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💪 | Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Training game for children "Trekking" is now on sale


Announcement of launch of "Trekking", a training game for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

If you write the contents roughly
Trekking will provide game updates and sales promotion kits to the installation facilities by subscription method.

"Effective training" supported by the demonstration experiment Supervised by Dr. Mikio Hiraiwa and Professor Satoshi Sasada.Developmental Coordination Disorder (D ... → Continue reading

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subscription(English: subscription) Means content and services that are used by paying a flat rate.[1][2].."Use" a product for a certain period of time instead of "owning" itbusiness model[1][3].JapanThen.SubscribeIs also abbreviated[4][5].


EtymologyEnglish"Subscription" (English: subscription,English: subscribeOf)magazineMeaning of "reservation subscription", "subscription", and "membership fee"[6][7][1][3].. After that, it became the meaning of "license for a limited period".[6].

after that,ComputerusesoftwareIntroduced in the annual contract usage fee etc.[7],E-bookAll-you-can-read service,Music distribution-Video distribution service-StreamingA subscription method has also been introduced for payment methods such as replay.[1].Mobile phone,SmartphonePaidAppsIs also introduced in the payment method of[2].

Amazon Prime,U-NEXT,Hulu,NetflixSuch asFlat-rate video distribution service(Subscription Video on Demand: SVOD) is a subscription-based video distribution (Subscription Video on Demand: SVOD)Video on demand)[8].

back ground

General softwareCD-ROMSuch asrecoding mediaSold and purchased byEnd-userIs of softwareVersion upgradeAnd support may be charged an additional fee, but there are many "purchase formats" that can be used permanently.[9]..With the subscription method, contracts and usage fees are paid on a monthly or yearly basis, but no additional charges are required for version upgrades within the period.[9].. From the end user's perspective, all the costs of using the softwarerunning costIncluded in theinitial costCan be said to be an unnecessary charge form[6].

2013/Adobe Systems (currently:Adobe) Announced a shift in sales from the company's main product, packaged software, to a subscription system.2015/To2014/22% increase in sales compared to the previous year, and record sales for the whole year was set as a successful example of conversion to the subscription method[10][11].

In addition to software, a business model that feels the limit of business expansion in the conventional business model that repeatedly opens new stores and acquires new customers.[12](Food and drink,Automobile,Fashion,Cosmetics,Travel industry[13]Etc.), there are plans to switch to a subscription method.[11].

Subscription economy expert Mark Heller2019/Music in an interview withNews (Chinese)・ Taking as an example the widespread use of subscription methods in industries such as automobiles, he pointed out that "consumers are increasingly focusing on the freedom to access services at any time rather than owning products." There is.also,The Harris PaulAccording to a consumer survey conducted by the company in 12 countries around the world, 57% of the surveyed respondents said they "want to reduce their possessions" and 68% "think that a person's status is no longer defined by their possessions". Answered[14].

Although the name is a new term, flat-rate services such as rental housing and newspaper subscriptions have existed for some time, and the mechanism of "unlimited use for a fixed period of time" has existed for a long time.[15].


SubscribeIs an abbreviation for subscription[16][3].. From the latter half of the 2010s, the abbreviation "subscription" began to be used in the media, and it was also named as a service on the provider / company side.[17].2019/ OfYu Can New and Buzzword AwardWas nominated by[18].

Term example using subscription


Subscribe(English: subscribe) Is generally used in Japan as "subscription", "receive distribution", "register as a member", etc.[30], Basically the meaning is the same as a subscription[31][32].

The etymology of English "subscribe" has the meaning of "reserving / subscribing", "signing / signing" contracts, "agreement", "approval", "donation", etc.[31]..If subscription is a noun and subscribe is a verb form, and applies to "subscription", then subscription is "subscription" and verb form subscription is "subscribe".[30].

