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👍 | Koji Kato To "Friends on SNS" "If you don't know that there is something behind it"


Koji Kato To "Friends on SNS" "If you don't know that there is something behind it"

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Moderator Koji Kato "You can start with your hobbies together.

"I asked what kind of people and how to make friends on SNS," said Erina Iwata, an announcer. → Continue reading

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Koji Kato

Koji Kato(Kato Kato, real name: Koji Kato,1969/〈Showa44 years>4/26 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,An actor,chairperson.Comedy combination-DragonflyTsukkomi in charge. My partnerKeiichi Yamamoto.. Height 177cm.

HokkaidoOtaruBackground[2][4][5].. Otaru Fureai Tourism Ambassador[6].

Yoshimoto Kogyo(Tokyo Yoshimoto) Exclusive management contract → After an agent contract, from April 2021, 4 Private office 1style[7]Belongs.


August 1969, 4,Sapporo(laterGovernment-designated cityThe city due to the transitionShiroishi WardAnd nowAtsubetsu WardSubdivision)OyachiBorn to[8].. Born as the second son of the Kato family. At that time, the mother of the actorKoji IshizakaNamed Koji because he was a fan of.

When I was in the second grade of elementary school, next to the west of SapporoOtaruMove to[8].. In elementary school, he served as the child president.Otaru Shioryo High Schoolgraduate[8].

When I was 17 years old in high schoolOtaruKato was featured in the corner "Nice Campus Boy" in the town magazine "Monthly Love Otaru" (No.45, April 1987, 4, 11 yen at that time) with a photo.[9].

Otaru Shioryo High SchoolAfter graduation,Seino TransportationEmployed at Sapporo Branch[Source required].. Although he also serves as an office worker, he will soon retire from the end of December, the first year of joining the company, and will move to Tokyo in February 12.

In April 1989 after working part-time for large tools, etc.Sato B productLed byTheater Tokyo Vaudville ShowJoined the training school "Toshinjuku" as the 4th generation student. There, he met Keiichi Yamamoto and formed "Gokuraku Tonbo".[8].

1989/In August, passed the Batamon Club Audition,Yoshimoto KogyoJoined the company.

1993/February 2th, show program "New wave] As a paradise dragonfly. Appeared in the selected member special on March 3th.

From April 1993, 4, his first regular program "Tokuburi] As a paradise dragonfly. Regular members were selected mainly from the selected members of "New Wave".

"Tobukusuri", "Mecha2I want to be popular![Note 1]After a regular appearance in1996/From October 10th, "Mecha2Cool!] Has begun and will be a regular appearance at Golden Time.

1999/In April, a paradise dragonfly crown program "Paradise dragonfly jump kick venus[Note 2]] Has begun.

2000/From October 10th, radioThe barking soul of paradise dragonfly] Has begun.

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTBS"Old man.First appeared in a serial drama.

2001/, Of the former actressRin Ozawaとmarriage.

2001/From October 10th, TBSSuper soccer] Acting as a caster.

2002/11/2,Oberlin UniversityWhen I appeared at the school festival ofKeiichi YamamotoOn suspicion of publicly obscene assistance as he exposed his lower bodyDocument inspectionBe done[10].

2004/From April 4, "Profitable Monday! (Current:Solid Monday!) ”.

2005/summer,Genghis KhanA hot pot specialty store, "Naruyoshi Soshi Fujiya"NakameguroOpen to[Note 3].

2006/From April 4, NTV "Refreshed!!] Was appointed as the general moderator.

On July 2006, 7, Yoshimoto Kogyo will announce the scandal of his partner Yamamoto, the cancellation of the contract with his office and the dissolution of the combination. However, Kato himself did not acknowledge the fact of dissolution as "the dissolution is decided by myself and Yamamoto." In response to this, the end of "Gokuraku Tonbo Barking Soul" was urgently decided. Ends on July 18st.

2007/From October 4th, radioThe barking soul of Koji Kato] Has begun.

