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⛺ | The more you eat, the cooler it gets !? "Cup Noodle x Colombia" collaboration T-shirt is now available!


The more you eat, the cooler it gets !? "Cup Noodle x Colombia" collaboration T-shirt is now available!

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It expresses the charm of cup noodles eaten at camping.

Outdoor brand "Columbia" collaborates with "Cup Noodles". "eat… → Continue reading


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Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles(English: Cup noodles,Japanglish: Cup noodle[Note 1]) IsNissin Food 1971(Showa46 years)9/18On sale fromCup Noodle, and cuprice, A brand of frozen rice.Parent companyNissin Foods Holdings OfRegistered trademark[1].

Cumulative sales exceed 2022 billion meals as of February 2[2].


It is the world's first cup noodle, a long-selling product, and with the diversification of the times, products with various flavors and different sizes such as "mini" and "big" are also on sale.[2].All of them are types that can be eaten in 3 minutes by pouring hot water into a cup, with flat thin noodles and powdered soup.freeze dryWas transformedIngredientsIs included.

Various ideas have been devised for mass production.Later, many food manufacturers released similar products, but the number of sales by taste (as of 2006) ranked first.Original (soy sauce)",2nd place"seafood",3nd place"curry"Original (soy sauce)" has continued to be the number one since its release.[3].

As of 2011, it was released in 80 countries around the world, and the cumulative worldwide sales since its launch have been 310 billion meals.[4], 2016 billion meals in March 3[5]Achieved 2021 billion meals in August 8[6].

The cup used to beStyrofoamAlthough it was made of paper, there are changes such as making it from paper or adopting a different processing method due to problems that occur one after another (described later).

The PhilippinesThen "Seafood noodlesHas gained high popularity,JapanIt has become a standard product as a souvenir from[7].


marketLatin lettersNotationRemarks
JapanCUP NOODLEJapanglish
Initial release米 国CUP O'NOODLESEnglish Of cup of noodles Abbreviation for
Present outside of JapanCUP NOODLESEnglish notation, cup noodle is English for cup noodles in general

Products for JapanLatin lettersThe notation isSingular"CUP NOODLE", but in the singular form, the Latin character notation for products for overseas markets is in the cup.1 noodleBecause it can be misleadingPlural form"CUP NOODLE"SUse[8]..Since the "CUP NOODLE" brand has already been widely established in Japan, the "CUP NOODLE" notation continues even after overseas expansion.[8], "Cup Noodles of the World" series (Tom yam kung(Noodles, etc.) is based on the concept of reproducing dishes from around the world with cup noodles, and is "CUP NOODLE" according to the notation of products for overseas markets.S"[8][9].

Incidentally,The United States of AmericaWhen it started selling atcup of noodles Means "CUP" O'NOODLES"was.1996から2006Untilニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfTimes SquareA huge signboard imitating the product was installed on the[10].

ChineseIn the notation, "TasteWill be[11].

Development history

The president of Nissin at that timeChicken RamenIs the developer ofAndo BaifuHowever, it was created with the idea of ​​ramen that can be easily eaten with a paper cup.About the transition of each developmentMomofuku Ando Memorial HallYou can find out more at (Cup Noodle Museum).

Starting point

1966(Showa 41), Ando aims to expand chicken ramen outside Japan in the United StatesLos AngelesAlthough it was sold to a supermarket in the United States, it is close to the United Stateschopsticks,Bowl of riceIt is noticed that there is no.Then, after the American buyer thought, crush the chicken ramen and put it in a paper cup.[12], Pour boiling water into thisforkIt was a hint that I ate at.Ando came up with the idea of ​​developing instant noodles in a container that can be eaten anytime, anywhere, in anticipation of ramen escaping the shackles of bowls and chopsticks and expanding outside Japan.Ando, ​​who returned from marketing immediately, tried it in the hotel, but the paper cup at that time wasRowUsedParaffin paper"I couldn't eat it because it smelled like a paper cup," he said later.From this, laterEnvironmental hormonesEven when the cup noodle containers of other companies were replaced with paper cups due to the influence of "the press problem", the cup material of this product isStyrofoamMade and not changed for a long time (Later).By the way, in Germany, where food hygiene standards are strict, it was sold in ceramic containers and the price was high.

Also used in products for JapanAluminum foilThe highly airtight lid, which is made of paper and paper, is used when Ando returns from the United States.In-flight mealIssued inMacadamia nutsIt is inspired by what was used in the sealed pack of.In addition to the opened pack, Ando also received another unopened pack and took it home as a reference for the development of the container.The actual product is still stored at Nissin Foods.

Container and structure

From the beginning of release2008Until March (20), all products were made of Styrofoam containers.

After April 2008, foaming from the viewpoint of environmental protection, except for some preceding productspolyethyleneIt has been switched to a paper cup (commonly known as an eco-cup) with a heat insulating film.In addition, it has been printed on the packaging film so far.Expiration SoonIs now printed on the bottom of the container, and the manufacturing plant[Note 2](Example: Kanto factory manufacturing, Shizuoka factory manufacturing, Kansai factory manufacturing, Shimonoseki factory manufacturing, Sapporo Nisshin manufacturing) are also added.

The styrofoam container, which has been used for a long time since its release, was decided by repeating trial and error and accumulating various ideas, such as increasing the strength of the container itself by enclosing dried noodles.The noodles are "Instant oil heat drying methodIt is manufactured by a method called ".In a general bagInstant noodleThe noodle mass is about 3 cm thick, while the noodle mass of this product has a conical trapezoidal shape that matches the shape of the cup.Because of this, the thickness is about 4 cm, and when fried normally, the inside becomes half-lived, and when the oil temperature is raised, the inside becomes moderate but the outside burns black. That is.It is said that the fact that he got a hint from tempura as well as chicken ramen contributed greatly to solving this problem.

In addition, the hollow at the bottom of the cup prevents the noodles from cracking during shipping (intermediate holding structure), and at the same time, it creates convection when hot water is poured, and the center of gravity of the noodles gradually moves downward over time. By doing so, the whole noodles will naturally loosen and become easier to eat after 3 minutes of completion, and at that time, the moisture in the soup will be evenly distributed between the dense upper and lower parts (sparse and dense noodle structure). )” is the manufacturer’s explanation.[13][14].NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS acquired and held patents related to the intermediate holding structure and the sparse and dense noodle block structure.[15], the majority of which rights have already expired.

Since the above noodle mass structure was initially filled with powdered soup, if the noodles were packed to fill the volume of the vertically long cup, the soup would not spread evenly throughout, and the powder would not dissolve completely in the bottom of the cup just by pouring hot water normally. The drawback was that most of the soup remained.This was improved by changing the location of the powdered soup from the bottom of the cup to the top of the noodles, but it was more than 20 years after it was released.


Unlike bag noodles, so-calledDry matterAlthough it was tried during development, it took more than 3 minutes to return to the original state after pouring hot water, so it was abandoned.freeze dryThe manufacturing method is adopted.

Traditionally small strips for products for JapanshrimpThere is an anecdote that shrimp was first mentioned and adopted as a foodstuff that feels luxurious at the time of product development, and more than 60 kinds of shrimp stripped from all over the world were adopted.[Note 3] As a result of freeze-drying and tryingIndian OceanCaught offshorePubaranThat is, a high-class foodstuff that was rarely imported into Japan at that time was adopted.[16].

This "shrimp strategy" isaircraft OfIn-flight mealIt is in line with the theme of both luxury and convenience found in.

As for other ingredients, we emphasize the appearance andRamenIs also used inLeekAndScrambled eggsSimilar toEgg, Strong tasteMinced meat(Molded meat) is a combination of[17][18].

Dice mince

As an ingredient, dice-shapedMinceMeat (official name is "Dice mince"[19][20][21]) Is included.It is made by mixing minced pork with soybeans and vegetables and then freeze-drying it.[22][23][24].

From April 2009, 21, as part of quality improvement and ingredient strengthening, the regular size dice minced pork to small diced char siu "Coro CharWill be changed sequentially to[25], Dice mince temporarily disappeared from the cup noodles.After that, due to the renewal in April 2015, Dice Mince has been added to Cup Noodles and Cup Noodles Big (original) again.[26]..It also contains a conventional roller char.

It has been popular in some areas due to its unique texture and has been around for a long time.channel 2Started withインターネットAbove, "mysterious meat," "that meat," "mysterious meat," and "Zonu meatwas called[27][28], 2016 (Heisei 28) on July 7stTwitterOfficial account of the same exterior as the cup noodle with "CUP NOODLE mystery" written on itCorned beefPost an image of opening a can[29]..On September 9th of the same year, "Cup Noodle Big" Mysterious Meat Festival "Meat-filled Pepper Soy Sauce"[30]Is released, etc.[31], On the Nissin Foods side, "Mysterious meatOfficialPopular nameThe product name and sales promotion have come to be developed.

The name "Mysterious Meat Festival" was proposed by Tokutaka Ando, ​​President of Nissin Foods, but initially the product name "Meat Shock" was considered.[32].. When using the name "mystery meat", there was concern about the risk of naming the company's product "mystery".[33], Ando's strong recommendation decided on this name[32][33].

On October 2019, 10 (the first year of Reiwa), a renewal version with an increased amount of mysterious meat (die mince) was released.[34].

In addition, the motif is dice minced meat.Rubik's CubeIs also sold[35].

Market setting

At the time of its release, the mainstream of instant noodles was to heat them for about 3 minutes and add powdered soup, as in modern times.Chicken ramenKanto regionSince it was not distributed in the market, the style of pouring boiling water and eating it in 3 minutes was unusual for young people outside the sales area.Also, for generations who know chicken ramen, the bowl was replaced with a cup, and it was a "completely cooked food" with abundant ingredients, strongly pushing the image of a new food called "noodle" rather than ramen. ..

Initially, by the regular route through the wholesalerSuggested retail priceWe were aiming to sell it for 100 yen, but the price was about 25 to 35 times that of instant noodles in a bag, which was about 3 to 4 yen at that time, so the reaction of the people involved was bad and the days when no orders were placed continued.[36].

Therefore, it may be a completely new style product,Market researchBaseball field (as a special route different from the conventional oneTokyo stadium), Amusement parks, police stations, fire stations, and other workplaces with many night shifts were sold on a trial basis, and Lotte's hometown Tokyo Stadium was the first place to be sold in the Kanto region.[37]..The first major customers were "convenience" and "completely cooked food".SDFMet[38].

