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🐈 | Haruna Kojima appeals to HIKAKIN!"Honestly behind the mountain" by showing off the valley

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Hina Kojima is showing off to HIKAKIN! Showing off the valley "really behind the mountain"

Former "AKB48" Haruna Kojima is on location at the home of popular YouTuber HIKAKIN.Mutual YouTube ... → Continue reading


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Haruna Kojima

Haruna Kojima(Kojima Haruna,1988Showa63 years>May 4 -) isJapan Oftalent,Fashion Model,actress,YouTuber.. 『MAKEUP] Exclusive model[2],sweet] Is a regular model[3].

Female idol groupAKB48A former member of[4], A derivative unit of the same groupSleevelessIs a member of. Same real name. Nickname isKojiharu,Nyan Nyan.SaitamaSaitamaBackground[5].Mama & SonAffiliation[6].







  • September 2, "Coin locker story』(TV Asahi), And starred in a TV drama for the first time.
  • September, Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi and unit ・SleevelessFormed. November 11th, 26st single "Relax!Debuted with.





  • The vote was held from June 5 to July 22.AKB48 27th Single General Election』In the 7th place, achieve selection[12].
  • On August 8th, at the performance of "AKB24 in TOKYO DOME ~Dream of 48m~" on the first day, it is announced that he will be transferred to Team B.[13].
  • Transferred to Team B on November 11st[14].
  • On November 11rd, as a starting member of the Team B Waiting performance, we will start activities with the new team.[15].



  • Achieved 1 theater appearances in "Team B Waiting Performance" held on January 20[20].
  • On February 2, it is announced that the team will be transferred to Team A due to the team reorganization of the "AKB24 Group Daigaku Festival".[21].
  • Appear in the last theater performance as a member of Team B at "Team B Waiting Performance", which welcomed Chiaki on April 4.[22].
  • The first day was reached on April 4Team A 7th Stage “Love Prohibition Ordinance” performanceWill again appear in the theater performance as a member of Team A[23].
  • The vote was held from June 5 to July 20.AKB48 37th Single General Election』In 8th place, elected as a selected member[24].



  • "AKB48 45th Single General ElectionWas not running for Haruna Kojima himself, but was running for the name of “Nyannyan Kamen” (see detailsLater). After that, at the voting event on June 6, it was announced that AKB18 will be graduated[26].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SHOWROOMIt will be broadcast live on February 2017, 2.Yoyogi National Stadium First GymnasiumHas announced that it will hold a graduation concert at the "Koji Matsuri-Hina Kojima Thanksgiving Day"[27][28].
  • On November 11, the first day performance of AKB21's theater performance, Haruna Kojima, "Amazing Explosion", produced by herself (final performance is April 48, 2017)[29][30].
  • On December 12th, the official personal website "Haruna Kojima Official" was opened.[31].


  • January,Hankyu Umeda Main Store,Laforet Harajuku,Nagoya PARCOPop-up shop "22; market" produced by himself will open for a limited time[32].
  • Announced to hold a graduation performance at the AKB2 Theater on April 21, the 29th birthday, at the eve of the graduation concert "Koji Matsuri" held at the Yoyogi National Stadium No. 4 Gymnasium on February 19st.[33].
  • On February 2, the graduation concert "Koji Matsuri-Hina Kojima Thanksgiving Day" will be held at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium.[34].
  • May 3 TV AsahiSystem music program "Music StationIn the final appearance as a member of AKB48, "Kojima Haruna produced graduation medley", which he devised a set list and direction, was shown by 48 people in the AKB118 group.[35].
  • Graduation performance "KOJIMA FINAL COUNTDOWN 4rd Haruna Kojima Graduation Performance" held at AKB19 Theater on April 48th[Note 2]Ended the activity as a member of AKB48 (graduated)[36][37].. As a result, there are no AKB48 group members born in Showa.[38].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SHOWROOMIt becomes clear that they belong to Production Ogi's affiliated company "Mama & Son" in the form of a partnership (business alliance).[39].


