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📷 | Hitoshi Matsumoto Hamada casually protests against the theory that is kind to female Anna!Abuse on the camera

Photo Downtown Hitoshi Matsumoto

Hitoshi Matsumoto Hamada casually protests against the theory that is kind to female Anna!Abuse on the camera

If you write the contents roughly
Then I don't think Hamada said the female announcer.

Downtown Hitoshi Matsumoto broadcast on Fuji TV on the 28th, "A story about becoming a knob for Hitoshi Matsumoto's sake." → Continue reading

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Japanese announcer

Of this articleJapanese announcer(Nippon announcer)Japan OfBroadcasterWork forannouncerWill be described.


What is an announcer?broadcastToMass mediaBut I made it based on the collected informationManuscriptIs a person who reads aloud and transmits it to the viewer.

The first announcer in the Japanese broadcast media was1925/(Taisho 14) is currently NHK.Tokyo Broadcasting Station OfradioIt is said that Takeo Kyoda uttered a voice at the time, and the total number of announcers at that time was 3 including 4 others. Latertv setAnnouncer has appeared and the old broadcasting area is wideTerrestrial waveIn addition to the radio and television inMini FM,Event broadcasting station,Community broadcasting,Cable TV,Satellite broadcasting,Internet radio,Internet tvAnd so on, each has an announcer.The history belowAre detailed in.

In Europe and America, the news is記者 OfCoverageActivities are widely recognized as importantManuscriptCreate/edit, read aloud a series of tasks, such as microphone and recordingvoicePerson in chargeカ メ ラ マ ン,Director,Assistant directorIt is widely recognized that a program cannot be established even if all the roles and persons of organizational cooperation are lacking, including such cases. The meaning of a profession that plays the role of reading manuscripts in front of a microphone or camera in the news and the end of organizational responsibility is included.anchorThe concept of "" or "news presenter" is emphasized.Japan is not as well-recognized as the West, and people who read manuscripts on the air are simply called "announcers."In commercial broadcasting, it is often called "Ana" in abbreviated form.2018/At timeNHKThe number of announcers is about 500, and the ratio of men is rather high, and the tendency of commercial broadcasting varies from station to station.Employed belowAre detailed in.

The current Japanese announcer is an announcer who belongs to a specific broadcasting station as an employee (generally, "Bureau announcer(Abbreviation: station announcer) ") ​​and does not belong to a specific broadcasting stationFree announcerIt is roughly divided into two.New graduate"Birthless" who works at the organization adopted byMid-career hiringThere is a person.Recruitment information and job information for announcers are posted on the websites of each broadcasting station.To take the announcer employment exam, you need to have a college degree or above.The job type of announcer has few slots and is extremely well known among the general public, so many young people dream of getting this job, and at commercial broadcasting key stations and NHK, there are only a few hiring slots. On the other hand, the situation is such that thousands to tens of thousands of times as many applicants are flooded.#employment,#Recruitment

Announcers place importance on the liking of viewers, but in the case of radio announcers, listeners evaluate only by voice and speaking style, whereas in the case of television broadcasting, viewers continue to see the announcer's face on the screen. Therefore, it is important for TV announcers to be liked by viewers not only in their voice and speaking style, but also in their facial features and appearance.

In commercial broadcasting, the announcer's to get high ratings (and sponsorship)talent-IdolThe technique of trying to change is also adopted.


At the beginning of the radio broadcast, there were no experienced people or sample materials, no systematic training was possible, and newspaper journalists and editors were selected and carried out while exploring their own spoken language styles.

1925/(Taisho 14)May 3,CorporationTokyo Broadcasting StationByRadio broadcastIs started,Tokyo Nichini ShimbunTakeo Kyoda, who was a reporter from the sports club, made the first voice. There are three other announcers at the start of the broadcast: Oha Toh (Oha Sengai), Kumasaki Makichi, and Kirino Otojiro. In JuneAkiko MidorikawaBecame the first female announcer in Japan.

The first live sports broadcast in Japan,1927/(Showa 2) August 813th National Secondary School Championship Baseball Tournament OfSapporo CentralversusAomori MasterMatch of the corporationJapan Broadcasting CorporationFormer bankerTadashi UotaniWas in charge.

1953/(Showa 28) September 2,TV broadcastBegins. The first voice was the announcement of the station name by the announcer Masajun Shimura, followed by NHK Chairman Tetsuro Kogaki.

1961/Retired from NHK (36) and became independent1962/He was appointed as the host of a commercial program in (Showa 37),Keizo TakahashiIs the first free announcer in Japan.