On November 1971, 46 (Showa 11), TokyoGinza OfPedestrian heavenWe made a big promotion sale in Japan and sold 4 meals in 2 hours.[36]..At that time, the package was made of plasticforkWas attached.

February 1972 (Showa 47), the year after its release,Asama Sanso IncidentWhen that happensriot policeScenes where members eat cup noodles are all over JapanLive broadcastAndAudienceAttracted the attention of[2][36]..The scene at the time of the incidentCelsiusIn the cold around -15 degreesPolice officerDistributed toBox lunchBecause it froze[2]This product, which can be eaten immediately by pouring boiling water, was introduced as an emergency food.

With this as a trigger, the awareness of cup noodles has increased dramatically.[36], Many sales requests were received from each region, and in response to those requests, it was later released nationwide.In addition, the program provided by Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.Young Oh! Oh!』(Every day broadcasting) But it was widely advertised.

In the 1970s the cartoon "DoraemonThere is an episode in which "Plastic model of cup noodles" appears as a gag.[39]After this, in the 1980sTokyo MaruiMore imitating this product as one of the "Walkmate" seriesWind-up toyIncorporated a walking mechanismPlastic modelActually appeared[40].

Also, in 2020, on September 9, which is the anniversary of the release of Cup Noodles.BANDAI SPIRITS(OldBandai Hobby Division) has released a plastic model that faithfully reproduces normal size cup noodles as "BEST HIT CHRONICLE 1/1 cup noodles".[41]..In addition, it is a car toy of TAKARATOMY.TomicaBut they are selling cars that make Cup Noodles look like double-decker buses.[42].



The basic design of the package was held in 1970 (Showa 45).Japan World ExpositionDesigned the symbol mark ofTakeshi OtakaIt has been followed since its release in 1971 (Showa 46), and the company logo "CUP NOODLES" logo (only in Japan is the singular "CUP NOODLE") regardless of the country where it is released. ”) AndCaterpillar(Dotted strip line)[43] It is a rule to put[44]..This so-called caterpillar is Momofuku AndoDepartment storeThe origin is the pattern of the Western plate that I saw in2018(30)4/6Was registered as a "positional trademark" (registration number: No. 6034112)[45].

In the expression in the container, "Cup NuDoLe"" And "do" are written in small letters, but this is the correct pronunciation of "noodle".[Note 4]According to "DoThis is because the design is written in a small size.[23][47]..Some say, "At that time, the word" noodle "was not established in Japan, so when I saw this product, I said"nudeThere was also a theory that "to avoid being misunderstood and being shunned from purchasing", but "There is nothing with King Kong』(Broadcast on August 2010, 8, 2th themeIn "Instant Ramen"), the Nissin Foods Public Relations Department denied this theory and gave the reason mentioned above.[48].

1975In (50), the American Plastics AssociationDesign Division Grand PrixHas been awarded[49].

A transparent sticker (formally known as a tack sticker, formerly a tack sticker) on the bottom of the cup of shrink film packaging for products for Japanbarcode(Printing) is affixed, and by peeling off the sticker, a cut is made in the film, making it easier to open.The packaging film adheres to this container with few irregularities, and it was difficult to open it unless it was pierced with a protruding tool and cut, which is a peculiar defect that other products do not have, and it can be dealt with without making major improvements to the container. It has been done.It also has the convenience of "after putting hot water in the cup, you can put this sticker on the lid and close it."It has also been used as an application sticker for prizes.This seal has been introduced since September 1984,[50], 2021 June 6, 4 announced that it will be abolished to reduce plastic raw materials as part of the "Cup Noodle DO IT NOW!" Project that the company has been implementing since 2019.[51]..It is said that this measure can reduce the annual use of 33 tons of plastic.[51]..As a new package, from June 2021, a W tab with two lid openings will be introduced.[51]..Official on June 2021, 6 the day before the announcementTwitterA notice was posted at, and it was a hot topic[52][50]..The above seals will continue to be used only for big sizes.[51].

There is also a regional limited package, and in 2016 (Heisei 28)Limited to Hokkaido"CUP NOO Michi (Cup Nude)" design products have been released in Japan[53]..The contents are the same as regular cup noodles, seafood flavor, and curry flavor.

Preservation method

Store in a place at room temperature out of direct sunlight.In addition, the package precautionary statement says "Caution for transfer scent", so do not store it with strong odors.[54].

On October 2008, 20, a consumer who ate this product complained of vomiting and numbness of the tongue.From the soupInsect repellent"ParadichlorobenzeneWas detected. On October 10, insect repellent components such as paradichlorobenzene were detected one after another after April, and in the experiment of Nissin Foods, "When cup noodles are stored near the insect repellent, the components penetrate the container. Adhering to the noodles[55] I confirmed. " It was also announced that the eco-cup introduced in April will be replaced with products with improved eco-cup specifications, judging that it is particularly easy for odors to penetrate.[56][57][58].

Dissemination to the world

Since its launch in the United States in 1973, it has spread to more than 80 countries around the world, but various flavors are sold according to the circumstances of each country.[36]..Advertising was also popular, especially in New York, where a three-dimensional signboard of about 1996 meters was settled near the top of Times Square Building from 2006 to 16 as a landmark.This is because the building traditionally installed steaming advertisements.[10].

vending machine

In Japan since its releasevending machineThe products are sold by.The first machine is in TokyoOtemachiIt is inNihon Keizai ShimbunInstalled at the Tokyo head office[36]..It also has a function to supply hot water (free / paid), mainly along highway service areas and trunk roads.Vending machine corner open all night, Ferries, companies, school break facilities, or light meal corners such as saunas, capsule hotels, and manga cafes.Initially, all products had forks attached, but later they were switched to disposable chopsticks, and now the attachment of chopsticks is limited to vending machines.It is often offered at a higher price than the suggested retail price.At the time of its release, there were vending machines exclusively for sale that did not have a hot water supply function.

In 1975, a similar container was used as a sister product, and it was also compatible with vending machine sales.Processed rice food"CapriceWas released, but it was short-lived (Later[59].

Donbu,Chicken Ramen,Nisshin Yakisoba(Basically, the UFO name is not used, but in the western Japan region, there were some that used the UFO name.) Also, the type with the same standard as this product is basically for vending machines. It is sold at.Almost not available at general stores,GSCIn addition to being distributed through limited sales channels such as some of the group's supermarkets, it may be available for purchase online.Conversely, vending machines of the type that can supply hot water to those regular versions of products are also offered.The vending machine version of Donbei has a small container size, which makes it possible to eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

Main types in Japan

2022(Reiwa4 years) As of February
Series marked with ☆Cooked riceSystem series


  • Cup Noodles --Also known as"Soy sauce" "original".. From the shipment in late April 2009, it is a conventional dice-like ingredient that is one of the ingredients.Minced meatFrom diceroasted pork fillet(Commonly known as "coro char". Abbreviation for roasted (to be exact, dice type) char siu)[Note 5]..However, in a consumer survey conducted by Nissin Foods, there were many requests for the revival of dice minced meat, and from April 2015, it became a combination of revival of dice minced meat in addition to the previous char siu and pork minced meat.[60].
  • Seafood noodles --From the shipment in early July 2009, the ingredients of scallopsScallopwas added, but was abolished from the July 2015 shipment. From the October 7 shipment, the ingredients are "almostsquidA squid-flavored kamaboko called "" was added.
  • Cup noodle curry --From the shipment in mid-September 2009, the conventional dice minced pork, which is one of the ingredients, has been changed to dice-shaped char siu ("Coro Char" for curry noodles).[61].
  • Cup Noodles Chili Tomato Noodles --- Limited quantity of toy products will be released on August 2010, 22 (8)Later). Around 2001, due to the rarity of over-the-counter sales, it once took the top spot in the online shop of NISSIN FOODS, and as an example of consumer reaction via the Internet.Toyo SuisanIt has been an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun along with "My Salt".Although it has been popular since its release (it was the fourth most popular in the Cup Noodle series until the introduction of "Cup Noodle Miso (4th generation)" described later), in the Kansai area, which is the base of Nissin Foods. It hasn't been sold to the general public for a long time.It wasn't until the 4s that it began to appear in stores such as convenience stores in the Kansai area. Launched in September 2010.Also, from the shipment in April 1982, chicken dice, which is one of the ingredients, has been changed to white dice minced meat ("white mysterious meat").
  • Cup Noodle SiO-Olive oil and chicken have been added to the ingredients and seasonings since the shipment in March 2012.
  • Cup Noodle Milk Seafood Noodle-A product born from the word of mouth that "when you sprinkle milk on seafood noodles, it tastes like clam chowder."Released only in winter every year. In 2017, it was renewed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its release.
  • Cup noodle European cheese curry
  • Cup Noodles Mie Goreng ――It is a rare (Indonesian style) cup yakisoba in the series, and you need to make a hole in the top lid and drain the water before eating.However, the container itself has the same shape as other products.
  • Cup Noodle Pasta Style- Bolognese, Japanese style cod roe,レ ン ゴ レ..A format that drains hot water like a cup yakisoba.
  • Thai Cup Noodles-Tom Yum Kung and Minsed Pork.A reimport of products sold in Thailand.
  • Cup Noodle Rich Odorless Garlic Egg Yolk Beef Tail Soup Flavor & Luxury ThickShark finSoup Flavor-A limited edition product for the 45th anniversary, the second in the "Cup Noodle Rich" series that uses high-quality ingredients (the shark fin soup flavor is also sold in the first).
  • Cup Noodles Spicy Seafood (Shanra Kaisen Aji) ――A Hong Kong product that won first place in the “World Cup Noodles General Election” held in May 45 as a 2016th anniversary project.Initially sold as "Big", it revived in 5 in regular size.
  • Cup Noodles MatchaTailored seafood flavor
  • Creamy Tomato Noodles-The package says "CHEESE TOMATO".
  • Cup Noodle Rare Mysterious Meat Smoky Chile Soy Sauce Flavor --- Contains "Chilean Mysterious Meat" kneaded with pepper.The first in the rare mysterious meat series.
  • Seafood Noodle Rare Mysterious Meat Garlic Shrimp Flavor --- Contains "Shrimp Mysterious Meat" that uses fish meat and adds shrimp flavor.The second in the rare mysterious meat series.
  • Cup Noodle Rare Mysterious Meat Italian Chili Tomato Flavor-Includes "Basil Mysterious Meat" based on chicken with basil.The third in the rare mysterious meat series.
  • Cup Noodle Miso (4th generation) --Released on April 2019, 4.The existing Cup Noodle Miso Mini, which will be described later, is performing well, so it was released as a regular size.[62]. But,The sales of this product far exceeded the initial plan, and it is not possible to secure a sufficient supply of products for the "Cup Noodle" brand as a whole.Next, in order to achieve a stable supply of core products, but was to temporarily suspend the sale of our products, then, in the country from August 8, on the grounds that stood the prospect can be a stable supply goods Sales resumed[63].. The renewal was carried out on March 2022, 3, and the richness was increased by adding a new flavor of meat miso based on a rich soup that combines three types of miso and accented with ginger and garlic. In addition, the mysterious meat was changed to the mysterious meat with Japanese pepper.[64].
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Kalbi Yakisoba --Released on July 2021, 7.The first cup fried noodles in the history of cup noodles (soupless noodles)It is characterized by a spicy sauce that makes the taste of pork ribs addictive.
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Noodles --Released on August 2021, 8.While blending the largest amount of "bukkake roasted chili" in the history of cup noodles, the feature is that you can enjoy not only spicy but also deep flavor with a ratio of umami 30: spiciness 6.
  • Cup Noodle Garlic Pork Bone --Released February 2022, 2[65].


