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📷 | Tama Ward, Kawasaki City until May 31st at the Futagaryo Seseragikan where photos of Ikuta Ryokuchi are lined up

Hall where photographic works are on display = 12th

Tama Ward, Kawasaki City, until May 31st at the Futari Seseragikan, where photos of Ikuta Ryokuchi are lined up.

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To commemorate the 2021th anniversary of Ikuta Ryokuchi in 80, the management conference of the garden planned a photo exhibition last year.

A photo exhibition entitled "Ikuta Ryokuchi I Want to Keep in the Future" will be held until May 31st (Tuesday) in the exhibition room on the XNUMXst floor of the Futari Seseragikan ... → Continue reading

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    80 anniversary

    Ikuta Ryokuchi

    Ikuta Ryokuchi(Ikutarikuchi) isKanagawaKawasaki CityTama-kuMasugata,Higashiikuta,Nagao,andMiyamae-kuHatsuyamaIt is a city park (general park) in[1].

    Incidentally,Masugatayama(Masugatayama) andIimuroyamaMost of (Iimuroyama) is contained in Ikuta Ryokuchi.


    Tama Hills TamagawaIt is located in the eastern corner of the area, and currently has a planned area of ​​179.3.ha(Of which, the service area is 95.5ha), The largest city park in Kawasaki city.Admission is free, but some facilities require admission fees.Many citizen groups participate in the maintenance of this green space.

    Tsukui RoadThe bustle along the road is just around the cornerEdoFrom Kanagawa (current横 浜 市) Once in the Masugatayama area where you can see the view to the directionKamakura PeriodToInage regionIt dominated (generally the current northern part of Kawasaki City)Yoritomo GengenChief retainer Saburo Inage ShigenariIs based and is on the summit of the mountainMasugata CastleIs said to have been built.

    Urbanization has progressed rapidly since modern times, and the area around the area was once rich.森林The landscape that was spreading will change dramatically, but here in a corner of Ikuta Ryokuchi, Kawasaki City will become a green space before full-scale urbanization begins.Land use planningWhat I decided and was in the cornerMukogaoka AmusementSince the company was operating while preserving a certain amount of forest, a relatively large number of abundant forests were left even while the development of residential land was progressing in the surrounding area.

    Mukogaoka Amusement Park,Senshu UniversityIkuta Campus,Higashitakane Forest Park,Midorigaoka CemeteryIs connected to the area in the east-west direction.


    1927(Showa2 years)

    Odakyu Electric Railway(Odakyu Electric Railway at that time)Mukogaoka AmusementOpened.


    The Togakushi Fudo Main Hall was erected (at that time, private land), and the principal idol, Fudo Myo, was invited.


    Kawasaki City has Masugatayama, Mukogaoka Amusement Park and its surrounding forests 165.5ha City planning is decided as a green space.
    Before the city planning was decided, it was not "Ikuta Ryokuchi", but it is added for reference.


    A private company starts operating a golf course () in the green space planning area.


    Established Ikuta Ryokuchi Management Office (currently Northern Park Office).

    1964Degree (39)

    Maintenance started.


    Japanese folk house garden opens.


    Elder holeSide hole graveIt is excavated and investigated at a part of the tomb of the group.


    The Youth Science Museum Planetarium opens.
    D51 type steam locomotiveUnit 408 is statically preserved.
    Kawasaki loam slope collapse experiment accident.. 15 dead, 9 injured.


    Suha 42 type passenger car(No. 2047) is statically preserved.

    1992(Heisei4 years)

    Golf course business transferred to Kawasaki City.


    Togakushi Fudo burned down.After that, the site will be maintained as part of the Ikuta Ryokuchi.


    Taro Okamoto Museum of ArtOpening.


    Mukogaoka AmusementClosed.
    Baraen will be temporarily incorporated into Ikuta Ryokuchi.


    Kawasaki City and Odakyu Electric Railway have reached a basic agreement on a plan to improve the site of the former Mukogaoka Amusement Park.The direction of changing the designated green space area (adding the forest part and canceling the vacant lot part) will be decided.


    Fujiko F. Fujio Museum(Tentative name) will be set up.


    Fujiko F. Fujio Museum opened on September 9rd[2].


    Kawasaki City Youth Science Museum has been reopened as "Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum".

