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🚁 | Fujiwa Nasu Resort and VFR, "Sora Katsu" service demonstration to shoot commemorative videos

Photo Aircraft "ACSL-PF2"

Fujiwa Nasu Resort and VFR, "Sora Katsu" service demonstration to shoot commemorative videos

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We will deliver firewood and wedding dresses used in BBQ to the campsite from the sky.

A demonstration experiment of the Sora-Katsu service conducted at a rental villa on the premises of Fujiwa Nasu Resort on November 2021, 11. … → Continue reading


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Wedding dress

Wedding dress(English: wedding dress) IsEnglish OfBroad senseThen.Country,PeopleandReligiousRegardless ofFlower marryClothingIt means to collectively refer to all of the above, but in Japan todayWesternOf expressionweddingWhite worn by the bride inEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euOften indicates.Therefore, this article describes the latter.


Bride costumeIs a type ofEuropeThe起源age,Western OfWhiteculture Of拡 散It has become widespread all over the world.

Dress body and match itClothing(Veil,Glove,shoes) And wedding dresses onlyFoundation(Bridal inner,stockings) Etc.Cleanliness,PureSaoSymbolIt is based on white, and white dresses are generally pure white (Pure white),off white,ivoryIt is divided into 3 colors[1][2][3]..RarelyPink-light blueColor dresses such as these can be seen, but they also use light colors as much as possible.

For the shape of the dress, see the AmericanMarket researchAccording to the early 21st centuryMarketAbout 75% of the wedding dresses on the marketNo sleeveとStrapless dressHas become[4][5].


WesternInmarriagecustomAnd weddingsGreek-Roman cultureとキ リ ス ト 教It has been developed based on culture.[6][7][8], Weddings that are becoming more common around the world in modern societyCustomMany ofWesternDerived from the marriage history of[9]..Origin isRoman EmpireIt goes back to the time of.EuropeToキ リ ス ト 教With the spread of wedding dresses, weddings began to take place in churches, and the costumes worn by royal and aristocratic brides for wedding ceremonies were the beginning of wedding dresses.中 世Then, the ones with gold thread and silver thread embroidery were worn based on blue, red, and green silk and velvet fabrics.This wedding costume was very luxurious because it was intended to show off the economic power and social status of the bride's house.It also often included embroidery of family crests. At the end of the 16th century, black and dark colors became popular as wedding dress colors against the backdrop of the fashion in the Spanish court.This color was actively adopted, especially among the middle class, due to its ease of care and its ability to be worn on non-wedding holidays, and was widely worn until the early 20th century. Around 1900, the style of a black dress and a white veil became popular.White dresses can be traced back to the end of the 17th century, but since the late 18th century, especially in the 19th century.Queen victoriaIt is said that the white wedding costumes worn by the people became popular rapidly.[10].

Originally, the peoples and cultures of the world had their own marriage costumes,WhiteMainstreamDeveloped countryIsAnglo-SaxonDue to the worldwide spread of the cultures of each country, wedding dresses have become widespread, and in some cases they have overwhelmed conventional ones.For example, in East Asian culture, white isDeath costumeIt was originally hated and avoided in ceremonies, but with the influx of Western culture (from the past)Pure whiteWas used) Not to mention Japan South Korea-Chugoku-TaiwanEven in such cases, pure white wedding dresses are becoming popular.

in Japan,1873/ToNagasakiA woman named Isobe Otsune wore a wedding dress for the first time when she married a Chinese. 2年後にXNUMX years laterYuri MoriAlso held a Western-style wedding ceremony, but there were no wedding dresses in Japan at that time, and they were imported goods.Even after that, Western-style weddings were limited to a small number of celebrities.For the general public1929/It is said that an article introducing a wedding dress as a Western-style bride appeared in a women's magazine, but the wedding ceremony at that time was not popular because there were many gods and public ceremonies.Second World WarAfter thatAmericaAlthough it became known to the general public due to the influx of culture, the absolute number of wedding dresses was small and the system for accepting weddings in Western clothes was insufficient.1960/Even around that time, the number of wedding dress users was about 3% of the total.元々ウエディングドレスはOriginally the wedding dressWesternersThree-dimensionalFigureWas made according to[11]But the westernWhitePersistent cultureLongingThere are advantages such as westernization of lifestyle such as clothes, and cheaper and easier to wear than Japanese-style bridal gowns.Hidee Mori-Yumi Katsura・ Emma Rinaga (former name)Eri Matsui) ・ Yukiko Nishimura ・ Kiyoko Hata ・ Naoko Takayama etc.International sensibilityOutstandingfashion designerThe supply side has also been enhanced.the 1960sFrom the second halfthe 1980sIt spread rapidly in Japan and overwhelmed Japanese clothing, and now it has become the mainstream of bridal gowns. 1974年には、フランスのIn XNUMX, in FrancePronipsiaOverseas wedding dress brands such as (PRONUPTIA PARIS) have also entered the market.


