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📱 | Parents who give minor children a smartphone, the most common reason is "because the children around them have it" ...


Parents who give minor children a smartphone, the most common reason is "because the children around them have it" ...

If you write the contents roughly
As for the specific content of each concern (multiple answers), "use of smartphone for a long time", "become addicted to smartphone", "bad eyesight", and "cyberbullying" ranked high.

The insurance mammoth was conducted for 350 parents who have underage children with smartphones. → Continue reading


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Smartphone addiction

Smartphone addictionWhat is (smartphone)?modern societyMany people are suffering fromDependence.Smartphone addictionAbbreviated as (smartphone).


SmartphoneIt means that the owner of the smartphone becomes dependent on the smartphone, spending most of the day on the smartphone, or using the smartphone when he / she should do what he / she should do.As a result of becoming addicted to smartphones, sleep time is reduced, and the main posture is to keep looking down, which causes inconvenience to one's physical condition and is healthy.社会There are many people who have lost their lives.Mobile phoneHowever, it can be seen that the symptoms are similar, but when compared with mobile phones, smartphonesFeaturesThere is a tendency to become addicted, such as increasing the frequency of use and lengthening the usage time due to the abundance of products.[1]..Behind the addiction to smartphones and SNSDesire for approvalThere is also a survey result that the majority of SNS users are posting while thinking that "it must be approved by others".[2].

"Smartphone brain" with the theme of smartphone addiction (Sweden OfPsychiatrist, Anders Hansen) was translated not only in Sweden but also in Japan and became a bestseller in 2021.Hansen said, "Steve Jobs,Bill GatesRecognized that digital tools had harmful effects on the brain and restricted their use to their children. "[3].

 According to Hideki Nakayama, a doctor of medicine who specializes in clinical psychiatry, there are two reasons why people depend on smartphones: "the desire is satisfied" and "the desire cannot be put up".
 The former can be tolerated alone unless it is a fairly strong desire like a drug.For example, even if you have a fun mobile game, you don't want to try it again when you stop it and do other things.
 However, the latter is painful when the desire is not satisfied, so the smartphone is used to satisfy the desire.
 For this reason, most of the reasons for relying on smartphones are because you can't stand it.[4].


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