2010/From April 4rd, variety show "Sensation Yubure! Senior Rock You] Moderator.

2010/11/28In privateFutsalDislocated fracture of the right ankle during the period and suspended entertainment activities[4].. same year12/6Returned while using a crutch in "Refreshing!!" However, after being diagnosed with influenza and resting again,12/13Return to.

2013/From October 4th, radioGocha Maze!].

2015/Yamamoto, his companion, aspired to return to being an entertainer, and Yamamoto appeared on the stage in 2015, co-starring as a paradise dragonfly for the first time in about nine years. After co-starring at Mecha-Mecha in July 9, he resumed his activities as a duo for the first time in 2016 years, and then2016/11/20As a result, Yamamoto returned to Yoshimoto Kogyo.

2019/From 10 month 1 day,Yoshimoto KogyoAnd signed an agent contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo as Kato Setagaya Main Store Co., Ltd.[3].

2021/On March 3, Yoshimoto Kogyo announced that the agent contract with Koji Kato would end on March 9.

From April 2021, 4, 1style Co., Ltd. (registered for establishment on March 82, 2021) will be launched and will be active.



サ ッ カ ー

  • Largeサ ッ カ ーmania. He watches TV matches both in Japan and abroad, and has a strong interest in European football.
  • I'm from Hokkaido, soHokkaido Consadole SapporoIs a supporter of.
  • From the 3rd grade of elementary school to the 3rd year of high school, he belongs to the soccer club. I was the captain of the soccer club from elementary school to high school[11].. However, when I was a junior high school student, I was taken down as captain by a recall of a member.[12].. I had never been out of regular, and when I was in the second year of junior high school, I was the only person to be selected from Otaru City in the Hokkaido selection of 2 people.[13].. Even in the 1st grade of junior high school, he was selected as a training camp member for Hokkaido, but he could not participate at this time because he ruptured the ligament of the right elbow during the practice the day before the camp.[8].. Immediately before going to high school, my leg was injured during practice[8].
  • Since October 2001, soccer lovers have become more popular and TBS-basedSuper soccer] Is selected as the main MC. Also, for this programFutsalAlso joined the team "COMO ESTA Akasaka". TBSJ LeagueIn the sub audio of the relay, the talk is being held at the broadcast seat with the guest.2002/In June, served as a caster for the TBS World Cup broadcast,2004/In 6 monthPortugalHeld atUEFA European ChampionshipSoccer commentator for relayTakuya TakagiAlong with the local interview.
  • In 2014,FIFA World Cup Brazil TournamentOf TBS series castersShingo MurakamiServe with.His hobby was playing futsal, but he was virtually retired due to a broken bone.Soccer game "Winning Eleven] Is also a fan of the series.
  • On the other hand, I am not very familiar with ball games other than soccer, and for my favorite baseball player,Daisuke MatsuzakaI only know about big names.

More informations

  • SobaHobbing is my hobby[14].
  • When I was in elementary schoolAnimage, And subscribe yourselfCel pictureThere were times when I was drawing, but it is said that it was surprising from the surroundings. Also familiar with sports animation, especially soccer animation.[15].
  • I also like games,Wonder Project J2 Corro Forest Josette] Also said that he played "Tokimeki Memorial" etc.[16].
  • Ultra seriesHe is a fan of and is particularly familiar with monsters.




  • The video game "Yoiko Arino recommended and lentSuzuki explosion』Rin OzawaI fell in love with him at first sight and called him as a guest in the movie "Cinema Addiction", which was his MC.[24].. After that, I called it "I got married"Shotgun weddingAnnounce[24].. 20022/10, The eldest daughter is born. In addition, the conclusion from the discovery of Ozawa's pregnancy to the birth of the eldest daughter is from March to April.Mecha2Cool!”, a continuous documentary project “Between marriage and childbirthWas broadcast as.game"Suzuki explosionWas officially presented by Yoiko Arino to Koji Kato in "Refreshing !!" broadcasted in April 2022.
  • The eldest son was born on September 2004, 9, and his companion, Yamamoto, was shocked that he was finally informed after three days.[25].. 200611/17The second daughter is born. It was 2 hours of easy delivery. It seems that the doctor in charge had told me that he was a boy until just before childbirth, and he said he had lost time with his family.[26].
  • Kato's motherSapporo RacecourseWas the dormitory mother of the dormitory. JockeyTaketoyoWas also taken care of[27].


