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🥾 | Memorial mountain climbing that is different from the usual year such as “dispersion” Minetaka ridge / Gunma / Ueno village


A memorial mountaineering that is different from usual years such as "dispersion" Osutaka Ridge / Gunma Ueno Village

It has been XNUMX years since the crash of the Japan Airlines Jumbo plane, which killed XNUMX passengers and crew.Gunma Prefecture at the accident site ... → Continue reading

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Ueno Village

Ueno Village(Uenomura) isGunmaLocated in the southwestern part of theTano-gunExists invillage.. Gunma Prefecture has the smallest population andHeisei 27May 6Current)[1],Kanto regionIslands (Izu Islands-Ogasawara Islands) Is the least populated municipality.


Ueno CountryHowever, the reading of our village is not "Kozuke" but "Ueno".2003(Heisei15 years)May 4ToNakazato Village Kanna schoolThe smallest population in Gunma Prefecture since the mergerLocal governmentIt became.The population densityIs the lowest among the municipalities in Gunma Prefecture, with 7.0% of the habitable land area ratio being the lowest in Gunma Prefecture.

Japanese GovernmentPromoted byGreat Heisei mergerAgainstDeclaration not to mergeWas issued (otherFukushimaHigashishirakawa-gunYatsuri TownMiyagiKurokawaTomiya Town(CurrentTomiya City) Has issued a similar declaration).In the mountainsDepopulated areaIn Although,2005ToUeno Dam-TEPCOKannagawa Power StationIs completed,Property taxAs the tax revenue of2006(18) From degree2012(24) up toLocal allocation taxBecame a municipality[2](As of 2005 before the dam was completed)Financial capability indexWas “0.20”, which was a very fragile finance, but after the completion of the dam2007In (19), it suddenly rose to 1.27 and became the highest in the prefecture.2008In (20), it rose to 1.73.[1]).

In the southern part of the village1985(Showa60 years)May 8Occurred inJapan Airlines Flight 123 crashIs the site ofOsutaka Ridge(Mount Takatenhara), And at the time of the accident, the Ueno Village Fire Brigade engaged in search and rescue activities in unoccupied areas.It was the former village mayor who named the ridge, which was unknown at the time, "the ridge of Mitsutaka".Kurosawa TakeoIs.In the Narahara district of the village, there is a memorial garden with an ossuary and an exhibition facility for accidents.


Located in the mountains of southwest Gunma prefectureVillage.Nagano-SaitamaBorder with. VillageForest therapy baseHas been certified by. Across the parents tunnel, Otomo, Nogurizawa, Nippa, Katsuyama, Kawawa on the east side, and Otobu on the west side. Chi), each of NaraharaLarge printThere is.



Population distribution of Ueno, Gunma, Japan.svg
Ueno Village and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Ueno Village Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Ueno Village (equivalent area) Population Changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


There are no railway lines running in the village. The nearest station isJoshin Electric Railway Joshin LineShimonita Stationso,Shared taxiIs available.


General national road
Gunma Prefectural Road
Forest road

Road Station

Transit Bus

Downstream of Tano-gun along the Kanna RiverKanto PlainThe old(I.e.(CurrentTakasakiThe route connecting the (enclades) is the main route, as well as the north direction over the mountains.Kanra-gunShimonita TownGo straight toShared taxiThere are routes. There are no routes outside the prefecture.



  • Last Sunday in March-Fujido Yayoi Festival[6]
  • April 4-Ohinayu (National Intangible Folk Cultural Property)[7]
  • April 4-Otochi Shrine Okawaseshi (prefectural designated important intangible folk cultural property)[8]
  • May 5-Chushoji Firewalk (village-designated intangible folk cultural property)[9]
  • 8st Sunday of August-Nokuri Shrine Okawaseshita (prefectural designated important intangible folk cultural property)[10]

Administration / legislation

  • Village chief: Hachiro Kurosawa (first term appointed in June 2017)

Prefectural assembly

  • Constituency: Fujioka City / Tano District Constituency
  • Constant number: 2 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 11st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 5th
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Mitsutaka KanazawaDecree
Kazuo KandaLDP

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Gunma Prefecture 4st Ward(Ueno Village,Takasaki(Former Takasaki City(I.e.-Yoshii Town),Fujioka,Kanna schoolTatsuo FukudaLDP3Constituency



  • Remote Clinic
  • Remote Dental Clinic



sister city

Mutual support agreement city in health promotion

Native celebrity

Former village chief, 10 consecutive elections without voting. ExNational town and village associationChairman. ExImperial Japanese NavyMajor. "Great Heisei mergerHe said, "Economic efficiency is not a concern and the area and national land are neglected."
Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashI made an effort to deal with.

Celebrity related

  • Osamu Yamada: Kigo-sensei from Suribachi School. Teaching at Ueno Murano Kurizawa Branch School.
  • Uchiyama Bushi:philosopher. Lives in Ueno Village.

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