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🐈 | Cat ears, Hiro Shimono & Maaya Uchida, can you make friends with cats? Battle breaks out


Cat ears, Hiro Shimono & Maaya Uchida, can you make friends with cats? Battle breaks out

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Also, I wonder if I've been playing "Star Dragon Quest" all the time ... "

On the 14th, the new future TV "ABEMA" will be on the anime LIVE channel "Voice actor and night play ... → Continue reading

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Dragon quest

Dragon Quest series > Dragon quest

"Dragon quest』(DRAGON QUEST) is1986/(Showa61 years)5/27ToEnix(Current:ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ) Was released byNESFor (Famicom, FC)Role playing games.. The popular name is "Dragon Quest I] (Dragon Quest One).

JapanThen within the same yearMSX, MSX2Was also transplanted.afterwards,RemakeAs a versionSuper Nintendo(SFC) software "Dragon Quest I / II],Game boyIncluded in the (GB) software "Game Boy Dragon Quest I / II"WiiGame software forDragon Quest 25th Anniversary Famicom & Super Nintendo Dragon Quest I / II / III], Both FC and SFC versions are recorded.

After the 2000sfeature phoneApp (fori-appli,EZ app,V app),SmartphoneApp (Android,iOS) Has also come to be delivered.2017/8/10ToPlayStation 4,Nintendo 3DSThe version has also been downloaded and distributed.Also2018/7/7Was released inNintendo Classic Mini Family Computer Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary VersionThe FC version is recorded in.2019/9/27ToNintendo SwitchThe version has also been downloaded and distributed.

North AmericaThen,1989/5[1]ToNESso"Dragon warrior]NintendoIt was released from, and was later recorded in the GB version of "Dragon Warrior I & II".


Home game consoleThe first role-playing game with an original title[Note 1]..Later, sequels were released one after another, and "Dragon Quest series』It came to be called.The official title of this work is "Dragon Quest", but since the sequel was released, this work is the first work in the series, so for convenience "Dragon Quest I(Dragon Quest One) (the remake version officially uses the name "Dragon Quest I").The catch phrase is "A new legend is about to be born. "

A dragon is drawn on the title logo.

I met at the 1st Game Hobby Program Contest sponsored by EnixYuji HoriiとKoichi NakamuraBut,Yukinobu ChidaIt was a boom in the United States at that time at the Apple exhibition "Apple Fest" in the United States that I visited withRPGI was inspired by the idea and planned it.Pseudo multiwindowType ofMenu,computerFor RPG "UltimaXNUMXD map represented bycursorBased on movementcharacterMove, also RPG for PC "Wizardry』Represented the style such as interactive battle mode, 512 at the technical level at that timekbit(64KB), Around the 2000sfeature phoneEquivalent to one standby image ofROMIt is a work realized in the capacity (For details, see "#development of"checking)[2][Note 2]..It can be said that this work, which was created by understanding the difference between PC users and users in the NES environment where performance and capacity are limited, has succeeded in popularizing RPGs.[3].

Scenario game design at that timeShueishaof"Weekly Shonen Jump(Hereinafter, "Jump") was writing an article related to NES.Yuji Horii, The character design is also "Jump" and "ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルWas serializedAkira Toriyama, Game music composition at that timeCMI was mainly involved in music etc.Koichi Sugiyama, Programming was said to be a genius boy at the timeKoichi NakamuraLeadChunsoftIs in charge, as a bridge with each member and EnixYukinobu ChidaFlew around everywhere.Title logoThe design is the reader's corner of "Jump"Jump broadcasting stationWas in charge of layoutKazuo EnomotoWorked on.The development period is about 5 months,Master UpJust before the program was restructured, the delivery date was postponed by one week, sodebugWork is done by Yuji Horii and all members of Chunsoft, as well asYasuhiro FukushimaWas carried out by mobilizing all Enix employees[2][4].

Initially, this work was a one-shot work, so there was no detailed person setting or background image, but with the series of games, various official settings were added later in order to make it relevant to subsequent works. ing.Will be released later "Dragon Quest II Evil Spirit Gods''Dragon Quest III and to the legend...Is closely related to this work, and these three works are combined into "Lotto seriesIt came to be called.

Due to the influence of this hit, 30 NES software with "Dragon" in the title have been released so far.[Note 3].

After the release of "Dragon Quest III" that caused a social phenomenon, this work "Dragon Quest"NovelChangeGame bookIn addition toDrama CD(CD theater) is also being made ("Novel Dragon Quest], [Gamebook Dragon Quest], [CD Theater Dragon QuestSee).

In addition, 2003/(HeiseiExperience game machine "15 years" releasedKenshin Dragon Quest Revived Legendary Sword] Is a game content that arranges the story of this work and renews the character design.

Guidelines for video / live distribution / image posting

Revised on March 2021, 3.

  • Family computer version[6]
  • Smartphone version[7]
  • Nintendo 3DS version, PlayStation 4 version, Nintendo Switch version[8]
  • Super Nintendo version[9]
  • Gameboy version[10]

Game content

For transplant / remake versionOther model versionSee section.