    Sights and historic sites

    • Masugatayama(Masugatayama)
      It is said that it came to be called this because the mountaintop is a square flat ground like a masu.
      • Masugata Castlesite
        Saburo Inage ShigenariIt is said that the castle was built by the castle, and a monument is erected although there are no remains.
      • Masugatayama Observatory
        Planted on the mountaintop in springCherry BlossomsAdds color and the whole area is covered with green in the summerTama HillsIt is reminiscent of the former appearance of.And in winter when the trees drop leaves, Yokohama city and far awayMount FujiYou can see up to.The pillar of the railingZodiacIn the image of the animals ofdirectionIs shown.
        The observatory will be closed at night.Slopes and elevators are in place.
    • Mt. Iimuro (square)
    It has been known as a cave tomb for a long time, but there is a theory that it is a place of life for ancient people.Some of them were investigated in 43, and iron iron and ironJewelHave been discovered.
    Currently, a promenade is set up so that you can tour.
    • Togakushi Fudodo Ruins
    1930ToShingon Buddhist Toyoyama SchoolIt was built as a Buddhist temple.Togakushi ShrineIt was a Buddha statue of the actual templeFudo FudoIt was worshiped by inviting and worshiping the worship of the local residents, and as the XNUMXth bill of the Buso Fudo Holy Spirit XNUMXth bill, many worshipers were gathered every year.However,1993The main hall was burnt down in (5), and although reconstruction by the owners was considered after that, it was abandoned and the site was transferred to the city.Currently, it is maintained as part of the Ikuta Ryokuchi, and after the fire it became an abandoned temple and the main hall was destroyed, but monuments that imitated the pillars and lanterns of the main hall still remain.Kawasaki History GuideThere is a guide panel (construction of religious facilities in public facilities,Separation of politics and religionTherefore, it is legally difficult and restoration has not been realized).
    In addition, the former approach isYamazakuraIt is a tree-lined avenue and is vividly colored in spring.

    Nature / Square

    • Shobuen
    • Fountain square
    • Prefectural tree sample garden
    • Nature exploration road
      • Green adventure course
    • Wild bird forest
    • Hometown Komichi
    • Plum garden
    • Azalea mountain
    • Pond in the back
    • Firefly Village
    • Hatsuyama Lawn Square (Miyamae-kuArea)
    • Oshinuma Square

    Plants found in Ikuta Ryokuchi

    In the western part of this green space and in the southeastern part of the former Mukogaoka Amusement Park,Wooded areaIs preserved and maintained, of which walking paths have been developed in the western part.Forest bathIn addition to enjoying the event, there is also a guide board where you can learn the names and characteristics of the trees that can be seen in this green area as a "green adventure".Also, in one cornerGenji fireflyWetlands and fields are maintained as well as an environment where people can live, and the ecology of small animals that were once closely related to human life can be observed.

    Once hereTama HillsIt is a symbiotic environment of humans and forests that was naturally practiced in many areas includingSatoyama,Wooded areaIn recent years when urbanization has progressed, it is often not possible to even get an opportunity to know the actual situation, but in this green area, explanations are set up so that you can get a glimpse of the situation.

    And after it was maintained as a parkCherry Blossoms,plumEtc. are also planted, adding color to the garden in the spring.

    Wild birds seen in Ikuta Ryokuchi

    Since a relatively large forest is preserved in this green area, the followingWild birdHas been observed and has become a valuable place of life for them.In the spring, the chirping echoes, and in the winter, the appearance is observed through the gaps between the tree branches where the leaves have fallen, providing visitors with a relaxing time.

    Sedentary bird

    Winter bird

    Summer bird


    For detailed usage information of each facility, etc.外部 リンクSee above.

    Masugata district

    Ancient structure of typical structure that existed in the city and the eastern Japan area outside the cityPrivate house,Water millBuildings such as huts andFolk toolsDeveloped for the purpose of preservation and folklore1967Opened in (Showa 42)Open air museumIs.Designation of country / prefectureImportant cultural propertyIn addition to preserving and permanently exhibiting 25 buildings including the above, we also plan and carry out events such as night illumination and lectures.Admission required.
    In addition, an old folk house is used in the park,Buckwheat flour in Togakushi"Soba restaurant" is open (note the business day).
    • Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum (Official name: Kawasaki City Youth Science Museum / Nickname: Science Pudding)
    Living in Tama WardTakayuki OhiraDeveloped byplanetarium"MegastarThrough projection and live commentary by "III FUSION", monthly programs are performed throughout the year.This planetarium can project up to 1500 million stars[3],天 の 川It also has the feature that it can be expressed in detail.Therefore, to see those fine stars in the hallbinocularsWe also lend out (limited quantity).The planetarium is a viewing fee.
    In addition, the nature of Kawasaki is permanently exhibited in the exhibition room on the 1st floor under the five themes of "Nature of Kawasaki," "Nature of the hills," "Nature of the city," "Nature of the Tama River," and "Ikuta Ryokuchi Gallery."Admission to the exhibition room only is free.
    D51408 No.steam locomotiveand Suha 42 2047 passenger carIs outdoorsStatic preservationPassenger cars can be entered inside the car.
    Sometimes used to shoot promotional videos for dramas and singers,BEARThe PV of the new song was shot at this planetarium.
    • Traditional Crafts Museum
    Indigo dyeExperiences and workshops are held.Admission is free, but the actual cost is required for the dyeing experience.
    It is also currently used as an entrance to a private house garden.
    citytwinWith a rimTaro OkamotoIn response to the donation of the work to Kawasaki City, it was maintained in this green area.1999(11) Opened in October.Taro OkamotoAnd parents (A flat,Kanoko) Is the main collection, permanent exhibition, and special exhibition.Admission required.
    There is also a cafeteria "TARO".
    • Shop / rest house
    In winter, it is open only when there are many customers such as holidays.
    • Northern Park Office
    Ikuta Ryokuchi and TamaAsoWe maintain the park in the ward.

