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👍 | Fuwa-chan, fans who enjoy a fleeting trip to Hawaii are "activities"


Fuwa-chan, fans who enjoy a fleeting trip to Hawaii are "activities"

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There were voices praising Fuwa-chan's appearance and style, saying "Fuwa-chan" and "Cute".

["I'm enjoying Hawaii with racy clothes !!" Fuwa-chan updated her Twitter account.Fans are ... … → Continue reading


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Fuwa(Real name: Haruka Fuwa <Fuwa Haruka>[4],11/26[5][6][7][8] -, Age undisclosed[1]) IsJapan Ofcomedian,Radio personality,YouTuber,singer..The entertainment agencyWatanabe EntertainmentAfter that, he is now independent (Freelance).


TokyoHachioji CityBackground[9]..Height 161 cm.I have two younger brothers[9]..Regarding her personality, Fuwa-chan himself said, "It was a really legitimate popular type and it was super bright."[6].. From 2nd grade to 4th gradeAmerica,Los AngelesLive in[7]Wasreturnee children.. In middle schoolbasketballIn the club and high school, I noticed that my legs were fast,Land sectionJoined a club in Tokyo when he was in high school800m runTo qualify[10].

I'm good at thinking about new games and projects since I was a kid,volleyballとshoesIt was said that he was thinking of a "shoe-flying volleyball game" that was a combination of the game of flying[11].

Toyo UniversityDepartment of literatureChinese PhilosophyGraduated from the Department of Literature (4 year repetition when in 1th grade, graduated over 5 years[12].Graduation thesisThe theme is "AkutagawaEdition "Moriko Haru"And a comparative study of the original text" Moriko Haruden ""[13])[Annotation 1]..大学時代はIn collegeWaseda UniversityAlthough he belonged to the comedy circle "Owarai Group POP3", he was not very active.While in college (in the second year)Watanabe Comedy SchoolEntered as an 18th year student. Sync isTosa Brothers,MachuAnd so on. When I was a studentGalWas recommended by my friend to become an entertainer.Yoshimoto KogyoOf the training centerNSCI think it is impossible because the enrollment fee paid in one package is too high,loanSaid that they chose the Watanabe Comedy School[14].

With a female schoolmate at school"Lambo Ranch"Formed[15]..According to himself, at this timeMoeyangIt was said that he was doing a story that followed[16]..He also said that his grades in the training center were good.[12].

Rambo Ranch is with the retirement of his partner[12][Annotation 2], Disbanded with a selected live on January 2014, 1 while attending the school[17][18].. In the same year, a school student, Daisuke Shibayama (formerlyD ・ N ・ A) Combining with"SF Century Cosmic Child"Formed. After graduating from the school in March 2014,Watanabe EntertainmentBelong to. At that time, he said, "I couldn't do well with the material that Aiba (Shibayama) made."

June 2015, 6, the childhood of the science fiction century universe, "Ariyoshi Japon』(TBS) With two people.In this showCheat TakeyamaCommented, "Let's dissolve the combination in two years."[19]..As you said, the child of the SF century universe will be dissolved on September 2, 3, two years and three months later.[20]..Furthermore, when I went to audition on TBS, "Crazy journey』Hitoshi MatsumotoWhen I found the dressing room and tried to say hello, but was stopped by the staff and scolded, I cursed the office executive (towards the executive in the back when leaving)Raise the middle fingerWhen I was there, it was discovered because the figure was reflected on the glass).As a result, the office was dismissed[5][21][22]After that, I worked as a freelance entertainer[23]..He is still in contact with the two former companions as of 2 and says, "I feel like I've become my best friend."[16].. About one year after the dissolution, we are also doing activities to show off the story,R-1 Grand Prix"Or"Female entertainer No.1 deciding match THE WI participated in[16]..However, he also recalls that he was not good at the material originally.[11].

From August 2020, 8, her first MC program “”Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Broadcast started at[24].

Of 2020New Word/Buzzword Award"Fuwa-chan" won the top ten.58thGalaxy award Received the Encouragement Award in the TV category (2020)[25].

August 2022, 7,Berg hamburgerPublished his own official website that he requested to produce[26][27].

September 2022, 9, women's professional wrestling groupStardomYokohama BudokanArrive at the convention.Scheduled to be held on October 10 of the same organizationArena Tachikawa TachihiIt was revealed that he will make his professional wrestling debut at the tournament[28].

