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👩‍🎤 | Voice actor Toru Furuya, the real intention of Dragon Ball Yamcha! ?? "I can only fight against enemies who are weaker than me."


Voice actor Toru Furuya, the real intention of Dragon Ball Yamcha! ?? "I can only fight against enemies who are weaker than me."

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In addition, Speed ​​Wagon Jun Itoda conveys the impression of Yamcha, saying, "It's a bit of an underdog, isn't it?"

Voice actor Toru Furuya will appear live on "Nonstop!" (Fuji TV) broadcast on May 5.Mr. Furuya plays the most ... → Continue reading


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    Jun Itoda

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      Speed ​​wagon

      Speed ​​wagonIt is,HoriprocomBelongs toJapan OfComedy combination.1998/Formed, both of themAichiI'm from


      Jun Itoda1972/12/13 -) (49 years old)
      Tsukkomi(Bokeh depending on the control) In charge, the standing position is on the left.
      AichiKomaki CityI'm fromMaster hamburgerWe also carry out activities under the name.
      Kazuhiro Ozawa (Kazuhiro Ozawa Real name: Kazuhiro Ozawa <same reading>1973/10/10 -) (48 years old)
      Blur(Tsukomi depending on the control) ・ In charge of making material, the standing position is on the right.
      AichiChitaI'm from Nickname isSekaosa.


      Before the formation of the duo (when Yoshimoto belonged)

      NSCThe two meet as the second term of the Nagoya school.Nagoya YoshimotoIn the times, Itoda said, "magnitude, Ozawa saidBatsuichi] And each formed a different combination.Both were high-ranking regulars in the ranking system, and they were always competing for victory.During the Yoshimoto era, he was taken care of by Atsushi Nitta (Yoshimoto Area Action Vice President, then Director of Nagoya Yoshimoto), and even after transferring to Horipro, he has been co-starring on the radio and is close to him privately.[1][2].

      Itoda, who had been to Tokyo earlier, invited Ozawa, who was on the verge of dissolution of the duo.1998/Combi "Ozawa and Itoda』Formed.ItodaOsuThere is an episode in which a truck rushed to Ozawa's home located in Tokyo and sent him to Tokyo.In YoshimotoGinza 7-chome TheaterHowever, immediately after the theater closed, Yoshimoto said, "They are on holiday," and the work was virtually hung up.The two people who had a sense of crisis actively participated in live performances at other offices and showed stories, and among them, the M2 Company (later) was highly evaluated.Horiprocom) Decided to transfer.Along with that, the name of the duo was changed to the current one.When leaving Yoshimoto, Itoda called Yoshimoto's office and the woman who responded said, "Yes, it's okay."[3].

      First "M-1" final advance-break with "sweet words"

      2000/FromLOL on air battle』Become a regular performer.2002/ OfM-1 Grand PrixThe monthly salary before the final was 3000 yen,[4]After the tournament, due to the increased exposure to the media, it jumped up to 100 times the amount at once.[5]..Also, it seems that Itoda told Ozawa "I'll be busy from tomorrow" at the meeting before the 2002 M-1 final.[5].2004/, Make a break with "sweet words" material.

      Stagnation period

      2005/, ItodaYumi AdachiMarried and attracted the public's attention.2006/ToKey stationfirstCrown program"Super sweet], But on the other hand, the chances of showing off new material in the duo are decreasing.Itoda said, "Mr. Ozawa has lost the heart of an entertainer." Not doing it is the same as the actual dissolution. "[6].

      Itoda's marriage did not last long, and his liking declined due to unskilled fluttering after divorce.Itoda was mentally exhausted due to the fact that he had to talk about his personal life on TV in a fun way, and that Ozawa was far from laughing.[6].

      From now onTouyokanOpened a theater likeMankai AssociationHe wants to create a different "place where manzai teachers live".[6].