Subscription example
The etymology of English "subscribe" is followed by "er" to represent a person.SubscriberCalled (subscriber)[31]..Literally "subscriber", but translated as "subscriber" for magazines, etc.[31]..Mainly in business termsE-mail Magazine,Blog,NewsletterUsed to refer to the subscribers of[33].
Add a negative "un" to the etymology of English "subscribe"UnsubscribeCalled (unsubscribe). "Unsubscribe" or "Cancel Registration" for YouTube, e-mail newsletters, newsletters, etc.[30][31].
Not a subscription live
As mentioned above, subscription is a verb form of subscription, and the word itself has a meaning such as "subscribe".Therefore, it is not a subscription (flat rate) live (relay).LINE LIVEProvided a service called "Subscription LIVE", which is the name of the company's service that allows you to enjoy live distribution broadcast from a live house for a fixed amount.[25].
  • Etymology: subscribe
  • LINE: subsclive


Subscriptions that can be used at low cost due to the flat rate system have the advantage that new users have low hurdles and can use services and products when needed.Also, from the perspective of businesses and providers, there are merits such as continuous sales can be expected for a certain period of time compared to purchases.[34][35].

Consumer benefits

Benefits from the consumer / user side[34][35].

  • You can use services and products at a lower cost than purchasing.
  • Since the initial cost is low, it is easy to continue using it.
  • You don't have to buy or own it, so you don't have to add more.
  • There is a service period, but you can cancel at any time.
  • Easy to receive new products and services.

Business benefits

Benefits from the perspective of the business operator / provider[34][35].

  • Expect continuous and long-term sales.
  • Since the introduction hurdles for consumers can be lowered, it is easy to acquire new customers.
  • Since the customer list and usage statistical data can be obtained, it can be used for future improvement.
  • It can be introduced in various industries regardless of digital or analog.


The subscription method "uses" the service and is a buy-out type (CD,DVD,Blu-ray-USB memoryRecording media such as, and the Internet purchase typeDownload sale), It does not become an "asset".Therefore, not only will it become unusable if the contract is canceled, but even during the contract, the provision of part or all of the service may be suspended and unusable at the discretion of the provider.Also, even if you don't use it at all, you will be charged a monthly fee.[36].

Consumer disadvantages

Disadvantages from the consumer / user side[34][35].

  • Even if you do not use it, you will be charged during the contract period.
  • It may also include features you don't need or content you're not interested in.
  • After canceling the contract, services and products will no longer be available and will not remain at hand.
    • On the contrary, there is a risk that it will not be available unilaterally even during the contract period (described later).
      • For some reason, the service I'm using suddenly becomes unavailable.
      • If the target article requires some kind of usage environment, it cannot be used as a result of unilateral changes in the conditions.
        • Especially for software such as PCs / smartphones and e-books, as a result of changes in supported OS and required specifications due to updates, "the latest version can no longer be used with the hardware you own", while "(even if it is a purchase-only type) It is possible that you will not be able to continue to use the old version (which is possible), so you may not be able to use it at all even though you are paying for it. (See below)
  • Many services are contracted, which can result in high costs.
  • At the end of the trial period, you may switch to a paid plan with automatic renewal.In some cases, there is a minimum contract period excluding trials.
  • Contracts are easy, but cancellations can be cumbersome (sometimes by mail).
  • The contract window is toll-free.The cancellation window may be Navi Dial (new contractors can easily connect to the call, and the reception desk is open 24 hours a day).

Business disadvantages

Disadvantages seen from the business operator / provider side[34][35].

  • At the beginning of the service, the number of users is small and it does not lead to immediate profit.
  • We need to provide and add new content.
  • User may cancel immediately
  • From the beginning, a certain amount of resources and content is required.
  • Need tools and know-how to introduce

Examples of disadvantages

If any problem (scandal, copyright infringement, expression regulation, etc.) occurs in the content, the content may be modified or discontinued, and the user will be unilaterally forced to suffer the disadvantage. Become.

  • In the computer software example,Adobe Creative CloudFor past versions of, previously all versions released after 2012 were available, but in May 2019Copyright infringementHas been pointed out, except for the latest version and the latest one version in the past.
    However, one of the reasons why users dare to continue using the old version is "balance with PC specifications", and with this forced update, users have to consider switching to other software. Being driven into a situation[37].
  • Also, even in the case of a subscription service that allows you to listen to music and watch videos as much as you want.singer,An actorSuch asPerformer OfScandalDue to such reasons, measures may be taken to suspend the distribution of the music or video. In the case of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and single-use download sales, if you have already purchased it, you own it, so you will not be affected by it.However, in the case of subscription service, viewing is not possible once it is unsubscribed.[38][39].


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