  • On June 6, he announced the fashion brand "Her lip to", which he planned and produced, and started online sales on the same day.[40].


  • On May 5, YouTube channel "HARUNA KOJIMA's cat nap" was opened.


  • The main nickname is "Kojiharu,"Maeda Atsuko[41],Takahashi Minami[42]From "Nyan Nyan",Mariko ShinodaFrom "Nyaro"[43],Oshima YukoFrom "princess"[44],Mai Oshima-Ayaka UmedaIt is called variously from "Kojipa"."Hana-chan" when I was in elementary school, or was popular at that timeTamagotchiWas called "Harucchi"[45].
  • Born in a hospital in Tokyo as the eldest daughter between a father of a high school teacher and a mother of a housewife[46].. The name derives from the fact that the mother will be born in the spring when a girl is born, so she has decided to "Haruna" and hopes that she will grow up to be a bright child like the sun.[47].. I have a younger brother under 1[48][49].. When I was in elementary schoolwrestlingWatchingChris JerichoWas supporting[50].He says he is still attracted to men with thick chests because of that.[Source required].
  • When I was in kindergartenSailor MoonI am crazy about playing with "ChibiusaI wanted to be a role, but because I was the third tallest in the class, I could not become Chibiusa[51],Blonde"Sailor VenusI was playing a role[50].. In karaoke, the ending theme song of "Sailor Moon R"Maiden's policySing"[50].
  • When I was in elementary schoolMy melodyWith merchandise, I continue to collect merchandise even if I grow up[52].
  • Affected artistsAAA,SPEED,Cheki Musume,EARTHIs[53].. I was broadcasting in the eveningDAIBA ttetteki!!I went home from the elementary school with a dash every day to watch[50].
  • When I was in the third grade of elementary schoolNamie AmuroAnd I started attending the dance school after being aware of the entertainment world due to the influence of SPEED[54].. Kojima's mother revealed this in her Kojima photobook, saying, "I was working hard without spitting even if I came home late."[55].. In the summer of the fourth grade of elementary schoolOkinawa Actors SchoolReceived a special award after receiving a national audition[54].. At that time, one of the judges will be involved after joining AKB48Anna MakinoMet[54].historyAs I said, I was involved in performing arts activities in the Stardust promotion from the 6th grade of elementary school, but "I also faded out when my good friend Ko stopped on the way."[56].
  • Morning Musume.I liked all of the songs, and in my middle school days, I danced and sang with friends every day[45].. Especially "Go Girl-Victory of Love-, And often sing in karaoke[57].. High School days,Nozomi TsujiI was collecting a lot of raw photos of[58].. Also graduated in November 2014Sayumi MichishigeIt is also known as a big fan of. He likes karaoke so much that he doesn't get tired of going every day.[59].
  • In middle school and high schoolBullyingBut I didn't care because I just thought, "I'm saying something."[60].
  • Hitomi Komatani,Yokoyama RurikaIs a close friend.Marie[61]Erina Masuda[62]Has been in business for 10 years.
  • I've been interested in "fashion and makeup" since my childhood, and when it comes to playing, I'm "mostly in the house" such as "playing clothes and dress-up dolls", and I don't have any memories of running around cheerfully.[48], "I don't really know how to do my best in the first place", "I'm not good at myself"[63]. I haven't had any major illnesses or injuries.heatstrokeAlsohyperpneaNever became a healthy body[51].
  • I like watching soccer[64][65],localUrawa RedsAs for me, when I was little, I was supported by my father when I was little[50]. Post about the clubTwitterI often go to[66][67].
  • Japan Central Horse RacingBecause I appeared in the CMKatsuma voting ticketHave been involved in the purchase of. According to Shinoda,Horse racing newspaperRead, and apply only by the name of the horse and the color of the race number."[68]. A project for the horse racing variety program "Umazuki!" (Fuji TV), where he appeared, was awarded for 2 million yen.deep ImpactNamed the younger brother's younger horse "Mondo Charna"[69].Arc de Triomphe AwardWishing for conquest,French"Manda" which means "world", "Sha" and "Haruna" which mean "cat" are changed into "Sharna", and the meaning of "Hina of the world" is put together.[69].Sports NipponAtHorse Racing CriticIs serving. How to buy is good3 singlesIt is a box of 5 heads.
  • It is sometimes called a genius among some fans by referring to the accuracy of the comment.[70].
  • Regarding hairstyles, "I have been a long straight childhood", "I have never thought of making it short and I will not cut it from now on"[71].
  • "MAKEUPWas featured with the nickname "Pocha chest," but the AKB48 members also praised it as "it has a nice shape and feel." Often in underwear with gravure and PEACH JOHN commercials,Seriously School 2] InMiss CustomsI also played the role of ", but there is no resistance to that"[72]. "It seems that the positive and cheerful sex appeal will be accepted by the fans. It will be appreciated by everyone, so I'm thinking about doing more and doing better," he said.Can Megtan use magic?』When I showed the underwear,Yuichi FukudaWas thinking of shooting only once and reusing it, and Kojima suggested that he change his pants every time.[72].Rina IkomaConfesses that he admires Kojima's chest. According to Ikoma, "I want to touch Mr. Kojiharu (Kojima) once in his life."[73].
  • Under the influence of my fatherGo! Inaka table tennis clubI fell in love with "wonderfulI was angry if I didn't go to bed early on the anime version that was being broadcast, so I turned off the sound[50].