The purpose of the game

The purpose of the player is to be a hero who draws the blood of the legendary hero "Lotto".Dragon KingTo rescue the princess who was kidnapped and defeat the Dragon King.To achieve that goal, you are an enemy charactermonsterDefeat (demon)Experience pointAnd earn gold as a currency,LevelRaise strongarms-ArmorPurchase to strengthen the player character, gradually expand the search range, get information from the townspeople, and use it as a hint.ItemYou need to get and solve the mystery.


The name of the main character is decided at the start of the game, and the initial status and the status increase pattern at the time of leveling up change.This system can only be seen in this work in the "Dragon Quest series".

To the heroHP-MP・ Power, quickness, experience points, gold, offensive power, defensive powerParameterExists.When the experience value reaches a certain value, the level goes up, the stats go up, and spells are learned.The highest level is 30.Gold is the currency of the world and is used in various stores.

There are three types of equipment for the main character: "weapons" that increase the offensive power and "armor" and "shields" that increase the defensive power. It is a system that is sold or destroyed at.

The main character can consume and use MPmagicThere are 10 types of spells, and I don't remember any of them at first, but each time the level reaches a certain level, I remember one type in order.There are alternatives to tools (whose effects are slightly different from tools), healing spells, auxiliary spells that block enemy actions, and attack spells.These may be used by enemy monsters.

The main character can have items (tools), and the tools have "Yakuso" that restores HP, "Tamatsu" that illuminates the inside of a dark cave (throwing damage in the remake version), and enemy monsters.EncounterThere are "Seisui" to avoid the problem, "Ryu no Scale" to increase the defense power, "Chimera Tsubasa" to return to Radatome Castle, and "Kagi" to open the door.Items are basically disposable, and of these, "Yakuso" and "Kagi" are separate from the tools, and you can carry up to 6 of each.

Moving screen

The moving screen is a "top view" that looks down on the main character and its surroundings from directly above.In townDungeonSuch asobjectAre scattered around, and if you move the main character there, you will automatically enter the town or dungeon.On the contrary, if you go out of the town or dungeon, you will automatically move to the field map.There are various terrains such as flatlands, forests, and deserts on the field map, and mountains that are difficult to move (some weight is generated when moving), terrain that cannot be moved such as rocky mountains and the sea, damage the main character's HP just by entering. There is also a swamp of poison.

As a system only for this work, the inside of the dungeon (cave) is completely dark, and if you do nothing, only the block with the main character will be displayed on the screen, and you have to use the spell of the tool "Torches" or "Remira" If you can't see the surrounding terrain.A system with a limited visible range like this isWizardryIt was seen in many RPGs at that time, but since it was only to raise the difficulty unnecessarily, it has been changed so that you can see the room from the beginning after the next work.


On the move screen, you can open the menu command window and select a command from the following eight.

Listen to the stories of the townspeople.Since there is no concept of character orientation in this work, it is necessary to select the direction of the person you want to talk to from north, south, east, and west after selecting the "Hanasu" command.You can also use this command over the counter when using the store.
Check the parameters of the main character.
Go up and down the stairs.Use on stairs.
Open the door by consuming one magic key ("key") you have.In this work, "Kagi" is a method of replenishing by purchasing at a locksmith, and once used, it breaks (one less).
Use the spell you remember.In this work, you can cast spells used against enemies during battle while moving, but casting them only consumes MP and has no effect.
Use the item you have.
Find out where you are.
Open the treasure chest.Use it by riding on a treasure chest.

The above command forms are automated every time a sequel is produced, such as automation of "Kaidan" and "Door" commands, integration of "Take" into "Search", and introduction of "Benri Button" after "V". Organize by giving various roles to one command[Note 4]The command system of this work is not used in the remake version released after the sequel that adopted the organized system.


Weapons, armor, shields, etc. used in battle are handled in the townWeapon and armor store, Handle items such as "herbs"Tool shop, Handles only "seisui"Holy water shop, Dealing with the aforementioned "key"LocksmithThere are stores such as.At these stores, you can get (buy) weapons, armor, and items by paying the price of gold for the item you want to get.You can also sell unnecessary items at the tool shop and exchange them for gold.

Besides,innThen, you can stay overnight and recover HP and MP to the maximum value.Room rates vary from town to town, but tend to be higher in towns farther from the starting point, Radatome.


When walking on the field, in dungeons (excluding Lotto's cave), in abandoned towns, etc., the screen suddenly changes and you are in battle with enemy monsters (Random encounter).When a battle occurs, the battle window opens, the monster graphic is displayed, the battle sound effect is played, and the battle background is also displayed only on the ground.

The battle in this work is always one-on-one with the main character and one monster.When you are ready to select your own action, you will be waiting for a command input, attack with a weapon to reduce the opponent's HP, "fight", use spells "jumon", use items "dog", escape from the enemy (must escape) (Not possible) Select your own action from "Negeri" and fight.

