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😀 | "Good morning off-shot" Idol Tomi's "Manga Action" beauty body fully open


"Good morning off-shot" Idol Tomi opens up "Manga Action" beauty body

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Tomi tweeted "Good morning off-shot" and showed off-shot with a beautiful body from "Manga Action", which he is in charge of the cover.

Tomi, who is a member of the idol group "# 2i2" and is active as a model and talent, will be on October 6th with his own Twi ... → Continue reading

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    Beautiful body

    Cartoon action

    "Cartoon action』(Manga Action, MANGA Action) isFutabashaIssued byJapan OfPublished twice a monthyouthCartoon magazine..The release date is the first and third Tuesday of every month.19677/7ToWeekly manga actionIt was first published as.The first editor-in-chief later became the president of FutabashaFumito Shimizu.2003The publication was temporarily suspended, but the next day2004It was published twice a month under the current magazine name.


    "Manga Action" is the earliestYouth cartoonIt's a magazineRental book graphicFrommanga artistActively appointed, youth manga boom andDramasIt became the basis of the boom.Koji YoshimotoThe non-fiction manga "The Losers-The Birth of Japan's First Weekly Seinen Manga Magazine-" depicts the time when "Manga Action" was first published.

    Monkey punchof"Lupin III],Shotaro Ishinomoriof"009 no 1],Koike-Goujima Kojimaof"Lone Wolf and Cub],Baron Yoshimotoof"Jyuden"series,Katsuhiro Otomoof"I feel like a war],Hasegawa Hoseiof"Hakatakko Junjo],Haruki Etsumiof"Jarinko Chie],Hisaichi Ishiiof"Round and round party],Ueda Masashiof"Kariage Kun],Koji Aiharaof"Once polar bear],Usui Yoshitoof"Crayon Shin-chan],Ryohei Nishigishiof"Kamakura Monogatari],Yasuo Ohtagakiof"A flatIt is also known as the first publication of hit works such as.

    Every time the publication was suspended due to the slump in the number of copies, national blockbusters such as "Lupin III", "Jarinko Chie", and "Crayon Shin-chan" appeared, and the phenomenon that the number of copies picked up was repeated. hand"For action神 風BlowsWas described as[1].. The name of the newcomer manga award "Futabasha Kamikaze Award" started by Futabasha in 2013 comes from this phrase.

    On the other hand, the number of copies is sluggish due to lack of hits after "Crayon Shin-chan".Including this work, "Kariage Kun" and "Kamakura Monogatari"2000For families4 comic strip cartoonLaunched as a magazine "Manga Town], And other works were also transferred to other magazines one after another.To the fact that the signboard work is goneLever caseAsAdult cartoonThere was a time when manga artists from which they were born were actively appointed to form a magazine that was almost the same as an adult manga magazine, but on the contrary, it led to the withdrawal of the old readership, and the number of copies decreased further.In the end, the new "Kamikaze" did not blow, and due to sluggish sales, 20039/30It will be temporarily suspended with the issue of release.At this time, it was described as "suspension of publication for a while", and it was "suspension of publication on the premise of reissue", which is rare for a magazine to be suspended.

    20044/20It will be republished as a magazine published twice a month.Reissue (restart) issueHanging advertisementThen, the word "reissue" was raised extensively,AnimeOf the edition "Lupin III"DVDappendixAnd the titles of the published works have been announced.In this issueJapanese abduction issueを主題とした『奪還』、Juvenile crimeDepicting the process of17 years old.],Keita TokajiOriginalComicalization作品『牛乳アンタッチャブル』、2008年にmoviesTransformed "Little child』, In 2010TV dramaTransformed "Morning glory], And many social works have been serialized at the same time.Then on the coverGravure idolPhotographs have been posted again (however, they will be the cover of the drawing of the published work on an irregular basis).

    Adults like "New Happiness Time", "Request Supplement Man MyPureLady", "Porno Graffitti"Sexual descriptionAlthough there are long-term serialized works that include a large amount ofSuzuki teacher''Ekiben solo trip''Crime and Punishment A Falsified Romance''Anesthetist Hana''Odds GP!''Drifting Net Cafe”, Etc., to revive as an orthodox seinen manga magazine, and free of charge for works published in the magazine on the official website.Web comicsWe are trying to cultivate new readers such as opening "Web Comic Action" (Similar attempts are being madeKodanshaof"Morning TwoIs following).

    north koreabyJapanese abduction issueIt is also the first manga magazine to deal with the serialized work, and as a "North Korean abduction documentary" starting with "Recapture" at the time of reissueNorth Korean Abduction Victim Family Liaison MeetingActivities for the release of the abduction victims' families who belonged toSouichi MotoIt is serialized in the drawing of and made into a book.

    In principle, the book will be a dedicated label "Action comics(AC)Published by.

    Manga Action (after reissue)

    Works currently being serialized

    Irregular serialization

    Works that are not published

    web comic action hall

    "Manga Action" official websiteWeb comicsAlthough it was provided as a serial page,2013From September, "WEB Comic High!”, Etc.WEB comic action』Renewed to.

    Serialized work before renewal

    Works that are not available on the web

    • Rapunzel in the fog (Arai Mariko)
    • Chronos Haze (Masayuki Takano) * "Monthly comic Dengeki Daio』(Media WorksAfter transferring from ), transferred from Manga Action magazine
    • Why am I !? Why did I get married !! -Love treatment of a man who is not popular- (Shigeyuki Fukumitsu) * Column

    Works that have been serialized

    Web comic action hall serialized work

    Weekly Manga Action

    Works that have moved to other magazines

    Past serialized works


    Or row

    Sa line


    Na row

    Is line


    Ra row

    Wa line

    Articles other than comics

    In the 1980s, there was an anonymous column section called "Action Journal," with several columns published each week.The main authors are as follows.

    The "Action Journal" was also revived after the 2004 reissue, but ended in 2013.

    Separate manga action

    1968First issue.It was later renamed "Separate Volume Action".Issued on the 2nd and 4th FridayPublished twice a monthIt was a manga magazine,1985The title was changed to "COMIC Action Character" and it was renewed. "Action Character" was released in 1991.Adult comic magazine"Action PizazzIt was renewed to.

    Serialized work


    • Published by "Action Comics", a dedicated label whose parent magazine is "Manga Action".Abbreviation is "AC. "
    • The publication began in April 1972, and was initially written in katakana as Action Comics. In 4, it was unified with the English notation "ACTION COMICS".Since many famous works have been produced, the related label "Power ComicsThere are also works that were published in.
    • Wide editions were published from the 1980s to the latter half of the 1990s, with special bindings (A5 size deformation imitating the design of chocolate bar of each confectionery makerFujiwara Kamui"CHOCOLATE PANIC" etc.) and works published in other magazines (Hisashi Eguchi"Jugoro Show" etc.) was actively published.
    • The work that was originally serialized in "Manga Town", which was specially published after 2000, is "" ACTION COMICS "Manga Town" (characteristically, it is displayed in white in an oval shape), and there are fluctuations depending on the work regarding Pizzats. , English notation "ACTION COMICS PIZAZZ" may or may not be used.
    • From 2015 monthNHN comicoIs a comic site and comic app operated bycomicThe works serialized in, excluding the works published by other companies, have started to be published as the "ACTION COMICS" comico BOOKS series.

    Sister magazine

    Special magazine

    Miss action

    In 1987Miss ContestThe "1st Miss Action" audition was held as the first Miss ActionMiku SaikiIs selected.

    In June 2012, for the first time in 6 years, "Miss actionAn audition was held to decide.

    On August 2012, 8, the official website of Miss Action 21 was established.


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