AKB48 related

  • Regarding the reason for applying for the audition, since the only application method was to take a picture of yourself with a mobile phone and attach it to an email and send it, "I sent it because I happened to take a cute picture when I saw the signboard of the application," he said. ing[74]. "If I had to take a full body photo, I probably didn't take it," he said.[75]. Before applyingReader modelI often want to be in Harajuku, so I often went to play in Harajuku.[75]. Among the scouts who called out, there was an AKB48 office official, but "I think it's an office I've never heard of." On the poster of "Akihabara 48 Project",Mayumi summer"I didn't think it was the same office, so I sent my resume to myself."[75].
  • In the audition song screening, "Watarase Bridge"The song was selected with the intention of "making it a different song from everyone".[75]. In the following self-appeal, it was listed in the special skill column of the resume from the judge's summerKago AiHe remembered that he imitated the imitation of "Is it possible?" and showed off "Similar" from the summer.[76].
  • After passing the audition, I decided to give priority to a part-time job on the first day of the lesson[59]In addition, even after debuting at the theater, I had to take a break from performances to study additional high school exams I attended at the time.[77].
  • Become a theater debutTeam A 1st Stage "PARTY begins"At the performance, he was initially in charge of the unit song "Classmate", but at the decision of Yasushi Akimoto who visited the lesson site, Kojima and Mai Oshima hurriedly.Skirt, HirariI was motivated by being changed to the person in charge of[78].
  • On the TV showSkirt, HirariWhile some of the members cried when AKB48 was ridiculed as a "pants show group" at the time of the performance, he thought, "There is such an aim and I am wearing a miniskirt costume". "I was not disappointed at all"[79]. AKB48 is "Akiba frame"NHK Red and White Singing BattleSome of the members were regretful about participating in ``I do not know well,'' ``At that time AKB was so famous, I thought it would be great to be able to appear in Kohaku. "[79].
  • In Sleeveless, he is in charge of "my pace."
  • TaglineHas used "I'm from Saitama prefecture. It's Haruna Kojima,'Kojiharu'" since her debut.[17][Note 3].
  • He became the oldest member of Team B when he moved from Team A to Team B in November 2012, and became the oldest member of AKB11 after July 2013, 7.
  • In a survey of "members who want to be born again" conducted between AKB48 regular members and some members of the sister group, 76 of 26 respondents supported it, with 2 votes to the second place, the most voted Became a gathered member[80].
  • Tonosaki TonobuAccording to him, "The sense of laughter is Pikaichi", "I don't usually get humbled and participate in defense at all, but I get a score at a delicious place." "If you compare it with a striker who is always on the offside line," Yasushi Akimoto said that he was a genius.[81].
  • He is a shy person and says, "I'm really not good at becoming the protagonist," and "I'd rather be a protagonist with flowers on the side instead of the protagonist." At the AKB48 group concert, Yasushi Akimoto said It's interesting because there is a gap,'' and it is common for Kojima to tighten one after the end, and the person himself is doing without knowing why.[59].
  • A member of "Team Saitama" of self-proclaimed AKB48 who has strong local love.[82].