Initially released under the name of "D Cup Noodle".The amount of noodles is increased to the same weight as bag noodles, and the content is 99g and the amount of noodles is 85g, which is larger than regular noodles.

  • Cup Noodle Big --From the renewal version on April 2010, 4, the traditional dice-shaped minced meat has been changed to dice-shaped char siu ("Coro Char").
  • Seafood Noodle Big --From the renewal version on April 2010, 4, scallop scallops have been added to the ingredients.
  • Cup Noodle Curry Big --From the renewal version on April 2010, 4, the conventional dice-shaped minced meat has been changed to dice-shaped char siu ("Curry-only Coro Char").
  • Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Big --From the shipment in April 2017, chicken dice, which is one of the ingredients, has been changed to white dice minced meat ("white mysterious meat").
  • Cup Noodle Chicken Plain Hot Water Big --Released on April 2020, 4.Basically, the soup is made by dissolving vegetables in chicken plain hot water, and it has a rough potage-like taste and a rich and rich taste with a firm aftertaste, and the attached "Special chicken". When "Chicken flavor oil" is added, the deep scent spreads and the appetite is further stimulated.
  • Cup Noodle Himi Curry Big --Released on July 2021, 7.Of a professional basketball playerYamura baseAthletes' hometownToyama OfClass B gourmet"Himi curryI imagined it and arranged it in a cup noodle style.You can enjoy the unique Japanese-style soup stock by adding the attached "Special Himi Niboshi Powder" just before eating.

ミ ニ

  • Cup noodle mini
  • Cup noodle curry mini
  • Seafood noodle mini
  • Cup Noodle SiO Mini
  • Cup noodle miso mini

Cup Noodle Super Combined Series

2021Limited quantities will be on sale from September 9th.Commemorating the 13th anniversary of sales, it is a combination of two types of each of the eight regular types.2022From September 9th, the second edition was also sold in limited quantities.

1 stage

  • Original (soy sauce) & Western-style salt
  • Curry & seafood
  • Spicy pork bones & miso
  • European cheese curry & chili tomato

2 stage

  • Original (soy sauce) & seafood
  • European cheese curry & miso
  • Chili tomato & coriander tom yum goong
  • Garlic pork bone & spicy noodles

Cup Noodle PRO High Protein & Low Carb

As a successor to Cup Noodle Nice, it will go on sale from April 2021, 4.Achieves 5g of protein and 15% off sugar compared to regular cup noodles.Compared to Cup Noodle Nice, the weight and calories derived from protein are increased, and it is a product that appeals to the same taste and eating response as the head family while maintaining health consciousness.Since 50% or more of the raw materials are produced overseas, it is packaged.JAS markThere is no notation of.

  • Cup Noodle PRO High Protein & Low Carb
  • Seafood Noodle PRO High Protein & Low Carb
  • Chili Tomato Noodle PRO High Protein & Low Sugar --Released on March 2022, 3.

World Cup Noodle Series

A series that reproduces dishes from around the world with cup noodles.

  • Coriander scented Tom Yum Kung
  • Noodles with hot pot noodles
  • Porcini scented mushroom potage

Soup noodles → Lightly small cup noodles → Lightly delicious cup noodles

The name of cup noodles that Nissin Foods has been selling nationwide since March 2006, 3 as a low-priced version of regular size cup noodles.[66].Nissin Foods launched low-priced cup noodles in order to increase the number of cup noodle users due to changes in the social environment and living structure in Japan.Although it is an open price, a suggested retail price was set for a while.Before the release of this product, it was not uncommon for it to be sold at a price of around 100 yen at 100 yen shops, discount stores, or as a bargain sale at general stores, but after the release of this product, it was sold at a low price. About has been switched here at many stores.

There are three types, regular (soy sauce flavor), curry flavor, and seafood flavor, and the package design has the logo "SOUP NOODLEIt is almost the same as "Cup Noodle" except that it is written as "Cup Noodle". The noodles weigh 50 grams (55 grams at the time of launch), which is about 60% of the mass of cup noodles (65 grams, but only the soy sauce flavor is 80 grams), and the amount of ingredients is cup. Almost the same amount as Noodle Mini[66](後発のスープヌードル キムチを除く)であり、必要なお湯の目安量はカップヌードルの300mlに対しスープヌードルは320ml(後述するあっさり少なめ カップヌードルは310ml)で多い。レギュラーの肉は旧来のダイスミンチでありコロチャーは入っていない。なお容器は2011年12月出荷分までは発泡スチロール製を採用していたが2012年1月出荷分より既存のカップヌードル(ミニは除く)同様、紙製への変更を経て、2018年4月9日のリニューアルを期に商品名を「Lightly less cup noodlesHowever, because the product name itself was unpopular, the product name was changed to "" from the shipment in July of the same year.Lightly delicious cup noodlesIt was renamed to. The shape of the upper lid was changed from the shipment in October 2021, and it was changed to the upper lid of the W tab like the regular version which was changed in advance from May of the same year.

Although the specifications are similar, it is not applicable to campaigns where you can win a prize by buying a cup noodle product.

Cup noodles with delicious soup stock

The Japanese-style cup noodle series released by Nissin Foods nationwide from March 2019, 3 as a horizontal development product of the above-mentioned lightly delicious cup noodles.Seniors over 65was developed with the target ofThis is the first time in 43 years that Cup Noodles has a regular soba product (see “Previous products sold in Japan”), and the first udon.There are two types of lineup: meat dashi udon and chicken nanban soba.This also changed the shape of the top lid from shipment in October 2, and like the regular version that was changed in advance from May of the same year, it was changed to the top lid of the W tab.

As with the lightly delicious cup noodles, it is not eligible for campaigns where you can win prizes by buying cup noodle products.

Cup noodle salt off

A low-salt version of the regular size version of Cup Noodle, and the cup noodle series released by Nissin Foods nationwide from September 2019, 9 as a de facto successor to Cup Noodle Light.[67]..While maintaining the taste and response of cup noodles, it has achieved a 30% reduction in salt compared to regular size cup noodles.Approximately 170 types of salt are collected from all over the world, and after repeated analysis of taste and ingredients, the best material for salt reduction (Magnesium chloride), And by adopting the "properly delicious! Salt-off manufacturing method" (patent pending) that maintains the noodle-making property, the texture of the noodles, the taste and storage stability of the soup, the salt content has been reduced while maintaining the deliciousness. ..In addition, the lineup is only regular (soy sauce flavor), and most of the raw materials are made overseas.JAS markThere is no notation of.

Cup noodle refill

A pack of noodles and ingredients wrapped in a vacuum pack (Refill[Note 6] And the one using a reusable special cup.It is a product that can greatly reduce the amount of waste compared to regular products and can contribute to so-called eco-friendliness. It will be on sale from March 2007, 3.

Put the contents of the refill and hot water in a plastic cup and cook, then wash the cup and reuse it after meals.A set of cups and special noodles "Cup Noodle Refill Starter Pack", "Cup Noodle Refill Trial Pack" and special noodles "Cup Noodle Refill" "Cup Noodle Seafood Noodle Refill" were initially released, and chicken ramen and chicken ramen Donbei's refill type is also on sale.It is said that it is intended for women's office use and elderly consumers who are sensitive to environmental issues.Also, because it is not bulkyClimbingIt is said to be suitable for mobile phones such as time.

Early ones come with a lid (and one refill) and cannot be used in the microwave.It also has the ability for consumers to design their own plastic cups using a dedicated website, but it was a bit expensive.

After that, a simple product with a handle compatible with microwave cooking (the logo is gray) was released at a low price and is still easily available (with a lid. Curry is not recommended due to the possibility of color transfer). ..

The initial over-the-counter salesKanto-KoshinetsuAlthough it is only available at convenience stores, department stores, and variety stores in 1 Tokyo and 9 prefectures, it is sold nationwide by mail order by ordering from a website or mobile terminal and receiving it at the store.In Nissin's classification, it is classified as "bag noodles"[68].

Later, you can cook in the microwave after pouring water without using hot water.Hario glassCups made of heat-resistant glass are on sale (the lid is not included here, but it can be obtained separately at the Nissin e-shop).

A similar product (with a lid attached) is available as the "Hario Steam Range Cup" on Hario's direct sales site and elsewhere.The simple color and design do not use the "Cup Noodle" design.

A plastic outer cover is included because the glass cup alone is too hot to hold with bare hands immediately after cooking.The Nissin e-shop site sells several color variations, Donbei, and chick patterns, but limited-quantity collaboration products may also be sold at stores.

Also, with the original plastic cups, the yellow color of the curry sometimes remained in the cup, especially when using the curry refill, but with the glass cup there is no such concern.In addition, a mug-shaped cup made of porcelain / resin with a handle for microwave cooking has also been released, and together with various refills (chicken ramen, Donbei udon / soba), "eco style"Developed as a series.