As youtube

2017 year 6 month,Shizuoka Asahi TVInsideSun Set TVIs a senior entertainer of the office at that time, distributed byA MassoInternet program "A Masso's Geranichovi』#22 "FUWA" first guest appearance. With the setting that A Masso is preaching, the character of Fuwa is widely taken up and the impact remains. As of August 2021, this is the most played video on the channel[Annotation 3].

YouTubeAtTV AsahiDirectorEstablished his own channel "Fuwa-chan's Woo" with Takuro Kangawa.This was operated as a "place of appeal to sell oneself" for people in the television industry.[5].. In April 2018, the successor YouTube personal channel "FUWACHAN TV" was opened.

originallyInstagramThe collage image that was processed in the photo is uploaded, and the broadcast writer Shusei Nagasaki (Fuwa-chan says, Nagasaki is "Mabudachi") who paid attention to its sense and fun made a debut on YouTuber. ..In addition, he said that it was the reason for starting YouTuber that he was encouraged by the manager of the part-time job and thought that people who are doing money for their talents are cool.[6].. I say that my YouTube is "a movie of my happy mind"[6].

Hwa-chan describes himself as "a new type of entertainer that originated on YouTube, not from prize races and varieties." As a reason to work freelance without belonging to anywhere, "I do something strange, so I'm likely to get angry (if I belong to my place), but it's impossible to get angry, so I did it myself It's better"[30].

VividOf different colorsSports braToMini skirt, ま た はhot pantsGoing out to towns and overseas with flashy clothes, from ordinary people to famous YouTubers, overseas, developing video activities such as "dull entanglement" with local people[31],Avantis,SUSURU TV.In the planning of YouTuber and SunSetTVHajimeshachoCollaborated with[5].. Because I'm a returneeEnglishFluent in English and sometimes communicate in English[32].. The person himself declares that he loves going abroad.[31].

Approximately one year after the opening of Fuwa-chan TV, we opened the sub-channel "Fuwa-chan FLIX" in April 1. Some of the videos on this channel are edited by Hwa-chan's younger brother, Fujun[33].



  • "Ohapiyo"[34]"Saikyu", "Kawaito", "Atoka" (The idea isFloor planIt is said that the word sense is unique.[5][4][35].. Hwa-chan's mother is also talking about "that (now) manma from childhood."[9].
  • Hwa-chan says that his unique styleTomoe ShinoharaConscious ofSinolarIt is often said that[11], HairstyleVivian HsuIs referred to.The reason why I started the Spobra style was "A Masso's GeranichoviInTaiwanLocation.At first, Fuwa-chan was in plain clothes, and Tokio Shiratake, a broadcast writer, asked, "Are you planning to show the show in a normal style?"Shinyon (head of bun)Because I changed it to.The reason why I chose the bun head is because it is Taiwan, so I chose Vivian Hsu's hairstyle.[36]..In addition, I only have one bra at first, which makes it difficult to wash.MercariIt is said that the exhibit that was hit with the keyword "Fuwa-chan Spobra" was purchased as 2 points of interest.[36]..By the way, since I was a member of "Sci-Fi Century Space Child", I have been active in the Spobra style.At that time, in the early daysNo braI was on the stage atNippleI'm worried that I'm standing, and the world view of the story doesn't come in at all. "But normallybraHe said that he didn't want to wear it, so he started to wear it in a bra style, saying, "I'm out to the bra."[37].
  • TV AsahiOf the seriesWhat are you doing now?』Revealed a part of the past.According to a woman who was a classmate in elementary and junior high school, when she returned to Japan when she was in the fourth grade of elementary school, she had an Americanized personality, and she shouted during class, and her current personality as "Fuwa-chan" was completed. ..This woman was the same track and field member in junior high school, but she was told by Fuwa-chan that she had "leaked" during club activities, and on a daily basis.incontinenceIt was also revealed that he was doing[38].
  • usuallyMouthAlthough it is a character (and most of the entertainers are abandoned),Takashima ChisakoIs an exception to, saying that you speak in honorifics[39]. Also,Ammica,Mrs. DeviI will not abandon[40]..The reason why he became a Tameguchi character is due to the educational policy of the class teacher that Fuwa-chan longs for as a teacher in junior high school.Fuwa-chan had a favorable view of her teacher and forgave her heart, so she called her with her first name without a title.At first, my teacher warned me, but I thought, "I can't stop it," so I didn't change my friend's tone.Fuwa-chan said, "I am very grateful for the growth and growth."The teacher describes Fuwa-chan's character as "I'm not making it, but I'm in junior high school."[41].


