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👩‍🎤 | Sairi Ito challenges the voice actor of a live-action movie for the first time! In charge of new characters in the latest work of "Jurassic World"


Sairi Ito challenges the voice actor of a live-action movie for the first time! In charge of new characters in the latest work of "Jurassic World"

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Also, I didn't want to break the atmosphere because the person from my home country (Dewanda Wise) was playing so cool, "he said, valuing the atmosphere of Dwanda himself.

Actress Sairi Ito is a new character in the movie "Jurassic World / New Ruler" (released on July 7) ... → Continue reading

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Feeling of air

Feeling of airWhat is (kuukikan)?空间And people and theirPerformanceHaveatmosphereIs that[1][2].

Feeling of air in the photo

写真About the feeling of air in expressionOtake (2006)[Page number required]It is,2 dimensionsThe photo is likeThree-dimensionalIt means that it looks like.AlsoBessho (2021) It is,There is no feeling of air in the blackened photoDeformationTend to look likeAndRich gradation of shadowsStates that is the true identity of the feeling of air.

Focus,Blur,White balance,構 図A feeling of air is also created by devising such things as[2].. For example,ApertureOpen upDepth of fieldBy making it shallower, the feeling of air becomes easier to appear.[3]. Also,subjectAccording to the distance toコ ン ト ラ ス トDue to changes inAerial perspective,Focus planeA three-dimensional effect is expressed by the subtle blurring fromaberrationIt is expressed that there is a feeling of air even when there is little dependence and it is rich in reality[Source required].

About the production of a feeling of airOmura (2018) Says that where to place the subject is the most importantNishizawa (2020) TheThe background is as important as the main subjectSuppose thatKimura also takes the example of shooting a book and introduces a technique that utilizes the movement of the wind to express the subject as if he had an intention.

Feeling of air in other fields

Fukushima & Horikoshi (2012) It is,(English editionUsed the methodLandscapeBased on the psychological evaluation experiment aboutthe weatherAffects the evaluation of the feeling of air[Note 1]I am considering.Also,Noguchi (2013) TheCommercial facilityThe entire facility is not covered with a roof, advocating the importance of a feeling of air in(English editionType ofShopping mallFor example, the scene, atmosphere, and atmosphere created by the fusion of artificial objects (commercial facilities) and natural objects (sky, etc.) are defined.

Still moreBeautyThe feeling of air (airy feeling) in the field isA fluffy atmosphere and texture that seems to contain airRefers to[4].


  1. ^ On the other hand, the components of the landscape affect the aesthetics.


Reference document

  • Fukushima, Hidekazu,Horikoshi, Tetsumi"The change of weather and time and the appearance of architecture produced by the surrounding environment", "Human-Living Environment Symposium Report Collection", Vol. 36, Human-Living Environment Conference, November 2012, 11, pp. 21-29, NOT 110009735306.
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