Main job of announcer

The announcer is correct to use "your own voice and words" to "transmit events to the general public"JapaneseRequires ability,grammar-accentIn addition to the above, we will comply with the broadcast terminology prescribed by the broadcasting station. The main work is as follows.

In addition to the duties of appearance and coverage on the above-mentioned "viewers/listeners", there are also services other than the following.

  • Prior meeting and preparation for program appearance (make,ClothingAlignment, draft manuscript, etc.) and reflection meetings.
  • DirectorDoubles asEditIn charge of part of the work (Local bureau,Mini showHowever, this tendency is strong due to personnel restrictions).
  • Of broadcasting station related eventsModerator.
  • Broadcasters and announcers ownBlog,TwitterManagement.


As of 2018, the number of NHK national announcers is approximately 500.

Gender ratio

The active announcer in the NHK regular staff isTokyoRegardless of local broadcasting stations, including headquarters and regional base stations, men have been relatively older than women since ancient times.

The number of active announcers in commercial broadcasting stations was once more that males were more female than females by gender, but as of 2018, the first number by gender is the same number of males and females. The second one is that the number of females is more than that of males. In addition, the growth rate by gender of active announcers at commercial broadcasters is higher for women.

Work content

Focusing on young people such as night duty, early turn, late turnShift workThere are early and late nightsLive broadcastThere are many cases where working hours and life cycles are irregular, including when in charge of.Since news and information programs need to go to work two hours before the start of broadcasting for preparation, performers who broadcast live on early morning programs leave home at midnight (2 to 2 o'clock) (of coursePublic transportSince it is not moving at all,TaxiOr with permissionPrivate carCame to work. Car commuting is usually not allowed due to the concern of traffic accidents, but local stations may not have transportation for commuting, and some broadcasting stations allow car commuting) is there.

Due to the nature of the job,Day of the weekIs the standardpublic holidayAlthough it is irrelevant, it is generally allowed to take a well-organized vacation for about 1 days once a year. At some broadcasting stations,UnionIn some cases, the company strongly adheres to the two-day work weekly system. Because it is an employee (the tendency is remarkable at NHK's regional offices)Annual paid leaveHowever, in the current situation, it is almost impossible to digest, and there are many cases in which the employee leaves the company after digesting it for one to two months, or the retired employee shifts to a part-time job.There are many similar cases even when a full-time employee announcer is hired as a part-time worker. (Excluding senior staff) However, in recent years, it has been conspicuous that the number of working days for part-time staff is less than that for regular staff at local stations.In addition, senior staff (basically employees aged 1 and over who have expired their employment period as full-time employees, and in some cases employees aged 2 and over. (It is possible to choose whether to become a senior staff member), even at the Tokyo Headquarters, the number of working days is limited to about 60 days a week at most.At the Tokyo Headquarters, there are very few senior staff who work one or two days a week.In recent years, flexible working styles have become apparent, especially for retirees, such as working four days a week or three days a week at local stations.However, the working style of regular staff is still harsh, and the current situation is that improvement has not progressed much.

In the case of local stations, the number of staff is small, so there are many cases where even announcers also work behind the scenes, such as news reporters and directors, and there are also cases where they are stationed at branch offices.

Work environment and benefits

The station announcer isAnnouncement departmentOr belong to the broadcasting department. Regarding working conditions, in addition to regular employees,Contract employeeSome are working as. Since the station announcer is an “employee”, there is also a desk inside the station, and you can use the facilities such as a nap room, cafeteria, network, and insurance, and benefits.

Various employment relationships

In addition to those who belong to the broadcasting station as full-time employees or contract employees,Entertainment office-Production companyfrom(I.e.Also exists. At the key station in TokyoTBS OfTBS News BirdCasters,TBS954 Information Caster(Radio-only appearance) is a temporary employee who appears almost exclusively at the broadcasting station to which he is dispatched. In the case of TBS, these casters rarely appear on terrestrial broadcasting, and they mainly appear on CS broadcasting and radio, respectively. Some stations call it "reporter" or "personality". In addition, in the case of a radio station, it may also be responsible for operations other than announcement work such as driving a relay car and director work.

Fuji Television once called for an announcer under the name of "Recruitment of exclusive reporters and moderators." This is because the two founders of the labor union/second unionNobutaka ShikauchiHowever, the announcers belonging to the union are called "announcers" as they are, and the members of the second union are called "reporters" (formally known as "reporters with news station commentary and broadcasting room") or "moderators" for differentiation. It was a phenomenon caused by the so-called internal conflict of the company. The work content was exactly the same in both cases, and there were some who took the exam without knowing this was the announcer recruitment test.Misuzu Tamaru,Jiro JinboThey are also one of them. Shinbo learned this fact and did not join Fuji Television,Yomiuri TelevisionJoined the company.