Titanium cookers were also released in limited quantities in 2014.

  • Cup noodle refill
  • Cup noodle curry refill
  • Seafood noodle refill
  • Chili tomato noodle refill

Cup Noodle My Range Time

It is possible to pour water into a container and boil it in a microwave oven for cooking. From October 2008, 10 "Cup noodle range styleReleased under the name of ".As mentioned above, in addition to pouring water into a container and boiling it in a microwave oven for cooking, it is also possible to pour boiling water into a container for cooking (when boiling water is poured into a container, microwave oven). Cooking is not possible).The volume of the cup noodle range style container and the mass of the noodles are between regular and big. On May 2009, 5, this product name was changed to "Cup Noodle My Range TimeRenamed to.Along with this, the volume of the container and the mass of the noodles were made almost the same as regular.

Cup noodles to eat in a bowl

It will be on sale from September 2017, 9.It is a series of bag noodles in a 11-meal pack that includes small-capacity noodles and powdered soup with sardines, and is called a single-person household because it is convenient when you want to eat a little or add another item to the table. It was developed for senior households.

  • Cup noodle soy sauce flavored 3 meals pack to eat in a bowl
  • Cup noodle seafood 3 meal pack to eat in a bowl
  • Cup noodles to eat in a bowl Miso 3 meals pack

Momofuku noodles

It will be on sale on October 2018, 10.Hankyu Department StoreIt is a product jointly developed with the Umeda main store, and is only available at the same store.10 kinds of ramen can be made by combining whole grain non-fried noodles, smoothie soup, and 2145 kinds of vegetable ingredients called yasaikoro.The expiration date of the product is one month.

  • Spinach and broccoli green smoothie
  • Red smoothie with tomato and red paprika
  • Ethnic curry yellow smoothie with carrot and coconut milk
  • White smoothie with cabbage and mascarpone (limited release from April 2019st to July 4st, 1)
  • Braun smoothie soup with mushroom and almond truffles (limited release from October 2019, 10 to February 3, 2020)

Cup noodle rice ☆

Not cup noodles, but cups seasoned with the flavor of this seriesriceProduct. Released in 2009Nissin GoFanSimilarly,Puff RicePour water into the oven and heat in the microwave for about 5 and a half minutes to cook.[69][70]. Released in 2010 prefectures and 8 prefectures in the Kinki region from August 16, 2[70]. Orders more than doubled and production could not catch up, and shipment was temporarily suspended on August 2, 2010.[71].."Cup Noodle Flavor" will be on sale from September 9th of the same year.[72]The following day, March 2011, 3, "Seafood Noodle Flavor" was also released again.[73]..After that, "Cup Noodle Flavor" was launched from July 2011, 7, and "Seafood Noodle Flavor" was launched all over Japan from November 25, 11.[74].

  • Cup noodle rice Cup noodle flavor
  • Cup noodle rice seafood noodle flavor
  • Cup noodle rice curry noodle flavor
  • Cup Noodle Bukkomi Rice --Released in March 2017.Rice is included instead of cup noodle noodles.Pour hot water and cook.

On January 2011, 8,NISSIN FROZEN FROZENFrom "Cup Noodle Rice Cup Noodle Flavor"Frozen food(Frozen cooked rice) is now on sale only in the Kinki area.

On March 2013, 3, we renewed 25 products of "Nissin's rice series" including "Cup Noodle Rice".[75]..The container and cooking method have been changed so that the finishing flavor oil can be removed from the lid and water can be added to cook immediately.In addition, the price was significantly reduced by reducing the packaging material for individual packs.

Cup noodle rice ball ☆

It uses rice seasoned with the flavor of this series, and is a frozen food rather than cup noodles.Three seasoned rice balls are in a capsule container and cooked in the microwave. Released nationwide around April 3.In the original commercial, the act of showing the mouth while eating was controversial. The renewal was announced on September 2013, 4, and it became two pieces, seafood flavor was added, and curry flavor was added on March 2014, 9.

  • Cup noodle rice ball Cup noodle flavor
  • Cup noodle rice ball seafood seafood flavor
  • Cup noodle rice ball curry curry flavor


  • Cup noodle storage can
    Best-by date 3 yearsEmergency food(Stockpile)for.Film-wrapped noodles, soup and ingredient packs, cups, and folding forks each packed in a metal can with two servings of oxygen scavenger. In August 2, a total of 2012 meals (8 cans), including chicken ramen cans, were donated to three local governments, and in 50,000, a limited quantity was released to the general public.[76][77].
  • Cup Noodle Mysterious Meat Festival Element 4 Pack

A product that packs only "mysterious meat".Omni 7Limited sale.

What was released in the past in Japan

Those that have already been released.


