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🐈 | "Rabies" Japan, an island country, is a "clean country", but more than 5 people die every year in the world [correct usage of medicines by infectious disease]

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Japan, an island country with "rabies", is a "clean country", but more than 5 people die every year in the world [correct use of meds by infectious disease]

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Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, the Fiji Islands, Hawaii, Guam, and Japan are the only "clean countries / regions" that are free of rabies, all of which are island nations.

[Correct use of meds by infectious disease] Rabies In April last year, "rabies" became a hot topic.From Ukraine to Japan ... → Continue reading

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Republic of Fiji(English
Matanitu Tugalala o Viti(Fijian
रिपब्लिक ऑफ फीजी(Hindi
Fijian flagFijian coat of arms
(National flag(National emblem)
National motto:Rerevaka na Kalou ka Doka na Tui
(Fijian: God awe, Queen respect)
National anthem : God Bless Fiji(English)
Good luck to Fiji
Fijian position
Official terminologyEnglish,Fijian
Hindustani(Fijian Hindi,Hindi,Urdu
Largest cityNashinu
President(English edition
prime ministerJosiah Volenge Bainimarama
Grand total18,274km2(155 bit
Water area rateVery little
Grand total(2020/896,000[1]Man(158 bit
The population density49.1[1]Person/km2
GDP(Display home currency)
total(2020/97 billion & 4700 million[2]Fiji dollar
total(2020/44 billion & 9400 million[2]Dollar (156 bit
Per person4995.163 (estimated)[2]Dollar
total(2020/108 million (estimated)[2]Dollar (155 bit
Per person1[2]Dollar
United KingdomThan
currencyFiji dollar(FJD
Time zoneUTC+12 (STD: Yes (Resurrected from the end of November 2009))
ISO 3166-1FJ / FJI
International phone number679

Fiji(Fiji Kyowakoku), commonly known asFijiIt is,Oceania OfCountryso,British CommonwealthIt is a member country.The capital isViti Levu OfSuva.South PacificFiji Islands and a protectorate about 500km northRotuma Islandに 位置 す るArchipelagic stateIs. It consists of more than 300 volcanic islands and coral reefs.To the westバヌアツ,To the eastトンガTo the north(I.e.There is.


The official name isRepublic of Fiji(Republic of Fiji).Commonly known asFiji.

There are various theories about the origin of the country name, and the former is the most promising theory.

  • Fiji's largest islandViti LevuThe theory that a missionary from Europe pronounced "Viti" in (Viti Levu Island) as "Fiji".
  • In 1773James CookWhen he discovered Tonga, he heard from the Tongans that there was a country called "Fiji" next to him, and he wrote it down as "Feejee" and said that it became the current country name.

The Japanese notation isFiji.. Popular name,Fiji..Besides, Fijii, Fijii.

1998/ToFijiからRepublic of FijiRenamed to, but2011/2I returned to the Republic of Fiji again.also,Notation in Chinese charactersIs "FijiIt is.