GyaOIs "GA auditionWe recruited announcers for an audition show called ". This was an open recruitment of people who appeared in the company's media programs such as announcements at GyaO, dramas, variety, movies, etc.USENSince it is not recruited as an employee of, the meaning is different from the general announcer.

Contract announcer

Contract bureau staff (NHK) ・ Contract employees (commercial broadcasters, etc.) are called "contract announcers".Although it is on the increase due to the wave of labor cost reduction, many future issues such as direct employment of contract employees remain.

There are many contract announcers among women and few among men.

NHK often applies to the case of female announcers.Among the announcers who have combined staff and contracts, there are few staff announcers for women, and some local broadcasting stations are not assigned.Therefore, there are relatively many cases where each broadcasting station individually employs a contract announcer.

There are quite a few contract announcers of broadcasting stations that belong to the entertainment offices (regardless of Tokyo or local area).

Contract announcers are called casters or reporters. From that point on, it became the NHK regular staff and station announcer until now.Miyuki MoritaとMiwa ArakiThere are only two people, and it is a very narrow gate.

Centering on commercial local stationsContract employeeThe number of stations adopting is increasing,Non-regular employmentHas spread to the field of announcers.

Free announcer

In this case, "free" means that there is no direct employment relationship with the broadcasting station. CompleteFreelanceNotTemporary staffingOffice orEntertainment officeThose who belong to etc are also called.

There is no substantial difference in the work content of the bureau announcer and the free announcer, but there is a big difference in the employment form.Bureau Anna provides salaries and jobs as employees / staff,Labor rightIs guaranteed, but basically the business and transfers that are the company's mission cannot be refused.The place of work does not change significantly, but I am assigned to another field.In short, the bureau announcer is a "company employee" (only NHK is a "group employee"), and at the same time, he has the obligation to be a member of the organization and cannot violate the policy of the bureau.On the other hand, the free announcerEmployment contract OfcontractThe format and content of the contract are different, and the contract is signed in a form that clearly states and limits the work content (that is, it appears only in that specific work, in short, in a specific program).AgreementTie).For work contracts, referrals to offices and acquaintances,auditionIt is necessary to win the competition by oneself through such things as, but from another angle, it can be said that "you can choose the content of the job" because you do not have to conclude a contract for unpleasant jobs.To put it the other way around, it can be said that although you can choose the work content and the station of the contract partner, you may not be able to get a partner from any station, and you may end up with no work at all and you may end up with no income.In other words, the TV station also has the freedom to choose a person who is convenient for the station from among a large number of free announcers, and has the freedom not to conclude a contract.

There are various motives for those who become free.There are quite a few people who have been active as free announcers from the beginning.Some people have changed jobs from different industries.In some cases, the station Anna will be free (while selling the name to other stations at a high price) by utilizing the name gained by appearing in the program of that station, in which case there is a possibility of simply high income. Some people are attracted to something and choose it[1].. People who give the reason "I want to try myself / broaden my range of work", that is, I feel that if I am free at another station, I should be able to demonstrate my abilities in a different job (or in such a premise) There are also people.For a different reason, for example, the TV station did not report like a news report, it just reported rotten news that seemed to be in power, and in addition, the producer of the TV station repeatedly sexually harassed the staff and announcers. And sometimes you get tired of those problematic TV stations and get free to work at another station.[2].

The amount of reward after becoming free is a large group of factors such as a kind of "luck", your ability as an announcer, your own world-class skills, and external factors.[3]Various factors affect it.As soon as I left the company thinking I could succeed and became freesickYou may get sick and lose your income[4]..Even if you believe that you have the ability and expect to earn a high income and become free, if you open the lid, your income will decrease significantly, and later there will be a big gap between self-evaluation and others' evaluation. May be noticed that there was[5]..If you are blessed with luck, blessed with external factors, have the ability of an announcer, and are good at making a living, there are cases where you can earn a higher income than a station announcer by becoming a free announcer. (However, free announcers do not have various allowances and benefits, and they have to prepare their own business necessities, and in fact, they are not simply enriched by the difference at face value. Regular employees vary in "invisible" form. There is an aspect that it is getting a good reward and it disappears when it becomes free.)Criticism of work mistakes and ratings evaluations are said to be more severe than station announcers. (Like a "helper foreigner" hired by a baseball team) Treated as an immediate force and actually highAudience ratingIf the result is that, it is highly likely that you will be treated as a "convenient frame" and will be paid a high reward, but once a phenomenon such as a slump in the audience rating occurs due to some rhythm, it will be said that your ability is insufficient. It tends to be judged and easily dismissed by the program producer (like "a helper foreigner who is judged to be useless anymore"), that is, it is treated as a kind of "disposable piece", and the contract is simply canceled, and the station announcer ( There is no "safety net" like (regular employees) (they are not assigned to work on other programs, and they are not paid in the form of belonging to other departments), and they lose their jobs and lose their income. There is a good chance.In other words, becoming a free announcer from a station announcer is a kind of <<賭 け》gamblingA state like gambling, "Ichi or Bachi?[6]Will be in the state of.That's why I decided to be freeResignationI was fine when I submitted the report, but when I started to feel that my situation was changing as the time to leave the company was approaching.悪 夢Even after seeing or quitting, I wondered if I couldn't do anything about giving up my resignation or quitting ... or thinking that I can't help it anymore, and my feelings continue to shake for a long time. Man[6]There is also.