Originally, wedding dressesキ リ ス ト 教In婚姻 OfRitualForClothingBecause it wasCommandmentStrictly儀式RespectCatholicSystem(I.e.So it was required to reduce the exposure of the skin[12]. for that reason,VeilHide your face with a cover so that your chest is hidden, and your top is basically long sleeves and your hands are white.glovesWas worn.Also attach to the dresstrainIt is desirable to use a long pull hem (with a lace pattern), and it is said that the longer the hem, the higher the prestige.

But,Second World WarThe rest is for societyReligiousWedding dress designs are no longer bound by traditional ideas, and tend to emphasize the beauty and charm of women, as regulations have weakened, the momentum for freedom has increased, and women's social status has risen. There,Strapless dress-Backless dress-No sleeve-Halter neckThose that boldly expose the shoulders, chest, and back are gaining popularity, and dresses of this type have been increasing in Japan since the 1990s.Without such sleevesEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen the white arm is up to the elbowLong glovesWear[13][14]The style is formal.Also, in recent yearsRobe décolletageWind wedding dress design is also in the limelight[15].

Pure white dresses and veils are originallyvirginOnly allowed to wear.Women who are not virgins wear colored dresses.godfather-TertullianIs of the BibleRebekahFollowing that, the virgin bride should wear a veil.ヴェールは女性の処女性と従順の象徴であるThe veil is a symbol of female virginity and obedience[16][17].

People's Republic of ChinaThen, in recent years, female university students who graduate from universityWestern OfdebutanteIt is fashionable to wear a wedding dress and participate in the graduation ceremony.[18].

Dress line

A lineThe alphabetLike A, the hem extends straight from under the bust and waist.A line
Mermaid lineA dress that fits your body, with the hem spread from below your kneesmermaidA fin-shaped mold.Mermaid line
Princess line 1The upper body fits the body and gathers from the waist to the hem.It is called this because it is a so-called "princess dress" type.Princess line 1
Princess line 2There is no switching at the waist, and the darts are inserted vertically into the body to match the body line.The skirt part becomes a flare type.イギリス国王British kingEdward VIIQueen ofア レ ク サ ン ド ラIs called because he liked to wear it when he was a crown prince.This type is the original princess line, but nowadays, the above "princess dress" type is often called the princess line.Princess line 2
Ball gownThe upper body fits the body and is gathered from the waist to the hem, making it even wider than the princess line.OriginallyDanceUsed in "debutante"Dress" type.Ball gown
Slender lineA slender dress that follows the line of the body.The hem is narrow and it looks like an adult.Slender line
Bell lineAs the name "bell" suggests, the waist is squeezed and the waist is inflated.Sometimes called the bell and dome line.Bell line
Empire lineThe hem falls straight from under the bust and hardly spreads,Greek mythologyHigh-waisted type like the one worn by the goddess.Napoleon imperial eraIt is called because it was popular in Japan.Empire line
ミ ニMidi length1960/It was announced before and after,1965/ToMini skirtWhen the announcement was made, a mini-length wedding dress appeared.However, it remains a novel style and is hardly popular.the 1980sThe stage dress of a female idol that was popular in the second half resembles this.ミ ニ