  • "GTOI had received a request to appear in the role of Ryuji Saejima when making a drama,Shinya ArinoHe confessed that he was not confident that he could play the role of a policeman and that he was advised that the drama based on the original manga would not be a hit.This copFujiki NaotoHowever, Kato said that he was very regretted because "GTO" was a big hit, contrary to expectations.However, this triggered Kato to have a habit of biting into manga and to appear in many dramas of the original manga, and even after that, "Friendly to people], [Say hello to blackjack], [Dirty tongue], [Black heron』And has appeared in TV dramas such as.
  • As a newscaster, he takes on a job with an extraordinary sense of mission and responsibility.Sports paperI go to the broadcast every morning until I read almost everything. At the same time, every morning I look for articles and incidents that interest me on the Internet and write them in the script[28].
  • Before "production",Nippon Television TowerInside the dressing room of the Fuji TV series "Mezamashi TVAre watching[29].
  • My car isAlfa Romeo 1300 Junior Z[30].. It is said that the annual income in 2013 exceeded 2 million yen, and in the same year, it built a mansion of 100 tsubo 7LDK in an expensive residential area estimated at 5 million yen.[31].

make friends

Keiichi Yamamoto
He advised his companion, Yamamoto, who was once a fat man, to be "more fat." However, there is also the theory that he said that he wanted to be liked, and this is being testified by several people, including Yamamoto's mother. He once talked about his relationship with his companion, Yamamoto, "I don't talk much. I talk only on the radio once a week." By the way, Yamamoto saysNo sexA relationship like a couple. "
Hiroyuki Yabe
April 2013, with YabeYuko AokiServed as a medium.
Shinya Arino
He has been on good terms since he was a young man, and during his bachelorhood he played video games at each other's house, and sometimes participated in drinking parties. In March 2005, he was in charge of a medium-sized person with his wife at an Arino wedding. When she met Arino's wife, she later became a wife to the women who participated in the drinking party set up by Kato and the industry.Yuko KitamuraThe reason for this was
From my own experience, I wanted to raise my eldest son into a sports boy, but Arino appears as the eldest son.Game Center CXHe is a big fan of "," he said that he would like to contact Arino without going through Kato and borrow a DVD of "Game Center CX" or want to live just playing games like Arino. Kato, on the other hand, told Arino that he is also working on games after doing other activities.MBS Radio"We Gocha Maze!"I like playing TV games and have been playing for a long time, but I have mentioned that I haven't improved my skill since I was a young man.
We urged the former combination name "Coco Rico Bombers" to be renamed to the current combination name. In 2005Endo ShozoAdvised to shave. Also onceNaoki TanakaI also had a corner called "Kokora Video" that introduces movies. Especially with Tanaka, they may have the same birthday, so they are on the phone celebrating each other's birthday.
London boots No. 1 No. 2
Ryo Tamura"Cut your hair to make it blonde."Atsushi TamuraSays, "Sell it like a youth representative and sell tattoos."[Note 4] Advised.
Ginza 7-chome TheaterWhen I was performing on the stage, I had a resistance to getting naked in front of the audience because I had a complex on my chest hair, but I advised "It's interesting, show me", and it triggered the break.
Kenji Ishihara
"You are suitable for writers," Ishihara then quit as a comedian.TV writerIt became.
Kudama Masashi
"ButchinukiI love Masashi Makoto more than when I played with him, and since then, I've appointed Kumada, who was generally unknown, as a quasi-regular player in Sukibara.