In addition, if the station Ana retires from the station he belongs to and becomes a free announcer, there is also the meaning of establishing a lawsuit to the Kosu station, and there is a custom of refraining from appearing in other stations for a certain period immediately after free transfer. If you do not appear in another station for a certain period of time, you may have an agreement with the old nest station. Appearances in affiliated programs and commercials by companies may be possible immediately after free transfer.

On the other hand,Noriichi Otsuka,Tomoaki Ogura,Shigeru Tsuki,Shinichi HatoriThere is also an exception to have regular programs at other stations from the month following free transfer. In particular, Hatori was a regular on TV Asahi several days after he retired from Nippon Television.Crown programStarted. At this time, it was said that there was discussion with the senior management of both Nippon Television and Asahi. There is also a direction that it became easier for Hatori to get a job from another station even after becoming a freelancer.[7]. In addition,Takae Mikumo,Etsuko Komiya,Takashima Aya, As a former announcer of a radio station, there is also a person who does almost no work at other stations even after turning free, and only appears in programs produced by the old nest station.

If the NHK announcer becomes free, it will initially be a commercial broadcaster.Exclusive contractThere is often a tendency to tie them together and get free once they are on track.Masao Hasama,Kubo JunkoSome people have signed an exclusive contract with NHK immediately after retirement. However, there is also a pattern of transferring to key stations in Tokyo or quasi-key stations in Osaka, as well as free contracts.[8].


4 years for new graduatesUniversityMost stations require graduation (local stations doJunior collegeIn some places, graduates are targeted for recruitment, and the recruitment guidelines include age restrictions,Repeated year limitThere are overwhelmingly many places where. In addition, university courses are eligible for employment regardless of humanities or science. Also, only NHK is monthlyNHK reception feeIt is also a condition that you are paying[Note 1]..In many cases, hiring quotas are set up separately from departments such as general affairs and production.As mentioned above, it is a very popular occupation, so its competition rate is very high.Key stationThe ratio of the announcer test exceeds that of the entertainment audition. It is not uncommon to send application documents to broadcasters all over Japan, other than the place of residence or place of origin, and there are also aspirants to travel all over Japan at each interview. When I was a studentPart-time jobAnd an announcerreporterIt is considered more advantageous to have experience with or to receive guidance from an announcement school (NHKTakumi MiuraStaff (Radio NIKKEISponsorshipRace announcer training courseThe first term) is one example). Some universities even have a circle called "Announcement Study Group".

Recruitment test (interview(Including the exam), the emphasis is on whether you can speak correct Japanese, have an atmosphere and appearance that give a good impression, and whether you can be quick and quick.語In some cases, you may be required to have a field of expertise that you can utilize in your work, such as sports or sports.

After joining the company, after a few months of training,Narration,Provided reading,Spot newsGetting into a job that is said to be of low difficulty, in many cases, he will appear as a regular program in the first half of the year after joining the company. firstLive broadcastThe appearance is sometimes called "first cry".In rare cases, in parallel with training, there are cases where regular programs are acquired from the time of joining the company in April.[Note 2]..Most of these cases were local stations with few staff, but later they were also found in key stations.Announcer schools run directly by broadcasting stations may be regarded as a place for practical training.AlsoDisaster Countermeasures Basic LawAt NHK, which is designated as a designated public institution, after a midnight news broadcast, a disaster targeting all staff (especiallyEarthquake early warning-Tsunami warning(At the time of issuance) Emergency news training is conducted almost every day, and the staff members of the announcement department also receive the training.