In this work, regardless of the status of the player or the enemy, eachturnBasically, the main character acts first, and then the enemy acts as the second player, and the main character and the other party alternately repeat the action until one of them collapses (HP becomes 0).However, after the start of the battle, the enemy may attack earlier than the main character is ready, in which case the enemy will attack once before the start of the turn and then repeat each turn. Since it is a one-on-one battle, you cannot act while sleeping due to the effect of the spell "Rariho", and the opponent attacks unilaterally until you wake up.The result of the action is always displayed in the message window, and you can see how the battle is progressing.

If you can reduce the HP of an enemy to 0, you have defeated that enemy, and you can get experience points and gold according to that enemy (up to 65535G).[Note 5]..On the contrary, if the main character's HP is set to 0, he will die and be defeated,Game overInstead, he will come back to life at the starting point, Radatome Castle.Your money will be halved, but your experience points, levels, and items you have can continue as they were when you died.This basic system has been inherited from the next work onwards.

Resurrection spell

Due to the nature of RPG, this work takes time from the start of the game to the ending,Battery backupSince it does not have a recording function such as, after interrupting the game and turning off the power,PasswordBy entering, you can play from the continuation next time.

When interrupted, the "" displayed on the screen by talking to King RadatomeResurrection spellIf you write down the 20-character hiragana password called "" and enter the password correctly on the screen the next time you start the game, you can resume the adventure from where you left off.However, if you enter the wrong password, you will not be able to restart the game.

The resurrection spell will also appear in the next work, "Dragon Quest II."In addition, the current HP / MP value and treasure chest items have already been acquired for the resurrection spell.flagDetailed information such as etc. is not recorded, and if you enter the spell of resurrection and restart the game, HP / MP will always be the maximum value.The contents of the treasure chest will be automatically restored when you exit the dungeon and re-enter it.Therefore, the contents of the treasure box can be taken as many times as necessary.

Even after you cast a new resurrection spell, the old resurrection spell you cast earlier is still valid, and if you enter an old resurrection spell, you can restart it as it was when you cast the resurrection spell. is there.The official guidebook recommends casting two resurrection spells at a time in case of miswriting.

The spell of resurrection and the information that appears when you enter it may be content that predicts various incidents, or it may represent the name of a person who became prominent after this work was released. It was sometimes talked about.By the way, those resurrection spells and information are coincidences.[11].

In addition, the spell of the resurrection of this work is "Dragon Quest XI In search of a passing timeIt is also possible to use it, and it is possible to start the game from a certain advantageous state.

Bad ending

This work has the only bad ending in the series.

"Alefgard after welcoming this bad ending"Dragon Quest Builders Revive AlefgardWas released on January 2016, 1.


List the important tools that appear in the work.

You can illuminate the inside of the cave up to one step ahead.Unlike the spell "Remyra", the effect lasts until you leave the cave.Also, in the remake version, it is possible to throw it, and it will do some damage.In both cases, they are disposable, but they are cheaply available.
Fairy whistle
A whistle made by a fairy who lived in Alefgard[12]..It has the effect of putting the golem, a mighty enemy, to sleep.
Silver lyre
A lyre used by the bard Garai, who built the town of Garai, and is preserved in his tomb.When you play it, you call in monsters.
Princess love
A pendant filled with the love of Princess Laura.It will tell you the distance from your current location to Radatome Castle and the required experience points to the next level.[13].
Sun stone, rain cloud wand
A sacred tool collected by the brave Lotto.It is a tool related to the tradition of "sun and rain" that spreads in Alefgard, and when the two tools are combined, a "rainbow drop" that has the ability to build a rainbow bridge can be obtained.It is necessary to cross the island of Ryuo.
Lotto sign
A proof of a hero who draws the blood of the hero Lotto.Like the sword and armor, the lotto emblem that imitates a bird is engraved[14].
Lotto sword, Lotto armor
The sword and armor left by the brave Lotto, each of which is the strongest weapon and armor of this work.Armor has the ability to negate damage from poison swamps and barriers, and restore HP each time you walk.The Lotto shield and Lotto helmet do not appear in this work.



More informations

  • The BGM of the cave of this work has a lower pitch and a slower tempo as it goes down, creating fear.From the next work onward, the same BGM is used regardless of the hierarchy.
  • Some of the inhabitants of the town of Alefgard said,Weekly Shonen JumpGame introduction corner "NES fist"Yutei" (Yuji Horii) and "Miyaou" (Miyaou) who were also staff members ofHiroshi Miyaoka), "Kim Ko" (Kimura's first) Has appeared in each town of Alefgard.In Melkid, "Portopia serial murder caseThere was also a line to advertise.KAZUHIKO TORISHIMA, which is credited to the special thanks of the ending staff roll, was the editor of Weekly Shonen Jump at that time.Kazuhiko Torishima.

North American version (NES version)

In the North American version of "Dragon Warrior", the character can now turn sideways and backwards as in Japan's "Dragon Quest II" and later, and the visual aspect has been slightly changed, such as the addition of a graphic of the white coastline of the field. There is.In addition to this, as in the Japanese version of "Dragon Quest III" and laterBattery backupWas installed.The other game systems and scenarios are the same as the Japanese version.However, due to the influence of the fantasy novel, the lines were translated into slightly old-fashioned English.LocalizationAt that timeHAL LaboratoryBelonged toSatoshi IwataWas in charge of[1](Iwata laterNintendoServed as president).