      2014/10/2Broadcast of "Amethyoke!] ・ In "Owarai Tarento"Tokui Yoshimi(チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル) Co-starred with Ozawa.By introducing Ozawa's unique sensibility, attention began to be gradually focused on Ozawa's character.This evolved into a feature project "Ozawa, a weirdo" broadcast on January 1, the following year, "SEKAI NO OZAWA" and its abbreviation "SEKAI NO OZAWA".SekaosaThe nickname of "" has taken root.In this way, Ozawa's exposure increased again, and his activities as a combination became active.I'm a senior in the officeBanana manAbout the re-emergence of this speed wagon,Now that Ozawa's character has been recognized, I think it's easy to do.I don't think the true Ozawa was transmitted at the time of the first break"[6].

      2015/, Appointed as Nagoya PR Ambassador[7].


      Origin of the combination name

      OzawaHirohiko Araki OfComic"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"ofフ ァ ンAnd the combination name is a fictitious that appears in the workperson-Robert EO Speed ​​WagonAnd that person foundedFoundationName,Speedwagon FoundationDerived from[8]..At that edge2007/Public movie"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part1 Phantom Blood"Ozawa was not a little shocked because the speed wagon (of the former story) did not appear due to the composition of the guest appearance in.In addition, it seems that there were other candidates for the combination name such as "Wild Chocolate".[9].

      Combi friend

      Broadcasted on May 2007, 8Cream Nantoka』And in some programs with two peoplesillaginoidShowing off where to do[1][2][3][4].

      More informations

      Goji Saidera(Nona Reeves) Is "I see Speed ​​Wagon like a family.Other entertainers can just say "it was boring" if the material was boring, but speed wagons are worrisome."It has said[1].

      All the combinationsChunichi DragonsFan of.

      Art style


      Tale's "sweet words" are well known, but he is a manzai and has advanced to the M-1 final twice. Has experience as an M-2 championMasudaPraises on his radio that "Spiwago is a combination that can fully aim for M-1 (winner)"[10].. Orthodox backed by the tension and speech of the twoTalking manzaiIs a characteristic[11], From the sharp development by the unique Tsukkomi with cool and sticky bokeh and loud and high tension"New sense of pop comics"Sometimes called[12].

      Sweet words

      • Ozawa gives off a sweet line, and Itoda screams "Sweet!"Comic Manzai.
      • "CobraOzawa, who was longing for the lines like Western movies exchanged in 』, was present there when the girl said that the words spilled at the drinking party were" sweet ".Watanabe Ken(Unjash) Proposed that "I think I can write a comic book with this", and the story was completed.As for makingMysteryIs the same as[13].
      • DynoIt is similar to the story of "Moteru", and it is said that the speed wagon imitated because Dinoji was the first, but both combinations are properly reconciled as if they think they are different.[1].

      Battle history such as award races

      LOL on air battle

      He has participated in "Bakusho On Air Battle" for a long time as a regular group from 1999 to 2003 when it started.It is also one of the entertainers who supported the golden age of the program.[12][14].

      • 初挑戦は1999年11月20日放送回で、293KBを記録し6位オフエアであった。なお、この回で披露したのはコントだった。ちなみに2回目の挑戦となった2000年2月5日放送回では漫才を披露したが、自己最低となる129KBを記録し10組中最下位となっている[15].
      • At the broadcast on May 3, 2000, which was the third challenge, he achieved his long-sought first on-air (5KB, 20th place).The story that was shown was a contest called "training for new employees."Ozawa was deeply moved and cried at the moment when the air was decided, and the pattern was taken up in the program.[15].
      • Until the middle of 2002, the number of KBs was sluggish although it was on the air, and especially in the times when the manzai was shown, there was never a time when it recorded 450KB or more (until this time, it was twice in the times when the control was shown. Recorded over 2KB)[15]..Also, at the beginning of the participation, both Manzai and Tale were shown, but from 2002, only Manzai will be shown.After devoting himself to manzai, his grades have stabilized and he has more opportunities to record high scores. From the broadcast on August 2002, 8 to the broadcast on February 24, 2004, it has recorded more than 2KB for 6 consecutive races.[15][16].
      • In 2002, he made a breakthrough, recording more than 3KB for three consecutive races, and made his first foray into the championship (470th).In the semi-final, he recorded 5KB and passed the 958st place, but in the final, it turned around and ended up at 1KB (470th place out of 11 groups).[15].
      • In 2003, he was hit by a camellia that recorded the highest off-air KB in the program (described later) in the first challenge of this year, but after that he achieved the first over 1 in history.[17]He recorded 4 wins a year without any danger and advanced to the championship (2th) for the second consecutive year.After recording 6KB in the semi-final and passing in 942rd place, he also recorded 3KB in the final.[15]..But the result isUntouchableI missed the champion because I couldn't reach the difference of 3 balls.They decided to graduate from the show with this championship final.