In order to reduce costs, mainly in broadcasting stations in non-metropolitan areas, there are an increasing number of cases in which new graduates are hired not as regular employees but as contracted jobs with a fixed period. In these cases, it is up to each broadcasting station to decide whether to dismiss the contract at the expiration of the contract, or to leave the contract by extending the contract or converting to a permanent employee.

October 2001, 10 TBS (currentlyTBS Holdings) Started the radio division as a separate company,Certified Broadcast Holding CompanyThe spin-off of radio and television divisions, including transition[10].. From the perspective of labor cost reduction, the TV station side recruits and recruits announcers for the separated TV and radio stations, and provides announcement services to the radio stations as "dispatching announcers." In addition, maintenance of radio station transmission stations is outsourced to television stations to reduce costs.

Transfer / Transfer / Promotion

In many broadcasting stations, since the announcer is a professional, it is unlikely that the announcer will be transferred to a department whose work content is significantly different. However, the work content is closeNews report記者Transfer toCommentatorThere are also transfers when taking office, transferring to domestic and overseas bases, and when there is a strong desire of the person.Also, even if you move to a news reporter, mainly wide news etc.news casterThere is also a former announcer who continues to appear as.In some local stations, the title of announcer may be left as a news reporter.In addition, although the number has decreased at present, there are cases where when a new broadcasting station is launched, it is seconded from an affiliated station to which it belongs or an existing broadcasting station in the location area as an instructor in the announcement department of the new station.

In the past, it was an industry with few changes, so there may be negative reports of relocation to general departments.[11][12]. However, from around the 2000s, an increasing number of broadcasting stations are expanding the personnel changes company-wide due to measures such as a type of punishment for individual announcers' scandals and personnel cost control measures due to the increased burden of digitalization of television broadcasting. Cases taken off are not uncommon.

NHKIn the past, it was overwhelming that the female staff announcer did not move much when transferred to the Tokyo headquarters (Shibuya), but in the 2010s, as a manager in the 40s and over, with a male staff in the 30s. The number of cases of forced transfer from Shibuya is increasing rapidly with the aim of correcting disparities.2011/, Two people around the age of 30 were sent from Shibuya instead of the year,May 6In the attached executive-level personnel, five people were appointed to the announcement manager of the regional broadcasting station at once and moved out of Shibuya, and one was reassigned inside Shibuya.In addition, NHK's male staff usually move around the country (ManagementThere are no exceptions in the class2021/ToShinichi Taketa Osaka stationTransferred to. ), On the way, it is not uncommon to leave the announcement department for personnel affairs.There are many cases where he has never worked in Shibuya since he joined the station, and only a handful of people remain in Shibuya for a long time.Some of them liked the local land pattern and environment,HomeThere are only a small number of announcers who have been built up to and are currently in the local bureau, or for the majority of their work history. (As an example, at NHKMorioka station OfYuki Uehara(CurrentIwate Prefectural Assembly),Saga station OfMikami TatsutsujiSuch)

Shiro SuzukiIn some cases, a former announcer who had been transferred to another department, such as (TBS at that time), has returned, and in other cases, a news reporter has changed.On the other hand, there are few examples of new announcers from other departments, such as those seen on TV Tokyo in the 1980s and 90s.In addition, there is an example of using the name of "announcer" when there is an opportunity to appear in a program even if it belongs to a department other than the announcement department.

There are many examples of having the titles of "chief announcer" and "executive announcer" when they are treated as managers or officers over the course of their careers (mainly NHK).When it comes to managerial positions or veteran announcers, in addition to providing guidance to juniors, the schedule management work of announcers in the department and participation in management / planning meetings increase, so the number of program appearances tends to decrease slightly.However, a young announcer who is a member of the union did not appear due to a strike due to a labor dispute.[13]In some cases, they mainly appear on live programs as a substitute for them.Mainly spot news and wide news.However, depending on the programWorld Business SatelliteIn some cases, the announcer and narrator who are originally in charge of the free contract will survive, and if it cannot be covered, a managerial announcer will appear.However, depending on the station, there may be a small number of people like TV TOKYO, and in that case, a freelance announcer of the same type of program appearing on the same station may be in charge.[14].

Announcer was appointed as an officer in the current position in 2003.Asahi BroadcastingI took office as a directorYouzo MichigamiAlthough there are cases such as (retired in 2007, now: full-time advisor), many of the officers who have experience as announcers have been appointed after being transferred to other departments.

In some cases, he is transferred to another station in search of a job.There are many local stations, especially because they are contract employees and their status is unstable, and some of them travel to three or more companies.Most of the mid-career hires are experienced, but there are also job changes from different industries.