  • Legend has it that people began to live in Fiji about 8000 years ago.Melanesian CanoeViti LevuWest coastCape VudaIt is said that it started when it landed on.Fiji's oldest cityViseiseiWas built by (Lutunasobasoba)[3][4]..Later, the Tongans settled in and were influenced by Polynesian culture.
  • 1300 BCPresumed former earthenware has been excavated from Viti Levu.
  • 1643/,DutchTasmanLanded in the north.
  • 1774/, Of the British navigatorCookLanded in the south.
  • 1874/,United Kingdom OfColonyBecomes
  • 1881/, Rotuma becomes a British colony.
  • 1879/, England1916/Until[Note 1]sugar OfPlantationBecause of the large numberIndiaImmigrate contract workers to Fiji.Many will settle in Fiji and will dramatically change Fijian society.
  • 1913/,Apolosi NawaiThe Fijian ethnic movement "Vichi Kambani Movement" begins.
  • 1970/,Commonwealth KingdomAsindependent..Rotuma Island is a protectorate.
  • 1987/,(English editionPrime Minister takes power, but by Lieutenant Colonel in May and SeptemberCoup d'etatHappened in OctoberRepublicDeclared and left the Commonwealth of Nations.
    • In October of the same year, he was a karateka from Rotuma Island and claimed to be the throne, but he moved toNew ZealandDeclared the independence of the Republic of Rotuma.It will be suppressed in December of the same year.
  • 1990/, FijianConstitutionPromulgated.
  • 1997/, Promulgation of the revised constitution.Joined the Commonwealth of Nations again.
  • 1998/, Country nameRepublic of Fijichange to.
  • 1999/, Indian due to May general election(English editionInauguration of Prime Minister.The birth of a government centered on the Labor Party.
  • 2000/, A group led in May occupies Prime Minister Choudhry as a hostage for two months (parliamentary occupation),army Martial lawWas announced, and in July FijianLaisenia QaraseIs the leadercivilianA provisional government is inaugurated.
  • 2001/, MarchelectionI do.Inauguration of Prime Minister Garase.
  • 2006/, May Reappointment of Prime Minister Garase. In DecemberFrank BainimaramaCoup d'etat by military commander.Since then, New Zealand, Australia, the EU, etc. have put pressure on aid suspension and entry bans, while China has increased aid rapidly.[5].
  • 2007/, January Pini Marama becomes Prime Minister of the Provisional Cabinet.The proportion of Indians in the total population drops to 1%.
  • 2009/,4/9The high court ruled that the military government was illegal. On the 10thJosefa IloiloThe president abolished the Constitution and appointed Bainimarama Army Commander as interim prime minister.Elections for returning to civilian rule have been postponed until 2014.
  • 2009 years,5/2ToPacific Islands Forum(PIF) announces suspension of membership in Fiji due to non-democratic elections[6].
  • 2009 years,7/28Announced that President Iloilo will soon retire for health reasons.He was replaced by the Vice President.
  • 2009 years,9/1ToBritish Commonwealth(Commonwealth, 53 countries) announces suspension of membership in Fiji due to non-democratic elections scheduled for October 2010[7].
  • 2011/, Country name in FebruaryFijiIs renamed.
  • September 2013 Promulgation of the new constitution.
  • 2013/12/19 Beqa Island LUCUA village electrification project completed.
  • 2014/9/17 (English edition..Political party led by Interim Prime Minister Frank BainimaramaFiji firstIs a big win.As a result, the civil affairs returned.In response to this, PIF also lifted the suspension of membership.[8].
  • 2014/9/29 Returned to the Commonwealth of Nations.


パ ュ ュ ニ ニLine up withSouth PacificThe leader of the island nations.

PresidentTheHeadTake(English edition, Prime Minister seizes administrative authorityParliamentary Cabinet Systemso,ParliamentIs a unicameral system with a term of four years and a fixed number of 4.Furthermore, it is an open list proportional representation system with the entire Fiji as one constituency.Right to vote from 50 years old[9].

It used to be a bicameral system, but it was changed to a unicameral system by the promulgation of the new constitution in 2013.

2014/Until MayMilitary regime..The military government2009/It was supposed to hold a general election to return to civilian rule in March, but it was postponed. President Iloilo said in April 3 after the high court ruled that the military government was illegal.ConstitutionDeclared that he had taken control of the government by abolishingprime ministerReappointed to, and stayed in Japan for 30 daysEmergency declarationIs announced and a general election is held2014/Announced that it will be postponed to.The military governmentMediaTocensorshipTo startAustraliaABC broadcast reporters have been deported.Citizen life is as usual. In 2013, the new constitution was held in a general election in September 2014, the Fiji First Party won a majority of seats, and Prime Minister Bainimarama was reappointed.After that, with the cabinet reshuffle in September 9, Prime Minister Bainimarama also serves as Foreign Minister.[10].

on the other hand,British KingTo the head of stateConstitutional monarchyReturning to is also being considered,Commonwealth KingdomWas part ofCaribbean regionNationalバルバドスIn 202111/30ToRepublicAs a result of the shift to, the attitude of moving while taking into account the influence of the King of England in the future is beginning to be seen from the region.[11]Therefore, considering the aftermath, the possibility of returning to the constitutional monarchy is uncertain at this point.

Diplomacy / International Relations

Fiji has traditionally been in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.Asia・ Although it has emphasized relations with Pacific countries, it is in conflict with Australia and New Zealand, which interfere with domestic affairs over the return to civilian rule and the response to democratization after the establishment of the military government.Finally, from Fiji, the ambassadors of both countriesDepartureWhile ordering[12][13]The Australian and New Zealand governments also ordered the Fijian ambassador to leave the country.

