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👩‍🎤 | Hiro Shimono & Akari Kito appear!The third voice comic of "Yankee-kun to Shirokan Girl", which is a complete comic, has been released.

Photo Hiro Shimono, Akari Kito

Hiro Shimono & Akari Kito will appear!The third voice comic of "Yankee-kun to Shirokan Girl", which is a complete comic, has been released.

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In addition, the voice guide style narration attached to the voice comic is a narration that explains the state of the character in the work so that it can be enjoyed even if the eyes are visually impaired.

The latest 8th volume of the comic, which is the final volume of the manga "Yankee-kun to Shirokan Girl", was released on May 5rd.this… → Continue reading

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Digital comic

Digital comic(English: digital comic) isComicHave the contents ofDigital contentIs.Abbreviation is Digicomi.Digital comics(Manga)インターネット Ofworld Wide WebWhat is in (WWW) (Web comics) IsWeb cartoonAlso called.


The world's first digital comicTakeichi TerasawaAnnounced in 1985Black Knight Bat]. The term "digital comic" itself was coined by Terazawa.1987It is said that it started to be used from around[1].

Computer gamesIn the case of,NESIncludingthe 1980s Ofgame machineRecording media are hundredsKBOf capacityRom cassetteWas the mainstream, so large capacityimage dataRequires dozens of pagesComicIt was extremely difficult to reproduce.But in the 1990sPC engine OfCD-ROM2,Mega drive OfMega cdIncludingCD-ROM driveWith the advent of game consoles equipped with, it has become possible to handle large volumes of image data of up to 540MB (about 1000 times more than conventional ROM cassettes).

Against this backgroundAdventure gamesAfter removing the mystery-solving elements from the above, a large number of images were adopted, and a work was born that focused on "reading" rather than playing the game.The first work was in March 1989HudsonReleased fromThe Legend of the Cobra Black Dragon KingHowever, the name "digital comic" was officially used in the second work, "Urusei Yatsura STAY WITH YOU』(Released in June 1990).After that, many games of the same type were released by other companies, and they were introduced as an independent genre different from adventure games in game magazines.However, users are complaining that "there are fewer elements for users to intervene than general games" and "the volume is not enough", and software that makes up for the lack of volume by adding mini games etc. is also seen. It was.

Also, since the mid-1990s, images of existing manga works have been imported, and BGM and sound effects have been added to newly drawn works with a frame division structure similar to normal manga.Voice actorA work with the addition of audio byIt can be said that it is a digital comic in the essential sense in terms of reproducing a manga because it is read by pressing a button.

Since the latter half of the 1990s, the spread of the Internet has made it possible to distribute comics online, and these are also called digital comics.The works are roughly divided into digitized works that were published on paper media and original works, and those that are distributed as part of hobbies and coterie activities areWeb comicsSometimes called.The distribution format isAdobe Flash,XMDF,PDFThere is a merit that the cost can be reduced compared to the publication in paper media.In recent yearsMobile phoneCan be viewed on mobile phones due to the spread and higher performance ofMobile comicsHas also been announced.

With the spread of video sites on the Internet, it has become easier to browse the distribution of works with audio and slight screen movements in the manga itself.Their names areVoice comic,Movie comic,Motion comics,Cartoon video(The character of "manga" is sometimes called hiragana or katakana) and is not unified.These are also included in the conventional definition of digital comics, "digital content with cartoon content," but from the point of view of delivering audio.Radio DramaIt is a form that also bears the aspect of.Not limited to online distribution, works that are broadcast on TV or recorded on DVD-ROM may be called like those, but the contents are the same.Although it is a video distribution, it is different from the animation that moves the picture continuously.in the pastAdobe FlashWas a common medium.

Work list

* PCE:PC engine, MCD:Mega cd, PC:Personal computer, SS:Sega Saturn, PS:PlayStation, PSP:PlayStation Portable, ☆: A work that incorporates images of existing manga works.

Main distribution sites

  • EBook Initiative Japan (May 2000-)-Download sales of books and comics provided by publishers.
  • Manga novel (June 2007 --February 6) --Distribution of manga works provided by publishers.
  • Leader store (May 2008-)-Download sales of books and comics provided by publishers.Sony readerandSony TabletFor.
  • Honto (May 2010-)-Download sales of books and comics provided by publishers.
  • Electronic bookstore papiles --Download sales of books and comics provided by publishers.
    • Electronic rental book Renta! --Rental of manga works provided by publishers (viewing for a limited time).
  • Yahoo! Comic --Rental of manga works provided by publishers (viewing for a limited time).
  • Mecha Comics --Download sales of books and comics provided by publishers.


DoujinshiEven in manga, the production cost is cheaper than paper media, the production period can be shortened, and the space for storing inventory and the labor can be saved.PDFIt may be distributed in the form of.Also,Doujin shopIssuances that are considered to be in low demand for consignment sales may be refused.Download saleThere are few such restrictions on outsourcing to the site, and works of a wider genre have become available for distribution.


  1. ^ Takeichi Terasawa"BLACK KNIGHT BAT" (ISBN-4 7973-0220-8) Postscript

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