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👍 | Kanye West designs a McDonald's box! ??


Kanye West designs a McDonald's box! ??

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Kanye said she liked milk shakes, french fries, chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce, and Kim said she liked chicken nuggets, french fries, french fries, hamburgers, and apple pies.

Kanye West has announced a new McDonald's packaging design.Recently, I posted a racist term and ins ... → Continue reading

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Milk shake

Milk shake(milk shake) Ismilk,ice cream,Butterscotch, Caramel sauce,Chocolate syrup, Fruit syrup, whole fruit, etc.Seasonings,sweetenerBlended into a cold drinkmilk beverageThe type of.Not milkAlmond milk,Coconut milk,SoymilkIt may be made based on vegetable milk such as.

Milkshakes in the early 20th centuryAmericaBorn in Japan for the next 20 yearsElectric mixerHas become more popular with the introduction of.The ice cream shop is a culturally accepted meeting place for young people, and the milkshake has become a symbol of youth innocence.Popular cultureIt has become common in.


When the word "milkshake" was first used in printed matter in 1885, milkshakes were "milkshakes."egg,whiskyIt is durable and good for your health.eggnogIt's a type of drink that can be used both as a tonic and as a snack. "But in 1900, the word was "チ ョ コ レ ー ト,Strawberry,vanillaIt is a healthy drink made from syrup.Also, the history of electric mixers and milkshakes is interrelated.Before the spread of electric mixers, milkshake drinks were like eggnog, with crushed ice and milk.sugar,spicesWas shaken by hand. In 1922, Stephen Poprowski invented a bottom motorized blender, which made the milkshake a whip.Aeration, It began to take on a modern, frothy shape.


There are several ways to make a milkshake.

In either method, the material (described later because it depends on the type)StirAnd make it.Also to chill and drinkMay be agitated with (in this case, iceMeltingTake into account, without milkcondensed milkMay be used).


French style and American style

milk,egg yolk,sugar,Vanilla extractWhat is made by mixing is called "French style".Without using milkCondensed milkIn some cases, finely crushed ice (crushed ice) is used.

milk,ice cream, The one made by mixing vanilla essence is called "American style".チ ョ コ レ ー トsyrup,fruitOften mixed with syrup, this isShake(shake,Shake) Is also called.McShakeThis is what is known by product names such as.Because the amount of ice cream is much higher than milk, it is often served half-frozen, compared to French-style milkshakes.calorieIs high.

Both "French style" and "American style" are generic names in Japan.Milk shakeIt tends to be called (derived from the English milk shake).

More informations

other,チ ョ コ レ ー ト,strawberry(Strawberries) etc. (using them as raw materialssyrupSome are seasoned with a mixture of (may be such as).It is also known how to make whole eggs as well as egg yolks.What is made by warming milkHot milkshakeCalled.

As a cocktail

ethanolDoes not includeNon-alcoholic cocktailsMade as one of.As mentioned above, it has come to be called a milkshake in Japan, so it is also called a milkshake in bars.OriginallybartenderAlthough it is called Shake because it was made by shaking with a shaker, it is now made with a mixer.

Standard recipe


Put milk, sugar and chicken eggs (whole eggs) in a blender, add an appropriate amount of crushed ice and mix.Pour it into a goblet (capacity about 300 ml) and you're done.

Nagasaki milkshake

NagasakiSo the milkshakeegg,sugar,condensed milkToIce flakes with syrupIt is a food made into sherbet with.Therefore, it is also called "eating milkshake".Nagasakiにある九州最古の喫茶店「ツル茶ん」が考案したもので、暑い夏に涼めるように開発されたものである[1].

Main commercial products

Current product

Canned beverage

  • Dydo -[Kokug Runtime] Rich rich milkshake
  • Treasure Beverage[1] --Parade milkshake (often found in some 100-yen vending machines in Hiroshima, Okayama, Tokyo, and Osaka)

Plastic bottle beverage

fast food

Discontinued products


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barbecue(British: barbecue,Rice: barbeque[Note 1]) Isfirewood,carbon,CharcoalBy low heat such asmeat,Vegetables,seafoodCarefullyBakeCuisineOrso,SmokedそのrecipeOr act[1]..By definition, take your time for more than half a dayTueThroughDream PorkRefers to roasting of.Short timeOpen fireThe act of grilling meat justgrill(British: grill).