Retirement, job change to another station, free transfer, etc.

There are many announcers of stations that are (or were) enrolled in multiple broadcasting stations, mainly local stations.In addition, there are many cases where the period of enrollment of one broadcasting station is longer than the period of enrollment of the second station or the second and subsequent stations to which the broadcasting station was transferred.

Various announcers

Sports announcer

Applicable personCategory: Sports announcerSee. Overwhelmingly, male announcers are in charge of live sports broadcasts.

In an announcement job that requires neutral and calm broadcasting, in a field where you can express your excitement and excitement in a straight line,baseballThere is a "screaming type" announcement that tells out loud about the home run scene. However, there are some opinions that this is not good, and it is largely due to the preference of the viewer/listener (listener). It also depends on whether the announcer can respond to the social situation and the game situation.

At the 1936 Berlin Olympics,æ°´ æ³³Girls'Maebata HidekoWas in charge of radio relay when he won the gold medalHexi three provincesIn response to the intense dead heat, said, "Please do your best in Maebata! Do your best in Maebata!" 38 times, and conveyed the excitement and excitement throughout Japan.

On the other hand, Nippon TV screamed “Goal!” more than 2000 times (up to 9 times) when scoring in the game of the Japanese national football team at the Sydney Olympics on September 14, 20.Funakoshi MasashiMany criticisms and protests were received in the live commentary (currently leaving the announcer).

Local announcer

In the first place, there are few use cases, but especiallyThree major metropolitan areasOther thanPrefecture, Refers to a person who was born and raised in the broadcasting area of ​​the broadcasting station and acts as an announcer at the broadcasting station (however, there is also a usage example of simply "announcer belonging to local broadcasting station").[15]).

NHK is a nationwide organization, so basically if you work in the same area for a certain number of years, you will be transferred to another area. For this reason, it is unlikely that you can work in your hometown. But on the contrary, if you work locally, you can make the most of it and contribute to your community. In NHK, where the role of each broadcasting station is being strengthened in recent years, the local announcer becomes an important force.

In Toyama,Shigemitsu YamadaAfter leaving Fukuoka once and making a U-turn, the Deputy Director of the Broadcasting Department, who oversees the announcement, has been a native of Toyama Prefecture for three consecutive generations. In the neighboring Niigata, as of August 3, half of the 2009 announcers were from the local Niigata prefecture (later transferred to 8 to 6). Such cases are rare in general broadcasting stations that are not base stations. In Yamagata Prefecture,Toru ShibataAfter the U-turn, the variety program "Yamagata dialect"Tonight is a night], and now has fans all over the country. Even at the base station, Nagoya includes single employeesAichiMany people are from the school.

Unlike NHK, commercial broadcasting is limited to specific areas. The station in Tokyo called the “key station” is originally a local station in Tokyo or the Kanto area, and is performing activities rooted in the region more than NHK.

In some commercial broadcasters, until the law bans discriminatory employment, there were cases in which the recruitment of announcers was limited to those from the prefecture where the broadcasting station is located.

Saga tvSo, at least until the 1990s, recruitment of announcers as full-time employees was limited to those from Saga prefecture. People from outside the prefecture were treated as assistants to news programs. Now that we have switched from female announcers to recruiting contract workers, these restrictions have disappeared. All of the regular employee announcers have been posted on the official website, and all of them were from Saga prefecture until 2010, when they became the first regular employee announcer from outside the prefecture.

TV OitaThen, it seems that even now, the recruitment of announcers is limited to those from Oita prefecture. But,Masanori OgasawaraThe announcer and Tomohiko Tanabe announcer were born outside the prefecture. Therefore, the birthplace of the announcer profile is different from other announcers.

Female announcer and its background

The female announcer, as commonly known as "female announcer," particularly refers to a person whose "talentization" is remarkable, and may be used in a ridiculous manner. EspeciallyCommercial broadcastEspecially, the tendency of "talenting" is extremely remarkable at the Tokyo Key station.

1980 eraMost of the female announcers hired since the latter half of the term are commonly referred to as "brand universities" (Tokyo Roku University,Seki Seki Support, Etc., and alsoMiss CampusThere are a lot of people who have been selected for. Also, prioritize your appearance over the announcement technology necessary for your work, and make mistakes that should not be tolerated, such as misreading and mischief.Audience ratingAs a result of being prized for acquisition,entertainerSome people think that there are many cases where they are treated just like that.Furthermore, after the 2000sRio Hirai,Konno Asami,Satoshi Miyazawa,Chiharu Saito,Rena IchikiEtc.IdolThere is a case where is a female announcer.

