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👍 | Be careful of moral rights of authors Music use, consent required Election contest using SNS


Pay attention to the moral rights of the author Music use, consent required Election contest using SNS

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According to the association, "The author wants many people to listen to the song, so some people want to avoid getting politically colored," he said, saying that there are many cases where consent cannot be obtained.

An increasing number of candidates are actively using social networking sites (SNS) as a means of appealing to young people in election contests. April ... → Continue reading

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Author(Chosakusha)Copyrighted materialThe person who created.著者Also called (chosha).specificallyNovelist-manga artistThe author of the publication, etc.Lyricist-作曲家,TV drama-movies-ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンSuch asdirected by-Writer,TV program-Radio programCreator,Drama OfPlaywright,画家-彫刻家Such as the author of a work of art.

Author under copyright law

JapaneseCopyright lawAbove, the author means "the person who creates the work" (2 articleItem 1 item 2).When the author created the work,Copyright(21 article~28 article.Property right)WhenMoral rights(18 article~20 article).No implementation of any method is required for these acquisitions. ((17 articleItem 2.Informalism).

Copyright is transferable (61 article).The person who got the copyright by the transferCopyright holderTo distinguish it from the author.This is called when multiple people jointly create a work.In this case, everyone involved in the creation becomes the author, and the copyright is copyrighted.Semi-sharedTo do.

It is inconvenient that the copyright belongs to the individual creator when the employee of the company creates the work as his duty.Therefore, if certain requirements are met, a system is stipulated in which the company itself, not the individual creator, becomes the author and acquires the copyright.This isWork for hire(Also known as: corporate work,British: works made for hire)15 article). In addition,Corporate workIt is considered appropriate to interpret a work under the old copyright law that does not have the provisions of the above as a work for hire if it falls under the current work for hire under the current copyright law (Ryukei Shosha Case, Supreme Court Second Small). Court decision on March XNUMX, XNUMX)[1].

As a general rule, copyrighted works are protected until 70 years after the author's death (for details, seeCopyright protection periodSee).If the author publishes the work anonymously or under a pseudonym, it is difficult to know when the author died, so it is protected until 70 years have passed since the publication (52 article).In order to avoid the disadvantage of shortening the protection period in this way, the author has to do so.Register your real namebe able to.If you do this, you will be protected for 70 years after death as usual.

For a work, who the author is is an important concern.If a work is distributed with a different author name from the true author, the credibility of the author name display will be damaged.Therefore, the act of distributing a work by pretending that a person who is not the author is the author isAuthor name fraudIs subject to criminal punishment (121 article).

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