became the Japanese army.731 unitsShows human beings used in human experiments atMaltaWas flooded with protests on Chinese SNS, Twitter users claiming to be Koreans, and historical issues in Korean.[151][152]..編集部と作者の堀越耕平は歴史問題に絡める意図はなかったと釈明し、単行本ではキャラクター名を変更するとして謝罪したThe editorial department and the author Kohei Horikoshi explained that they had no intention of being involved in historical issues, and apologized for changing the character name in the book.[153].. Shuji Shinohara, an IT journalist,KoreanIt states that it confirmed that the issue translated into was uploaded illegally on January 1st.[152].

"Boy's heart" controversy

At an industry briefing at a university in November 2019, the personnel department of Shueisha responded to the question, "Can women edit jump manga?" I have to be someone who understands. "In response to thisGender discrimination,Freedom of expressionWas controversial from the perspective of[154]..On the other hand, Shueisha said that there is a precedent for female editors to be assigned to "Shonen Jump +" and "Young Jump", and "The editorial department of women's fashion magazines can understand the fashionable spirit of women regardless of gender. It is important to understand the heart of a boy if it is a boy's manga. "On the other hand, there was no statement as to whether the editor of "Weekly Shonen Jump" could become a woman.[155].

Great East Japan Earthquake and Weekly Shonen Jump

A printing plant was damaged by the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake) that occurred on March 2011, 3,May 3As the 15th issue of the product was delayed and undelivered mainly in the disaster area, as an emergency measureMay 3からMay 4UntilYahoo! JAPANThe manga part of this magazine was delivered for free on a special site[156].May 3The launch of No. 17 was postponed due to the shortage of materials and transportation fuel due to the earthquake.May 4Was released in[157].Due to this postponement, Shonen Jump was published up to the 2011st issue in 51, which was the only year in which the 1970nd issue was not published since 52, which was published weekly throughout the year.[Source required]

While the logistics were confusing, new publications were resumed on March 3th in the affected areas, although the arrival of new publications was not decided.MiyagiSendai cityAoba-kuGotsubashiIn a bookstore inYamagataFrom a male customer who went shopping up toMay 316 was donated to[158][159]. afterwards,DonationWhen I put out a sticker saying "You can read Shonen Jump 3/19 Release No. 16!! There is only one book" with the box,power failureMany boys who could not read the latest book due to undelivered or donated donated and read it[158][159].. When this event was reported, about 30 comic magazines arrived from all over the country,May 4Fundraising and reading were done until the distribution of[158].. Shueisha, who knew this, picked up No. 5 that had been read in May, framed it, and stored it in the editorial department.[158].. About 4 yen donated by boysSendai City Board of EducationGifted to[158]No. 16, which was read in a roundabout way, was called "That Boy Jump", April 2012, 4, 22thOsamu Tezuka Cultural AwardWon a special prize in[160][161].

Reprint edition Weekly Shonen Jump

2017/, In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first year of publication, a reprint of the past "jump" that was memorable, recorded, and memorable in history as it is[Note 48].. The advertisements are the same as before[Note 49] However, there are some publications that are postponed due to various circumstances,Reader questionnaire postcardOn the page where is reprintedZip Code・The address/personnel name is black-painted, and the part of the prize page where the mail/contact information is also written says "This prize has already ended and is not currently held. It has been replaced with a note such as "Please understand"[Note 50].

Pack 1
Released on May 2017, 7.
A set of the first issue and the March 653/1995 merger issue that recorded a maximum circulation of 3 million.
Pack 2
Released on May 2017, 8.
"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure1987 January and 1 merger issue, which is the first issue ofONE-PIECEThe set of 1997 issue 34, which is the first issue of the series.
Pack 3
Released on May 2017, 9.
"Fist of the North Star]Raohof"There's no regret in my life!!No. 1986, 26, in which the words "" appeared, and "ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル]Son Gokuof"KrillinThat's right!!The set of the 1991 21/22 merger issue, in which the words "" appeared.

Related games

Computer games

The following is the theme of Weekly Shonen JumpComputer games.

Software for home game consoles

titleCompatible modelsRelease dateSelling agency
NES Jump HeroesNES1989/May 2Bandai
NES Jump II The 7 strongest1991/May 12
Battle Stadium DONPlayStation 2/GC2006/May 7BANDAI NAMCO Games
J Stars Victory VersusPlayStation 32014/May 3
PlayStation 4(Overseas only)2015/May 6(North American Edition)
JUMP FORCEPlayStation 4 /Xbox One2019/May 2BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer

On January 2018, 7,NESSmall reprint model ofNintendo Classic Mini Family ComputerIn commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump, 2 games including "Dragon Quest" which the game and the editorial department were involved in the production based on the serialized work including the above 20 "NES Jump" were recorded as a variation of "Nintendo "Classic Mini Family Computer Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Version" has been released[162].

Software for mobile game consoles

titleCompatible modelsRelease dateSelling agency
Cult jumpGame boy1993/May 9Bandai
Jump superstarsNintendo DS2005/May 8Nintendo
Jump Ultimate Stars2006/May 11
J Stars Victory VersusPS Vita2014/3/19BANDAI NAMCO Games


Other game media

Games for smartphones

titleDelivery start dateDelivery end dateDistributor
Weekly Shonen Jump Ore Collection!2017/May 72020/May 9BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Jump Chi Heroes2018/May 3During delivery LINE
Weekly Shonen Jump Commentary Jean Jean Stadium2018/May 82019/May 8Konami Digital Entertainment

ボ ー ド ゲ ー ム

  • Weekly Shonen Jump Life Game (TakaraTomy, July 2018, 7)


注 釈

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