Alefgard, the setting of this work, was onceGreat SatanWas locked in the darkness by his hand, but the Great Demon KingLegendary hero LottoDefeated by, and the demons were also sealed by a ball of light.Since then, Alefgard has been in peace.

As the days went by, the wicked one reappeared in Alefgard when Lars XVI, King of Radatome, ruled Alefgard.Its name isDragon King..The Dragon King is a ball of light from RadatomePrincess LauraAlefgard became a world where demons roamed again.Some challenged the Dragon King, but none returned alive.And Princess Laura was also imprisoned somewhere.

Meanwhile, a prophet predicted that the blood of the brave Lotto would destroy the Dragon King.And as predicted,A brave man who draws the blood of LottoAppeared.The brave man, who was asked by the king to regain peace with the princess, departs alone for the castle of the Dragon King.

A brave man who visits various cities and captures the dungeon rescues Princess Laura in a cave with a dragon.Then, at the end of a further journey, you will reach the castle of the Dragon King, descend the hidden stairs behind the throne, and descend into the vast labyrinth.

Among the dragon kings at the bottom, the dragon king who recognized the strength of the hero"If I become my ally, I will give half of the world to a brave man."I will invite you.The brave who rejected the invitation defeats the Dragon King after a fierce battle.Then, the brave man who married Princess Laura set out from Alefgard to create a new land with the princess.

View of the world

AlefgardIt is set in a country called.Alefgard's "Aleph" is a Greek numberalphaRefers to.Gardo is also in Norse mythologyAsgardIf it is the same as, it means "kingdom" and "enclosure" in Old Norse.[15]..Generally means "country of origin"[16].

In addition, when the production of this work was announced at "Famicom Shinken", it was called "Aleph Land".[Note 6].


Radatome Castle
It is the central castle of Alefgard and the starting point of the adventure.It is also a castle that receives the spell of resurrection from the king.The eastern half of the first floor of the castle cannot be entered without a key.There are also old people who can recover the treasure chest and MP.There is also an entrance to the basement in some places. When HP reaches zero, you will be returned to this castle and revived.
Town of Radatome
The castle town of Radatome Castle.Weapons and armor stores, tool stores, inns, holy water stores, and other facilities are available.
Lotto cave
A two-story cave north-northwest of Radatome.You can read the message left by the brave man Lotto.No monsters will appear.
Garai Town
A town on the Garaiya Peninsula, northwest of Radatome.Made by the bard Garai.On the north side of the town is a building covered with a large roof, and behind it is the labyrinth where the musical instruments left by Garai sleep.Garai's tombThere is an entrance.
Rocky mountain cave
A two-story cave southwest of Radatome.There are no important items and it is not a must-visit place, but you can get items and gold from the treasure chest.On the game system, even if you open the treasure chest, you can get item gold again by leaving the cave and entering again.The structure has been changed in the remake version.
A village in the Myra Forest, east of Radatome.RheumatismIs said to be effective forSpaThere is.This hot spring is a secret hint.
Swamp cave
An undersea tunnel connecting the south of Myra and the north of Limrudar.There is a room where Laura is captured, and a dragon guards it.
A town surrounded by lakes in the center of Limrudar Island, south of Myra.There are stores and prophecy offices that sell keys.There is no tool shop, but it is added in the remake version.
A town in the Domdora Desert, far south of the town of Garai.It has been destroyed by monsters and turned into a ruin.Lot's armor is buried on the eastern side of the town, but is protected by the Devil's Knight.In "III", where Alefgard, which is older than this work, appears, it is a lively town that has not been destroyed by monsters.
A fortified city on the Melkid Plateau in the south of Alefgard.Protected by a human-made monster golem.There are many shops and expensive armor is also sold. In "Dragon Quest Unknown Legend Lotto 2", there is a setting called "Grashov" who made the golem.[17].
Dragon King's Castle
The home of the enemy on the island opposite Radatome.A huge and complex dungeon consisting of 1 floors, 7 floor above ground and 8 floors below ground.There is a hidden staircase, and if you don't find this staircase, you won't be able to reach the bottom layer where the Dragon King is.In the remake version, the structure of the underground labyrinth has been changed.