      Achieved the highest KB ever in off-air

      • Participated in the Nagasaki recording broadcast on June 2003, 6. Although it records 13KB, this timePunk Boo BooRecorded 537KB in the first challenge.They ended up in 6th place off-air in the form of being pushed out by Punk Boo Boo.[18]Behind the high score, I ended up setting a rare record called "the best off-air record".[19]..As an aside, they encouraged Punk Boo Boo "absolutely on the air" behind the scenes.
      • As mentioned above, I missed the on-air in this broadcast, but later, "New Midnight Kingdom』(NHK-BS2) Is one of the corners, "Bakusho? Off-Air Battle" (April 1-the corner that was broadcast on the third Monday of every month until March 2002), and the story at that time is broadcast uncut.Normally, this corner is the story of the entertainer who was off-air in the main part of "Onbat".Broadcast as a digestBecause of the content, it was extremely unusual for off-air material to be broadcast uncut (in the narration at the time of broadcasting, it was introduced that "it is too wasteful to be off-air".[15]).
      • This rare record of "the best KB in off-air history" left a big impact, and when Speed ​​WAGON appeared as a guest group in "Thank you for 2014 years just before the final chapter of Onbat Champion Tournament" broadcast on March 3, 15. Also,"A funny program record of Speed ​​WAGONWas mentioned in the program[20].

      M-1 Grand Prix

      • 2002/First appearance in the 2nd tournament.Ozawa recalls, "Maybe it was one follow-up to M-1."[21].
      • 2003/In the 3rd tournament, he won the semi-finals and advanced to the finals on the first straight.In a book released later, Ozawa said, "This year, the result of the third round was very good, and I showed the same nursery rhyme material in the final, but I did not get a good groove feeling in the final."[22]).Due to copyright issues, the "Nursery Rhyme" that was unveiled this year was recorded in a completely cut form on the DVD released later, or in some cases the material itself was not recorded.[23].
      • The reason why he didn't participate in the first tournament in 2001 was that he was only doing "Tale" publicly (actually, he was a manzai from the beginning), but Ozawa said that he was "simply scared". I didn't participate because of that. "[24].
      • It was the successor to the M-1THE MANZAIIs the only one to participate in the 4th 2014 tournament.Selected as one of the 50 Certified Manzai Masters[25].

      Current appearance

      Appearance by the members aloneJun Iwata,Kazutaka OzawaSee section.

      Regular, semi-regular appearance

      Past appearances

      Regular, semi-regular appearance
      One-shot/Special number
      TV drama
      • "Regal CriminalEpisode 5 (TV Asahi, 2005) -The role of Chimpira
      • While waiting for Mr. Soseki ("Soseki's wife Natsume』Spin-off mini drama) (NHK General, September-October 2016) -Natsume Soseki's student role
      TV commercial
      Appeared in EMI, BMG, and UIP.
      • Ohara Gakuen Infomercial (January 2008)
      Nippon TelevisionZoom in!! SUPER』In OA