EtymologyIt is,West Indies OfFirst ResidentIsTainoA word that refers to a wooden frame for roasting meat (a cooking method using a platform made of raw wood so as not to hit an open flame)Barabik) Means "roasted"Spanish OfbarbecueCorrupted to[1][2].English-speaking countriesThen.BBQ(Cue replaces Q)BBQ,Bar-B-Cue,Bar-BQMay be abbreviated as.


Pork OfribAnd cowBrisketSuch as non-soft meat,lid90-115 by closingRelativelylow temperatureOver a few hours to a daySteamed and select loop cut from theboneIt is cooked until it becomes soft enough to be easily removed.

Since a large amount of smoke and odors are emitted during cooking, special equipment andventilationEquipmentchimneyIf there is no such thing, it is usually done outdoors.At homegarden,Veranda,バルコニーother than,camp site,coastal,riverEdge,parkIt is common to do it at such places, and the event itself to enjoy such cooking and meals outdoors is also called "barbecue".

Barbecue as a culture

North AmericaIs one of the cultures, and may have unique traditions and commitments depending on the region and family.In addition to the general grill, many people host parties and participate in specialized events and competitions, so it is large.BBQ pitMany people own their own trailer-towed type or have their own equipment in the garden.There are hundreds of them annually in the United States.There are also restaurants that serve barbecueSouth America,Midwest USAThere are many, mainly in the case of being offered in paper wraps sold by weight, or choosing the main (meat) and thenBeanThe plate method with side menus such as these is the mainstream, and eating walks at famous stores in each region are also popular.There are hundreds of barbecue contests a year in the United States, and cooking takes time, so it lasts for several days.AmericaSo the three great barbecue dishesSpareribs,Brisket,Pulled porkIt is assumed[3].

In addition, Japan OfSeven wheelsRoasting is also a small scale but belongs to barbecue.South AfricaAlso,(English editionThere is a unique tradition called.


16st century,Christopher ColumbusNamed an island in the Caribbean "Hispaniora", but later landed on this islandSpain OfExplorerComes from seeing the indigenous Tainos cooking on a platform made of raw wood to prevent them from being exposed to open flames.[2]..However, is this kind of cooking method used by indigenous peoples for a long time?EuropeanByAmericaI'm not sure if it's the recipe brought to[2]..Similar recipes1540/ToMississippiVisited the areaExplorer-Hernando de SotobyChickasawIt is said that it can be seen in the record of pork cooking.[2].

However, barbecue has become more frequent.Virginia Colony constructionSince it was done[2]..Pork and beef from EuropeNew worldBrought to[2].North carolina OfVinegarBase ofソ ー ス The英国fromImmigrationBrought by[2]. Also,South Carolina OfmustardThe base source isFrance,GermanyBrought by immigrants from[2][4].

During the pioneering era, there was no hope for fuel with firepower, and the pioneers at that time were so poorly nourished that their teeth fell out, so barbecue was an effective cooking method at that time.

Have a barbecueCuisineThe person who does it is called "".Colonial era of the United StatesMainly toAfrican continentfromBlack slaveWas the actual cooker[4]But,EmancipationAfterBlackpopulation OfNorthWith the influx, barbecue technology spread to the north[4]. Also,Train,canal Ofdevelopment ofと と も にWestern partThe barbecue has spread[4].

20st centuryToCommercialBarbecue started, barbecue at the event venue and made it permanentRestaurantsHas arrived and a big boom has arrived in the United States[4].1920/For home usegrill,Charcoal brisket MarketBecame for sale in[4].

Second World WarLater in the United StatescharcoalIt went down due to lack ofthe 1970sThe barbecue culture has revived again[4].


How to cook

There are multiple techniques, and even when using a single cooking utensil, it is possible to perform a variety of cooking by using these properly.

  • Grilled on an open fire --Directly heat the ingredients placed on a net or the like.Or charcoal in advancegrillHeat it by moving it to one side of the.
  • Smoked ――Use wood that emits smoke together to give it a unique flavor.
  • Roasted --Indirectly heat with heated air such as radiant heat.A typical American barbecue takes this approach.
  • Long-fire grilling-Burning river fish etc. mainly by infrared rays.