"It's better to receive female viewers from your own station than to use poor entertainers, and it's cheap," is to commercialize them, "It's just that there is an audience rating" commercialist commercial broadcasting It seems that the attitude of TV stations is also great. In addition, she often makes female announcers cosplay.

As a result, mid-career announcers who have accumulated their careers and have improved their "reading skills" are "younger" and "Entertainment showsIt is difficult to use because it is difficult to use, and this has also given rise to the term "female announcer 30-year-old retirement (limit) theory." However, even at NHK, even women areTokyo · ShibuyaThere is a policy of assigning to local stations other than that to improve the skill as an announcer and build a career, and since there is a strong tendency to emphasize the skill required as an "occupation" of an announcer rather than "youth" or "freshness", The situation is completely different from commercial broadcasting. Therefore, at NHK, on ​​the contraryMayuko WakudaThere are many cases where (such as staff) is heavily used.

In commercial broadcasting, most of the “selling” female announcers are in their 20s, and it is common to see the age around 30 as a turning point.OLIs the same as.Furthermore, since it is the most "occupation that can be seen", its "freshness" is explicitly required, and those who could not establish popularity and ability by the age of 30 are mercilessly rearranged behind the scenes and appear one after another. Will be erased. The "female announcer 30-year-old retirement age (limit) theory" is based on such an event, and there are cases where the female announcer himself mentions this.[16].Fuji TelevisionUntil 1969, only female employees had a retirement age of 25.[17].

Women's Anna is a male producer and a male talent who co-stars on variety showsSexual harassmentIn addition to being often received, it is often said that the executives of the station are often sent to the other party of the entertainment. It is said that women's announcer cannot deny these actions because it is a command from an executive who has the right to cast programs. There is also a view that this trend is also one of the reasons why female announcers decide to change free[18].

Female Announcer Genealogy

In the past, the fields in which female announcers were in charge were:Cuisine,Parenting,HandicraftPrograms with the theme ofInterviewThe listeners were mainly.

The genealogy that leads to female announcers who are getting attention as much as talent as today is1975/After joining Fuji Television and becoming the first female caster of the same station, she made the first scandal in the history of a female announcer.[19]Misuzu Tamaru,[20][21][22],1978/After joining NHK,TV guideOn the cover of ", large transfer to commercial broadcasting,Marriage of a ballBecame a topicYoritsuka MitsukoFrom the perspective of[21][22][23][24]Fuji Television announcer in the early 1980s was unusual at that time.ControlThere are several viewpoints, such as "Participating in a variety of colorful shows"[25].1977/HiredYumi MasudaIt is,I see! The WorldStretched out withReportSo, it was called and called "Hyokin Yumi".1980/HiredMichiko Yamamura,1984/HiredRieko Terada,1985/HiredTomoko NaganoIt is,We HyokinWas called "Hyokin Announcer" and acted as the chair.

Female announcers are often abbreviated as "female announcers," but it is unclear who made this abbreviation first. The concept of the same meaning as now is established, and it is often said that the term began to be used from the latter half of the 1980s. The term "female announcer" has existed since before this. The notation "female announcer" is often used in the weekly magazine at the time of 1981, which reported the transfer of Fujiwara to Yorijika.[26][27].1987/In the book "Ana book," which was published by Fuji Television Publishing and featured the announcer of the same station, the notation "Women's Ana" was already found. Even now, it may be written as "female announcer".[28].. There are also articles in which the notations "women's announcer" and "female announcer" are mixed.[29].

As a sequel1991/In the "Ana book 2" published in, was called "the three daughters of flowers" at that time,Satsuki Ariga,Keiko Kono,Akiko YagiFocused on.1993/IsNippon TVPopular announcerMinako NagaiUnit consisting of 3 peopleDORAWas formed and released the CD.

Fuji TV followed by Nippon TV on the women's announcer route,TBSIn 1993Amemiya ToshikoBut,1994/ToShindo AkikoBecame a signboard announcer for a variety program and a sports program. NHK in 1994Kubo JunkoBecame a signboard announcer. Since then, with the popularity of female announcers, the number of announcers called female announcers has increased in each station.

Since the late 1990s, the entertainment agency “Saint Force, Etc., develop management specialized for female casters and reporters, and dispatch talents to the news and wide show programs of each station. In addition to accepting announcers who have retired from each station as affiliations, there are also cases where student affiliations are subsequently adopted as announcement jobs for the stations in which they appeared ((Tomoko Honda, Etc., and an entertainment office (with joint investment with the station)Phonics) Is established to deepen the relationship between the bureau and the office.

