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👩‍🎤 | Tomi (# 2i2) [Interview] Appeared as an idol in "Avataro Sentai Don Brothers"

Photo Tomi (# 2i2) ((C) TV Asahi / Toei AG / Toei)

Tomi (# 2i2) [Interview] Appeared as an idol in "Avataro Sentai Don Brothers"

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It was my first special effects drama, and I was so nervous from the day before that I couldn't sleep at all!

Tomi of # 2i2 will be broadcasting a special effects drama on May 5 (Sun) in "Avataro Sentai Don Brothers" (TV Asahi) ... → Continue reading


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Special effects

Special effects(Tokusatsu) isspecialEspeciallyShootingShadow Technology (Special Effects;SFX) Abbreviation[1][2], Or SFX was heavily usedmovies,TV programA generic term for video works such as.


It comprehensively refers to "technology" that was originally called special shooting (SFX) or trick shooting.略 語However, in Japan, movies and TV programs called special effects works have developed to the extent that they form a large genre, and the group of works produced by special effects technology playing a major role is also collectively referred to as "special effects". is there[3][Annotation 1]..In addition, as a common name for works of the old era when this word was used now, "special effects" that was popular around this timeHeroIt is also used as a common name to refer to some works such as "things".

"SFX" as a shooting technique and special effect has existed since the early days of movies.Georges MelliesAnd British creators created reverse rotation, high-speed / time-lapse photography, time-lapse photography, and hollowing out that makes people and things look like they disappeared, making full use of camera operations during shooting.Big train robbery(1903), "fictitious images that do not actually exist" were created, such as attempts to synthesize images.In addition, miniature photography, which is a reduced version of the real thing, has been used for many years, and with the development of movies, special effects technology has also developed, and dinosaurs etc. will appear.Lost World(1925) can be said to be the culmination of special effects movies at that time, and later "King Kong』(1933) and spread the special effects movie to the world[5].

From around 1949 to 1981, he worked on many special effects movies such as handmade monsters and miniature sculptures, increasing the popularity of Hollywood movies as special effects, and leading the special effects director as a pioneer in the 20th century special effects movie world.Ray HarryhausenIs called "the god of special effects"GodzillaAnd 'Star Wars』And had a great influence on later special effects works[6][7][8]..The special images and special effects created by Harryhausen are also the source of various special effects images today.[9].

History in Japan

Hideaki Anno TheFilm director(Special effects director)ofEiji TsuburayaDescribes as the de facto ancestor[10][11], Even before Tsuburaya ProductionsNinja artThere are already works that use trick photography in expressions such as, and he is Tsuburaya's master.Masayoshi EdaHas produced works that incorporate trick photography using synthesis and miniatures during the prewar period.[Annotation 2]..Tsuburaya mentioned aboveOverseas OfSpecial effects moviesResearching special effects influenced by "King Kong" etc.[12],Monster movieThrough such activities, we have developed special effects movies as Japan's unique video technology since the 1950s.Shakunuki methodDimension was used in miniatures and had a lot of influence on visual culture and society.

The word "special effects" itself is used to explain SFX in an easy-to-understand manner.1958/It has been used in the Japanese media since around that time.[13],First monster boomSometimes completely established[14]..Before that,Special technology (special skill)[1]Was also used.

In the TV dramaMoonlight mask], [Seven color mask, And other special effects works in which life-sized heroes play an active role have begun to be aired, and "Seven Color Mask" has been shot on 35mm film on the premise of theatrical release, and the shooting cost is 1 million yen per piece, as a TV program at that time. Was produced for an exceptional amount of money[15].. 『New Seven Color Mask』In the heroSusumu NamishimaInherited fromShinichi Chiba TheMechanical gymnasticsShowing off the action cultivated in, his acting has a great influence on the special effects work on the theme of the transformation hero that will be produced later.[15][16].1965/Mainly toToeiCo., Ltd., which handles the special effects part of the workSpecial effects research laboratoryWas founded,1966/Was named "Fantasy Tokusatsu Series"Tsuburaya Proof"UltramanIs being broadcast[14].

The terms "special effects movie" and "special effects thing" were often used until around the 1980s, and meant works using "special shooting" regardless of the target audience or genre.In the film-shooting era, movies and TV dramas that used full-scale special shooting were rare and required advanced technology and a large budget.Besides this,Documentary programBut special effects were used[Source required].

Even if special effects are used a lot, things that are close to other existing genres are called by that classification, and may not be classified as special effects.For example, "Western police』Uses many special effects, but in generalCriminal dramaCalled.

the 1990sAfter that,Computer graphicsBy (CG)デ ジ タ ルUtilized technologyVFXBegins to spread.Therefore, in Japan, "special effects" is often used not to mean SFX-based works, but to mean past special effects works and works that follow the trend.Shooting with the aforementioned digital technology (VFX) has become sufficiently practical and common.2000/Later,Miniature shooting,Practical effect-costumeOriginal SFX-like, optical compositing, etc.analogThe word "special effects" has come to be used to mean VFX-like technology and works.However, there are an increasing number of situations where traditional special effects are used in a negative sense as an old-fashioned method (or work).[17].

In proportion to the development of digital video technology, the number of photographs taken with the "special effects technology" that has been cultivated so far has decreased sharply, and the appearance of "special effects works" is changing.the 2010sThen there was a voice calling for protection as a culture unique to Japan.[10][18].2012/(24),Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary ArtThe special exhibition "Director Hideaki Anno Special Effects Museum" was held and toured all over the country.Agency for Cultural AffairsThe "Survey Report on Japanese Tokusatsu", which was carried out as part of the "Media Arts Information Center / Consortium Construction Project", was released in May 2013.Anno emphasizes that the Agency for Cultural Affairs supported only manga, anime, and games, but it was possible to specify "special effects" in national documents with the same treatment.[19].

Major Japanese special effects works

monsterWorks that mainly deal with (monster movies, etc.)
Works that mainly deal with heroes (transformation heroes, etc.)
Sci-fi movies, panic movies
War movie
Monster,monsterWorks that mainly deal with
ApparitionWorks that mainly deal with


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