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👍 | Tatekawa Shiraku also devised members of the "new Daikiri program" ... "Discontinued in 1 cool"


Aspiring to devise members of the "new Ogiri program" ... "Discontinue in 1 cool"

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Shunputei Shota, who is currently the host of "Shoten", also appeared as one of the young people.

[Tatekawa Shiraku devised a virtual member of the "new Ogiri program".Fans said to the lineup of popular people, "Absolutely ... → Continue reading


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Shunfutei Shota

Shunputei Shota(Shunpuutei Shota 1959/May 12 -) isJapan OfRakugo performer,talent,An actor..He is his real name: Yuji Tanoshita.Rakugo Art AssociationBelong to[2]And is currently the president of the association[3][4]..Current ・ "Lol"chairperson.DashiIsDavy Crockett (The Ballad of Davy Crockett) ”.Fixed patternIsKarahanamon in five melons] Or "jellyfish"Akatorimon"[5][6].. Blood type O[7].. Wife is exTakarazuka RevueSnow setOf the daughter roleJewel Konatsu.ShizuokaShizuoka CityShimizu Ward(OldShimizuI'm from

One gate

Master'sHarufutei Yanagi NoboruAlso has his own physical characteristics (before he entered the rakugo story, he was injured during military service and lacked a few fingers).New RakugoAlthough he was a professional and successful person, his disciples were new works (Momotaro Sekki Tei), Classical (9th Shunfutei Koyanagi,Takigawa Koi Noboru) And a wide variety.Shota sells new works, but he also works on a considerable amount of classics.However, it has a strong arrangement of Shouta style that is not similar to anyone.

In addition, although it was originally from a TV viewer participation program and became a disciple, it is also the teacher, Noboru Yanagi, who focuses on TV activities.

Shota is as mentioned above6th Shunfutei YanagibashiAt the first gate,Yanagi schoolBut the roots areShunfutei Yanagieda(4th generation and earlier).Even at the same ShunputeiSpring wind bower morningIs the masterHayashiya HikorokuAt the first gate,3th generation Yanagiya KoLineage.Hikoroku is the master of Koasa5rd Spring Harutei YanagiAlthough there is a history of inheriting the name of "Yanagicho" from the 6th generation Yanagibashi when he was promoted to a true hit, there is no relationship between Shota and Koasa.

A voice calling for the name of Noboru Yanagi, the name of the masterKatsura KamaruEtc.) but are on hold[8].


Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (at that time) Takahashi Minamicho[9]where one is from.Akiba Kindergarten[9],Shimizu Municipal Tsuji Elementary School[9],Shimizu Municipal No. XNUMX Junior High School[9],Tokai University Daiichi High SchoolGraduated.His fatherNippon Light MetalWorking salaryman (researcher)[10], I have an older brother who is 2 years older[11]..His older brother was a child who had been listening to rakugo since he was in elementary school, but Shota was not interested in rakugo at all at that time.Also, his brother-in-law is a classmate of Shouta's elementary school days.[11].

In high schoolsoft ballI belonged to a club.1978/(53)Tokai UniversityEnrolled in the Faculty of LettersLatin AmericaI visited the club room to join the study group, but I happened to be away, and a senior member of the Rakugo Research Department, who was in the next club room, asked me, "Why don't you wait here?" "Because it looks fun" I joined the club (at the same time)Student wrestling OfRing announcerAlso active as a live performance).The name of Takaza in the Ochiken era was "Headed Pavilion Kirito".[12]・ There is also a "Kiriyako" notation[13]).When he was in the second year of college, he won the TV program "University Rakugo Championship" and became a student rakugo master.[13]..After that, Ochiken's senior[Annotation 1][14]By the recommendationTV Asahiof"The TV PerformanceManzai combination,[Annotation 2][15]Appeared as.He dropped out of college when he became the first Grand Champion,1982/(57), Introduction to Shunfutei Yanagi Noboru[16].

