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👩‍🎤 | Yusuke Shirai will release an album to commemorate the 11th anniversary of his debut as a voice actor!Tsubasa Yonaga, Koutaro Nishiyama, Kento Ito participated as guests

Photo Yusuke Shirai "11 -ELEVEN-"

Yusuke Shirai will release an album commemorating the 11th anniversary of his debut as a voice actor!Tsubasa Yonaga, Koutaro Nishiyama, Kento Ito participated as guests

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Keita Kawajiri, who has worked on numerous stage productions and screenplays such as "AD-LIVE" and has a deep knowledge of anime and voice actors, and who presides over the theater unit "SUGARBOY".

Anniversary album "11 -ELEVEN-" to commemorate the 11th anniversary of Yusuke Shirai's debut as a voice actor will be released in 2022 ... → Continue reading

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    Stage production


    Troupe(Gekidan,Buddha: compagnie de th te "tre",British: theater) IsstagetheaterAn organization whose main activity is.


    In Europe and AmericatheaterIt is an affiliated organization ofDirector,Playwright, Production department, and members of the theater company are common.

    So, for exampleEnglishIn many cases, both theater companies and theaters are written as theater (for the notation of theater companies,British EnglishTheater tends to be used).


    JapanThen, the theater companies attached to the theater are extremely limited.In some theater companies, the members of the theater company are not fixed, and there are many forms in which the leading actors are invited from outside to perform.

    Furthermore, for one performance, staff from home and abroadAn actorWill gather and dissolve when the performance is overprojectIn some cases.

    In addition, even if it does not dissolve, the actor's individual project (the organizerVoice actorThere is also a theater company (often in Japan).

    Although there are presiding officers and core members, when a theater performance is performed by gathering staff and cast for each performance without taking the form of a theater company, it is called a "theatrical unit" and is a typical example.Nitosha,TEAM NACSand so on[1][2].

    Types of theater companies

    Theatrical companies can be classified into various types according to their scale and performance content.

    Large-scale theater company

    It has its own members and production department, and its activities are organized around the leader and the director of the theater company.CorporationIt is in the form of.

    Big cityArea andGovernment-designated cityIn many cases, there are dedicated theaters in major cities in the region centered on the city, and even in cities without dedicated theaters, performances are performed in the form of renting out major theaters and halls there.The content of the performanceMusical dramaからStraight playWide varietyclassicFrom theater to theater company exclusiveWriterIt holds a variety of repertoires, including the original script by.

    In Japan, generallyLiterary Theater,Troupe actor,Troupe youthEtc. are classified as large-scale theater companies.Also,Troupe sunflower,Troupe TokaiOrganizations that are more prominent in training institutions such as these also have production departments and small theaters.Also,musicalMany performancesTakarazuka Revue,Troupe four seasons, Youth Theater Japan (YTJ), Warabi constellationAnd so on.For prominent theater companies that do not own a theater but take the form of a theater company,Scorpio,Theater company☆Shinkansen, MusicalMusical TheaterAnd so on.

    Small and medium-sized theater company

    Most Japanese theater companies fall into this category.There are various theater companies mainly in metropolitan areas and major cities in rural areas, and there are also organizations.CircleThere is a wide variety of things, from typical ones to corporate ones.The scope of activities is centered on the cities where the theater companies are based, but there are many theater companies that have expanded their activities nationwide through the activities of their performances, members, and staff.The content of the activity is from the organization that performs full-scale worksChildren's troupe,Entertainment officeThere are various types, such as the theater companies run by the company, that add the training of members to the center of their activities.The performance location is also from the theater dedicated to theaterDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,Public hallIt is performed in various places.

    Since there are few members and staff, the theater company is operated.scriptWriting and stageShow・ In many cases, one person has multiple jobs from setup to appearance.The size of the troupe varies, and some have their own theaters and rehearsals, but performance income alone cannot support the operation of the troupe and the lives of its members. There are also places where theater activities are carried out.


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