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💪 | Side dish club Yui P's diet surprised stylists "Much smaller than before ..." Side dish ...


The stylist was surprised at the diet of Yui P. Side dish club "The size is much smaller than before ..." Side dish ...

On the 13th, the official Instagram of the comedian / side dish club was updated. Yui says she succeeded in a 30 kg diet ... → Continue reading


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Side dish club

Side dish clubIs a Japanese female comedy duo.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs.


ocarina( (1984-09-28) 1984May 9(36 years old) -)
Original name:Maki Kashio.MiyazakiWest cityI'm fromBlood TypeIs A type, height is 152cm[1], B93㎝ W78㎝ H97㎝.
Nichinan Gakuen High SchoolGraduated from a nursing department with a hospital scholarship[2][3][4].. After graduationKagawaZentsuji OfSchool corporation JinseigakuenI went to Kagawa Nursing College[5]..中学2年生の時に祖母を脳梗塞で亡くして人の死を身近に感じ、両親が老いた時に援助したいと看護職を志したWhen I was in the second year of junior high school, my grandmother died of a cerebral infarction and I felt close to the death of a person.[3].
From a friend in the second year of high schoolM-1 Grand PrixYou can watch the video ofHarigane RockI was shocked to see the art, and at that moment, the goal of becoming an entertainer if I returned the hospital scholarship was born.[6]..合格率90%前後のPass rate around XNUMX%Nurse national examWas rejected once and worked as an associate nurse at a hospital that had been offered a job offer for one year, and passed the second examination.nurseAsTokyoAfter working at the hospital for 3 years[4][7], Entered NSC Tokyo School as a 15th gen member.看護師時代はWhen I was a nurseDripWas not good at[8].
While attending NSC, he later joined "Ako", who later became a member of the side dish club.Whole body complex』Activated as.Haliselbon OfHaruna KondoIs said to be better than myself[9].. The stage name is 30 seconds in the class of "do something you like and appeal yourself for 30 seconds" in the NSC eraocarinaBecause I kept blowing. After class, I exchanged contacts with Yui P for the first time and sent an email with my real name, but there was a reply "Is it "Ocarina"?"[10].
After enrolling in NSC, I registered as a dispatched nurse and worked for about a year.Medical checkupI used to go to work that comes every day[11].
Because it was often said that "a character that seems to appear in Ghibli works", "ThenGhibli MuseumLet's live by the end of 2015MusashinoI lived there for about 8 years. Saving train fare in the NSC eraBicycleI went to school at, and as an entertainer, I was traveling by bicycle even after the break.[8]..The farthest place I went by bicycle when I lived in Musashino City wasAkiruno OfTokyo Summerland[12].
2014'sYoshimoto Kogyo Ranking8th place in 2015, 4th place in XNUMX "Yoshimoto Kogyo Ranking"[13]Becomes
Hobby"ONE PIECE』By collecting manga such as owning the whole volume[14]As a favorite manga,Doshiro''Housing complex''Happy Kanako's killer life"The disappeared first love" andObstetrics and gynecologySet in the clinic, "Transparent cradle] And so on.
In 2016, the movie version of the manga "ONE PIECE"ONE PIECE FILM GOLDI'm eager to appear as a voice actor because I can play the role of a mob[15]Appeared in the role of "Muscle Turtle".ジャニーズのJohnny'sNEWSAnd the TV drama "Uncle loveIs a big fan of. Because of that passion, he planned a tour of the drama's location.Matsuko & Ariyoshi Karisome HeavenAnd brought it to fruition[16].
In 2017BOYS AND MEN OfYutaka KobayashiBecame a big fan of Boys and Men's CD "Raise the sail!I have purchased 100 sheets for a total of 13 yen[17]..またロケで神社に行くと必ず絵馬に「ボイメンが紅白に出られますように」と書いて祈願しているAlso, whenever I go to a shrine on location, I pray for Ema by writing "May Boys and Men appear in red and white."[18].
Mori Sanchu OfKurosawa KazukoIn March 2020, the YouTube channel "Ocarina Occasionally" was opened as a result of being recommended by. He posts videos with titles such as "breakfast" and "lunch" that just eat.いつも眉間にシワを寄せ険しい表情で食事をしているが、その理由について「高校生の頃にシワを寄せる仕草をしていたところ、それが癖になってしまい、今でもシワが寄ってしまう」と語っているI always wrinkle my eyebrows and eat with a rugged expression, but the reason is "I used to make wrinkle gestures when I was in high school, but that became a habit and I still get wrinkles." Saying[19]..The origin of the channel name is because I thought "I wish I could see me from time to time"[20].. In January 2021, the number of registered users exceeded 1.