  • tiara : crownMolded hair accessories.Western royal prince貴族Due to the influence of the wedding ceremony, it became popular in Japan.
  • Veil: Made of a thin cloth, there are many variations such as those that cover the entire face, those that tie to a bundle of hair and hang down, and those that are worn to the extent of regret.DevilIt was meaningful to protect the bride from evil spirits.
  • Pannier : SkirtsAn underskirt made of a taut material to inflate.
  • train: Pull hem.The hem of the dress that drags backwards longer, and the longer it is, the more prestigious it is.
  • Glove: Gloves, and in the past it was essential to wear gloves[19]..The material israce,Organdy,satin(silk,Nylon) And so on.一般的にドレスのGenerally of dresssleeveThere is no (Strapless-Backless-No sleeve-Halter neckEtc.) or if it is short, use a long one[20], Wear short sleeves for long sleeves[21][22][23]..手袋は長いほどThe longer the glovesformalHighly sexual[24]In the case of the orthodox wedding style, which requires a solemn form, the glove is[25][26],Opera gloveWear long gloves from above the elbows to the upper arms[27][28]..The color of the gloves should not disturb the color of the dress[29][30][31]White isMIs[32][33].
  • Bridal inner: To wear a wedding dress beautifullyunderwearAnd arrange the body line so that you can wear it under the dress and create that beautiful lineUnderwearIt is a kind of.The color of the inner is basically white to keep it consistent with the color of the dress.[34][35].
  • Hosari : wedding[36][37] TheskinIs required to reduce the exposure ofsacredParticipate because it is a placeadultWomen are wearing stockings[38][39], Even if the hem of the dress is long and the legs are hiddenRaw legAttendance atEtiquette Is a violation[40][41]..However, black stockingsfuneral OfMourning clothesReminiscent ofOmenIs bad[42]So unsuitable[43][44]..The color of the stockings of the bride who wears the wedding dress is white[45][46]OrbeigeIs common[47][48]But,照明In a venue that is not bright enough, the bride's whole body is white, so beige stockings make her legs look relatively black.[49]NeatIt may spoil the impression of a bride[50]..Also, respect the formalism(I.e.,大 聖堂At the wedding ceremony of the bridePureIs emphasizedpureInnocence OfSymbolBut because white is respected, suchstrictWhite stockings are suitable for a venue[51].
  • shoes : pumpsIs orthodox,Sandals,MuleIs also used.In addition, there are a wide variety of items, from undecorated items to items decorated with beads, lace, and ribbons.
  • bouquet: A bouquet.Cascade bouquet that imitates the flow of water, crescent-shaped crescent bouquet, round bouquet, wreath-shaped wreath bouquet, etc.
  • wedding ring: Originated in ancient Rome.It is said to symbolize the reincarnation of life and eternity,FriFrom the 2nd centurydiamondHas been used since the 15th century.


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camp site

camp site(English: campsite, campground) IsCampThe place used for.Campground.A place to spend the night outdoors.A typical campsite istentThere is a place where you can camp.Auto campsiteThen.Private car,Camper vanYou can park your car and stay as it is.

Definition of "campground"

When you say "campsite" in English, it means a place for camping, especially with equipment for excursion camps.[1], "Campground" is a place used for camping, especially a place with a kitchen, water and toilets.[2]..In other words, the word "campground" has more equipment.

As explained above, the term "campground" refers to a place that is prepared to make it easier to camp from the beginning, or a place that has facilities for that purpose, and the term "campground" is especially used for such places. However, in a broad sense, the word "campsite" in English can also refer to a place where a space where you can camp in nature happens to be created.for exampleClimbing,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,trekkingIt also refers to an open area where there are few trees and shrubs that happen to be encountered at the time, and the tent is likely to be set up.In other words, the moment a mountaineer or hiker decides to set up a tent here tonight, that person will become the "camping site" (camping place) for the night.

Here, the former campsite with some facilities for camping will be mainly described.

General campsite

To explain a general campsite, that is, a campsite that does not dare to call it an "auto campsite", the point is that it is a good place for campers (campers) to stay there overnight.fundamentally,tentThere is a place where the ground is exposed so that you can hit a peg.You can set up a tent, spend time with tarps and poles, and if the weather is nice, without a tent or tarp.sleeping bagYou are free to lie down and sleep with just one.

In general campsites, parking lots are set up outside the tent area.