Also, mainly in river fishstringIt may be stabbed in and baked, which is "SkewersAlso called.


Used as a seasoning for meatソ ー スIs especiallyBBQ sauce(BBQ sauce),tomato ketchup,Worcestershire sauce, Fruit juices,garlic,GingerIt is made by mixing various materials such as, but many commercial products are also sold.Sauce and ingredients(English editionIs often applied and then baked.


As an instrument, (1) grate typegrillIt is roughly divided into (2) iron plate type, which allows fire (hot air) to pass through, such as grills and grills, and is used to fix foodstuffs.Golden skewersand so on.

As a grill brand米 国Webber[5]The most famous product is the round grill with a lid, which is finished from a single iron plate, and is a staple of home and leisure grills. The "Grill Academy" teaches you how to use Weber products correctly.

Even in specialty stores and individuals, there are people who are particular about original tools.Those guys are not ordinary grills, but metalBricksMade ofBBQ pitUse what is called.The structure isFurnace,暖炉It ’s close toDrumIs often processed and used.

For the heat insulation of the bottom, the type of grill that fills the stove with water is more oily due to the action of water vapor, such as pork roses and chicken skin.サ バ,SaurySuch asBlue fishThe flame does not rise easily even if it is baked.In addition, there is little sticking or scorching after baking, vegetables are especially plump and delicious, and the utensils themselves are not very dirty.Aiming for the same effect, a can of beer may be cut and used as a substitute, and beer may be added instead of water.

After use, the grill is often sticky with oil stains and charcoal stains, but in the preparation stage, an aluminum foil fried food fence is used to cover the crater of the grill, and a thick barbecue is used.Aluminum foil(Thickness 60uMIf you spread the charcoal tray and oil stains on the grill, the stains will adhere to the foil and hardly reach the grill body, so cleaning is easy just by peeling off the foil, and the grill body will last a long time. do.Also, before barbecue on the grill or grill bodyvinegarIf you apply, it will be less likely to occur between the protein of the food and the heated metal, and it will be relatively easy to clean.[6].


fuel Thefirewood,charcoalOr dedicatedSolid fuelIs the mainstream.In the charcoalHickory,オ ー クSuch asWood chipsThere is also a method of adding smoked flavor by mixing and smoking.

  • Bricket(Briquette) Is the most used fuel, especially in the United StatesKingsfordThe company's products are the most famous and have an 80% share of the US market. 
  • Made in JapanBlack charcoalIs an unpleasant smoke odorBombIt is suitable for barbecue because it has a low amount of heat, has a long-lasting heat, and has a faint smoke-like flavor when baked.It is a little more expensive than foreign products, but the quality is stable and suitable.It should be noted that black charcoal, which is not well preserved and managed, has a risk of explosion at the initial stage of combustion.
  • Small processed coconut charcoal sold under trade names such as "Quick Grill Briquette" and "Round stove" can be cooked within 1 to several minutes after ignition and burns in about 1 hour, so it is suitable for small parties. , Easy to use.It is also convenient as an ignition material for ordinary charcoal using this as a fire source.
  • CharcoalIncludingWhite charcoalAlthough it is possible to cook better quality grilled foods, it is difficult to ignite, it takes time to reach a cookable combustion temperature, and there is a risk of blasting until a bonfire.It is not common for the purpose of use because it is more expensive.
  • Oga charcoalShows burning properties similar to white charcoal, with almost no unpleasant smoke or dangerous blasts, and is relatively inexpensive in recent years.Home center,Internet mail orderBut the treatment is widespread.However, like white charcoal, it is hard to burn, and on the other hand, if it burns, it may continue to burn for about 4 hours, so you need to be careful about extinguishing the fire at a short party.On the contrary, it is convenient when the party lasts for a long time because the cooking power is maintained without the need to add charcoal.

