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💪 | Eliminate your stomach!"Ship pose" that twists and tightens


Eliminate your stomach!"Ship pose" that twists and tightens

If you write the contents roughly
This time, I will introduce a simple version that uses a balance ball, chair, sofa, etc.!

good morning.I'm Saori Takagi, a yoga instructor. January is almost over.It's about time to pop ... → Continue reading

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balance ball

balance ball(British: exercise ball) Is in close contact with the bodyA sense of balanceFor trainingball.


1963/ToItalyDeveloped by Aquilino Cosani, a plastic manufacturer in Japan, and thenSwitzerlandでリ ハ ビ リ テ ー シ ョ ンBegan to be used as a medical device for.

Introduced to Japan in the 1980sUniversity of TsukubaSpread, but generally in 2001 at that timeSerie A OfAS RomeBelonged tosoccer player OfHidetoshi NakataIt became known from the fact that the video used for training was broadcast on a TV program.After that, it is highly effective for TV and magazines.FitnessIt became widely known because it was introduced as a product.


  • Swiss ball (Swiss ball) --From the origin
  • Exercise ball
  • G ball- gymnastics(Gymnastics),giant(Huge),gravityFrom the characteristics of (gravity)
  • yogaball
  • Fitnessball

Features and usage

It has strength and elasticity that will not be damaged even if you put the weight of a person on it, and as a materialVinyl chloride resinIs often used.

Balance ball exercise is to improve the sense of balance by the instability of the ball and utilize it as a beneficial stimulus for the body.It not only improves the sense of balance, but also has the effects of correcting posture, supple body, and improving muscle strength.Some schools in Switzerland use it as a classroom chair to improve concentration[1].

There are various sizes such as 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm, 95cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, and they are used according to the size of the body and the purpose.The hardness can be changed by adjusting the amount of air in the ball, and the difficulty level can also be adjusted.


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  1. ^ "School environment / class environment that makes children love exercise"

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