UndercardFrom the times "Performing arts open space』\ Has appeared on many TV programs such as the moderator.In addition, the undercard name昇八Is attached because he is the 8th disciple of Noboru Yanagi (Hayashiya Hikoroku9th discipleHayashiya KuzouFor almost the same reason).His master was Noboru Yanagi, who was touted as a master of new rakugo, and he also put the new rakugo at the center of his activities and gained popularity for his unconventional new rakugo such as "Don't stop in sadness."[Annotation 3].

1986/(Showa 61)The secondPromoted to,Shunfutei ShotaRenamed to[16].

1988/(63)NHK Galaxy tv novel"Shimbashi Karasumoriguchi Seishun Hen" (Original)Makoto Shiina) As Isao Takahashi.

1989/(HeiseiFirst year)NHK Rookie Performing Arts CompetitionReceived the Excellence Award.

1992/Selected by the recommendation of the seat in (4)True hitPromoted to[16].

1998/In 10 (Heisei 9)Asakusa Performing Arts AwardReceived the New Face Award[16].

2000/Added original interpretations such as the solo performance "Classic and I" in (12)Classical rakugo(In the second era, I already challenged classical rakugo at a solo performance and added a Shouta style arrangement.蛻, ゥIs being shown).In the same year, the National Engei Hall Hanagata Performing Arts Award,Agency for Cultural Affairs Art FestivalGrand prize[16].

2003/(15),Takataro YanagiyaTogether withSWA(Creative story art association) ”was launched. The uniform number in SWA is "4".In the same year, the talentTakashi Matsuo, Magician's Napoleons (Napoleons), Comedy writerYasunari SudaLato, TokyoSetagayaStarted joint management of the bar "bar-closed".

2005/In (17), the theme was rakugo.TV drama"Tiger & Dragon』, And appeared by himselfAn actorHe also gave guidance on rakugo performance.From October of the same year, "All Night Nippon』Personality.alsoShiro ItoとYuji MiyakeA theater unit formed in 2004 with a focus onAtami Goro IchizaParticipated in, and continued to appear in subsequent works.

2006/(18)May 1IsEvery day broadcastingProductiondocumentaryprogram"Passion continentWas featured in.By a rakugokaDixie band"Nyuoi Lands"soTrombone(Teacher Noboru Yanagi also played the trombone in the brass band at his place of employment when he was working for a company before becoming a rakugoka). At the same time as being a member of SWA (Creative Storytelling Association), he crossed the walls of the East-West Rakugo world.Six people meetingIs one of.

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNippon TVOf "Shoten"OkiriJoin a member.

2007/Produced from February 2th to 13th.[17]

2008, (sponsored by:Tokai TV broadcasting) Starts and appears as a core member every year[Annotation 4].

March 2012[18],Shizuoka CityCommissioned by the Tourism Goodwill Ambassador[19].

In April 2012, he released a song and rakugo CD "Zabuton to Otamajakushi" to commemorate the 4th anniversary of his life as a rakugo storyteller.Prior to that, the lyrics written by himself recorded on the CD in FebruaryToru OkadaShowa of compositionMood songDebuted as a singer by distributing the wind song "Castle Lovers"[20].

In April 2013, I worked as a producerShizuoka Shimizu Cultural Center MarinertStart with[21]..Held once a year.

November 2013, 11, Shiga PrefectureNagahamaBecame an ambassador to the castle[22].

Received the 2016 Shizuoka Prefecture Cultural Encouragement Award in May 5[23].. On June 8Heita KawakatsuCourtesy visit to the Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture[24][25].

2016/May 5, "Shoten" was selected as the 5th moderator due to the retirement of the 6th moderator, Utamaru Katsura, and took office from May 5th the following week.[26].

September 2016, Toyama PrefectureTonami OfMasuyama CastleAppointed as Honorary Castle Lord[27].. From 2018 on the castleVoice guideAlso serves as a narration for[28].

The same year, the 29rdJapan Glasses Best Dresser Award・ Awarded the cultural world category[29].

2018 year 4 month,Ken Naoko-Momoko NatsukoWith themShizuokaCommissioned from[30].

August 2019, 6,Rakugo Art AssociationBecame chairman[3][4].