    Hatsuyama district

    • Kawasaki International Ikuta Ryokuchi Golf Course
    Designed by Seiichi Inoue and currently managed by Kawasaki City.It is not a membership system and can be used by non-citizens.
    • Tonmori Tanito
    Aqueous plant appreciation pond, Hatsuyama Square, Forest Square, Omoide no Uta no Komichi, Bamboo Square, Ikuta Ryokuchi Minami Amusement Park

    Nagao area

    • Ikuta Ryokuchi Rose Garden (formerly Mukogaoka Amusement Park Rose Garden)
    533 types of about 4,700 sharesroseIs in good condition and will be open to the public within a certain period of spring and autumn, and you can enjoy the flowers.
    A large pergola, a clubhouse (currently Rose Garden House), and a garden design that takes advantage of the terrain surrounded by forestsMitsuo YokoyamaDesigned by Mr. The statues of "Swan and Child" and "Mother and Child" were created by a professor at Tama Art University. At the beginning of the garden in 1958 (Showa 38), there were many fountains, large pools and waterways, and it was produced with abundant water.Mukogaoka AmusementAfter the park was closed, the large pool was renewed into a lawn plaza and the waterway was renewed into a passage.
    OnceMukogaoka AmusementIt was one of the facilities, but after the park was closed, Kawasaki City rented the facility temporarily, the city maintained the facility, and volunteers were recruited to manage the roses in the garden.
    Admission is free, but the garden accepts donations to cover part of the maintenance costs.
    I lived in Tama Ward before I was aliveFujiko F. Fujio OfOriginal pictureWorks such as these will be donated to Kawasaki City by relatives, and in response to that, Kawasaki City andFujiko ProDecided to establish an exhibition facility in this green space[4].
    2007Formulate a basic plan during the period2010Construction started in 2011, and the museum is planned to open in the fall of XNUMX.Landowner's land for constructionOdakyu Electric RailwayIt was rented by Kawasaki City (the area of ​​the former Mukogaoka Amusement Park where playsets were placed adjacent to the green space), and Fujiko Pro built a building and donated it to the city, and the operation was entrusted to Fujiko Pro.In addition, Kawasaki City has set up the "Fujiko F. Fujio Museum Maintenance Preparation Room" in the city hall.[4][5].
    20119/3Opened in[2].


    • The Tama Ward Citizens' Festival is held on the third Saturday of October every year.On that day, the planetariums of Kawasaki Municipal Sora and the Green Science Museum (Kawasaki Youth Science Museum) will be open for free with projections seven times a day.Admission to both the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art and the Japanese Folk House Garden on that day is free.
    • August 11(Culture Day), The "Private House Festival" will be held at the Japanese Folk House Garden.


    1927Many forests were preserved in this park, which had been operated as a "flower and green amusement park" since its opening.2002 yearAfter the park was closed, the playset was removed, but Kawasaki City, the landowner, and local volunteers seeking conservation held discussions on the site, and the wooded area of ​​the site was designated as a green space. The designation of green space in some areas where there was was canceled.The former is being considered for inclusion in Ikuta Ryokuchi, and the latter is being considered.Odakyu Electric RailwayIs being considered in the direction of establishing a welfare facility.
    On the other hand, there is a city road between the current service area and the former Mukogaoka Amusement Park, and because some residential land was developed along the road, the green space is currently divided and the Nagao district where our garden was located is isolated. There is.Although some areas along the city road called "Donguriyama" have been preserved by the city and local volunteers, it is now one of the issues for future maintenance because it will be contacted once in the city area. ing.
    In addition, about the event during business of this amusement parkMukogaoka AmusementSee.