In addition, Christel Takigawa(Shared TV → free),Hayama Elene → Ishida Elene → Hayama Elene(NTV),Kato Sylvia,Yu Kobayashi(Both TBS),Hiromi Ayumi(ABC TV)Such,halfThere is also a tendency that many announcers are used. When interviewing a foreignerInterpreterAs a person who can directly interview without going throughreturnee childrenAnd overseasStudy abroadIt is used for the same reason as experienced people, but it can be seen that the number of hires is increasing due to the image of Japanese half. Takigawa, Hayama (Ishida), etc. were originally active under the Japanese name, but they intentionally named the foreign name because of the image strategy of the station, which is part of the debate over whether or not to become a talent.

Debate about talenting

Variety programs andQuiz showFor example, there are occasional announcers who make statements and answers that lack social common sense.It is generally pointed out that this is a "decline in quality", but it is a kind of "directing" for the purpose of obtaining audience ratings.YaraseThe inner curtain may be exposed, saying that it may also be included.Former NTV announcerMakiko Ishikawa"Youth's reading and writing ability is decreasing year by year." "Students who want to join the company do not have good Kanji test results."Akira FukuzawaIn his blog, he said, "I'm very worried," and complains that "TV no longer needs an announcer." Satsuki Ariga is the creator of the program producers including himself in the momentary reaction of the performers.ScriptI share charms that I don't have, and myselfBlurI took the image of the station announcer who was willing to take on the role ofShowReveals that there was one side[30].

Side business, side business, advance into other occupations

The Japanese station announcer is a broadcaster's plansingerThere are also examples of making a debut and appearing as an actor in a drama or movie as Choi (sometimes appointed as a caster in an information / news program in the play).

Although it is an exception, there are cases where even station announcers appear in programs of other stations due to collaboration projects between broadcasting stations.Due to this influence, the station announcerBack programThere is also an example of overlapping appearances (for details, see "Maya KobayashiSection). In addition, when broadcasting a co-produced program between broadcasting stations, the announcers of each station may appear at the same time in the advertisement. In addition, various stations were coordinated for the Tokyo Olympics.

There are many people who work with their real names, but there are also people who use stage names (both station announcer and free announcer. In the case of radio, it is also called "mic name").

Some bureau announcers also have side jobs such as lectures and wedding moderators, subject to reporting to the company. Increasingly becoming famous, the income from part-time jobs gradually increases, and it may be possible to earn more than double the salary given by the affiliated station.[31].

The announcer who belongs to the TV station onceSwimwearThere were scenes that appeared on the program in wearing, but from the late 1990s began to regulate the appearance of swimwear in both men and women of each station (with some exceptions). As of 2015,Nippon TVIn the case of, the announcer is positioned as a job that requires extremely high integrity.[32].

Occupations other than broadcasting media

As will be described later, there are those who make announcement activities in fields other than broadcasting media. Other than belowRadio personality","Disc jockey","Voice actor","narrator","RecitationSince the qualities required for "houses" and the like are similar, there are cases in which they work together with the announcer business.



electionSupporting speeches for candidates,Election carIt is known that the candidate name and the policy are continuously called. In the case of women, the voice is compared to birds and is called "Mr. Uguisu," and rather there is no official name. In the case of men, there are popular names such as "crow-kun" and "crow-boy", but since women are common, they are rarely used.


Announcements are English announcements and announcements, but on-site announcements are broadcasts to people inside the venue of the event or at the station.Arena,holeA profession that informs the audience of changes such as player changes and performances.

Examples include "Kaze Futabata" (1951, Tatsuo Nagai), Kana Nobunu, "The announcement of the hall called the name of Dohara to the buzzing seats," "The Starless Street" (1958, Kitasha) "It is used by travelers of various races who are carrying their bags around and sewn announcements in the halls that give guidance in between."

In the case of a woman, the popular name of "Mr. Uguisu" isStadium djIt is sometimes referred to as ". As a field announcement with a different meaning from these,Horse racingIn-field performances in public competitions such as (Central horse racingInGreen channelThe same as the actual situation for other media such as) There are also occupations in charge.

Ring announcer

An announcer who makes player calls and progress in martial arts such as professional wrestling and boxing. It is different from the live announcer.

Narrator companion

In charge of product description and moderationEvent companion.

Official website posting profile

Face photo, date of birth (TV Asahi・ In many cases, the rough birthplace and blood type are listed, while in many cases, the time of joining the broadcasting station, year of birth, university of origin, height, etc. are not listed.In addition, the face photo of the official website is often used as the official profile photo for the web pages and information of programs and events related to broadcasting stations.


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