Meow Meow Mask

2016'sAKB48 45th Single General Election], a mysterious person born on February 2222, 2, called Nyan-Nyan Kamen, from Neo Akihabara submitted a candidacy form on March 22, when the candidacy reception started, but it is currently under consideration for candidacy acceptance. Announced[83]. On April 4, it was officially accepted that Nyan-Nyan Kamen is eligible for candidacy.[84]. Tweet started from Twitter account on May 5th in the name of "Nyan Nyan Kamen"[85]. Since "Nyan-nyan" is a nickname for Kojima, most of the predictions on the net that Kojima might be true were made, but the person himself said, "I don't know what I mean, I don't know."[84].

During the general election period, an anime drama over two episodes was also produced,YouTubePublished on the official channel of AKB48[86][87]. A short cut that follows those stories is on June 6HARD OFF ECO Stadium NiigataDemonstrated at the general election ballot event at[26].

On the day of the voting event on June 6, Kojima announced on the sports newspaper that he would graduate from AKB18.[88], Announced that he was himself Kojima by removing the mask when commenting on the rank-in, and announced his graduation on the spot.[26]. The 45th single released after that "LOVE TRIPIn ", I participate in the name of "Hina Kojima" instead of the name of "Nyan Nyan Kamen".

Story performer

  • Hina Kojima-Nyan Nyan Mask and appeared in 2016 as one of two people.
  • Junji Yuasa-President of "Sizuk Entertainment". He is the chairman of the executive committee of the general election, and in the first episode he appears as the candidate receptionist.
  • Saya Kawamoto・Kayoko Takita・Tomoyo Nakanishi -Of episode 1AKB48 TheaterAppeared in the candidate reception scene in the lobby.
  • Nagano -Appeared in the role of Haruna Kojima in 2016. In the appeal comment of the general election of Nyan Nyan Mask, it appeared as Nyan Nyan Oji who is an acquaintance of Nyan Nyan Mask[89][90].
  • Yuko Oshima-Violated the Time-Slip Prohibition Act, chased to arrest Nyan-Nyan Kamen, and appeared in a skit on the stage of the general election in the role of Wandwan Police. However, I didn't reveal my true face[91].
  • A fictional character named "Dryokugar" modeled after Minami Takahashi and "Maripanda" modeled after Mariko Shinoda will appear in the second episode of the anime.[87].

Participating songs in AKB48

Single selection music


AKB48 Team Surprise

Gravity Sympathy Performance

  • Gravity sympathy
  • 1994 thunder
  • Every time I remember
  • When departing
  • AKB Festival
  • Than you think...
  • Where does the goddess smile?

Rose ceremonial performance

  • The future sees
  • Hungry lion
  • Round the love
  • Rose ritual
  • Beautiful hunt
  • River of love
  • Cheeks, tunnel

Album selection songs

"God songsRecorded in

  • Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!
  • You and the rainbow and the sun

"SET LIST-Greatest Songs-Complete EditionRecorded in

  • Seventeen
  • Because you were here

"Being hereRecorded in

  • girls
  • Overtake-"Team A"
  • Ikagen's recommendation
  • Being here

"1830mRecorded in

  • First Rabbit
  • Hate-the name of "Team A"
  • Let's go to Scandalous!
  • Important time
  • Welcome
  • Aozora, are you lonely?-- In the name of "AKB48+SKE48+NMB48+HKT48"