    User prohibitions

    • No smoking, no fire[6].
    The use of fire is strictly prohibited to prevent the burning of forests and old houses.
    • No trash can be thrown away (there is no trash can in the park, so you need to take it home).
    • No entry into forests other than walking paths[6].
    • No planting or animal capture (the entire area is designated as a banned area)[6].
    • Ball games such as baseball are prohibited (excluding golf courses).
    • No free dogs[6](For connected dogs, admission is possible except in some areas)
    • Vehicles (including motorcycles) are prohibited from entering (excluding emergency vehicles and vehicles that have obtained a passport)
    • Bicycles are not allowed to enter or park (passing through is possible, but be sure to walk. Bicycles can only be parked on the east exit slope)
    • The use of tents and tarps is prohibited in principle (it may be possible to use it within the specified position and time at the time of the event).
    • Drone flight ban.


    Public transportation

    See the latter part for the rose garden.

    Odakyu Odawara Line Mukaigaoka Yuen StationThan
    • About 13 minutes on foot from the south exit[6], ま た はKawasaki City BusTake the Mizo 19 line bound for "Mizoguchi Station South Exit" and get off at "Ikuta Ryokuchi Ikuta", and walk for about 3 minutes.
    • From the north exitOdakyu BusTake the 10th line bound for "Senshudaigaku-mae" and get off at the end point.
    JRNambu Line Noborito StationThan
    • About 25 minutes on foot from Ikuta Ryokuchiguchi[6].
    JRNambu Line Musashi Mizonokuchi Station,Tokyu Denentoshi Line Mizonokuchi StationThan
    Tokyu Denentoshi Line Futakotamagawa StationThan
    Tokyu Denentoshi Line Kajigaya StationThan
    • Take the Tokyu Bus No. 01 bound for "Mukogaoka Yuen Station East Exit" and get off at "Iimuro", then walk for about 10 minutes.

    Public transportation (Baraen)

    The location of the front gate is located to the west of the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum.It takes about 7 minutes on foot from the front gate to the garden[7]..In addition, there are shuttle cars for people with disabilities due to slopes, stairs, and mountain roads, and parking lots for the physically challenged.

    For private cars, there is a parking lot for 100 cars (Momijidani parking lot) for ordinary cars only, but right turn entry from Fuchu Kaido to the front gate is prohibited, and the road from the front gate to the parking lot. Is 300 mOne-sided alternating trafficBecause traffic jams around the front gate are likely to occur mainly on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the garden is calling for the use of public transportation as much as possible.[7]..There is a free bicycle parking space beside the front gate for motorcycles and bicycles.

    Odakyu Odawara Line Mukaigaoka Yuen StationThan
    • About 13 minutes walk (about 1 km) from the south exit to the front gate.
      Use the Baraen Access Road.Information boards will be installed from the front of the station during the exhibition.
    • From the south exit, Kawasaki City Bus Mizoguchi 06 (for "Mizoguchi Station", "Daisan Keihin Entrance", "Ida Sales Office"), Tokyu Bus 01 (for "Kajigaya Station"), Mukai 02 (for "Futakotamagawa Station") Bus routes are also available[7]..Get off at "Fujiko F. Fujio Museum" (Fujiko F. Fujio Myujiamu) and get close to the front gate.
    JRNambu Line Shukugawara StationThan
    • About 15 minutes on foot (about 1.2 km) to the front gate[7]..There is no bus route set.
      Information boards will be installed from the front of the station during the exhibition.
    Odakyu Odawara Line / JR Nambu Line Noborito StationThan
    • A direct bus to the "Fujiko F. Fujio Museum" (closed on museum closed days) is available from the Ikuta Ryokuchi exit.[7][8]..Operates approximately every 10 to 15 minutes.After getting off the bus, 80 m from Fujiko F. Fujio Museum to the front gate.Some flights will go directly to "Ikuta Ryokuchi".
    JR Nambu Line Musashi Mizonokuchi Station,Tokyu Denentoshi Line Mizonokuchi StationThan
    • Kawasaki City Bus Mizo 06 system "Mukogaoka Yuen Station South Exit" "Noborito Station" bound for "Fujiko F. Fujio Museum" (formerly Mukogaoka Yuen[9]) Get off and get close to the front gate.
    • Take Kawasaki City Bus Mizo 19 bound for "Mukooka Yuen Station South Exit", get off at "Oshinuma", and walk to the postern for about 15 minutes (no guidance displayed).
    Tokyu Denentoshi Line Kajigaya StationThan
    • 01 system for Tokyu Bus[7]Take the "Mukogaoka Yuen Station South Exit" and get off at "Fujiko F. Fujio Museum", close to the front gate.Operates approximately every 20 minutes.
    Tokyu Denentoshi Line Futakotamagawa StationThan
    • 02 system for Tokyu Bus[7]Take the "Mukogaoka Yuen Station South Exit" and get off at "Fujiko F. Fujio Museum", close to the front gate.



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