Ignition of charcoal requires some tips, but as a product that facilitates ignition, petroleum-based solvents and alcohol are the main components.Charcoal ignition fluidIs the most popular.Also,Gel-like ignition agentEtc. are attached to charcoal, or a cassette gas cylinder type dedicated to charcoal ignitiontorchburnerEtc. are also on sale."Fire maker"Charcoal starterIt is easy to burn even if you use.In any case, it takes 10 to 20 minutes after ignition, and in some cases about 1 hour, to be able to cook with charcoal, and a schedule that anticipates that is necessary.(See how to burn charcoal

America andAustraliaThen, there are many gas-fired grills, and in recent years in Japan, because of the ease of lighting and adjusting the heat, and the ease of cleaning and cleaning up,propane gas,Cassette cylinderThe number of things is increasing.

Dangers and regulations

Barbecue smoke is harmful and causes cancer and respiratory illness[7].CaliforniaHas restricted use of smokers, pizza kilns and barbecue grills.The smoke from the barbecue in the neighborhood filled the area, and many patients complained of respiratory illness, resulting in complaints.[8]


BBQ is a bold cooking method with an open flame and mainlyOutdoor eventDue to the nature of being positioned as火災,,StenchProblems such as are likely to occur.Not a direct problem, but loud or loud music,Garbage problemIt is easy to cause troubles with the surrounding area.In response to complaints from local residents, some local governments have even banned barbecue (#Prohibition of barbecue).

Problems to be raised


Instead of using a direct fire (a method of placing fuel directly on the ground and burning it), the fire is ignited one after another. [9]..For example, at Kasagi Campground in Kyoto, open flames were banned.[10].

Garbage problem

There have been reports of cases where the following garbage was not brought back and was left on the spot, burned on the spot, or thrown into a neighboring private house.

  • tobaccoButts
  • fireworks
  • PET bottles
  • Yakiniku sauce
  • leftovers
  • Paper plate, disposable chopsticks
  • BBQ net
  • Tongs
  • Charcoal and ash
  • Food tray that contained meat
  • Empty cans and bottles of liquor
  • Shopping basket
  • Iron plate
  • Bonfire

For example, in May 2021, at the riverbed around Matsuo Bridge in Kyoto Prefecture, garbage was collected by the Yodogawa River Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and as a result, about 5 45-liter garbage bags were collected.[11]..In addition, leaving garbage in various places has become a problem.[12][13][14].

Equipment destruction

Kochi River National Highway Office of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, BBQ customersEmbankmentIt was announced that there was a case to destroy the BBQ and use it as a base for BBQ, and provided information to the prefectural police.There is a possibility of damage to property, illegal dumping, and violation of the River Act.[15].

Private land, barbecue in prohibited areas

Unauthorized entry into private land and barbecue in parks and other areas where barbecue is prohibited[16].

Washing dishes in the river

To wash used dishes in the river with detergentWater pollutionInviting, there is concern about adverse effects on the environment[17].

Eating and drinking without a mask

Despite the state of emergency, many neighbors were worried about the spread of the infection because they did BBQ without wearing a mask.[13].

Damage to residential areas

The following complaints have been received as smoke generated by barbecue cooking flows into residential areas.[18][19].

  • I can't dry the laundry
  • I can't open the window with smoke
  • It smells bad

Stink proceedings from neighbors

In some cases, residents in the vicinity of the BBQ field file a lawsuit against the city and the manager due to the stink of grilled meat at the BBQ field.According to a survey of local residents, there was a reply that "the laundry smells so it should not be dried outside."[20].

Correspondence of local governments

Installation of signboards

I installed a sign to encourage people to take out the trash, but it didn't work.[21].

Ban on barbecue

  • Kasukawa Auto Campsite-Camping and BBQ have been permanently banned.Due to bad manners of users, increased garbage, noise, traffic congestion caused by parking on the street, Korona-ka, and complaints from neighbors due to them.[22].
  • Hanno Riverbank-The city officials who are patrolling for patrol did not listen to the violation even if they were careful, so it was temporarily closed.[23]
  • Kyoto / Kamogawa[24]
  • Kawasaki City / Tama River Riverbed[25]
  • Ashiya City-Since repeated troubles were not improved, the barbecue prohibition ordinance was enforced.Violators will be fined 10 yen[26].

Catering company

As an answer to the garbage problem, the barbecue catering association has been established and there is a movement to provide a service that provides comprehensive support from equipment provision to garbage collection.[27].


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