Main character

hero[Note 7]
sound - Seki Toshihiko(CD theater version) / Natsuki Hanae(Rivals Ace)
The main character of this work.A person who draws the blood of the hero Lot who once saved Alefgard.Following the guidance of King Lars XVI, he came to Alefgard.Wearing an armor with a horned helmet.You can learn all the spells of attack, recovery, and combat assistance.
In this work, things related to the hero's past and features are not revealed at all, and the hero's birthplace and relatives do not appear at all in the game.The novel version states that he was in the town of Domdora before it was destroyed.
Equipment appeared as a cosplay item in "IX".
"Sword God Dragon QuestThe design was changed drastically with "", and "Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road』(It is drawn in the appearance of the old work in a specific card illustration). Wii version "Battle Road Victory], There is a production to wear the armor and helmet of this work from the clothes of "Kenshin".
Princess Laura
Voice- Hiroko Kasahara(CD theater version) / Fumie Hosokawa("BS Dragon Quest I") / Ai Chino(Rivals Ace)
Princess of the Alefgard royal family and the only daughter of Lars XVI.Half a year before the story begins, he was already kidnapped by the Dragon King and confined in a cave.It seems that Ryuo was planning to make her his wife after conquering the world.After being rescued by the hero, he gives him the item "Princess's Love" to help him.After all is over, he departs with the brave, finds a new world that he has not yet seen, and builds a new kingdom together.
At the beginning, a soldier near the king asks for rescue.A brave man will be rescued as the game progresses, but rescuing her is not the ultimate goal of the game, but an event in the middle of the game.Comic "Road to Dragon Quest"It was already commonplace to" defeat the enemy's big boss and then rescue the princess, "so I brought the rescue to the middle stage."
When rescued, the graphic of the main character is so-called "PrincessIt will change to the pose of "" and will travel together to Radatome.When I stopped by the town on the way and stayed at the inn, the innkeeper sent a meaningful message the next morning saying, "I was looking forward to it last night."
Also, if you make a choice to deny Princess Laura in the conversation options, the same option will reappear with the message "That's terrible ..."infinite loopWill be in the state of.This is inherited by all remakes.
In the remake version, if you talk to Ryuo while holding Princess Laura, the line of Ryuo will be added and the production before the ending will be partially changed.
"Princess's love" is a tool to make it easier to find the essential items to clear all, and if you know the position to get the essential items, you don't need the princess's love.It is also possible to leave Princess Laura in captivity and end the game.

Sub character

Lars XVI[Note 8]
Voice- Saki Yanagi(CD theater version)
King Alefgard.Summon a "Lotto Blood Drawer" who can oppose the Dragon King. The FC version publishes the "Spell of Resurrection", and the remake version records the "Book of Adventure".
Voice- Ichiro Nagai(CD theater version)
A legendary bard who was active in the ancient times.The silver lyre left by him has a tone that attracts monsters.
Voice- Mitsuaki Hoshino(CD theater version)
An old man who moved from the village of Myra to Limrudar.I know the location of the key item "Fairy Whistle".
Appeared in the remake version.I'm waiting for her named Nana at Limrudar.I know the location of "Fairy Flute", the same as Yoshirin.
An old man who ran a weapon shop in Domdora, which was destroyed by the Dragon King and the army of demons under his control.Probably because he has already died, he does not appear in the play.It seems that he hid the strong armor at the base of the tree behind the store.In "III", Yukinofu appears as a baby. In "Dragon Quest Unknown Legend Lotto 2", Yukinov (in this book, written in katakana) and his son, Marinov, appear.
Dragon King
Voice- Seizo Kato(CD theater version) / Yoshitsuka Otsuka(Rivals)
Of this workFinal boss..Zhang himself who robbed the ball of light and wrapped the world in darkness.Live in the Dragon King's Castle, just a stone's throw from Radatome Castle.There is a temporary figure of a witch and a true figure of a dragon.

Ported version

No.titleRelease dateCompatible modelsDeveloperSelling agencyMediaModelRemarks
1Dragon questJapan 198611211986/11/21
1MegabitRom cassetteE-G186
2Dragon Quest I / IIJapan 199312181993/12/18
Super NintendoChunsoftEnix12 megabit ROM cassetteSHVC-DQRemake version, sales of about 120 million
3Game boy
Dragon Quest I / II
Japan 199909231999/9/23
The United States of America 200009March 2000
Game boyToseEnix32 megabits + 256 kilos RAM
Rom cassette
Remake version, sales of about 76 million
4Dragon Quest I full versionJapan 2004/3/1[18][19]
FOMA900i series
Toseニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エDownload
(Dragon Quest Mobile)
-Remake version
5Dragon Quest EZJapan 2004/8/19[20][21]
CDMA 1X WINCompatible models
(EZ app (BREW))
Toseニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エDownload
(Dragon Quest Mobile)
-Remake version
6Dragon Quest I full versionJapan 2006/7/3[22][23]
Vodafone 3gCompatible models
(V app)
Toseニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エDownload
(Dragon Quest Mobile)
-Remake version
7Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary
Famicom & Super Nintendo
Dragon Quest I / II / III
Japan 201109152011/9/15
WiiIntelligent Systemsニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ12 cm optical disc for Wii-Remake version, sales 40
8Dragon questJapan 2013/11/28[24][25][26][27][28]
matrixニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エDownload
(Dragon Quest Portal App)
-Remake version, 350 million free downloads[28]
9Dragon questJapan 2017/8/10[29][30]
PlayStation 4
Nintendo 3DS
Bee Tribeニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エDownload-Remake version
10Nintendo Classic Mini
Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Version
Japan 201807072018/7/7
NintendoBuilt-in software-FC version port
11Dragon questJapan 201909272019/9/27
The United States of America 201909272019/9/27
Europe 201909272019/9/27
Nintendo Switchニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エDownload-Remake version
MSX version / MSX2 version

It is almost the same as the Famicom version, and the spell of resurrection is also compatible, but there are some differences in graphics and sound, such as the soldiers who welcome the hero with the king at the ending are the original design only for this scene. is there.