1990/initial,YahagiKato is doing a part-time job at Nakameguro's BAR ``VIV'' along Komazawa-dori where local seniors worked at, and when Yahagi was thinking about becoming a comedian, he became familiar and became familiar, Kato is called "Koji-kun". After getting to know each other, we act together at a pace of five times a week. It is customary to select an entertainer who belongs to the same office when using other performers in a solo live, but from the latter half of the 5's it was before the break in Gokuraku Tonbo's solo live.Ogi and HagiWas selected. Also, once wearing glassesHiroaki OgiHowever, both duo recommended "double glasses" to wear glasses, and Yahagi also started wearing glasses.

Even after Kato made his debut in the entertainment world and became a senior, he continued to call him "Koji-kun," and Kato said, "The only entertainers who call by name are Yahagi and Hideyuki Nakayama."Also, shortly after Gokuraku Tombo started to sell, Kato stepped in and hesitated Yahagi, who was about to be beaten with a beer bottle due to drunkenness, and was beaten with a beer bottle instead of Yahagi and injured to sew his right ear. ..Kato later said on the radio that this was the reason he was injured in his right ear at the time.Yahagi described Kato as "a kind of master," and it was Yahagi who created the opportunity for Kato to marry Rin Ozawa. "Exciting! Akashi Home Appliance Viewing Platform”, Kato said, “I'm a close friend of Yahagi,” which is a special relationship different from the framework of seniors and juniors.Mori Sanchu OfKurosawa Kazuko"I'm longing for the friendship between Mr. Kato and Mr. Yahagi. It's okay to be held by two people," he said.

McCoy Saito

McCoy SaitoI am the same age as I am, and I have been acquainted with him since I was 19 years old, and I am a close friend. "Mecha" broadcast on May 2010, 52Iketeru!” in the section “Flame Dad”Yajima beauty salonIn the appearance times,Takaaki IshibashiSaito, who was called by and broke in between the teas, lost the giant swing. "Mecha" broadcast on October 2010, 102"Iketeru!" Saito was to promote the programEbisu MuscatsSaito became furious because he realized that the members of the group had participated in the audition and called the members "dirty". After being lynched by a member at the order of Saito, he fought with Saito. On leaving, Saito shouted to Kato, "I never laughed at you once!" "Soba-making that I forgot to laugh is Koraa!!" Broadcasted on July 1, 2011FNS 27-hour TV"Inside"It was your thanks to the TunnelsI was angry that the game of the Tonneluzu team was easy even in "Mojimoji-kun's Brain Cave of Clash SP". Saito broke in and fought a fight to drop Saito into the ice water pool.

After the cancellation of Keiichi Yamamoto's contract

At the beginning of "Refreshing!!" the day after Yamamoto's contract was cancelled, he apologized, "I deeply apologize even as my companion Kato," and said, "I am very angry and I cannot sort out my feelings." This videoYouTubeIt was posted on the site and ranked first in the popularity ranking on the site.Immediately after that, NTV requested the site to delete it, and the video was deleted.By the way, "Mecha2The fuss on YouTube was also taken up in "Iketeru!", and the person himself knows this process. Ironically, Kato tearfully apologized for his scandal, and recorded the highest program rating at the time on the broadcast.

TV guideAccording to the TV Star Directory 2007 version and the profile of the Yoshimoto Kogyo homepage, the stage name is not "Koji Kato" but "Gokuraku Dragonfly/Koji Kato". Also,InoueAccording toSignSays "Gokuraku Tonbo". "NHK Taiga Drama"Kiyomori TairaYou can check the signature in "Complete Reading (NIKKO MOOK)". "Someday I would like to form a combination with Yamamoto again" "I will also do a live concert," he said, but at the end of 2008, Kato himself did not contact him, so I occasionally contacted Yamamoto. It is said that you can see Yamamoto in topics from junior entertainers such as Endo of Cocorico and Gossip magazine articles[32].

