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🚁 | Rolls-Royce develops zero-emission turbo generator technology for long-distance flight


Rolls-Royce develops zero-emission turbo generator technology for long-haul flights

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In addition, eVTOL has the advantage of reducing exhaust gas, making it an aircraft body that responds to calls for more efficient means of transportation.

Rolls-Royce is a turbogenere that includes a small engine designed for hybrid electrical applications ... → Continue reading


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    Exhaust gas

    Exhaust gas(Haiki gas,British: exhaust gas) Isgasoline-Light oilSuch asfuel enginecombustionOr variousChemical reactionCaused by causinggasAnd refers to what is released into the atmosphere.

    In car termsexhaust (exhaust), orExhaust gas-Exhaust gasAlso called (both exhaust gas).Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS D0108) ThenBlowby gasIncluding those other than those associated with engine combustion, such asExhaust gas It is generically distinguished as (emission gas).


    Organic compoundMost of the exhaust gas derived fromcarbon dioxidewater vaporHowever, it contains other substances as trace components.Carbon monoxide (CO),hydrocarbon (HC),Nitrogen oxide (I have notx) OrParticulate matter (PM) and so on.

    The ingredients are described below.

    Carbon monoxide (CO)
    Insufficient oxygen supply when organic compounds are oxidizedIncomplete combustionOccurs when It is toxic to the human body.
    Hydrocarbon (HC)
    Gasoline (C8H18 Etc.) volatilize, or when the air-fuel mixture that could not be burned due to incomplete combustion is discharged as it is. Due to the ultraviolet component of sunlightPhotochemical smogcausePhotochemical oxidantIt changes to. Irritation to mucous membranes such as respiratory organs and adverse effects on crops are observed.
    Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
    Nitrogen is easily oxidized in the combustion chamber where the temperature and pressure are high. Of the total exhaust gas, the amount generated by automobile exhaust gas accounts for 3%. Since there are several types of nitrogen oxides depending on the amount of oxygen bonded, the number of oxygen is usually used. x It is written as, and various nitrogen oxides are collectively shown.
    Particulate matter (PM)
    MicrometerUnit particle. Those suspended in the atmosphere are called suspended particulate matter (SPM) and are defined as having a particle size of 10 µm or less. In particular, those with a small particle size of 2.5 µm or less are called fine particulate matter (PM2.5).
    Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    It is generated by the burning of organic compounds and the metabolism of living organisms. Hyundai uses an electric motor togetherHybrid carAnd low fuel consumptionGasoline direct injection engineIs used.
    Sulfur oxides (SOx)
    sulfurA general term for oxides of.Sulfur dioxide (SO2) WhenSulfur trioxide (SO3) Mainly refers to. Poorly refined petroleum and low-grade coal contain sulfur, which is generated by combustion.Air pollution,(I.e.One of the causes of.

    In addition, CO, HC, NOx Since the methods of suppressing the above are antinomy, not all of them fall to a low level with a single method. For automotive engines, three are at relatively low levels to reduce all emissionsAir-fuel ratioBurn at (approximately 14.7) andThree-way catalystThere is a method such as processing with. To establish these below the standard valuecarburetorThere are some difficult aspects, and you can finely control the amount of fuel.Electronically controlled fuel injection system Because (FI) is suitableオ ー ト バ イHowever, FI is being promoted.

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