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📷 | "You also need to find something from within yourself." The eruption of Sfriere casts a shadow on the lives of the islanders ...


"You also need to find something from within yourself." The eruption of Sufriere casts a shadow over the lives of the islanders ...

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NH: Dr. Kirby was one of the leading historians in St. Vincent and the Caribbean.

Heavy rains on the St. Vincent and the Grenadines in late April brought the plants back to life.Photo: Oh ... → Continue reading

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Caribbean region

Caribbean region(Caribbean or Iki,English: The caribbean,Spanish: Caribbean,Dutch: Nl-Caraïben.ogg Caribbean[HELP/File],: कैरिबियन (Kairibiyana); French: Caribbean No West Indies) IsCaribbeanAnd the islands in that area (the islands in the Caribbean and the Caribbean)North AtlanticThe islands that form the boundary between the two islands) and the surrounding sea area.Caribbean regionGulf of MexicoとNorth AmericaSoutheast of,Central americaEast ofSouth AmericaIt is located north of.In JapaneseCaribbean regionOr generically for countries in this areaCaribbean countriesAlso called.

Most of this regionCaribbean plateAbove, over 700 in the regionislands,Reef,キ ー(Coral reef(Lower island above) etc. ((English edition)).Many of the islandsForm an island arcAnd it is on the northern edge of the Caribbean Sea and Tobuchi.[3]..The islands of the Caribbean region are on the north sideGreater AntillesAnd on the south and east sidesLesser Antilles(Leeward AntillesConsists of (including) and is located north of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean SeaBahamas Islands((I.e.からTurks and Caicos IslandsAs an expression that refers to a wider range, including the range up toWest IndiesIs part of.In a broad sense, it is part of the continentベリーズ,ベネズエラ,ガイアナ,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,French GuianaMay also be included in the Caribbean region.

GeopoliticsIn particular, the islands of the CaribbeanNorth AmericaSubdivision of (subregion) Often regarded as[4][5][6][7][8], 30 in totalSovereign state,Overseas prefecture,DependentConsists of.1954/12/15から2010/10/10Consists of 5 governing bodiesNetherlands AntillesWas called NetherlandsThere was a dependent territory[9]. Also,1958/1/3から1962/5/31Until,United KingdomThe English-speaking territory that was a dependent territory was composed,West Indies FederationThere was a short-lived autonomous country called.Cricket West Indies RepresentativeHas since been organized on behalf of many of these countries.

Etymology and pronunciation

The name of this region isSpainDuring the time of conquest byLesser AntillesAnd nearbySouth AmericaWas part ofPeopleIsCaribbeanTaken from the name of[10].

There are two most common pronunciations of "Caribbean" (in English):KARR-ə-BEE-ən And the one that puts an accent on the third syllable,kə-RIB-ee-ən And there is something to put in the second syllable.The former has a longer history, but the pronunciation that emphasizes the second syllable already has a history of more than 2 years.[11]..British English speakers KARR-ə-BEE-ən Prefers, North American English speakers typically kə-RIB-ee-ən Is said to be used[12], No consensus is found among the literature[13]..No consensus among English speakers in the Caribbean[14].

Various definitions

The English word "Caribbean", which means "Caribbean," is sometimes used with various implications.The main usage is geographical and political.However, the subject of this word has been expanded,slave,American colonization by Europe,PlantationIt may include the surrounding area, which is strongly culturally and historically linked to the mechanism of.

Geology, geology, climate

The geography and climate of the Caribbean region is diverse.On some islands in the regionVolcanoThere is only flat land that does not originate from.An example of these islands isAruba(There is a very small volcanic terrain),バルバドス,Bonaire,Cayman Islands,St croix island,Bahamas Islands,Antiguaand so on.On the other hand, a mountain ridge with large undulations rises,Cuba,Hispaniola,プ エ ル ト リ コ,Jamaica,Dominica,モ ン ト セ ラ ト,Saba,Saint Kitts and Nevis(Saint Kitts),セントルシア,St. Thomas Island,St. John,Tortola,グレナダ,St Vincent Island,Guadeloupe,Martinique,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThere are also islands such as.

Greater AntillesとLesser AntillesThe definition of the range of is often done differently.Virgin IslandsIs connected to the island ledges of Puerto RicoShallow bankBecause it is on the top, it is often placed on the side of the Greater Antilles.The term Lesser Antilles is often used to refer to the archipelago, including Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago andLeeward AntillesIs excluded and used.

The climate of this area is熱 帯The climate,Precipitation amount TheelevationAnd the size of the island,Ocean currentIt is diverse in relation to.For example, in the Lesser AntillesABC IslandsIs a cool rushUpwellingIs dry.WetTrade windThe climate is divided into rainforests and semi-deserts on mountainous islands because of the constant blowing from the east.Occasional northwesterly winds affect the northern islands in winter.The Caribbean region is blessed with sunshine throughout the year, but the seasons are known as the dry and rainy seasons, and the latter six months are wetter than the first half of the year.

In the Caribbean Sea, there are abundant schools of migratory fish and turtles.Coral reefIs also being formed.Located on the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, just north of Puerto RicoPuerto Rico TrenchIs the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean[16].

Caribbean regions are oftenHurricaneHowever, it is usually attacked north of Grenada and west of Barbados.The main hurricane belt extends northwest of Barbados in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

The Caribbean region connects the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific OceanPanama CanalThere are several major routes via the route.

Main islands, archipelago

Greater Antilles

Lesser Antilles


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