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⛺ | [Definitive Edition] 9 selections of compact camping chairs with different commitments!Find the right chair for you


[Definitive Edition] 9 selections of compact camping chairs by commitment!Find the right chair for you

If you write the contents roughly
The relaxing effect is outstanding as it is sometimes installed as a resting chair in hot springs and saunas.

A lightweight and compact "chair" that is indispensable for camping.There are many types on sale, so I'm wondering which one to choose ... → Continue reading


Camping / outdoor information media "Hapican".
Based on the concept of "Let's go find Takaramono", we send useful information such as popular camping goods, campgrounds, cooking recipes, and fashion.
In addition to broadcasting the TV program "Ogiyahagi no Hapikan" on Me-Tele (Nagoya Broadcasting Network), we also deliver fun content on YouTube "Hapican Channel"!
You will surely find your Takaramono!

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