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🥾 | People's Encouragement Lifestyle Empathy The late mountaineer Junko Tabei's English translation of the book

Photo "HONOURING HIGH PLACES" published in 2017

Encouraging people to live together Empathize with the late mountaineer Junko Tabei

The 10th is "Mountain Day".Junko Tabei (77 years old), a mountaineer from Miharu Town, is paying attention mainly to overseas women. → Continue reading

 Minami Fukushima Shimbun

A news site of the local newspaper "Fukushima Minyu Shimbun" that represents Fukushima Prefecture. Since it was first published in Meiji 28, we have been transmitting the latest community-based news as a “friend of the people of the prefecture”. The prefectural news covers a wide range of local news by connecting 25 news bases in Fukushima prefecture. We are also focusing on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and articles related to TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. We will deliver a variety of articles such as gourmet, sightseeing, events, readable serials.

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Self-portrait (1887), Museum of Art, Chicago

フ ィ ン セ ン ト · フ ァ ン · ゴ ッ ホ(Vincent van Gogh,18533/30 - 18907/29) Is NetherlandsI'm fromPost impressionist(Late impressionist)画家.. Many of the major works have been made since 1886FranceResident age, especially,ArlesWith the timesSaint-RemyIt was created during the era of medical treatment at a mental hospital. His work is known for his frank expressions of emotions and bold colors, and is a representative post-Impressionist painter.Fauvism,German expressionismSuch,20th Century ArtIt also had a great influence on.

1853, south of the NetherlandsZundertBorn in a pastor's house. 1869, art dealerGoupil firmStarted working atThe hague,UK,ParisAlthough he worked at the company, in 1876 he was fired from a business firm. After that I worked as a teacher in England and in the NetherlandsDordrechtBecame a priest while working at a bookstore in 1877,AmsterdamでFaculty of TheologyI started studying for the exam but was frustrated. Since the end of 1878, while doing missionary work in the Belgian region of the Belgian coal mine, he decided to become a painter...

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