There are the following types of bonfires (campfires).

  • A campsite where it is strictly forbidden to bonfire at the tent site and it is said that the fire is absolutely limited to a specific section of the communal kitchen.
  • You can bonfire at the tent site, but direct fire (fire directly on the ground) is prohibited. If you want to bonfire, use a bonfire to clean up the charcoal and ash generated and put it on the ground. Campsites that are obligatory not to leave
  • You can bonfire at the tent site with a direct fire, but it is a campsite where it is a good manner to clean up the charcoal and ash that have been generated and eliminate the traces as much as possible.

There are various fees, and worldwide, there are many campsites that are open to the public and open for free, and campsites that are charged.

Globally speaking, in a simple free campsite, there are at most parking lots, panels explaining usage rules, shared toilets (and non-drinking water services), and forests. In some cases, there is only a large open space (like a tent can be set up).There is no division of the tent site at all, that is, there is also a campsite with a way of saying, "If you are in a campsite, set up a tent anywhere you like and spend your time in your favorite way." be.However, the rules for bonfire and the rules for taking out garbage are often written on the panel.

In addition to parking lots and communal toilets, some of the following facilities may be maintained at the developed campsites.

  • Kamado: To prevent the ground from being soiled by direct fire when cookingconcrete-金属・ A place made of rocks to make a fire
  • Kitchen / kitchen / washing area
  • drinking waterWater supply (water supply that can be drunk as it is)
  • Outdoor table for meals.Made of wood, concrete, etc.
  • Boundary separating tent sites
  • Management office / secretariat for accepting reservations and collecting fees.Secretariat phone number.

In some cases, the following are available.

  • beautifulFlush toilet
  • Shower facility, changing room
  • Easy shop
  • Sale and provision of firewood
  • Garbage collection site

However, these campsites increase operating costs, so they often charge a reasonable fee.

Auto campsite

Where it is clearly stated as an "auto campsite," you can enter the tent site (a group of lots for setting up tents) instead of the parking lot.You can set up a tent next to the car and spend the night in that tent, or you can spend the night in the car (one-box car, camper van, etc.).Since you can drive your car to the tent site, you can save yourself the trouble of transporting your luggage from the parking lot to the tent site.

Water supply, sewerage, power supply equipment (to obtain power) for campers, etc.OutletThere is also an auto campsite that has some sections with).

RV Park, Caravan Park

North AmericaThen.Camper vanThere are also many campgrounds with facilities (also called "RV park")[3].. In the UK, a similar facility is called "Caravan Park".

Water supply, sewerage, power supply equipment (to obtain power) in each section for campers, etc.Outlet) Is provided in some places.

Camping etiquette

Looking around the world, there are different ways of thinking and regulations regarding campsites depending on the country or region.In the first place, nature and the outdoors are not basically anyone's place, and even forests registered and owned by individuals must not refuse to enter, such as the original natural forests and forests. In some countries, the law stipulates that anyone can camp freely in principle.[Source required][Where?]

SwedenEtc. have such a legal system, and the natural forest originally created by nature can be registered and owned by individuals, but others can freely enter and camp, for example, a small amount of berries that bloom in the field. The legal system is that you can eat it, but you can't cut down trees.In other words, it distinguishes between nature, which originally exists by nature itself, and buildings and facilities artificially created by humans.Even in Sweden, human-built buildings and facilities should not be entered without permission.In addition, when travelers walk around the natural forest or camp there, if they happen to meet the owner or local residents, it is good manners to greet them politely. Even if it is clearly stated and permitted to enter, it is a manner that the owner and local residents should not be offended by taking a rude attitude.[Source required]

On the other hand, there are countries in the world who want to ban camps and camps outside of designated campsites, and there are politicians who want to think that nature, which is not originally owned by anyone, belongs to someone. Randomlyhuman rightsIn some countries, there are many nervous people who want to eliminate humans.[Source required][Where?]

There are camping enthusiasts who travel around the world and camp, and they encounter different regulations and temperaments in each country.People's degreeRegardless of whether it is good or bad, it is the manners of campers to respect the laws and regulations of a country and not make the inhabitants of that country uncomfortable once they set foot in a country.[Source required]


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