"Next footprintRecorded in

  • After rain
  • After the shower
  • I will do my best
  • Sad short distance romance-"Team B" name

"This is Rhodes, jump here!Recorded in

  • The existence of love
  • 7th "Remize"-Solo
  • Oh! Baby!-Takahashi Team A

"Between 0 and 1Recorded in

  • The person I liked at that time
  • Clap-the name of "Team A"

"thumbnailRecorded in

  • Me on that day
  • Birthday TANGO

Other participating songs

single"Let's chew!("AKB idling!!!" name)

  • Let's chew!
  • Song of Mote period-"AKB48" name

Soundtrack "Wreck-It Ralph"

single"Tingling flowers"("Not yet(Name)

  • The invisible sky is always blue-in the name of ``Yui Yokoyama with friends (from AKB48)''

single"Kiss rather than be gentle"("Watanabe Miyuki(Name)

  • Spring breeze pianissimo-in the name of "AKB48"

album"Transparent color] ("Nogizaka46(Name)

Participate in limited songs for distribution after graduating from AKB48

Unsourced songs

  • It resembles me (Songs included in "AKB3+Me" software for Nintendo 48DS)
  • Common love (GREE"AKB48 Stage Fighter] CM song)

Pachisuro AKB48 Goddess of Victory

  • There is no substitute for you
  • Get married in Las Vegas
  • Your news
  • Heavy Rotation
  • AKB Festival

Theater performance unit song

Team A 1st Stage "PARTY begins"

  • Skirt, Hirari (Ska Hira 5 and Ska Hira 7 both participated as a unit)
  • Don't kiss (2nd unit)

Team A 2nd Stage "I wanted to meet you"

  • Shonan of Tears (2nd UNIT)
  • Koi no PLAN
  • Hold me from your back
  • Rio Revolution

Team A 3rd Stage "For someone"

  • mirage
  • Uniform disturbs

Team A 4th Stage "I'm in love now"

  • Pure love crescendo

Sunflower Team 1st Stage "My Sun"

  • Me, juliet, and roller coaster

Himawari-gumi 2nd Stage "I can't let my dream die"

  • Bye Bye Bye

Team A 5th Stage "Love Prohibition Ordinance"

  • Heart-shaped virus

THEATER G-ROSSO "I can't let my dream die"Performance

Team A 6th Stage "Witness"

  • The other side of ☆

Umeda Team B Waiting Performance

Team A "Love Prohibition Ordinance" performance

Team A 7th Stage "Dedicated to MT"

  • Risuke


TV drama





Music video

  • SDN48 Under Girls A "Begging champagne(November 2011, 8)
  • LUHICA feat. NABE "Kimi to Odoro" (April 2014, 4)[126]
  • ~Sweet and bitter~ Skin-friendly music video "I want to drink skin-friendly" (August 2017, 8, Kirin Brewery) "Marmalade boy] A replacement song for the opening theme "I want to meet a smile"[127].

Internet tv


Online delivery

  • Josideka! -Women's Detectives- WebSword (October 2007, 10, TBS BooBoBOX)



Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • MAKEUP(April 2010 -, Shueisha)-Exclusive model, "Kojiharu no Tokimeki Cosplay ★ Makeup" serialized.
  • sweet(Takarajimasha)-Regular model[3]


  • Haruna Kojima 2010 Calendar (October 2009, 10, Hagoromo)
  • Haruna Kojima 2011 Calendar (October 2010, 10, Hagoromo)
  • Haruna Kojima 2012 Calendar (October 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Haruna Kojima 2012 TOKYO Date Calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Haruna Kojima Calendar 2013 (November 2012, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Tabletop Haruna Kojima Calendar 2013 (December 2012, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Wall hangings Hina Kojima Calendar 2014 (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Tabletop Haruna Kojima Calendar 2014 (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)


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