Broadcast on July 2019, 6LolReported his marriage at the ending of the show[31]..Initially, the other party was an ordinary female in her 40s, but after that,Fumio Takada's Radio Beverly DaytimeWhat Shouta himself admitted in ""Women themselvesFrom the interview, Aoyama Kennel, Managing DirectorShimozono (maiden name) Toshiyori(There is also the notation "Hayashi Yori", the originalTakarazuka Revue83st gen・ The role of Snow TroupeJewel Konatsu)[32][33].

May 2019, 10 in TokyoImperial HotelHave a wedding reception at.About 400 people attended, mainly rakugoka and entertainers[34]..I stood in a speech on the bride's sideShofuiteiIn the story, it was revealed that Tsurubin was the role of Cupid who was in charge of the encounter between the two.[35][36].

Appointed as a visiting professor of the School of Marine Science and Technology at Tokai University, his alma mater, on October 2021, 10.[37].


  • 1982/, Became a disciple of Shunputei Noboru and named himself Shunputei Shohachi (the undercard name is derived from Yanagisho's 8th disciple).
  • 1986/In September, he was promoted for the second time and changed to Shunputei Shota.
  • 1992/In May, he was selected and promoted to a true hit by the recommendation of the seat.
  • 2000/, The achievements of the solo performance "Classic and I" were recognized,Agency for Cultural AffairsReceived the Grand Prize at the Arts Festival (Entertainment Category)[16].


  • When I was single, I was often told about it in the programs that appeared.He often said that he would not get married, and when his disciple Shoya Shunfutei had a wedding on May 2014, 5, Shota attended as a "friend representative" rather than a "matchmaker" or "master." did[38][39].
  • At home, you can use a dial-type TVgramophoneThere is a room full of retro goods.
  • So-calledOld carlike. She is 31 years oldRover MiniAt the age of 35Toyota Publica 800At the age of 37Dat Sun Bluebird 312Buy[40].
  • My hobby is visiting medieval castles.He publishes castle-related books, appears on TV programs, and gives lectures.
  • In soccer, because he is from Shimizu,J League-Shimizu S-PulseIs a supporter of.He once had a serialization in the team newsletter "S-Pulse News".He also visits the stadium as a supporter[41].
  • 2007/I had a direct disciple for the first time.In the official book, he feels that it is so embarrassing for men to face each other with a sashimi, and he says he is looking for ways to practice while remembering the time when he became a disciple of Noboru Yanagi.
  • Tokai UniversityFrom a movie study groupFilm directorTakako Matsumoto is an old friend of Shota from the Tokai University Rakugo Study Group (Shota is a senior).Produced by MatsumotodocumentaryMovie "Ice Fireworks Sayako Yamaguchi(2015), the name of Shouta appears in the end roll as a major investor.[42][43][44].
  • December 2016, 12, 31th NHKRed and White Singing ContestAppeared as a guest judge in, but the pre-recorded counterprogram "Never laugh, Doctor of Science 24 o'clockAlso appeared in the "DVD Shoten Daikiri" corner[45].

Character at the laughing point

As a member of "Shoten"

Before official subscription

  • He once appeared as one of the members of Ogiri in "Young Ogiri" in the 1980s.1990 eraFrom the second half, I became in charge of the moderator of "Ogiri Gekokujo" → "Young Ogiri".She later became a derivative show, "BS shoten→ →LOL Jr.』It led to the general moderator.