  • Cup Noodle Tensoba-One of the early variations.1972(47) April[49]Started selling at.It is said to be the world's first Japanese-style cup noodle.However, in 1976 (Showa 51), the company's Japanese-style cup noodles "Donbu With the release of "Tempura Soba", it was sold out as it was.Ijuin HikariSaid on the radio, "No matter how much you say you've seen Cup Noodle Tensoba, no one will believe it."[When?], Won the "No. 40 reprint hope" in the 1th anniversary campaign described later, and on January 2012, 1, a limited number of reprints were released for the first time in about 16 years.
  • Cup Noodles Chicken Noodles-Released in 1981.
  • Cup Noodle Pork Chowder-Released in 1983. In 2021, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Cup Noodles, a big size will be reprinted and sold for a limited time only at XNUMX-Eleven.
  • Cup Noodle Bianco-Reprinted in 2001 for 3 months only
  • Cup Noodles China Twice-cooked Noodles-Released in 1989.It ends in a short life.
  • Cup Noodles China Fuyohai Noodles --Released in 1989.This is also short-lived.
    • For the above two types,Michael chanWas appointed as a commercial.
  • Cup Noodle RED ZONE Released in 1991.Red seafood
  • Cup Noodle Buta Hotatedori --Reprinted in 2001 for 3 months only.It ranked second in the general election described below, and a limited number of reprints were released in December 2.
  • Cup Noodle Bouton Yakibuta Soy Sauce Tonkotsu-Released in 1993.
  • Cup Noodle Squid Ton Yaki Squid Gome Tonkotsu-Released in 1993.
  • Cup Noodle MISO (1992st generation) --Released in XNUMX.at that time,James BrownThe commercial that appointed was predominant in the world.In addition, he ranked in 6th place in the general election described later.
  • Cup Noodle Doraemon
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Curry-Ranked 3rd in the general election and released a reprint in November 2011.
  • Cup Noodle Tonkotsu-Released in 1994.
  • Cup Noodles Summer Noodles-Limited to the summer of 1995.Commercial song TheShinshin Brothersof"Summer nude". July 2017, Donbei Tencha Udon,Nisshin Yakisoba UFO・ Limited reprint sale as part of the "Black History Trio" with tropical UFOs.
  • Cup Noodle Gomoku Light Chinese Soy Sauce-Products released at the same time as Mapo[Note 7].
  • Cup Noodle Mapo tofu Pirito Chinese Miso-Products released at the same time as Gome[Note 8].
  • Cup Noodle Chicken & Pepper Noodle
  • Cup Noodle Eight Treasures Toro-ri Chinese Soy Sauce
  • Cup noodles Crab ball Crab and egg salty flavor
  • Cup Noodle Baritone-I've been ranked last in the general elections described below.
  • Cup noodle barbecue chicken
  • Cup noodle garlic pork
  • Cup noodle hayashi
  • Cup noodle chowder
  • Cup noodle kakuni
  • Cup noodle shrimp chili
  • Cup noodle red curry
  • Cup noodle sweet and sour pork
  • Cup noodles
  • Cup noodle pork
  • Cup Noodle Thick Chinese Cantonese Gome Soy Sauce
  • Cup Noodle Thick Chinese Sichuan Mapo Miso
  • Cup Noodle Thick Chinese Shanghai Crab Ball Shio
  • Cup Noodle Skeleton --Limited number released in September 1999, using transparent cups[78][79]..The content is the same as the usual one.skeletonIn response to the boom, there was a gimmick that you could observe the lump noodle structure and how it returned with hot water, which you can not see with ordinary products.Limited to 100 million units were released at convenience stores in the Kanto, Chubu, and Kinki regions.Environmental hormonesIn questionPolycarbonateIt was discontinued early because it was a time when its use as a food container was criticized.
  • Cup noodles, Chinese roast pork soy sauce
  • Cup Noodles Dare Chinese Tantan Miso
  • Cup Noodle Cheese Curry (XNUMXst generation)
  • Cup noodle boiled pork
  • Cup noodle chicken five eyes
  • Cup noodles tropical seafood noodles
  • Cup noodle pork
  • Stamina Cup Noodle Grilled Ribs Black Soy Sauce
  • Stamina cup noodle pork rose red spicy miso
  • Korean-style dry cup noodles- FIFA World Cup2002Limited product to commemorate the event.
  • Mediterranean style cup noodles
  • Hong Kong style miso cup noodles
  • Chicken noodles
  • Pork Chowder Noodle-Released in 1983
  • Beef Noodles-Contains French fries.The TV commercial was "Nissin released'Beef Noodle'! Soup is also beef!" (NR:Kazuyuki MatsuzawaAfter), "Ingredients are beef" by ordinary people, and this is repeated like "5 seconds spot" while changing the "ordinary people" part (15 seconds version: 30 times, 6 seconds: XNUMX times).
  • Vegetable Noodles-Released in 1986
  • Cup Noodle MISO (2nd generation) --Released in 2005.Vending machine exclusive product.
  • Northern skin Jaga bacon salt ton butter
  • Canned cup noodle "Time Can" --Released in 2000. Those that can be stored for 10 years.However, in 2004, it was discovered that some products may have problems due to insufficient tightening of the cans, so a voluntary recall announcement was issued.[80],Apology CMIt came to the airing of.
  • Fine noodle green onion meat tongarashi
  • Fine noodles Umami seafood
  • Fine noodle chicken tanmen
  • Cup Noodle X Flavor- X JapanIt was planned as a flavor.
  • Cup Noodle GLAY- GLAYMembers of the package. "" Made in 2001GLAY EXPO 2001As a merchandise, sold exclusively at Lawson.
  • Cup Noodle China Umami Oyster Soy Sauce
  • Cup Noodle China Spicy Doubanjiang Miso
  • Cup Noodle Summer Dry Spicy Chili-Cup Noodle 35th Anniversary Limited Edition.
  • Cup Noodle Wild Hot Chili Pepper
  • Cup noodle mild creamy chicken
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Rich Soy Sauce Plenty of 7 Kinds of Ingredients-Limited to the 35th Anniversary.The only JAS high standard material in the series is used.
  • Cup Noodle Tantan--In 2008, four products, Donbei, Chicken Ramen, and Nissin Yakisoba UFO, were planned to have Chinese flavors as the "Going to the Chinese Noodle Road" series.
  • Cup noodle creamy chicken
  • Cup Noodle Red Curry (2nd generation)
  • Cup noodle spicy curry (2nd generation)
  • Cup noodle dry red pepper
  • Cup noodle tom yum kung
  • Cup noodle masala
  • Cup noodles summer seafood noodles
  • Cup noodle Kimchi (Kimchi)-Currently exists in the soup noodle lineup.
  • Cup noodle cheese & tomato
  • Cup Noodle Cheese & Garlic Consomme
  • Cup Noodle 2010th Anniversary Package --Limited to 3 million pieces from March 1, 1000, 100 yen (tax included, manufacturer's suggested retail price), which is the price at the time of release, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the company's founder Momofuku Ando ) Was sold[81].
  • Cup Noodle MISO (Miso, 3rd generation)
  • Cup Noodle Kimchi & CHEESEcheese) --To the existing cup noodle kimchiCheddar cheeseTopping.The de facto successor to Cup Noodle Kimchi.
  • Summer seafood noodles --Released on July 2009, 7.The second product commemorating the 27th anniversary of the release of seafood noodles.It features a soup that has a good balance of spiciness and sourness.
  • Cup noodle milk curry
  • Cup Noodle Meat King-Large cut dice Minced meat, beef, chicken dice, minced pork ingredients are topped.The largest amount of meat-based ingredients used in history.
  • Spicy grilled chicken noodles
  • Cup Noodle Seafood Curry & Cheese --Launched nationwide as a new product commemorating the 2011th anniversary on June 23, 6[82].
  • Cup Noodles Butto Rich Thick Milk Seafood Noodles-The only one in the series that uses the thick noodle manufacturing method.Unlike the usual one, it was cooked in boiling water for 5 minutes.
  • Cup noodle mega meat
  • Cup Noodle Mega Vegetable
  • Cup Noodles Dream Pork(Ton) Tonkotsu-A 2012th anniversary commemorative product released on February 2, 6.
  • Cup Noodle Calvist Big Green Onion Salt Pork Calvi Flavor --Released on February 2012, 2.Grilled meatPopular "green onion salt pork" on the menuCalviImagine.
  • Cup Noodle Meat Tan Tan Big --Released on August 2012, 8.Large-sized dandan noodles with plenty of dice minced meat.A mild, spicy soy sauce-based tantan soup that takes advantage of the umami flavor of Tahini is used.
  • Cup noodle Italian curry
  • Cup Noodle Red Curry (3nd generation)
  • Cup Noodle Cream Stew Noodle- Vancouver OlympicsAs an officially licensed product, a white package product was released along with Donbei and Nissin Yakisoba UFO.Sochi OlympicsBut the same three products were released.
  • Cup Noodles BrazilWind Grilled Chicken-FIFA World CupBrazil tournamentIt was released at the same time as the event.
  • pumpkinPotageNoodles- HalloweenLimited time sale product.
  • Cup Noodle Vegeta Sautéed cabbage and bacon flavor --- Once in the past, it was sold for a limited time.
  • Cup Noodles Massamancurry
  • Cup Noodle Light Plus-Cheese Fondue[83]
  • Cup Noodle Light Plus Japanese Consomme-Released in 2015
  • Cup Noodle Light Plus Shrimpbisque --Released in 2016
  • Cup noodle rich luxuryTurtleSoup taste-The first product using high-quality ingredients, which was released for a limited time on the 45th anniversary.
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Chicken Curry with Golden Chicken Oil- Rio de Janeiro OlympicsA collaboration with Kei Nishikori before.A product with a golden package has been released along with Donbei and Nissin Yakisoba UFO.
  • Cup noodles red seafood noodles
  • Cup Noodle Vegeta Pork Cabbage Tonkotsu
  • Thai Cup Noodles-Tom Yum Kung and Minsed Pork.A reimport of products sold in Thailand.
  • Cup Noodles Spicy Seafood (Shanra Kaisen Aji) ――A Hong Kong product that won first place in the “World Cup Noodles General Election” held in May 45 as a 2016th anniversary project.Initially sold as "Big", it revived in 5 in regular size.
  • Cup Noodles MatchaTailored seafood flavor
  • Cup Noodle Rasa Gly Ayam Murayu-An Indonesian product released as the "World Cup Noodle Summit 2017". It says "Spice scented coconut curry flavor".
  • Cup Noodle XO Sauce Seafood Flavor-A Hong Kong product released as the "World Cup Noodle Summit 2017".
  • Cup Noodle Champignons-A German product released as the "World Cup Noodle Summit 2017". It says "Mushroom potage flavor".
  • Cup Noodle Soupless SEAFOOD --Seafood noodle flavored fried noodles.A format for draining hot water.
  • Cup Noodle Rich Matsutake Mushroom Thick Mushroom Cream-The 45th anniversary limited edition product, the third in the "Cup Noodle Rich" series that uses high-quality ingredients.
  • Chili Chili ♪ Chili Tomato Noodles-A special limited prize for the 35th anniversary of Chili Tomato Noodles.Super spicy chili chili ♪ Paste is attached, and adding it makes the spiciness 18 times.
  • Cup Noodle Ethnic Series-Three types of series developed in collaboration with overseas subsidiaries of the NISSIN FOODS Group[84].
    • Tom yam kungNoodles- ThailandWith the cooperation of Nissin, we reproduced the taste that is on sale locally.
    • Cup Noodles SingaporeWindLaksa --With the cooperation of Nissin in Singapore, the taste sold locally has been reproduced.
    • Cup Noodle Black Pepper Club
  • Cup noodles spicy pork bones


  • Cup noodle pork big
  • Cup Noodle Garlic Miso Tonkotsu Big
  • Cup noodles mustard mustard tonkotsu big
  • Cup Noodles Kogashi Negi Shiotonkotsu Big
  • Cup noodle backfat garlic tonkotsu big
  • Cup Noodle with Fried Pork Kokumiso Tonkotsu Big
  • Cup Noodles Tropical Seafood Noodles Big
  • Cup Noodle Tantan Big
  • Cup Noodle Arabiki Pork Sausage Big
  • Cup Noodle Pork Toro Salt Dare Tonkotsu Big
  • Cup Noodle Tropical Seafood Curry Big
  • Cup noodle double fried big
  • Cup Noodle Italian Pizza Big
  • Cup noodle tropical seafood big
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Pork Ribs BIG
  • Cup Noodle Tantan BIG
  • Cup Noodle Tonkotsu BIG
  • Cup Noodle Dry Seafood BIG
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Chicken BIG
  • Cup Noodles Mediterranean Seafood Noodles Big
  • Cup noodle double chicken big
  • Cup Noodle Italian Big
  • Cup Noodle Jjigae Big
  • Cup Noodle German Potato Big Pepper Salty
  • Cup Noodles Lobster Sauce Seafood Big
  • Cup noodles rough pork sausage
  • Cup noodles Italian seafood noodles
  • Cup Noodle SiO Big
  • Cup Noodle Dry Caribbean Seafood Big
  • Cup noodle bacon sauce soy sauce big
  • Cup Noodles SpicyKimchi Big
  • Cup Noodles Brasili Antikin Noodles
  • Cup Noodle Okinawa Okinawa Style Noodle
  • French seafood noodle big
  • Pork chowder noodle big
  • Cup Noodle Bacon Potato Mayonnaise Big
  • Cup Noodle Kimchi Mayonnaise Corochar Big
  • Cup Noodle Pork Ginger Big
  • Cup Noodle Onigariller Oil Noodle Big
  • Cup Noodle Italian Curry Big
  • Cup Noodle Garlic Ribs Big --Released in July 2013
  • Cup Noodle Cheese Miradria Noodle Big --Released in October 2013.Milan-style doriataste.
  • Cup Noodle Buiton Big --Released in February 2014.Bouillabaisse and tonkotsu soy sauce.
  • Cup Noodles Brazilian Seafood Noodles Big-Launched in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup Brazil Tournament
  • Cup Noodle Spicy Beef Chili Pepper Flavor --- RED DEVIL on the packageManchester UnitedIs drawn
  • Cup Noodle Ahijo-Shrimp in olive oil
  • Cup Noodle Tonkotsu Big-Previously it was written as "Tonkotsu"
  • Cup Noodle "Mysterious Meat Festival" Meat Pepper Soy Sauce-45th Anniversary Product.The dice-shaped minced meat "mysterious meat" is used 10 times as much as usual. Although it was launched on September 2016, 9, shipments were temporarily suspended because the response from consumers was so great that it greatly exceeded the initial sales plan.After that, sales resumed on October 12, the same year.
  • Cup noodle seafood Clam chowder --Clam chowder of clams
  • Cup Noodle Cheese Mexican Chili- Chili con carnetaste.Stewed minced meat and tomato.
  • Phu Pap Pong Curry Noodle-Thai food, stir-fried crab and egg curry.
  • Cup Noodle Energy Miso Ginger-Contains arginine and niacin.
  • Cup Noodle Squid Ink Black Seafood Big-Seafood noodles with special squid ink paste.
  • Cup Noodle Cheese Pizza Potato Tomato Flavor Big
  • Cup Noodles The Mysterious Meat Festival W 2 Kinds of Mysterious Meat Pepper Soy Sauce Flavor-An improved version of the "Mysterious Meat Festival" where you can enjoy "white mysterious meat" in addition to the conventional "mysterious meat".
  • Cup Noodles Third Generation Mysterious Meat Festival Three Kinds of Mysterious Meat Pepper Soy Sauce-The third in the Mysterious Meat Festival series that includes "Chilean Mysterious Meat" in addition to "Mysterious Meat" and "White Mysterious Meat".
  • Cup Noodle Egg Curry Big
  • Cup Noodle Kim Tama Big
  • Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big --Launched May 2019, 5.This is a horizontal product of the aforementioned Cup Noodle Miso (regular, 13th generation).It features a rich spicy miso soup that is based on red miso and has plenty of pork and chicken flavors and peppers, and is accented with ginger and garlic. You can enjoy the spicy and delicious taste.
  • Cup Noodle Big Mysterious Meat Festival Meat-filled Pepper Soy Sauce-The 4th in the Mysterious Meat Festival series.Like the first generation, only "mysterious meat" was used, but the amount was increased more than before so that it was touted as "the largest amount in the history of cup noodles".From this time, a copy of "once a year" will be added before the product name.
  • Cup Noodle Nori Uma Seafood Big --Launched on August 2020, 8.For existing cup noodles seafood noodlesNori tsukudaniTo put inSocial Media,channel 5Etc.Electronic bulletin board, The way of eating that attracted a lot of attention in various TV media was embodied and commercialized.

