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📱 | Smartphone repair insurance "Smartphone" from 100 yen monthly, also supports theft and submersion as an option


Smartphone repair insurance "Smartphone" from 100 yen monthly, also supports theft and submersion as an option

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In addition, it is said that it is preparing to support electronic money that can be settled more quickly.

Warranty Small-amount Short-term Insurance announced on June 6, the insurance product "Smartphone" for smartphones. Provided in July ... → Continue reading

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Electronic money

Electronic money(Denshi Money,British: Electronic payment system) Is provided by the companyInformation and communication technologyIs a type of payment method that utilizes.


Electronic money is the same as a credit cardElectronic paymentA kind of means[1]Is.Unlike credit cards, which exchange payment information for each transaction, electronic money is a stored value type in which the electronic monetary value is deducted in advance in exchange for cash or deposits, and the price is paid through the exchange of the same monetary value during economic activities. Becomes[1].

Japanese-made English called electronic money

Electronic money in English (electronic money) Isbill,coinDoes not haveDigital currencyRefers toCryptocurrency OfBitcoin,Central Bank Digital CurrencyNew forms of electronic monetary systems such asmonetary system) Means."Electronic money" in Japanese English is just an existing one such as yen.Fiat currency OfElectronic paymentIt just means a (cashless payment) service.

Originally in englishElectronic payment(electronic payments) SpeakingCredit card,debit cardI went for a long timeHistoryHas already been since 1998PayPalSince there is also an online payment service such as "electronic money", it is not a new concept.When referring to "electronic money" in the Japanese sense in English to distinguish it from credit cards, card-type ones are justprepaid card(stored value card), And those with enhanced functions such as rechargingSmart card(Smart card for making electronic payments).Use on mobile phones (smartphones), that isMobile paymentIs simplymobile payment.Contactless paymentIf it's a card or mobile, it's just a contactless expression.

In other words, "electronic money" in Japanese English only means a prepaid electronic payment service.

"Electronic money" of each country


In Japan, in principle,Cash voucher,prepaid cardAnd so on,Fund settlement lawIs applied.Magnetic cardExpressions andPrepaid CardElectronic money of the server type that uses a formula and communication means is also subject to regulation.

Although it is basically used as a boarding cardNFCCommunication speed is the fastestFeliCaIs the most popular small-amount payment method (Galapagos § Contactless IC cardSee).

Number of cards issued in 2020 (small payment method)


  1.  Prepayment  Rakuten Edy: 1 million (3,000%)
  2.  Prepayment  WAON: 8,263 million (7.0%)
  3.  Prepayment  Suica: 8,157 million sheets (7.1%) exchange
  4.  Prepayment  nanaco: 7,097 million (6.5%)
  5.  Deferred payment  iD: 4,194 million (18.3%)
  6.  Prepayment  PASMO: 3,956 million sheets (2.9%) exchange
  7.  Prepayment  ICOCA: 2,400 million sheets (11.7%) exchange
  8.  Deferred payment  QUICPay: 1,695.6 million (28.1%)
  9.  Prepayment  T-shirt: 1,097 million (-)
  10.  Prepayment  sense of: 724.5 million sheets (6.6%) exchange
  11.  Prepayment  nimoca: 432 million sheets (8.0%) exchange
  12.  Deferred payment  PiTaPa: 339 million sheets (2.1%) exchange
  13.  Prepayment  SUGOCA: 321 million sheets (11.0%) exchange
  14.  Prepayment  TOICA: 310 million sheets (6.5%) exchange
  15.  Prepayment  Kitaca: 176 million sheets (10.0%) exchange
  16.  Prepayment  Hayakaken: 147 million sheets (10.5%) exchange

*Figures in parentheses are the same as the previous year.

  • Exchange = transportation electronic money (combines electronic money and transportation boarding card. Since it includes a single use as a transportation commuter pass and a commemorative card, it cannot be simply compared with others.)

Expiration date of electronic money: Some prepaid type and virtual money type electronic money have an expiration date.In other words, even if cash is charged and converted into electronic money, its value will be lost after a certain period of time without using it.For your reference,Civil lawInReceivable OfAnnihilation prescriptionIs for 10 years.

The United States of America

In the United States, it is not a prepaid card like so-called "electronic money"Credit card Is used as the main form, and as of 2008, about 90% of online transactions were already carried out by credit card or debit card.[3] Therefore, it is only offered as a prepaid type as part of the services of credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard.

Historically in 1994New York City SubwayPrepaid card (paper-based) using electronic money was introduced for the first time as a payment method for fares[4].. In 1995, the prepaid card introduced by oil giant Mobil as a payment method at a gas station is said to be the first plastic card type prepaid card in the United States[4].. In 1993, an automatic toll collection system on expressways was commercially available.[4].

For othersBoarding card,Mobile paymentSee service.


SwishAs represented by, it is not a prepaid card like so-called "electronic money", but a contactless type that is linked to a bank account like a debit card.Mobile paymentIs the mainstream.For othersBoarding card,Mobile paymentSee service.


Boarding card,Mobile paymentSee service.

Implementation example

in Japan,SonyNon-contact typePrepaid CardCommunication technology·FeliCaMany have adopted. Since it uses FeliCa, it is physically compatible, but system compatibility is often not achieved.Nowadays, the card type that originally used an IC chip isMobile paymentCorresponding to, it is not possible to simply classify it as an IC chip type.The following are typical ones.

IC card system
Mobile walletAlso supports
Card type only

(There is no electronic money compatibility with the above-mentioned transportation IC card nationwide mutual use service compatible card etc. and PiTaPa described later)


注 釈


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