On the other hand, manyInternational organizationIt is also known as one of the nations that are members of the nation, and the number of its institutions is quite large.The international organizations in which the country participates are as follows.

Relations with Australia and New Zealand

The value of trade with Australia and New Zealand is the second largest after Singapore, and Fiji imports flour, groceries and others from Australia.Milk, meat and other groceries are often imported from New Zealand.Many Australians and New Zealanders live in Fiji for business purposes, including the Fiji Australia Business Council and the Fiji New Zealand Business Council.

Outside of trade, Fiji's resorts are often run by Australians and New Zealanders, and the Fiji Australia Business Council has once criticized the Australian government's attitude towards the Fijian government as an obstacle to business promotion.

Relationship with Japan

Pacific WarPreviously, attempts were made to introduce Japanese immigrants to Fiji.But sick (beriberi) Was not established and was interrupted by the outbreak of the Pacific War.Although the Japanese and Fijian troops were in combat over the Pacific Ocean, there was no landing battle on the mainland of Fiji.There are still traces of preparation for the Pacific War. 1970 (ShowaJapan also approved the independence of 45) and became Suva in 1979.Embassy of Japan in FijiWas opened.Embassy of Fiji in JapanWas established in Tokyo in 1981, and has also appointed Honorary Consuls in Osaka in 1990 and Yokohama in 2.FijirugbyThere are also rugby players who are active in Japan[14]..In addition, the official language is English and the cost is relatively low, so it is also popular as a language study abroad destination.

China's advance

Fijian military affairs have become a new path in recent years due to pressure from repeated domestic interventions in Australia and New Zealand.ChugokuWe are strengthening our relationship with.Previously few Chinese came to Fiji, reaching 1 a year.For this reason, Chinese-owned stores are expanding in the capital city of Suva. In 2010, a direct flight from Hong Kong was launched jointly by Air Pacific and Cathay Pacific.Most of the Chinese are businessmen who go to the capital Suva, which is rarely seen in Nadi, western Fiji.

In addition, construction and infrastructure development with the assistance of China is progressing in various parts of Fiji, and recreational facilities, arterial roads, and hydroelectric power plants are being constructed.

China's aim to help Fiji is seen as the acquisition of abundant fishing resources.The reason is that domestic tuna consumption is increasing due to China's economic growth.In recent years, many Chinese pelagic fishing vessels have become common in Suva Port, and 7% of foreign vessels are now Chinese fishing vessels.Fiji's largest fisheries companies are three state-owned enterprises in China, which land one-fifth of tuna on 3 tuna fishing vessels.This state-owned enterprise also has a thick pipe with Fijian junta Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama[15].

In January 2010, the Chinese government promised the Fijian government grant aid for the wall surrounding the site of the Fijian presidential palace.[16]..Construction of the fence is carried out by China's Five Central Railways Group (major general contractor)China RailwayA member of the group) undertook[16]..The 2.4 km long fence was completed in February 2011[17].

2021/Started fromChina-Pacific Islands Foreign Ministers' MeetingParticipate in2022/5/30The second meeting was held in Fiji, and was co-chaired by Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Frank Bainimarama and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.[18].

territorial dispute

It claims sovereignty, about 400km southwest of Tonga, south of Fiji.Jewish-American Michael Oliver in January 1972 at Minerva ReefMicronationAsRepublic of MinervaDeclared independence, but in the surrounding Fiji, Tonga,(I.e.,West SamoaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe autonomous government, in consultation with Australia and New Zealand, landed and occupied the Tongan army in June of the same year.However, the following month, the Fijian army landed and claimed sovereignty, and at this time the Fijian government recognized Tonga's official sovereignty claim, but again claimed sovereignty in 6.International Undersea OrganizationI filed a complaint with.In addition, confusion continues, with members claiming the successor to the Republic of Minerva claiming sovereignty again as the Principality of Minerva.

Military / national defense

The country's army is recognized as one of the smallest troops in the world. 1 soldiers and 3,500Reserve armyConsists of, mainlyNavyIs the main subject.


Fiji has more than 300 islands, most of them(I.e.Is occupied by.

Main island


The whole islandRainforest climateIt is (Af), and it is hot and rainy all year round.SoutheastTrade windThere is little rainfall from May to November, which is under the influence of.