キ ン グ

The content is even larger than the "Big". 2012th anniversary commemorative product released on January 1, 23.The noodles are thicker than conventional products, and the total weight is 40g, which is 105g, which is the heaviest weight ever (about 120 times the regular size).[85]..The ingredients are almost the same as the regular size for green onions and eggs, but the shrimp are slightly larger and use a larger "die mince" instead of colo char.[85].

It was sold out with shipments in December 2015, and the series itself was abolished.

  • Cup noodle king
  • Cup Noodle King Seafood-Same as soy sauce except for ingredients and soup.
  • Cup Noodles Mabo tofueggplant SpicySpicyMiso taste --Released on May 2013, 5.It is a creative menu that combines "Mapo tofu" and "Mapo tofu", which are typical of Mapo-based dishes, and as the name suggests, spicy and spicy mapo tofu-based mapo soup is used.
  • Cup Noodle King Miso (described as "Kokumiso")
  • Cup Noodle King Veggie Pork-Pork rich soy sauce There is a description that it is a vegetable mashi, and the amount of vegetables is the largest in history
  • Cup Noodle King Karaage Black Pepper Soy Sauce Flavor

ミ ニ

  • Cup Noodle MISO (XNUMXst generation) Mini
  • Cup Noodle MISO (3rd generation) Mini


metabolic syndromeRepresented byLifestyle-related diseasesFunctionality-oriented for users who are concerned about problems.The mist air dry manufacturing method based on non-fly is used, and in the central layerDietary fiberThe original 3-layer noodles are kneaded with vegetable oil and dried by blowing hot air at a high temperature.Therefore, with oilWheat flourThe weight of the noodles is 40g (2/3 of the cup noodles) and the calories are 198kcal.Development started around 2008[86].. Launched nationwide from March 2009, 3. In 19, sales exceeded the original plan by 2009%.[86]..Purchasers were initially envisioneddietIt has spread to young women who do not usually eat cup noodles, mainly men and women in their 40s who are interested in instant noodles.[86]..In addition, although there were many variations in taste even after the release of Cup Noodle Nice, which will be described later, with the renewal of Cup Noodle Nice in 2018, this series will be limited to Cup Noodle Light and Seafood Noodle Light at the time of release. Although it was organized, as mentioned above, it was discontinued as it was with the release of Cup Noodle Salt Off, which is a de facto successor product in September 2019.

  • Cup noodle lights
  • Seafood noodle light
  • Cup Noodle Curry Light-Released September 2010, 9
  • Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Noodle Light --Released in May 2012
  • Bouillabaisse Seafood Noodles-Released in August 2012,Kei NishikoriSupervised. There is no notation of "light", but it is manufactured by the light method.
  • Cup noodle lights Somen Noodles --Released on July 2014, 7.The existing Cup Noodle series was released from 7 to 1973.Cup noodle TensobaSince then, it is the first Japanese-style cup noodle to be introduced in about 37 years, and it is assumed that the purchaser will be the elderly in their 60s.In addition, it is the only existing series excluding Cup Noodle Salt Off, Cup Noodle Rice, and Cup Noodle Onigiri, which will be described later.JAS standardAlthough it was a non-certified product, it was changed to a JAS standard certified product from the renewal in 2017.
  • Cup Noodle Light Plus Tomato Somen --Released in July 2016.The previous "somen" has been changed to "delicious somen" and a new taste has been added.
  • Cup Noodle Light Plus- Ratatouille, Bagna cauda, Crab tomato cream, beef and vegetablesBorscht

Cup Noodle Nice → Cup Noodle Cottery Nice

It will be on sale from April 2017, 4.It is a product with enhanced functionality based on the existing product of the time, Cup Noodle Light, and it is used for noodles while maintaining the "richness" of ordinary cup noodles.lettuceFor 4 piecesDietary fiberIs compounded.Reviewing the distribution of flour and dietary fiber, keeping the noodle weight at 40g, which is the same as "Light", 50% off fat, 40% off sugar, 178 calories (calories are about half of the regular size version of Cup Noodle soy sauce) ) Achieved non-fried noodles[84]..The main target is set for men in their 30s to 40s, and the package is so-calledConsumers who are "8-bit game console generation" (as of 2017)In order to appeal to the people, the design of the usual cup noodles is made with the "CUP NOODLE" logo in 8-bit style.[87].

The first renewal was carried out on March 2019, 3, the product name was changed to "Cup Noodle Cottery Nice", and at the same time the JAS mark was abolished.After that, with the start of sales of the aforementioned Cup Noodle PRO, sales will end as it is in April 4.

  • Cup Noodle Nice → Cottery Nice Rich! Pork Soy Sauce --- A rich soy sauce with pork extract added to the original soy sauce soup with pepper that is unique to Cup Noodles (original).
  • Cup Noodle Nice → Cottery Nice Rich! Creamy Seafood ――The taste of seafood unique to seafood noodles is retained, but it is finished with a cream stew-like creamy and rich soup.
  • Cup Noodle Nice → Cottery Nice Rich! Kimchi Pork Bone --Released on September 2017, 9.Based on creamy tonkotsu soup, it was characterized by a spicy and rich taste with the spiciness of chili peppers and the umami of kimchi, but due to a decrease in demand, it was sold out in advance with the shipment in February 11. It became.


  • Cup noodle refill CharDedicated glass cup with red curry noodle refill
  • Cup Noodle Char's Exclusive Red Curry Noodle Refill (Refill)
    both"Mobile Suit Gundam] 30th anniversary collaboration product.The glass cup is a limited quantity product released on October 2009, 10, and the refill (refill) is a product for a limited time until December 26, which is three times as much spice as the usual "cup noodle curry refill".Red peppers-pepper)use[88].
  • Cup noodle refill AKB48Mug cup noodle with refill
    Limited quantity product released on December 2012, 12. At the time of 3, images and signatures of AKB2012's Yuko Oshima, Minami Takahashi, and Haruna Kojima, who were the CM characters of Cup Noodles, were printed on the package and container, respectively.[89].

My range time

  • Cup Noodle Range Style ManhattanClam chowder(Tomato-style clam chowder noodles)
  • Cup Noodles Range Style New England Clam Chowder (Cream Clam Chowder Noodles)
  • Cup Noodles My Range Time Cream-style Clam Chowder Noodles
  • Cup Noodles My Range Time Minestrone Noodles
  • Cup Noodle My Range Time Onion Gratin Style Noodle
  • Cup Noodle My Range Time Rich Curry Noodle


  • Cup noodle "mini Gunpla" pack
    As a collaboration product commemorating the 2009th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam" in limited quantities on August 21, 8, the special original "31/30 scale" will be the smallest in history for the Iropura Gundam series.Gunpla"Cup Noodle mini Gunpla Pack" is now on sale.The price is an open price, the first in the seriesShokuganIt was a product[90].
  • Cup Noodle Char's Exclusive Chili Tomato Noodle "mini Gunpla" Pack
    On August 2010, 22, a limited number of "Gundam Model Kits" 8th Anniversary collaboration products, "Cup Noodle Char's Chili Tomato Noodles" mini Gunpla "packed with a 2/30 scale special original" Gunpla " Three packs (breakdown: Char's exclusive chili tomato noodles, Char's exclusive spicy triple chili tomato noodles, Char's exclusive red cheese chili tomato noodles) have been released.The price is an open price[91].
  • 40th Anniversary of Cup Noodle Release Cup Gunpla & Cup Noodle
    On September 2011, 23, a limited number of collaboration products with a 9/20 scale original "Gundam Model Kit" were released as a product commemorating the 40th anniversary.The price is an open price[92].
  • Curry 40th Anniversary Product << "mini Gunpla" KettleEquipped Cup Noodle Curry Trio "》
    On May 2013, 25, a limited number of collaboration products with a 5/27 scale special original "Gundam model" were released as a product commemorating the 40th anniversary of the curry release.The price is an open price[93].
    • Cup Noodle Curry "mini Gunpla Kettle Equipment" Mobile Suit Gundam --1/380 Scale mini Gunpla RX-78-2 Gundam Kettle equipment (clear color) is attached.
    • Cup NoodlesRed curry "mini Gunpla Kettle Equipment" Char's Special Pack --1/380 Scale mini Gunpla MS-14S Char's Gelgoog Kettle equipment (clear color) is attached.
    • Cup NoodlesGreen curry "Mini Gunpla Kettle Equipment" Mass Production Pack --1/380 Scale mini Gunpla MS-06 Mass-produced Zaku II Kettle equipment (clear color) is attached.

Related products

The following are derivative / related / developed products.


Was once soldProcessed rice food.

In 1975 (Showa 50), a similar container was used as a sister product, and it was also compatible with vending machine sales.CapriceWas released[59]..Porous rice with reduced oiliness by combining the oil heat treatment technology and puff drying (pressure drying) technology that have been established so far with the newly developed technology.Pregelatinized riceIt was commercialized as delicious pre-cooked rice (processed cooked rice) due to the development of processing technology to make it into a shape.[59][94]..The cooking method was more than usual, pouring boiling water, waiting for a few seconds, discarding the water, and steaming for 3 to 5 minutes.[59][94]..The lineup included chicken rice, dry curry, shrimp pilaf, Gomoku sushi, and red rice.Although the product itself was evaluated as excellent, it was discontinued due to the time-consuming process of cooking as an instant food and the fact that consumers' feeling of being overpriced was not wiped out and sales declined shortly after its release. Ta[59].

