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😀 | [Hagi Okan traced by illustration] No.34 "Hofu Tenmangu Shrine"

Photo ▲ Text / Illustration = Shinnosuke Furuya

[Hagi Okan traced by illustration] No.34 "Hofu Tenmangu Shrine"

Hofu Tenmangu Shrine, which enshrines Sugawara no Michizane, is the oldest Tenmangu shrine in Japan, which was built about XNUMX years ago.Michizane is said to be the god of learning ... → Continue reading

 Sunday Yamaguchi

The first issue was in 1978.We deliver 6 copies twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) free of charge by inserting newspapers in Yamaguchi City, Mine City, Ube City (part), Hofu City (part) and installing racks in various places, Yamaguchi Prefecture. doing.In addition to living information, we also handle "hard-line articles" such as Yamaguchi Prefectural Government, Yamaguchi Municipal Government, and local economy. I named it "Sundae" because I wanted you to read it casually like a Sunday newspaper.

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