In his radio program, he describes the current situation in Yamamoto as "Shinshin." When he appeared on other programs as a guest, he still calls him "mate" when it comes to the story of the combination era. Laughing when I appeared in the "phone shocking" corner for a long time, I saw a photograph when I was a regular at that time, and Yamamoto was next to me, but it was edited and my hands were in the state. Looking at it, he said, "You have a partner next to me."

Regarding Yamamoto's return, "Kato Kaji's Friday Wanted!" aired on the evening of January 2013, 1, said, "It's been six and a half years since Mr. Yamamoto was gone." Is said to that effect. Also, it was delivered live on April 4, 6.Mecha x 2 Yuru!, Same yearFNS 27-hour TV』And was delivered in September of the same year, in the Yuru, Jun Tamura, who was close to Yamamoto, appeared as a guest and called for a return.

On January 2015, 1, Jun Tamura reported on Twitter that Yamamoto will resume activity at the live performance at Shimokitazawa Ekimae Theater, and it will be reported in the sports paper of the next day that activity will resume, It was also treated at the beginning of ``Sukiri'', explaining that two people had a place to talk during the eight and a half years of Yamamoto's activity suspension, Yamamoto talked with two people, ``Yamamoto's power He said that he respected Yamamoto's intention of "I want to do as much as I can, while I'm doing a live show." "I'm sincerely thinking that I can play live as a paradise dragonfly and have two people working together." Then, Yamamoto may have left this world and some people may not be forgiven, but there is a part that I am not convinced that the combination of paradise dragonfly has ended on the way. Again, I want to play paradise dragonfly once more and settle down on what happened."

The activity resumed with a comedy live performed at the Shimokitazawa Ekimae Theater on January 2015, 1, and it was treated in the information program of each station on the following day 19, but in "Sukiri!!︎" where he appeared. Yamamoto's live was not dealt with, and Kato himself did not mention Yamamoto.

Yamamoto, who was watching at the Irnes Seisakusho, a conte event that he performed on July 2015, 7 in Tokyo,YahagiThe dragonfly was played and jumped in.Since July 2006, Gakuraku Tonbo has revived after co-starring for the first time in nine years, but the next day's sports paper reported and appeared in a refreshed voice in "Refreshing!!" I didn't handle the live[33].


"Mecha2Cool!』, the predecessor of the program "Tokuburi''Lord's Pheromone''Mecha2I want to be popular!』Appeared from the era.

Among the members, he is particularly exposed to his personal life, and he also reports on his mother's remarriage, marriage and childbirth. In the program, his father-in-law, "Fukano-san", his wife Rin Ozawa (called "Kaori-chan" in the program by his real name), and his children are actively appearing on the program.

At the beginning of the marriage, he was determined to protect the family as "I do not want to spoil my wife and children with "Mecha Ike" to protect my family", but in the end it was featured in "Mecha Ike" from the discovery of marriage to birth. After that, he has appeared in the program without resistance. Even so, there is often resentment at the fact that "the staff will go through Kato and let their wives and children plan and cooperate" and the reactions of their wives and children who are too accustomed to television.

An audition was held to decide a new partner in "Mecha x 2014 Yuru Nendoru!" delivered on April 4, 29, but it was postponed with a hold.[34].

Kayoko Okubo 2015 FNS 27-hour TVThe challenge is to run the 88km marathon at the end of the race, and if the race is completed, it will be "round-cutting" and will be broadcast on May 2015, 5.2It's cool! 2 hours special "pledged.As a result, Okubo completed the race, so he made a public buzz cut, but only a part of the left side of the crown was left.