Products with the same name were released in the 1980s, and commercials and "Vespa"Present" campaign was developed, but sales ended later[95].

Curry Messi

Cup curry rice will be released on September 2013, 9.Like Nissin GoFan and Cup Noodle rice, pour water into the puffed rice and heat it in the microwave for about 2 and a half minutes to cook (at 5W).The lineup at that time was three types: beef curry sweet, beef curry medium spicy, and beef curry dry.[96].

On April 2014, 4, six months after its release, "Nissin Curry MessiWas renewed as[97][98], Curry rice / medium spicy, Curry rice dry, Curry rice spicy, Tomato curry rice 4 types are available.Seafood curry rice was newly added on September 9th of the same year.[99].. On August 2015, 6Nissin Curry Meshi 2The product name was changed and renewed, and the die mince became larger.The image character was "Curry Meshi-kun" and later renamed to "Curry Meshi 2-kun". In the commercials, catchphrases such as "If you get hungry, curry meshi !!" and "Justice !!" are used in the curry meshi era, and immediately after saying "pekochin !!" The BGM "Pecochin !!" is played, and a commercial with the content that all the performers perform a dance called "Pecochin Dance" is being broadcast, and the catch phrase of Justice !! is still being used.

From August 2016, 8, the method of curry rice and seafood curry rice was changed from the method of adding water and cooking in the microwave to the method of pouring hot water, waiting until the specified time, stirring well and completing it, which is the same method as cup noodles.[100]..The microwave oven-cooked curry meshi was sold out accordingly.

NISSIN FOODS positions it as the third curry rice product that is neither roux nor retort.[101].

Soup wonton

A cup-type wonton that has been on sale nationwide since December 2010, 12 as a derivative product of "Soup Noodle".The package is labeled "SOUP Wonton" on the package design of Cup Noodles.

There are three flavors: chicken soy sauce flavor, green onion flavor (released March 2011, 3), and rich miso flavor (released August 14, 2011).

Nissin Mug Noodle

There is no related notation on the official website or product introduction page, but the package is a derivative product with the logo of the same series.Noodles and soup are put in a mug and hot water is poured.As a sister product, there is a derivative product of "Donbei", "Nissin Mug Udon".

  • Nissin Mug Noodle
    • Released in 1992. Renewed in 2010.Currently, it is sold as a set with 2 consomme soy sauce flavors and 2 seafood flavors.To distinguish them, the consomme soy sauce flavor contains dogs, and the seafood flavor contains panda kamaboko.

SDF noodles

SDFMade for.The contents are almost the same as regular, but the amount of ingredients is small and the taste is a little dark, and the package design is also different.Also, later, the equivalent of seafood noodles was added.In addition to purchasing by the Self-Defense Forces, it has been available for a long time at Nissin Foods' online shop, but it has disappeared from the product list due to the system change in 2016.


For provision on international flightsJapan Airlines Co-developed with (JAL).Mini size. As of 2015, only "soy sauce flavor" is available by mail order, but in the past, "seafood" etc. also existed.The taste is a little refreshing Japanese style.During the postal service era, it often appeared in the order catalogs of post offices.

Including udon, soba, and noodles (including other variations in the past)Kai seriesIt is often categorized separately.Manufactured by Mirror Pasta, a partner company in Gunma Prefecture.

Sports noodles

"Sports Noodle Combustion System" and "Sports Noodle Recovery System" will be available from July 2006, 7 for all athletes engaged in sports.MizunoIt was sold only at sporting goods stores and sports clubs through the sales channel of.

"Combustion system"L-carnitine, "Recovery system" is kneaded.The cup is made of silver paper on the outside.The cup contains the "from CUP NOODLE" logo and is a derivative product.The logo is "Sports NuDo"Le", imitating cup noodles[102].

Coop Noodle (OEM)

Japan Consumers' Cooperative FederationBased on cup noodles, which was jointly developed withCo-opbrandIs.As for the type of taste (flavor), besides soy sauce, seafood, and curry, it is not in the regular size product lineup.TonkotsuThere is.Cheaper than the manufacturer's retail price for cup noodles.Previously the container was Styrofoam, but now it is paper.In the co-op noodle logo, the letter "do" is the same size as other letters.Also, the salt content is modest compared to the base.[103].

Seven & i Holdings Limited Product Vertical Cup Noodles

Seven & i HoldingsLimited release at affiliated supermarkets and convenience stores.

  • White curry noodles[104]
  • European-style black curry noodles[105]

CM in Japan

Cup Noodles are also focusing on commercials, and commercial songs are often hit songs, and have won awards both in Japan and overseas.[106].

"" Aired from 1985 to 1986Paris Dakar RallyIn the "Hungarian people", a commercial with a copy of "Hungarian people" was shown showing the image of the rally participants' motorcycle riders eating.song isHOUND DOGof"ff (Fortissimo)".This commercial made it a hit song.

In 1992, he was a major musician in the American black music world.James BrownWas appointed as the CM character of the first MISO and became a hot topic.The phrase "Get Up!" In his song "Get Up (I Feel Like Being Like A) Sex Machine" can be heard by Japanese people as "Geroppa!" It was a self-parody content that he himself sang by replacing it with the phrase "Misonpa!"[107]..In recent years, the MISO has been off the menu for some time, but it wasn't until November 2006, the month before he died, that he re-entered the lineup with a major overhaul of flavors and ingredients. The ones on sale as of March 11 are the third generation in total.

An extremely small primitive man who started broadcasting in 1992Mammoth"Hungry?" Hen (Art Director:Takuya Onuki, Video Director:Shinya Nakajima,Narration:Animal Leslie) Won the Grand Prix at the Cannes International CM Festival in 1993.This is the first feat for a Japanese director.There is an anecdote that the staff of Nissin approached the company to let them go through the project, saying, "We can make more interesting commercials, and if we fail, we will take responsibility and become shaved."In addition, this CM was made into a series because it was well received, andBrontotherium,Uintatherium,Megaterium,Synthetoceras(The above five are all mammals),more(Running birds, birds),QuetzalcoatlusA total of seven species of extinct animals such as (pterosaurs, reptiles) will appear one after another (this order is not the order of appearance).

Around 1999,Masatoshi NagaseTheBerlin Wall CollapseSite (1989)space shuttleIn-flight (1981), before lifeジ ョ ン · レ ノ ン(1971)エ ル ヴ ィ ス · プ レ ス リ ー(1973 years),Mikhail Gorbachev(1985)Carl Lewis(1991)Sadaharu Oh(1977), etc.Die Walküre's Riding(However, the in-flight version of the Space Shuttle is "Ninth"20th Century Cup Noodles" was created by putting it on the BGM of "20th Century Cup Noodles" to let people and events that symbolize the XNUMXth century eat cup noodles while being present at the scene by digital synthesis.

From around 2004, "Mr. ChildrenThe CM "NO BORDER" version using the song "" has started broadcasting, and this series has become a strong anti-war image as the number of times increases (the line is drawn by the cup where the border markers are lined up, and people Borders disappear by taking a cup, etc.).

From October 2005, 11International Space StationAn image taken using a custom-made cup noodle (conforming to the outer space carry-out standard) was aired at (the longest space stay record holder).Sergei KrikalevAstronauts appear).The company was in charge of the location, and it was remodeled.SonyMade for small business useHDVCamcorderWas brought into the International Space Station and used.The actual shooting is the crew of the station (宇宙 飛行 士), And it was difficult to shoot from the ground and direct the production, so it was almost left to the crew.Since it was not shot by the production staff of the main job, I was worried about the quality as a video material at the planning stage, but the shot tape returned to the ground is very, such as a scene where you eat while watching the beautifully shining earth. It was of high quality.

From April 2006, 4, "AKIRAKnown asmanga artist OfKatsuhiro OtomoIn addition to the project team, a new series "FREEDOM" that depicts the story of boys seeking "FREEDOM" in a science fiction style with the theme of the 23rd centuryFREEDOM-PROJECT(The song isHikaru UtadaIs in charge) has started.

From the time of switching to the Eco Cup in 2008Kimura TakuyaWas appearing in a commercial.

From April 2010, the "This taste is one in the world" series started. The theme is "Music x Cup Noodles"[108], A CM that replaces the songs of famous artists with parody songs with the theme of Cup Noodles. The PV of the original song is used as it is in the video, and the part where the lyrics are changed uses CG to match the movement of the mouth to the lyrics. We are doing very elaborate work such as changing.It is a policy to refrain from disclosing the identity of the person who sings the parody[109].

Commercials have also been created on the radio, and in the pastNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.The CM before the time signal at 23:XNUMX was broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System.announcerWas appointed and broadcast.In addition, a radio commercial has been created at the same station as part of the 30th and 35th anniversary events.[110]..Radio ended once in August 2008, but revived in mid-8 at 2010:23 on Nippon Broadcasting System, and the same "This taste is one in the world" series is being broadcast, similar to TV commercials.

After the above-mentioned odor transfer incident was discovered, a company announcement-style commercial was created to call attention to the transfer scent.

Many of the commercials of the pastOsakaIkedaof"Momofuku Ando Memorial Hall Osaka IkedaYou can watch it at.Also,Hiroki Ando-Nissin Foods HoldingsThe CEO's book, "Crush Noodles!-The Marketing Style of the Second President Who Infuriated the Founder" (Central public opinion new company,ISBN 978-4-12-004065-8 .. You can also watch the "hungry?" And "NO BORDER" editions on the DVD attached to the appendix.

In the CM that appointed AKB2012 that aired in the summer of 48, put ice before eating Cup Noodle Light and eat it.Ice cup noodlesIntroducing how to eat.

From around the summer of 2014, he produced the "SAMURAI, FUJIYAMA, CUP NOODLE" series, which introduces Japanese culture seen from abroad. "Modern Samurai Edition" and "Wall donHen ","Honest and TatezenHen "was broadcast.

From June 2015, he has produced a commercial with the slogan "STAY HOT, do more."

