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📱 | Case for iPhone 13 series "MagSafe" compatible, eco-friendly model


Case for iPhone 13 series "MagSafe" compatible, eco-friendly model

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It is a case that is friendly to the global environment using biodegradable materials.

SB C & S; (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a tech accessory brand of Lenntek Corporation in the United States ... → Continue reading

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IUPACDefinition of
Degradation caused by enzyme process resulting from the action of cells.

(By an enzymatic process caused by cell activitybreak down

Notes: Modified to exclude abiotic phenol processes.

(Note:Abiological enzymeChanged to exclude the process. )[1]

BiodegradationWhat is (biodegradation)?Bacteria,Fungi, The compound is decomposed into inorganic substances by other organisms.Almost all compounds are eventually biodegraded to inorganics, but it is time that matters.Factors related to their speed include the environment such as light, water, oxygen and temperature, and the substance itself is easily used by degrading bacteria (BioremediationIs high) and other factors[2][3].

Typical example of problems in biodegradation

Also called hard ABS detergent in the 1960s, it remains in wastewater without being biodegraded by microorganisms, killing soil bacteria, and causing problems in rivers and sewage treatment plants to be covered with bubbles, making sewage treatment difficult. Became[4].. In the 1970sLinear alkylbenzene sulfonate sodiumReplaced by (LAS)[5].

Biodegradability test

Biodegradability can be measured in a variety of ways[6].

Easy biodegradability
Many standard test methods for measuring the biodegradability of organic substances include OECD (OECD Test Guidelines 301A-F), EU (C.4 test), OPPTS (835.3110) and ISO (9408, 9439, 10707). Developed by the institution.
Intrinsic biodegradability
OECD Test Guidelines 302A-C, EU C.9 and C.12, and ASTM E 1625-94, etc.
Water system simulation test
ISO / DS14952 "Flask Shake Batch Test of Surface Water or Surface Water / Sediment Suspension" (Nyholm and Toräng, 1999), Biodegradable ASTM E 1279-89 (95) by Flask Shake Diary Test Method Test and similar OPPTS 835.3170 test
STP (sewage treatment) simulation test
OECD Test Guidelines 303A “Coupled Unit” test, ISO 11733 “Activated sludge simulation test”, EU C.10 test, etc.
Anaerobic degradability
ISO 11734: 1995 (E) exam, ASTM E 1196-92 exam, and OPPTS 835.3400 exam, etc.
Decomposition in soil and sediment
OECD Test Guidelines 304A Test, OPPTS 835.3300 Test
Japanese Industrial Standard
JIS K 6950, JIS K 6951, JIS K 6953, JIS K 6955


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Global environmental problems

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    Global environmental problemsWhat is (Chikyukankyomondai)?Environment issuesA type of problem sourcedamageIs particularly widespread地球Refers to the scale.It is caused by the inability of nature to repair environmental changes due to the increasing influence of human activity.[1].

    Main example

    IndustrializationProgress andAutomobileIt occurred with the spread of.

    nitrogen-Rin,organic matterCaused byeutrophicationWater pollution occurs in.The cause of this was industrial wastewater in the 1960s and 70s, but now it is domestic wastewater.[2].

    DischargedFreon gas stratosphereBy accumulating inUVPhotochemical reactionWoke up and generatedchlorineAtomozoneDestroy[3].

    carbon dioxideEtc.Greenhouse gasDue to the release of.

    Hunting anddevelopment ofAnd so on.


    One of the major problems in these is that the impact on the environment spreads across national borders.In a countryEnvironmental protectionEven if we proceed with legislation for, in other countriesEnvironmental destructionGlobal environmental problems require measures within an international framework, as they may be affected by actions.


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