Respondent era

  • In May 2006, the 5th moderator, Sanyutei Enraku, retired, and Utamaru Katsura was promoted from a respondent to the 4th moderator, and joined Ogiri as a regular member as a successor to Utamaru.Since then, she has been a regular respondent for 5 years.In Ogiri, she wears a silver-colored high-seat garment.
  • When I was offered to join Ogiri, I thought that the character in "Shoten" would interfere with the work of rakugo, but I accepted the offer because I wanted to be filial to the parents of the rakugoka. rice field[2]..The members are people who have been together since the undercard era and are juniorsHayashiya Taihei Konpei HayashiyaHe said that it was easy for him to be a member of Ogiri (promoted to an official member at the same time as joining Shouta) on behalf of.[46]..The reason why her own "character without a bride" became established6th generation Sanyutei EnrakuHowever, it was awesome that he first said something like "Shota has no bride", and the members around him took advantage of it and unknowingly completed such a character.[46].
  • There are drawbacks such as the fact that Lu Ritsu does not turn while speaking and the tongue is bitten.prince'[2]Is a self-deprecating story.
  • During the 10 years of the Utamaru moderator, he has experienced 10 cushions four times, but as a member of the black group led by the 4th generation Enraku (Rakutaro), he is more poisonous than the leader's 6th generation Enraku, and occasionally abuses Utamaru. There were times when I said something.
  • Derivative program "LOL Jr.], thenBS shotenFrom the start of the broadcast to the end of the broadcast, he was the general moderator.
  • In the early days of joining, there were many answers that didn't seem strange, and the venue was often silent for a moment after answering.
  • There were many patterns in which I said a stupid story about myself in a greeting and ended up with a single person saying, "That's no good." Since the end of 2006, other members (especiallySanyutei Koraku) Also often uses greetings that follow this pattern.
  • The tongue does not turn while talking, biting the tongue is used for self-deprecation, and other members make fun of it, but this was originallyRakugo performer・ The same is true for Shouta, and so is Master Yanagi Noboru.Normally, chewing in the middle of a storyteller is not very desirable for a rakugo storyteller because it is difficult to hear and some listeners feel uncomfortable, but for this teacher and pupil, it can be said to be one of the tastes of a narrative tone.
  • It is the second oldest after UtamaruKikuo(Old name,Hayashiya Kikuzo) There are many taunting stories, and recently, there are times when we treat them as wandering elderly people, such as "Let's go back to the hospital" and "Prince Haikai".
  • Only Taihei calls him "Ani-san", but this is not because he is an older brother, but because it is a rule in the rakugo world, it already exists when he enters the rakugo world. The undercard or the second rakugo storyteller is basically called a "brother" as a senior. Or, if you are a brother who doesn't care about the hierarchical relationship, you may be allowed to call him "brother"). As for calling "brother", not only the introductory destination but also the affiliated organization has nothing to do with it.In other words, TaiheiKonpeiWhen I entered Ichimon (1988/), Shota is the second one, and it turns out that he was in a position that could be called "brother".In addition, even if a senior rakugo storyteller who used to call him "brother" is promoted to a true hit (a position where he will be called a "master"), the name "brother" will not change (by the way).Upper (Kansai)Because there is basically no promotion systemKantoAnd standards are different).
  • At that time, the age of joining Ogiri members was 46, which was the oldest in history.
  • From Utamaru, it is sometimes called an "executive" (for the same reason as Koyuza's "vice chairman").
  • The greeting in the local recording said, "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Finally, Shunputei Shota came to" (the region) "to find his wife !!"
  • On May 2016, 5, he was selected as the 22th moderator due to the retirement of the moderator of Katsura Utamaru.[26]..The reason for the appointment was jokingly told by the producer as "elimination method".[47].

Moderator era

  • Taihei Hayashiya, a junior at the beginning of acting moderator and moderator2nd generation SanpeiWhen you nominate, you should be yours, and conversely, your seniorsKoyuza,好楽,Kikuo, The 6th generation Enraku was called with a master, but after the broadcast on June 2016, 6 (19th), everyone was unified with "san".[48]..Also, even if the other party is a senior, he may be abused, talk with a tame mouth when putting in a tsukkomi, or be called "this guy".
  • At the beginning of the moderator's appointment, the members talked wastefully during the program and never heard the story of Shouta, and Koyuza called it "class collapse".[49].
  • In the past, they were often abused by answers that tampered with singles, but since they got married at the end of June 2019, they are often abused by answers that ridicule divorce stories and newlyweds.

