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📱 | OM SYSTEM OM-1 industry's highest quality camera LCD protective glass from GRAMAS 2022 5…


OM SYSTEM OM-1 industry's highest quality camera LCD protective glass from GRAMAS 2022 5…

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Uses tempered glass with a surface hardness of 9H, which is the strongest class.

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    Surface hardness 9H specifications

    Tempered glass

    Tempered glass(Today's glass,English: Toughened glass, tempered glass) is commonFloat plate glass3-5 times more thanStrengthhaveGlassIs[1].


    Even if it breaks, it does not become a sharp knife, and most of it is granular, so it is relatively compared to float glass.SafeThereforevehicle,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,Crane gameIt is used in housings, etc., but as the inside outCrime preventionPoor performance (one break breaks the whole into granules, see below).highModulus,RigidityWhile holdingTransparentAlthough glass is a very useful material, it has a fatal drawback that it breaks when it receives an impact because it is brittle.Therefore, the surface is compressed so that the glass does not break easily.DestructionA method has been devised to increase resistance to.Due to the structure of tempered glass, it cannot be processed, so the process of tempering is done at the end of the product manufacturing process.

    Since the surface of tempered glass is strengthened by compression, the force to cause destruction is greater than that of unreinforced glass, but the compressed layer is damaged by small scratches generated by external impact. If the cracking progresses beyond that, the entire glass will crush momentarily because there is a tensile force inside.[2]..For this reason, when the tempered glass breaks, it breaks into pieces, which is rather a preferable feature from the viewpoint of safety when broken.However, the security performance is not good because the entire glass is broken when it is broken.


    Due to its natureAutomobileWindowschildrenIt is widely used in many schools.However, regarding the front windshield,ACCIDENTOccasionally, shattered tempered glass instantly robs the field of vision, and subsequent measures tend to be delayed, and debrisdriverAnd passenger seat occupantsEyeballHit directlyblindnessBecause there were many accidents1987/9For cars produced after thatLaminated glassThe use of is now compulsory.batBecause it is strong enough not to break even with a full swingPedestrianIt doesn't protect you either.

    microwaveWhen usingHeat resistant glassAlthough it may be used in place of, tempered glass is dangerous because it can break due to sudden temperature changes.

    Manufacturing method

    Ion exchange method

    sodium(Na)ionGlass containingpotassiumWhen immersed in an aqueous solution containing (K) ions, Na ions on the glass surface and K ions in the solution are exchanged, and K ions enter the surface layer of the glass.

    Here, the K ion is larger than the Na ion.As a result, it becomes like pushing a stick into a narrow gap, and the glass surface is compressed.stressLayer is created.Then, in order to break the glass, not only the force for breaking the bonds between molecules but also the force for removing the compressive stress on the surface is required.Therefore, in order to break this glass, a larger force than that of ordinary glass is required, and it can be said that this glass is strengthened.

    Wind cooling strengthening method

    Flat glass about 650-700 After heating to the glass surface空 気Is produced by spraying and cooling rapidly.[1]..It is the same as the ion exchange method in that a compressive stress layer is formed on the surface, but in the air cooling strengthening method, the surface layer and the inside are heat-treated.densityA stress field is formed by making a difference.There are restrictions on the thickness of the glass plate (thin glass plates are not allowed).In metal processingQuenchingBecause of its similarity to, it is called "baking".


    For information terminals


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