In 2017, we will call it "HUNGRY DAYS" and use domestic and foreign masterpieces as a motif.Kubotouchi EisakuAnimated CM with the setting that the character designed by is living in modern Japan and developing youth (Aoharu)Tatsunoko ProIs producing, "Kiki's Delivery Service』Edit[111], September "Alpine girl Heidi』Edit[112], September "Sazae』Edit[113], The "final episode" edition of January 2018 was broadcast. From May 1, as a new work of "HUNGRY DAYS", "ONE-PIECE"HUNGRY DAYS ONE PIECE Zoro Hen" in collaboration with[114]Also, from September 9th of the same year, "HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Nami Hen" and "HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Bibi Hen" will be on December 13th of the same year, and the final episode "HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Top Horse Battle Hen" will be on February 12, 6. It was pre-released on the official website of Cup Noodles on the day and was also broadcast on TV.From this series, animation productionシ ャ フ トWas changed to.

From March 2018, the slogan is "Dangerous. Something hot."EXILE TRIBEThe CM of the appearance is being broadcast.The content of the commercial is the drama / movie "EXILE TRIBE" in which EXILE TRIBE appeared.HiGH & LOWIt became a topic that it was very similar to[115].

In January 2020, Nissin signed a sponsorship contract as "1! Boil from the locals! #Local CM festival"Kei Nishikori-大 坂 な お み-Yamura base3 commercials were aired at the same time, which was a parody of regional commercials for each of the 32 broadcast regions throughout Japan, using the three athletes from.The commercials that became the motif for each broadcasting area are as follows.TaiziRepresents a company released on the official Youtube channel of NISSIN FOODS along with the commercial that became the motif as "Collaboration Ver."

Canceled CM

The video aired as a commercial for "Cup Noodle Pork" in 1999The content of the piglet crying and chasing after the pig in the cup noodle is put on the car in the setting sun and carried somewhereThe broadcast was canceled early due to many complaints such as "I am giving consideration to animal protection" and "Children cry".

The video aired in the first half of 2005 was produced as one of the "NO BORDER" series, and a boy soldier was watching the sea with a gun, but when his sister came, he returned to an innocent smile and said, "About the world. There are 30 child soldiers.The content included an enlightenment message, "What can we do for them?", And Nissin produced it based on the social moral intention of "think about the reality of having child soldiers." , Controversial from the beginning of the broadcast.An important enlightenment message was overlooked, and some people complained that they were "affirming the child soldiers", and eventually it was canceled shortly after the start of the broadcast.

The video aired from March 2016, 3 was produced as the first in the "OBAKA's UNIVERSITY" series.Mari Yaguchi,Sachiko Kobayashi,Takashi Aragaki,Masanori HataIs a teacherBeat takeshiWas supposed to serve as the president, but it was canceled on April 4 due to many complaints about expressions.Apologies for posting on the special website of "OBAKA's UNIVERSITY" on the official website of NISSIN FOODS[116] Although it is not stated which expression was regarded as a problem, there are reports that complaints may have been gathered for the story of Yaguchi's affair.[117]..This series continued until January 2017, ending with "OBAKA'S University Graduation Ceremony".[118].

tv set

According to the Deputy General Manager of the Public Relations Department of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS, there has never been a scene of eating with chopsticks from the commercial when it was first released.[119].

Main performers

() Is the product name of the CM in which it is appearing. ★ is a fictitious character who is appearing.Those without special notation are the performers of the Cup Noodle general CM.

* October 2022 information.
A hip-hop style song arranged from Sazae-san's TV anime BGM "Ending 4".
The DriftersUses the parody of "Go West".I was in charge of the illustrations for the pictures of pigs and garlic in "Mistaken Song".Morito ToyonagaBy.
A self-arranged song of "".Like the promotion video of the original songAC partIs also involved in the production.
Following the 2021 "Capnu Pro Out" and 2022 "Capnu Pro Selling", a self-arranged song of Meimura's "" is used.I was in charge of the animation for the promotion video of the original song, but I was in charge of the voice of the animation and the last line.
  • Fred Oarao (World Cup Noodles "It's a Wonderful Taste" April 2022)[Video 5][125]
Uses a self-arranged song of "Po popo popo".




Group, group
Fictitious people, groups, devices
original character
  • Cheese Alien (milk seafood)
  • Pepper Alien (milk seafood)
  • Pig Alien (Bouton Ikaton Series)
  • Squid Alien (Bouton Squid Ton Series)


CM song

  • The CD "CUP NOODLE CM SONGS COLLECTION" which collects 10 CM songs200611/22ToSony Music DirectIt was released from.On this CDKimiko KasaiDuke AcesThe first commercial song "Nisshin Cup Noodles are happy" (lyrics:Yu Aku, Composition:Aya Kobayashi) Is also recorded.Yoko NagisaIn the 2004 album "Yoko Nagisa meets Yu Aku, a lullaby that shakes and sleeps"coverIf so.
  • Hikaru Utada's "This Is Love" and "Kiss & Cry" are the original anime "This Is Love"FREEDOMIt was used for the BGM of the collaboration CM with "" and the theme song of the same animation.
  • Noevir-ShiseidoIn the process of establishing the genre of new music along with cosmetics campaigns such as, CM songs that can be called works one by one are a culture, like a promotion film in modern times. Because it was used a lot in Japan, there are many things that are related to memories such as the atmosphere at that time.
  • For MISIA, Jamiroquai, GLAY, BON JOVI, Freddie Mercury, and Orange Range, the original PV is replaced with the content that matches the CM, and some of the lyrics are newly rewritten.


Original CM

Ended in August 2008. From July 8 to March of the following year "AKB48 All Night Nippon』\ It was resumed for a limited time.

Main narrator
  • Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.
    • Akihisa Soguchi(Nippon Broadcasting System announcer at that time, nowFree announcer
    • Naoki Yoshida(Nippon Broadcasting System Announcer)
    • Yoshihiko Suzuki(Nippon Broadcasting System announcer at that time, current Fuji TV announcer, March 2003-April 3)
    • Koji Iida(Nippon Broadcasting System Announcer, April 2006-May 4, July 2007-March 5)
    • Tomoe Shinbo(Nippon Broadcasting System Announcer, April 2007-May 5, July 2008-March 8)
    • Miki Gonohe(Nippon Broadcasting System announcer at that time, current free announcer, July 2012-March 7)
    • Midori Hakozaki(Nippon Broadcasting System Announcer, July 2012-March 7)
    • な ど
      • From March 2003, "I love cup noodles, my name is ○○○○!CM in the style of.
      • From July 2012 to March of the following year, "○○○○ (AKB48 member), △ -year-old realCM with a style that starts with.

Nippon Broadcasting System broadcast every day around 22:58 on Monday-Saturday, but used one of the jingles of the young show on Monday-Thursday at 22:1 (bracketsThe program in is the jingle program).JinxBecause of this, I used the BGM of the previous program for a while after the program changed.

Normal CM

  • 2010- "This taste is one in the world" edition
  • 2011-"This country has the strength."
  • 2012-"AKB48 REAL" edition
  • 2013-"SURVIVE!"
  • 2014-"SAMURAI, FUJIYAMA, CUP NOODLE" edition
  • 2015-"STAY HOT Good, do more" edition
  • 2016-"Still! Let's be stupid! -CRAZY MAKES the FUTURE.-"
  • 2017-"HUNGRY DAYS" edition
  • 2018-"It's dangerous. It's hot."

Resurrection general election

From April 40th to June 2011th, 4, which marks the 26th anniversary of the release,Successive Cup Noodle Revival General Election 40th Anniversary CUP NOODLE], A campaign held on the official website for revival and limited release from 73 types released in the past[126].

2011年9月16日に選挙結果が発表され、投票数約186万通の順位は、1位「カップヌードル 天そば」、2位「カップヌードル ブタホタテドリ ローストしょうゆ味」、3位「カップヌードル スパイシーカレー」となり、3位から順に2011年11月から1カ月ごとに復刻版が発売された[127].

Collaboration products

Miwa Kanemi manufactures and sells mugs with lids (these mugs are different in size from the cups for cup noodle refills).

  • Cup noodle mug with lid (regular)
  • Cup noodle mug with lid (curry)
  • Cup noodle mug with lid (seafood)

In addition, KameyamaJust like a regular containerろ う そ く"Cup Noodle Candle" is manufactured and sold.

With mysterious meat in 2017Rubik's CubeThe collaboration product "Mysterious Meat Cube" is on sale exclusively at the NISSIN FOODS Group online store (login required).

In October 2020BANDAI SPIRITSMore past hit productsPlastic model"3/1 Cup Noodle" is on sale as the third in the "BEST HIT CHRONICLE" series[128].

Every day broadcasting OfTV program"Mizuno Maki's Magical RestaurantA collaboration product with "" was released for a limited time.

  • Cup noodle magic restaurant collaboration tomato soup → dandan noodles

(September 2021, 11Hankyu Umeda Main StoreLimited release)

  • Cup noodles Magical restaurant collaboration Kansai style sukiyaki noodles

(Released only in Kansai on November 2021, 11)


Related literature

Related item

  • Super voile
  • Asama Sanso Incident --Dramatically improved the popularity of cup noodles, which had been sluggish in sales.[2].
  • Teru Teru Family - NHKLate 15Continuous tv novel..The development process was adapted and incorporated into the drama.
  • Manpuku --NHK Late 30 serial TV novel. The history of development has appeared as "Manpuku Noodle".Next "Natsuzora], There was a slogan that "Manpuku Noodle" appeared.
  • Japan Professional Golf Championship ――The event was held from 2010 to 2017 with the subtitle "Cup Noodle Cup" as a special sponsor of NISSIN FOODS.In addition, as a supplementary prize to the winner, 10 cups equivalent to 3,650 years of cup noodles were presented, and the tee mark was replaced with a cup noodle type at the golf course at the venue.
  • U18 Nissin Food League Basketball Tournament --For high school students (2022 years old or younger) who will start in 2021 (Kanto block league will be held as a test tournament in 18)basketballLong-term upbringing league.The tournament logo is decorated with cup noodles.
  • Ace one - Ace cockCup noodles released by the company that shortened the rehydration time to 1 minute. Withdrew from the market in about two years.
  • Quick1 - Akeboshi food(Currently under the umbrella of Nissin Foods Group) also followed suit and released a 1-minute cooking type, but this also withdrew from the market in about two years.It was then re-released in 2.
  • Pot noodles --Cup noodle brand that has been sold in the UK since 6, six years after the launch of cup noodles.



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