Super Nintendo version

Based on the FC version of the story, this is a remake work with many improvements such as operability and graphics. 7 years after the FC version was released1993/It was released as one software "Dragon Quest I / II" together with "Dragon Quest II".Some of the lines of the townspeople have also been changed or added.Also, the same opening as the NES version has been added to "II".

Gameboy version

1999/Released on. Like the SFC version, it becomes one software as a set with "II", and it is also the first software for portable game machines with numbering titles. It is a port that conforms to the SFC version, but there are some changes from the SFC version, such as the increase in the second floor of the building in the city and some people moving there.In addition, an opening has been added to "I", and it is now possible to use the "Book of Suspension" that interrupts the game on the spot.

Feature phone version

2004/A feature phone app game that started distribution from.

In addition to reflecting the changes in the SFC version and GB version, the level to learn spells, the required experience value until the next level up, and the upper limit of the level (other models are up to level 30, but the feature phone version is up to level 50) (Go up) has been changed.In addition, it is now possible to open windows with "Change message speed" and "Tabi no Kokoro" while moving.

Graphics and systems are "Super Nintendo Dragon Quest III], And the quality of the graphic is further improved than the SFC version "I / II".

Some terms have been changed only for player characters, "scratch" is displayed as "physical strength", when HP is restored, the value after recovery is displayed in the message, and when it is completely recovered, "completely recovered" Is displayed.In the case of enemy monsters, the notation is the same as other works.

Wii version

2011/Released in September. Recorded as a set with FC versions of "II" and "III" and SFC versions of "I and II" and "III".The suspend function has been added.

Smartphone version

The application "Started distribution for Android and iOS on November 2013, 11"Dragon Quest Portal App』Purchase from[Note 9]-Starting method.

The graphics are based on the feature phone version and are compatible with portrait screens, and move and give instructions using the virtual controller on the touch panel.Initially, the operability was difficult in the sense of the 2010s, such as moving in half-mass units, but with the update on February 2014, 2, improvements have been made such as moving in units of one square.[31]..Also, from the viewpoint of operability, even if you are not facing the target, if "!" Is displayed, "Hanasu" and "Search" can be executed by tapping (hereinafter). The same applies to the work).

BGM uses a common synthesizer sound source based on the arrangement of the symphonic suite.

PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch version

Distribution started on August 2017, 8 (Nintendo Switch version is September 10, 2019).It is based on the smartphone version, and the map is displayed on the lower screen of the 9DS version.

Prior to that, "Dragon Quest XI In search of a passing timeIf you enter "Fukatsu no Jumon" that is displayed when you clear the game (requires save data for clearing the game), you can download it for free at the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop (until January 2018, 1).[32].

The paid version and the free version have the same game content, but are treated as different software.

development of

Capacity reduction

Dragon Quest 2 is 1Mbit Rom, Dragon Quest 3 is 2Mbit, but the ROM capacity used in this work is as small as 512kbit (64KB), so mainly to reduce the amount of data in the text part used during the game Various ideas are being made[33].

Katakana character restrictions
Katakana is not equipped with all 50 Japanese syllabary, and item names and magic names were added after limiting the character types.[33]..Specifically, the katakana used is the following 20 characters.
Lee, mosquito, ki, ko, shi, su, ta, to, he, ho, ma, mi, mu, me, la, ri, le, le, ro, n
By combining this with dakuten (") and sound pulling (-), all katakana expressions were made (from page 112 of the pounding comic" Road to Dragon Quest ").Actually, the katakana "he" and "ri" are similar to the hiragana "he" and "ri", and are replaced with the katakana "he" and "ri" as they are, with 18 character character data. Expressed 20 katakana characters.is thisSherlock HolmesIt is a "commonly used katakana" that Yuji Horii, who was a fan of, devised in the writer business with the hint of "commonly used English characters".[Source required].
Katakana prepared as a font with dakuten has only the letter "do".[Note 10].
Graphical restrictions
As for graphics, specifications that take capacity into consideration stand out.Characters such as the main character do not have side-facing or back-facing patterns, only forward-looking graphics.For this reason, from the player's point of view, even when walking sideways, it looks like they are walking while facing forward, and at that time it was commonly called "crab walking."Most of the characters used to express a two-frame animation of stepping by continuously flipping a single image that was designed symmetrically and then posed, but the king, princess, and dragon king are perfect. It was a symmetrical and still image.Since the enemy character is also a still image and there is not enough resources to express "movement", Yuji Horii and Koichi Nakamura suggested that "the screen shakes when damaged" and "the color of the characters changes when the HP decreases". The basic part of the RPG work of[Source required].