  • When he auditioned as "Sci-Fi Century Space Child" when he belonged to Watanabe Entertainment, he incontinence with a big laugh at his companion's ad lib, graffiti on the office sign, and hiding the manga without taking the stage at the live ending. I had troubles every day, such as reading, and every time I was reprimanded by the office staff.[21]..An entertainer who knows the time also said, "(Fuwa-chan) would hate being managed."[22].
  • Former professor of Hwa-chan's fanHKT48 OfRino SashiharaI'm also friends, and I often go out to eat in private. "I'm sorry for my gaya!』(Nippon TVIn addition to appearing as a comedian of Sashihara in the system) and showing off his individuality, during the production of recording "I want to upload it to my YouTube channel, let me take a picture"SmartphoneI started shooting video atTwitterThere was a response such as entering the trend in, and he has been appearing regularly on the program since then.[4][35].
  • Friends around me have held a "Fuwa-chan break meeting" to sell Fuwa-chan, and Fuwa-chan says "the people around me are doing their best".[14].
  • The dream is "Itte Q to the end of the world!"(NTV)[4][35].
  • He is fluent in English because he is a returnee from the United States, and at universityChinese PhilosophyBecause I majored inChineseCan also talk[42].
  • Tomoe Shinohara is called "my ancestor" and is worshiped as the source of her own fashion. In July 2020, I met Shinohara, who was holding a solo exhibition in Tokyo, for the first time and took a two-shot photo.[43].
  • It's not impossible to get angry, but when I was a college student, I heard that I could distinguish between "a person who gets angry for me" and "a person who gets angry just because he hits his emotions".I once said to the former that I could be preached and reflect on "only those who built a government office and passed through the barrier" in their hearts.[36].
  • I have been asked in a quiz that my real name is "Fuwa"[44].
  • In the same program above, the voice actorSakura AyaneWas revealed to be in the same grade at the same school.Since the classes and club activities were separate, there was no direct contact, and Sakura was unaware that he was an alumni.I was watching Fuwa-chan's YouTube and Twitter on a daily basis, but when I was contacted by the manager, I realized that I was in the same grade as the same class for the first time.[45].. Sakura said of his impression at the time, "I remember having a bad boy in the grade. It stands out in Yancha. It feels like a typhoon storm."[45].
  • I am from the track and field club and love running.[46].
  • Before the announcement of his professional wrestling debut, he was the number one professional wrestling fan in the entertainment world.Creamy Chu OfTeppei AritaI was consulting about professional wrestling.Also, Arita attended the tournament on the day of his debut announcement in private.[47]


TV program

Current regular
Special program (MC or main cast)
  • Celebrity breeding variety I want to be kept by viewers! (Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd., August 2020 and 8, 3, March 10, 2021)- MC
  • Chocofuwa Dog Cat VS Entertainer (TV Asahi, June 2020, 12)- MC
  • Saturday ☆ Break(TBS)
    • Discover! Actor & Reactor (January 2021, 1, May 23, 5[49])- MC[Annotation 4]
    • Gal 7 (August 2022, 8)- MC
  • University Comedy MONSTERS-The No. 1 Playoff Match for Really Interesting Student Entertainers Chosen by Comedy Professionals-(TV Tokyo, September 2021, 9-3)- MC
  • Sashifuwa Consultation Night(Fuji TV, January 2022, 3)- MC
Past regular


Current regular
Special program (MC or main cast)

Web tv

Theater animation



  • Fuwa-chan Break Conference (September 2018, 9)
  • Fuwa-chan Reflection Meeting (April 2019, 4) --An event held under the pretext of reflecting on the unauthorized use of the sketch gag "Ataoka"
  • SAPPORO COLLECTION (April 2019, 4)
  • KANSAI COLLECTION(2019 8 å¹´ 月 日 27)
  • Tokyo Girls Collection(2020 2 å¹´ 月 日 29)




  • Ojarumaru / Fuwa-chan & Team Ojarumaru- AnimeOjaru Maru 24th series (March 2021, 3-) Ending song[67]

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