In the worldイ グ ア ナIt is counted as one of the habitats.Three species endemic to the country have been confirmed, but the population is small and is currentlyEndangered speciesIs specified in.

birdsThe phase is said to be the richest in.There are several endemic species in the country, some of which have expanded their habitat to neighboring countries such as Tonga and Samoa.

Local administration division

Fiji is divided into four administrative divisions. The numbers in parentheses are the locations of local governments.

  • Central Division (Central Division)Suva, Suva)
  • Northern Region, Northern Division (Labasa, Labasa)
  • Eastern Division (Eastern DivisionLevuka, Levuka)
  • Western Division (Western DivisionLautoka, Lautoka)

In the northern part of the archipelagoRotuma IslandIt is,Protected area.


mainlyAgriculture:And clothingTourismIt consists of.TourismEarn $ 2 million in cultivated landareaIs 26hais there.Agriculture:There are 13 people engaged in.TradeIs significant輸入It is over. OutputGoods are vegetables and fruits, popular in the United StatesFiji water, Sugar, mahogany, pulp, clothing, copra, coconut soap, groceries, etc.Sugarcane cultivation began in the 19th century when Europeans arrived on the island.Initially, it was a small-scale sugar refinery built on land suitable for sugarcane cultivation, but it developed as a sugarcane industry because it was encouraged by the colonial government and made an economic base. It was the most important industry until 1988, but it seems to be pushed by other industries such as tourism and clothing exports.But it employs a quarter of the workforce[19].2000/Moviecast away』During the play, the hero drifts ashoreEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu600 south ofMilesに 位置 す るUninhabited islandThere is a scene ofMondriki IslandWas the shooting location.


According to the 2010 survey, 631,868 tourists visited Fiji, an increase of 2009% from 16.5.Australian tourists accounted for 50.4%, the largest number, up 28% from the previous year to 31. Second place is New Zealand with 8135 people, third place is the United States with 2 people, fourth place is South Pacific countries with 97857 people, and fifth place is European countries with 3 people.Although less than 53122% of Japanese immigrants, some international students have been studying English since 4.NadiLautokaPlace the campus inFree Bird Institute(Free Bird Institute), etc., more than 1500 people a yearStudents EnglishI am studying abroad.


Became the main gateway to international flightsNadi International AirportIs state-ownedFiji AirwaysIs based, mainly domestic flightsNausori International AirportIn addition, there are 13 airports on each island.Ferries pass between the islands.In addition to taxis, buses are used on large islands.

In the western part of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, where the sugar industry is thriving, a railway dedicated to sugarcane transportation has been laid for about 600 km, and freight trains transport sugarcane to sugar mills during the harvest season.[20]..The traffic classification of automobiles isJapan,United KingdomSame asOn the left.


As of 2020, the population is 89, in Oceania.Australia,パ ュ ュ ニ ニ,New ZealandIt has the fourth largest population after.


The number of residents in 2007 was 56.8%,Indian immigrantsIs 37.5%[21], Rotuma 1.2%,EuropeanAnd other Pacific islanders,ChineseEtc. are 4.5%[22].

Fijian and Indian

The majority of Fijian inhabitants are indigenous Fijians and Indians, new inhabitants that Britain forced to settle during the colonial era.Shows the phase of Little India. In the second half of the 19th century, Fijians were in danger of extinction due to an infectious disease caused by contact with the West.With the end of slavery among the sovereign nations and the spread of indigenous protection ideas, the sovereign nation Britain adopted a policy of introducing Indians as contract workers for sugar cane plantations to avoid racial extinction.This is how Indian immigration began. In 1879 479 immigrated.[23]

Historically, Fijian preferential policies have been taken in terms of politics, such as the appointment of the president by the Fijian-only (GCC), but there is also a stumbling block to Indians who are good at business. The Indian prime minister took office in the May 1999 general election, but in May 5 there was a coup d'etat by armed groups claiming to strengthen Fiji's political dominance.However, the current administration has abolished GCC.

Laisenia QaraseAlthough the administration aims to improve the conflict between Fijian and Indian d'etat, the law for the military commander targeted by the Fijian attack in the 2000 coup to implement the peace policy is actually the 2000 coup participant's law. He refused this because of the purpose of the coup d'etat, and in December 2006, he forcibly dismissed Prime Minister Qarase.The president is in tune with his commander's policy.