Consideration for RPG beginners

The NES game software before this work was released in the previous year, "Super mario bros』Represented byAction gamesWas the mainstream.At the time of development "Weekly Shonen JumpYuji Horii, who was a writer for the magazine, developed this work with the aim of conveying the fun of RPGs to children, who were the main readers of the magazine.Therefore, in this work, a device is made to make children who are not familiar with RPG understand how to play the game.

Consideration at the start of the game
At the time of the test play that gathered elementary school students, the hero was the starting position from the field at the middle point between the town of Radatome and the castle of Radatome, but he wandered on the field without entering the town or castle, and the hero was immediately killed by a monster. There were a lot of children who said that they would end up.The developers were bothered by the unexpected, but the idea of ​​confining them to King Radatome's royal family was adopted at the start.
There is a locked door in front of the stairs so that you can not leave the king's room unless you get the key from the treasure chest, but this is to open the treasure chest using "Take", "Tobira" To learn basic operations such as opening the door with "Kaidan" and going down the stairs with "Kaidan"[2], To listen to the stories of the kings and soldiers in "Hanasu" and let the hero understand the purpose of what to do from now on.
Show the goal
The fact that Ryuo's castle is on the opposite bank of Radatome's castle was one of the considerations that made it easier for beginners to understand the goal location and purpose by showing the Ryuo's castle, which is the final destination.
Experience points for leveling up
The experience value required to change the level from 1 to 2 was set to "20" at the beginning of development, but it has been lowered to "7" for the purpose of enjoying the exhilaration of leveling up.[2][34](thisSubsection OfSourceAs)[4].
Half gold at death
Also, as mentioned above, even if the HP becomes 0, the game will not be over, and you can restart with the experience value and belongings as it is just by losing half the gold, but this method until then It was introduced because the risk of battle defeat in RPG was too high, and it was adopted from the idea that even RPG beginners can manage to proceed with the game if experience points and items remain even if the possession amount is halved. Was done[35]..This method was inherited in the subsequent Dragon Quest series, and is often used in other RPG works.
Status screen
By "toughness"statusThe screen was also developed with consideration for NES users (that is, RPG beginners) at that time.In general, the strength of the main character changes with play in RPGs, but in PC games at that time, if the player can experience the strength of the main character by actually playing it, it is enough for the developer to not display detailed information. It was.However, assuming a situation where you can play on a home-use game machine, it was expected that the play style would be to cooperate while discussing mazes and puzzles with spectators such as friends and brothers, so other than the player. It is said that he decided to make a detailed "toughness" screen so that even beginners can know the strength of the main character.

ス タ ッ フ


Family computer version
Game magazine "Family Computer MagazineThe readers voted on "Game Report" is as follows, and is 25.02 points (30 points in total).[37].
ItemcharactorMusicValue for moneyOperabilityHeatOriginalitySynthesis
Also, in the special appendix "Famicom ROM Cassette All Catalog" of the May 1991, 5 issue of the same magazine, this work is positioned as "one work with RPG as a major", "Dragon Quest, I heard this name. People who don't have it are probably the elderly, "he said, pointing out that it was treated as a social phenomenon and that it caused a big boom.In addition, he positively evaluated the novelty of the operation system, saying that "the method of opening a window on the screen and selecting a command was novel", and also contributed to the spread of the game genre called RPG, actions and shooting, etc. He pointed out that he expanded the number of family computer users to those who were not good at genres.[37].
In addition, in the "Best 5 by ROM cassette category" recorded at the end of the appendix, it has won 3rd place in music, 1st place in operability, and 2nd place in originality.[38].

"BS Dragon Quest I"

For Super NintendoSatellite data broadcastingReceiving machine"Satera viewAs a voice-linked game1996/In JapanSt GigaBroadcasted.Operated data broadcastingNintendoMake a line in magazine advertisements and leaflets bySlimeWith the picture of "Even if you line up, you can't buy Dragon Quest."ofcatch copyIs appealing and drives the spread of SatellaviewKiller softThe expectation was put.

Broadcast date and time1996/2/4From the same year3/118 hour from 00:19 to 00:1, excluding Saturdays.It was rebroadcast from the end of April to May of the same year. One story was broadcast per week, consisting of four episodes.I could participate in the middle, but I couldn't play outside the broadcast time.

The game program is the SFC version "Dragon Quest I / II], A new time limit, simultaneous broadcastradioAdded an event linked with voice.In the gameRadio DramaVarious events such as "the weather on the field changes", "the torch is no longer needed in the cave", and "the status of the main character rises" occurred.The purpose was for the player to level up the main character within the time limit of less than an hour, advance the scenario to the goal set for each story, and collect "happy medals".[39].

Yuji Horii appeared at the beginning of the radio program, and an interview scene was broadcast that talked about the secret story behind the development of "Dragon Quest" and his thoughts on the series.In the main radio dramaFumie HosokawaPlayed Princess Laura.Her appointment was due to being in charge of the personality of a radio program for Satellaview at the time.

After the game is over, the password that encrypts the results of the main character's level, scenario progress, collected items, etc. will be displayed, and this will be displayed when participating in the ranking event.PostcardMailed to St.GIGA orfacsimileSend at.When you finish the program and return to the data broadcasting reception menu, "Dragon Quest VI Phantom Earth』Advertisement was displayed.