Major new storytelling





tv set




  1. May 1993, 5: Dad's decision
  2. June 1993, 6: Het thief
  3. July 1993, 7: Sign pin
  4. August 1993, 8: The sadness of the J League
  5. August 1993, 8: Gonsuke fish
  6. September 1993, 9: Life's Like a Comedy
  7. September 1993, 9: Stop in sadness
  8. December 1993, 12: Pet dog Chappy
  9. January 1995, 1: Banquet Flower Road

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen Appearance History

Year/Broadcast timesTimesRemarks
2016/(Heisei28 years) /67 timesFirst[58]Appeared as a guest judge





Works / publications


  • Why I like Mothra (1992, XNUMX)Rippu Shobo)
  • Living comfortably is not easy (1997) Tokyo Books, 2001, 2017 Bunshun library[Annotation 7])
  • The first rakugo.Shunputei Shota Hitorikai (2005, supervised by Shigesato Itoi, Hobonichi CD Books Tokyo Shigesato Itoi Office) * With CD
  • Recommended for castles (2011, XNUMX)Shogakukan)

Co-authored, supervised, etc.

  • Winners who enjoyed it (2002) --Co-authored with Taihei Hayashiya
  • Rokkamansho (2004, XNUMX,Modern movie company)Six people meeting(Author), Renji Tachibana (Photo),Sachie Ono(composition)
  • It's a waste to not know this kind of storytelling! (2005, Bookman) --Supervised
  • Rakugo Subaru Yose (2006, Shueisha)- Dream Pillow Tapir-Hikoichi Hayashiya-Sanyutei Swan-Sanyo Kanda-Takataro YanagiyaCo-author
  • Rakugo Baku Yumemakura Baku Yumemakura SWA no Kai (Bunshun Bunko)
  • Classic and New Rakugo Picture Book Rikishi no Haru (2016, Akane Shobo) --Edit, Illustration Hideyasu Moto
  • The Undercard Training-Five Rakugoka Talks (January 5, NHK Publishing) Living person new book)- Kazuhiro Inada・ Author * Appeared in an interview
  • If you want to listen to rakugo, listen to Shunputei Shota (March 2010,Byakuyashobo Rakugo Fan ClubNew book) by Kenji Matsuda * Introduction book of Shunputei Shota including an interview with Shota
  • Renji Tachibana Photobook Rakugoka Shunputei Shota (February 2010,Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
  • Rakugo Nagaya Akira's Prescription (July 2010) by Kazuhiro Inada --Appeared as a recommender on the cover
  • I'm going to rakugo today too! (March 2016,Hidekazu system) Written by Rakugo
  • Shunkan Cooking (Recipe Card Book) (April 2017, Be Nice) --Co-authored with Hayato Kurokawa (Dr. Canning) (Photo)
  • Men's kimono to enjoy with a rakugo artist (January 2018, Kawade Shobo Shinsha) --Yuko Yanai, appeared on the cover and interview
  • A historian and a rakugoka walking around the castle Visiting Sengoku daimyo Takeda (December 2018) - Hitoshi Nakai-Shinichi SaitoCo-authored with
  • Cat wife (September 2018,Hidekazu system)- Takayasu KomiyaWritten * Appeared in dialogues and obi comments
  • Shota and LaSalle dressing room knob story (December 2019,) *LaSalle IshiiCo-authored with


Shunputei Shota 2 (April 2009, 4,Sony Music Direct)
Shunputei Shota 3 (May 2009, 5, Sony Music Direct)
Shunputei Shota 4 (May 2010, 11, Sony Music Direct)
  • Rakugo The Very Best Shunputei Shota Shunputei Shunpu no Umi / Rikishi no Haru (December 1000, 2009, Sony Music Direct)
  • Zabuton and Tadpole (April 2012, 4, Sony Music Direct)



  • Shunputei Shota 2010th Series -Dynamic- (March 3, 29, Sony Music Direct)
  • SWA DVD -Classic After- (March 2011, 3, Sony Music Direct)

OV appearance

  • I will not return the money! (October 2007, 10)
  • Uncle of Hyogo (April 2008, 4,Nippon Columbia) --Aono (blue) role
  • Captive Tsukaji (September 2008, 9,Pony canyon)

配 信

Ichimon disciple

True hit




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