In recent years, marriages of Fijian and Indian descent have progressed, and there are many mixed races.The current administration is a fusion of Fijian and Indian descent, and the head of the current administration is Bainimarama, a Fijian, but the country's No. 2 Attorney General is a former Indian lawyer, Aiyaz. Sayed-Khaiyum).Kaiyun married a Fijian woman in March 2011.


The language isEnglish,Fijian,Hindi(Fijian Hindi) Is the official language.


Marriage is "in Fiji"家族Not "to make" but "between individuals"allianceIs recognized. "Therefore, it is impossible to establish a marriage without the approval of the parent.

Marriage in the country is divided into two types: traditional and Western-style, which is now commonplace.Traditional weddings have different characteristics depending on the region and race.

Various ceremonies are required for those based on tradition, and in some areas they are performed after the wedding ceremony.

In most cases, men often go to get permission from their favorite female father first, and generally men of the same clan as menA whaleIt is a ritual to visit a woman's father with her teeth.


Religionキ リ ス ト 教Is 64.7%,HinduismIs 27.9%,IslamIs 6.3%, others 0.6[22]%.


Compulsory educationHas been for 8 years.



According to 2019 crime statistics, in FijicrimeThe number of cases recognized is about 17,000, a decrease of 2018% compared to 4,Pickpocket,SnatchSuch astheft,robberyas well as the 暴行Is still abundant,Illegal drugCrime and sexual assault related toSex crimeHas been pointed out.By region, the metropolitan area (Suva, Lami, Nausori and Nausori) and the western district (Lautoka, Nandhi and Ba) have more crimes than the rest of the world.

Japanese crime victims are theft, robbery,暴行injury,scamEtc. have been reported.For theft and robbery, wallet (cash)SmartphoneThere have been many reports of stolen valuables such as assault injuries at night.Night clubEtcquarrelThere have been reports of cases of being involved in a crime and being assaulted by a local who was drunk in the early morning.Regarding fraud, cases where cash is deceived by those who pretend to be cheap sightseeing tours,Credit cardSuch asSkimmingDamage has been reported.

In addition, Asians, including Japanese, have the impression that they are "wealthy," and because they are smaller than Westerners, they tend to be the target of crime, so they take a walk. You need to be very careful when you go out[24].

human rights



Fiji's major broadcasters are Fiji One and Mai TV, as well as paid Sky TV.There are various companies such as Connect, Kida net, Vodafone on the Internet.also,IntelsatIt also has a partnership with (Intelsat).Set up a campus in FijiUniversity of the South PacificAlsoProviderIt is carried out.Newspapers are available at shops for 80 to 90 cents.Newspapers are published in English, Fiji Times and Fiji San, as well as Fijian and Hindu newspapers.


The culture of the country is.Mainly India / China /EuropeHas evolved with the introduction of various cultures from the Pacific Ocean and its neighbors in the Pacific Ocean.especiallyトンガRotumaThe aspects that include those related to the language of are prominent.

It also has a unique community and people'sidentityThe culture is very strong because it produces.

Food culture:




In each villageAssemblyUsed for(English editionThere is a building called.

world Heritage

Public holidays

Public holidays
DateJapanese notationLocal language notationRemarks
1/1New Year  
March April (Friday before easter)Good Friday Moving holidays
March April (Saturday before easter)Holy Saturday Moving holidays
April-Decemberイ ー ス タ ー Moving holidays
5Youth day Moving holidays
5Ratu Sir Lara Sukna Day Moving holidays
6Queen Birthday Festival Moving holidays
10Fiji day Moving holidays
11Diwali Moving holidays
12/26Boxing Day  
Hijra calendarRabbie al-AuwarMonth 12 daysProphet Birthday Festival Moving holidays



rugby national sportIt is so popular that it is said[25], In the 15-person systemRugby World Cup 2007Then in addition to being in the best 87-a-sideThen.Rugby World Cup SevensWon twice in 1997 and 2005.OlympicThen, in 7, which was held for the first time as a sevens systemRio de Janeiro OlympicsWon the championship.He won the first Olympic medal in Fiji through all the events.

サ ッ カ ー

Next to rugby in Fijiサ ッ カ ーIs thriving,1977/In the soccer league "National football leagueWas founded.Fiji's leading club, "Ba FC], Boasts the league's most 21-time victory.Fijian national football team TheFIFA World CupI haven't participated inOFC Nations CupThen.1998 competition2008 competitionIt is shining in 3rd place.

Famous people


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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