Olive Related Products

Strategy book

  • Family computer version
  • Super Nintendo version
    • V Jump Books Game Series Dragon Quest I / II (Shueisha)
    • Dragon Quest I / II Official Guidebook (Enix,ISBN-978 4870257412)
  • Gameboy version
    • V Jump Books Game Series Game Boy Dragon Quest I / II (Shueisha,ISBN-978 4087790368)
    • Game Boy Dragon Quest I / II Official Guidebook Volume XNUMX World Edition (Enix,ISBN-978 4757501157)
    • Game Boy Dragon Quest I / II Official Guidebook Volume XNUMX Knowledge (Enix,ISBN-978 4757501164)

Other books


† is out of print.TaiziIs a CD that is still on sale as of March 2022.

  • Symphonic Suite "Dragon Quest I"(King record, KICC-6300, August 2009, 8)- Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony OrchestraPerformance.Coupling the ME collection from this work to "VIII" played in an orchestra.
    • † Symphonic Suite "Dragon Quest I" (Aniplex, SVWC-7457, March 2007, 3) -Discontinued due to record transfer.
  • Suite "Dragon Quest I / II"(King Records, KICC-6315, October 2009, 10) --Performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.The previous 7 songs are "I" songs.
  • Suite "Dragon Quest I / II"(King Records, KICC-6321, October 2009, 10) --Tokyo String Ensemble performance (recorded in August / November / December 7), the previous 1986 songs are "I" songs.
  • † Suite "Dragon Quest"(Apollon Music Industry, BY30-5121, October 1986, 10) --Includes an orchestra version of the Tokyo String Ensemble performance, a NES game sound source, and a synthesizer version.At that time, it was the dawn of the spread of CDs, soAnalog record boardAlso sold together.The performance of the synthesizer version is in the hands of Sugiyama himself, and the battle song and ending song are variants including a light rock arrangement part.
  • † CD Theater Dragon Quest I(Handling as a book)
  • † Super Nintendo version Koichi Sugiyama Symphonic Suite "Dragon Quest I" (Sony Music Entertainment, SRCL-2733, January 1994, 1)- London Philharmonic OrchestraA performance orchestra and a collection of SFC version game sound sources.
List of recorded songs
No.Song nameRemarks
1OvertureSymphonic suite version is less than 4 minutes
2Radatome Castle
  • Arrangement changes between the 2nd floor (royal family) and the 1st floor / basement (however, it is abolished in the remake version)
  • This song is also used in the FC version and MSX / MSX2 version, and this song is also used in the remake versions II and III at Radatome Castle.
  • In SFC version III and GB version (all three works), the repeat of the opening part is gone
3People in the city
  • In FC version, MSX / MSX2 version, it is also used when entering the name and resurrection spell, and in SFC / GBC version III, this song also plays in the towns and villages of Alefgard.
  • The FC version of I used the same song, and the remake versions of I and XI used the arranged version of the song (a part of the symphonic suite version) as an interlude.
  • With lyrics, the female duo "RulerWas sung and a CD was on sale (titled "People in Town")
4Go to Hirono
  • It is a song of Alefgard, and it conforms to the A Melo loop in the FC version, MSX version, MSX2 version, and the symphonic suite version in the remake version.
  • At the time of the development of the first work in the series, Sugiyama made this song with the image of the expectations and anxieties of a brave man who left alone.
  • Koichi NakamuraAt first, I was not convinced that I felt that the heroic image was a little lacking, but as I listened to it repeatedly, it turned out to be a familiar song.
  • "Fortune Street 2 ~ Neon sign is rosy ~"and"Fortune Street DSThis song is also used in the map "Alefgard"
  • In addition, Sugiyama was in charge of the music "JesusIt is also used in the PC version of
  • Used on the main menu screen for a limited time at Star Dragon Quest
  • In the symphonic suite version and the remake version, the latter half of the song and decorative phrases have been added, and since then they have been arranged based on that.
  • The additional part in the second half is "Dai's AdventureWas often used in the confrontation scene
  • The deeper the hierarchy, the lower the pitch and the slower the tempo (other than the smartphone version).
  • In the FC version, MSX / MSX2 version, a prelude is added in the first layer of the GB version, which is also used in Domdora.
  • It also flows in the cave in Alefgard of Remake Version II and MCH Dragon King Castle, Remake Version III.
7Dragon King
  • It is a song at the time of battle with the strange body of Ryuo, and it is also used for the opening demo that exists only in the GB version.
  • It has a structure in which the scale is increased to the middle stage while repeating only one phrase, and then it converges again.
  • A slight prelude has been added to the SFC version, and subsequent arrangements have been clarified using timpani.
  • This intro is said to be an image of a bronze crowing because the "dragon king" is a dragon, that is, a dragon.
  • When entering the climax, a horn glissando that imitates the roar of a dragon also appears. Used in boss battles where a dragon king appears regardless of enemy or ally in MCH.
8Finale"Abel LegendWas also used

In addition to this, "Symphonic Suite version"ME collectionIs recorded.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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