      Activities other than TV and radio


      • "Jun Itoda will launch tonight" "Kazuhiro Ozawa's holiday" (Chunichi Sports) Serialized every Tuesday. One by one every other weekEssayUpdate
      • Owarai Typhoon JAPAN (Enterbrain



      Web show

      • "The Strongest Battle of Combined Animals Tsuyoi! Ikimono Zukan" (TSUTAYA Premium, April 2019, 4-) Itoda: Jun, Ozawa: Oza[28]
      • Naked director 2(All episodes delivered on June 2021, 6, Netflix) -Variety show moderator[29]



      • Speed ​​Wagon Spichan! (Gakken, October 2004)
      • Ama-i (Pia, October 2005)
      • Deratsure (Kodansha, October 2010)
      • If you can fall in love, it doesn't matter if you have a broken heart (Treasure Island, October 2015)
      Other than alone
      • Shibusta sbst Young entertainer edition After school (Futabasha, October 2005)
      • Gold medal of laughter The ultimate poor recipe (Crocodile books, October 2006)


      • "In the middle of a dream" (Formula Recordings, July 2008, 7)[30]


      • Speed ​​Wagon LIVE Collection, Speed ​​Wagon Tale Collection (Pony canyon, October 2004)
        • Speed ​​Wagon DVD-BOX is also on sale at the same time.
      • LOL On Air Battle Speed ​​Wagon (Pony Canyon, March 2005)
      • Super Speed ​​Wagon-Hugging with sweet words- (Pony Canyon, October 2005)
      • 弩 Speed ​​Wagon (Pony Canyon, April 2007, 4)
      • 弩 Speed ​​Wagon VOL.2 (Holipro, December 2007, 12)
      • Live Milanka Speed ​​Wagon Talk Live "If you say this, it may be wild, but ... I will overcome their weaknesses in order to sell!" (Geneon Entertainment, December 2008, 1)
      • 弩 Speed ​​Wagon vol.3 (December 2008, 12)
      Other than alone
      • M-1 Grand Prix 2002 Complete Edition "All about the fierce battle, complete recording of the legendary repechage" (R and C, October 2003)
      • M-1 Grand Prix 2003 Complete Edition ~ M-1 Warrior's Hot Soul ~ (Columbia Music Entertainment, October 2004)[31]
      • Adult Consomme ~ 5x Concentrated Pack (for Business) ~ (Pony Canyon, April 2004)
      • Speed ​​Wagon Tale Collection ~ (Pony Canyon, October 2004, 10)
      • Enta no kamisama vol.1 (Bop, October 2004)
      • Enta no kamisama vol.2 (VAP, January 2005)
      • Enta no kamisama vol.4 (VAP, March 2005)
      • LOL On Air Battle Speed ​​Wagon (March 2005, 3, Pony Canyon)
      • "Dead ball ~ DEAD BALL ~" vol.4 ~ The dead ball of life that will surely fly to you ... ~ (Tokuma Japan Communications, April 2005))
      • Yeyasu LOL Selection vol.3 (November 2005)
      • Peas! Specoal Tenkaichibu laughing party strongest! Owarai Hakata decisive battle part XNUMX (Victor Entertainment, October 2005)
      • "Holipro Owarai Red and White Neta Battle" (Recorded on August 2004, 8 at ABC Kaikan Hall Released on March 28, 2006) Pony Canyon
      • Steam Chief vs. Owarai Tarento vs Chief (Paramount Home Entertainment Japan, March 2006)
      • Yomikise Japan Old Story vol.3 (Columbia Music Entertainment, October 2006, 10)
      • Horipro Owarai Live Special Strong Mix (Pony Canyon, April 2007, 4)
      • Horipro Owarai Summer Festival Special Strong Mix 2 (Horipro, December 2007, 12)
      • Super Kusoge (Earth Star Entertainment, January 2009, 1)

      Held live

      • 2004/Before and after that, Ozawa said on the radio, "I've been running away from the solo concert."again,2009/The reason why he didn't perform a solo concert was because Ozawa was writing the novel "Deratsure".[34].


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