Yui P (Yui Pee, (1986-04-28) 1986May 4(35 years old) -)

Original name:Yui Fujino (Yui Fujino).HyogoItami CityWhen I was born and in elementary schoolTokyoHigashiyamasaMoved to. Blood typeA type.. Height 158 cm[1], Weight 93 kg. B115 cm W106 cm H122 cm.
Hobbies are reading,AnimeAppreciation ("Sailor MoonI liked[14]), meal.
Tokyo Metropolitan Kurume High School(Currently Tokyo Metropolitan Higashi Kurume General High School),Oberlin Universitygraduate[14]..大学時代はIn collegeLacrosseBelong to department[21].
I thought of becoming an entertainer when I was in the fourth year of university, and while doing job hunting, I decided to do what I liked and made people laugh.[22].. Longing entertainerTakashi Fujii(This was also written in the NSC application form)[22].
I used to work part-timeSeibuen YuenchiHave been working in[23].. I was a train driver. I still keep my registration at Seibuen Yuenchi.[24].
Oneselfvirgin(Ocarina is also a virgin. As of 2014), Yui P's "P" is "Pure" P, and I intend to take P when it is no longer pure.[10].
Self-proclaimedAiri TairaSimilar"[25][26]And the eyes areAkiko YadaorKou ShibasakiTalking with similar[14].. Also, when I was a college studentBeckyWas said to be similar to[14].
Johnny's with OcarinaNEWSIs a big fan of.
In 2011, he appeared as an ordinary person on the E-television "Magic of Beauty".
The YouTube channel "Yui P Channel" was opened in August 2019.In the early days, the romance adventure game "Captive Parma』I was posting mainly the live video. In 2020, the online RPG "Final Fantasy XIV], And it is delivered live on an irregular basis.The main job is monk.
In February 2020, the weight increased to 2 kg and "prevention of crotch slip"spatsWas a necessity, but I changed to a diet centered on vegetable soup and succeeded in a diet of minus 7 kg in 36 months.[27][28].

Former member

After graduating from high school, got a job at a company. After leaving the company, I went abroad for a year[29].
A member of the side dish club when he was formed and also a leader[25]. But for the reason of "rethinking life"201010At the end I retired and retired as an entertainer[9].
HobbyTravel,online shoppingReading foreign gossip magazines[26]. Before the side dish club was formed, with Ocarina,Whole body complexThey formed a duo, but they broke up.
Later replaced by Man-chan2010I join the side dish club in November, but because of the different direction2011Withdrew soon in November[9][25].


2009Formed in, the members of the side dish club with a trio nameSide dishBecause it feels like (Ocarina rolls the potatoes, Yui PFried chickenIt was because I wanted to give a dull name because it was "usually we are dull".[10], Later "yourSide dishI want to be[25]. At first the trio,Mori SanchuThe second generation was also expected, but[25], Manchan withdrew in October 2010, and Akko, who joined after being replaced, also withdrew in November 10, so after that it became a combination of Ocarina and Yui P. Both of them are serious students in the NSC era, and I recall that they had a strong passion for comedy from that time, so that they came to the first train and returned to the last train, but because the passion was too strong, the withdrawal of members was one after another. Talking with[30]. In addition, as the withdrawal continued, the label "problem combination" was affixed, and people who had evaluated it at the beginning began to ignore it, and he thought that he would continue to pay back.[25].

2014May 7For the first time in a solo show "The side dish is your side dish tonight"Tokyo-ShibuyaHeld at Yoshimoto ∞ Hall (live as part of "Aya ~ irodori ~ Summer Festival")[10].

2015May 1Early dawn (2014May 12"Midnight"GurunaiNew Year's Eve custom! Funny sol. Opportunity and love for young people.Nippon TVseries), it started to be noticed as a result of being selected as the winner of this time, and since then, appearances on TV and media have increased.[31].. 『God Tan』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)'S audition said "I'm good at improvisation", and not only passed, it was broadcast as "Kiss Patience Championship" for 30 minutes as a whole club side dish main[31].

From midnight on October 10, the same yearTV AsahiVariety program "Change 3』Was the first regular appearance[32].

2017Hometown of Ocarina in FebruaryWest cityAppointed as a special mission ambassador. In addition, Yui P's maternal home is also in Miyazaki Prefecture.

"Female entertainer No.1 deciding match THE WParticipated in the first tournament in 2017 and achieved the first final advance in 1.

Art style

The story isControlBut the bokeh and Tsukkomi are not clearly separated.Girl cartoonThere are also many parodies[30]. There are stories such as "Erika and Sumire" played in "Omiso-so" on January 2015, 1.[31], Sometimes I yell at the punch line in dialogue ("Is this your way!")[25]. This story was made because I tried to make something that made me feel "angry" (two people say this is a compliment to a female entertainer). I made it while receiving advice[33]. In addition, neither can Tsukkomi[31].

Manzai has played only one in his first solo live on July 2014, 7, but he has never played since. "It sounds liar when I'm doing a manzai," he said.[31].


Regular program

tv set

Yui P

TV drama

Yui P
  • Genius Bakabon(Nippon Television affiliate)-Bakabon[39][40]
    • Genius Bakabon-Family Bonds (March 2016, 3)
    • Genius Bakabon 2 (January 2017, 1)
    • Genius Bakabon 3-Bakata University of Love and Youth (May 2018, 5)


Yui P

Anime movie




Web tv

Yui P
  • Fall in love ♥ weekend homestay(AbemaTV)
  • Abema Great Festival-A lineup of popular programs! Jinnomiya Fireworks Festival Live Release Luxury Release SP ~ (August 2018, 8, AbemaTV)-A Lovely Weekend Homestay Representative[42]




  • UVM forever together new CM presentation (August 2017, 8)[47]


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