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👩‍🎤 | Last Idol Rio Ohmori & Himeri Momiyama show off a mysterious date plan !? <4th Anniversary Concert Document ...

Photo (C) Genkosha

Last Idol Rio Ohmori & Himeri Momiyama show off a mysterious date plan !? <4th Anniversary Concert Document ...

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In addition to the main part of the concert, rehearsals and backyard patterns are also included, as well as photographs taken by the members and interviews with all members talking about their thoughts.

Last idols Rio Ohmori and Himeri Momiyama will be held at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA on Saturday, January 1th ... → Continue reading


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    Main part of the concert


    backyardRefers to a place where ordinary users and visitors cannot enter, such as a retail store or a museum.Means "backyard" in EnglishbackyardIt is derived from, but it is a usage unique to Japanese.[1].

    Museums, galleries

    Museum,MuseumIn the above, storage departments such as storage and fumigation rooms, research and research departments such as research / research rooms and production rooms, and management departments such as conference rooms, offices, and machine rooms are private departments.Among the public departments, visitors cannot enter the exhibition warehouse in the exhibition department, the planning preparation room and lecturer waiting room in the education promotion department, and the museum shop sales goods warehouse in the service department.In addition to the private department, the rooms in the public department that are not accessible to visitors correspond to the backyard.[2]..It is an important department for collecting and preserving exhibits and research, and some museums and art galleries hold backyard tours to deepen their knowledge.[3].

    Retail trade

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