TV program

Regular program


Special program (MC or main cast)

  • Surprised! New World Map World's Amazing Video Festival Show the World You Don't Know SP(January 2007, 1, April 1, September 4, 3, NTV)- MC
  • Enthusiastic Parents Genius! Spokids!! (April 2007, 4, NTV)- MC
  • Mekuru Megu!! World Visual Encyclopedia (January 2009, 1, Fuji TV)- MC
  • My theory! (2009 May 5, NTV)- MC
  • Dismantling new book of half-phantom 3m (March 2011, 3, NTV)- MC
  • Kazeoke Research Institute-Understanding with Expert Relay! Nippon Petite Future-(June 2011, 6, NTV)- MC
  • THE Teppan(October 2011, 6, TBS)- MC
  • Anything 100 Biography (October 2011, 10, TBS)- MC
  • Japan scoop lol student grand prix (November 2012, 1 Fuji Television)- MC
  • World Sensemery Port-The answer can be found by going there!?- (January 2012, 1, Nippon Television)- MC
  • Adult P (March 2012, May 3, 24, Fuji Television)
  • Anime & Tokusatsu Hero & Heroine Best 1 Selected by 3 Million People (April 50, 2012, Fuji TV)
    • Anime & Drama & Movie Name Dialogue Best 1 Selected by 3 Million People (December 20, 2012, Fuji TV)
    • Anime & special effects & drama selected by 1 million people Best 3 memorable scenes (January 20, 2015, Fuji TV)
  • Athlete's Dream and Reality Variety Dream $ Money-Sports Cospa Survey!-(June 2012, 6, Fuji TV)
  • 7DAYS Challenge(October 2012, 9, TBS)- MC
  • Winning prizes! Stealing entertainment! Family quiz (November 2012, 11, TBS)
  • Trimaki Q (December 2012, 12, Fuji TV)
  • Everyone Hero (December 2012, 12, Fuji Television)
  • Gobubotsu (January 2013, 1, Fuji TV)
  • Bukkake confession TV! Coming out!(October 2013, 2-March 16, 2014, Fuji Television)
  • Personality Research Institute (May 2013, 5-June 10, 2015, Fuji TV)
  • Gekisha! All-star editorial department (June 2013, 6, December 5, 2013, NTV)
  • Anime Academy -A timeless masterpiece chosen by 1 million people- (July 3, 2013, Fuji TV)
  • Japanese per body variety very well done (October 2013, 10, TBS)- MC
  • (October 2013, 12, TBS)- MC
  • Hangeki(April 2014, 4 --8, Fuji TV)- Moderator
  • TV that changes the world(August 2014, 5, NTV)- MC
  • Wanderer to the world! (May 2014, 5, Fuji TV)
  • THE SENTAC What happens if you get sick? (July 2014, 7, NTV)
  • Arbitrarily ○○ Grand Prix THE race (June 2014, 6-December 7, Fuji TV)
  • Nationwide! Great prosperity chain(October 2014, 11, TBS)- MC
  • Paradise Kato's Unexpected Trip (February/August 2015, TBS)
  • Do you know BS SKY PerfecTV!?(July 2015, 9-September 27, 10,BS SKY)
  • Rhythm Q Ping Pong Boo(October 2015, 10, TBS)- MC
  • The truth of the ban-Why not? I searched for it (February 2016, 2, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Knock on the rhythm and answer The Ping Pong Boo(October 2016, 3, TBS)- MC
  • Celebrity talks for the first time! Best ranking-You can only hear here, but secret stories 27-(June 2016, 6, Fuji Television)- MC
  • Let me correct ~ A scandal that made my life go crazy ~ (September 2016, 9, March 9, 2017, March 3, 31, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Beat Takeshi Owalabo(2016å¹´12月28日・2017å¹´12月29日・2018å¹´12月28日・2019å¹´12月30日、フジテレビ)- 副所長(MC)
  • Quiz! Do you remember? Home Video Know Your History (January 2017, 1, Fuji TV)MC
  • Health interview with 100 countries around the world "Seeing is believing! The World" (January 2017, 1,Chukyo TV)- MC
  • Kibishi!(June 2017, 3, November 3, 8, May 25, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Ah! Home video(November 2017, 5 Fuji Television)- Moderator
  • I asked the successive champions (July 2017, 7,Kansai TV)- MC
