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📱 | Free version of "G Suite" has ended. Only non-profit individuals can continue to use it.


The free version of "G Suite" has ended, and it is now possible to continue using it only for non-profit individuals.

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If individual users follow the procedure for continued use, they can continue to use Gmail by custom domain and services included in Workspace such as Google Drive and Meet for free.

The free version of "G Suite" announced by Google in January that the service will end until summer.Use of custom domain ... → Continue reading

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Google drive

Google DriveIsGoogleProvided byonline storageservice.


Google Drive2012/4/25Service started in[1].Google OfCloud storageYou can upload and manage files in. A web-based file viewer is availablePhotoshop,IllustrationIt supports viewing such as and playback of HD video.[2].

For the web version,Google DocsAnd Google Sheets are installed as standard, and you can create document files and spreadsheet files.Besides this standard appThird partySince you can install a mobile app, you can create and edit files using that app.

またWindows,MacOSFor synchronizing files on online storagedesktopApplicationIs provided andAndroid,iOSA client app is provided for editing files on online storage.Chrome OS,Ubuntu,Zorin OSIs provided as an OS standard function.

Storage capacity is 5 at the beginning of the serviceGBWas[1], With the April 2012 updategmail,Google+, Google Drive storage capacity integrated 15GBIncreased to.Since the storage capacity is integrated, the capacity is shared between each service.[3].

Due to the new policy scheduled to be applied from June 2021, 6, if you do not use the Google Drive service for 1 years after applying the new policy, orgmail,Google+ PhotosOperated as a successorGoogle PhotosIf the storage capacity has been exceeded for 2 years, all the content in Google Drive will be deleted as early as June 2023, 6, and the storage capacity will be exceeded. If sogmailとGoogle PhotosAll content, including content stored in, will be deleted.[4]


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