  • Super first-class super-honest ranking I narrowed down (August 2017, 8, TBS)
  • Showa vs Heisei Anime & Tokusatsu & Manga Hero, Heroine Top 20 (August 2017, 8, Fuji TV)
  • I want to sing a new song ...(August 2018, 1, NTV)- MC
  • Koji Kato vs politician -Popular politics gathered- (March 2018, 3, November 23, Fuji TV)
  • (2018å¹´5月25日・2019å¹´2月22日・6月23日・2020å¹´6月21日・2022å¹´3月6日、Tokai TV)- MC
  • (June 2018, 6, November 8, 11, May 23, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Business trip! Koji Kato's 1 million commentators-Nippon, what is it now? ~ (June 2018, 6, Nippon Television)
  • Higashino/Kato Best Ten I Want to Listen to This Song(September 2018, December 9, 23, October 12, 29, NTV)- MC
  • Popular weather caster flock! Truth of abnormal weather (September 2018, 9, August 27, 2019, Fuji TV)- MC
  • ~ Parents Love Story ~ Oyakoi(September 2018, 9, September 27, 2020, September 9, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Shock Scoop Hunter There was something wrong with it (December 2018, 12, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Mother and Child's Kizuna Confirmation Variety Affection! Mother SHOW (January 2019, 1, Fuji TV)- MC
  • (2019å¹´1月4日・3月22日・10月5日・2020å¹´3月26日、テレビ朝日)- MC
  • At that time, the judge said (July 2019, 7, September 27, 2020, Fuji TV)- MC
  • The future is here (March 2020, 3, TBS)- General Chairperson
  • Tracking Document Variety(November 2020, 4 Fuji Television)- MC
  • Crushing quiz! Malicious arrow(November 2020, 9, August 28, 2021, NTV)- MC
  • Bukkomi missile! ~ Can I really ask? ~(October 2020, 11, TBS)- MC
  • Entertainer coverage1 hour SP (December 2020, 12, December 28, 2021, NTV)- MC
  • (March 2021, 1, July 2, 4, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Satisfaction Survey of Nakuzo (February 2021, 2, TV Asahi)- MC (general manager)
  • THE Oni Taiji(February 2021, 3, TBS)[39]
  • One minute from now What if a catastrophe occurs? ~ 1 ways to protect lives and the future ~(August 2021, 3, NTV)- MC
  • Satisfaction Researcher Sontaku Nashizo & Nancy (April 2021, 4, August 14, TV Asahi)- MC (general manager)
  • 49 "strongest life" shock images taught by professionals from various fields !! (April 2021, 4, TV Tokyo)- chairperson
  • Hokkaido stadium(2021å¹´4月16日・7月10日・11月20日・2022å¹´3月26日、NHK Sapporo)- General Chairperson
  • Adventure Gastronomy Club (July 2021, 7)HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting・ TBS series)- Gourmet club presided over, MC
  • (2021å¹´7月20日・12月21日・2022å¹´2月4日・4月5日、TBS)- MC
  • 2021 Space Business Awakening (September 2021, 9)BS Tele)- MC
  • The strongest! Impact video 147 barrage !! "Super carefully selected from 3743 views! Ranking" (September 2021, 9, January 2, 2022, TV TOKYO)- chairperson
  • (September 2021, 9, March 24, 2022, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Corporate Satisfaction Researcher Nakuzo & Nancy & Nashitaro (September 2021, 9, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Extinct Cuisine Resurrection Lost Gourmet 3 (October 2021, 10)CBC TV)- MC
  • A lot of money! A treasure trove(November 2021, 11, August 16, 2022, NTV)- MC
  • Fierce debate! Soccer 2050 Is the world's best still a dream (December 2021, 12?TV Shizuoka・ Fuji TV series)- MC[40]
  • CHANGE MAKER U-18 Japan's No. 2021 deciding match for high school students who will change the future (December 12, 26, TV TOKYO)- Ambassador
  • Genius Girls Observation Variety Immersion Girl (May 2022, 5, Kansai TV)- MC

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