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👩‍🎤 | NMB48 Shibuya Nagisa, Funky Monkey "ROUTE 16" MV appearance! "It's a memory of summer."

Photo FUNKY MONKEY BΛBY'S "ROUTE 16" [First Press Limited Edition CD + DVD]

NMB48 Shibuya Nagisa, Funky Monkey "ROUTE 16" MV appearance! "It's a summer memory."

If you write the contents roughly
"ROUTE 16" is a memorable song for me, but I hope it will be a memorable song for everyone who watches the music video.

NMB48's Nagisa Shibuya appeared in the music video for "ROUTE 16" by FUNKY MONKEY BΛBY'S. … → Continue reading


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      MUSIC ROUTE 16

      MUSIC ROUTE 16(Music Root Sixteen) onceFM Yokohama,NACK5,bay fmThis is the first regular program on the Internet (simultaneous broadcasting) of 3 independent FM stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.It was broadcast every Sunday from 22:00.The location of these FM3 stations横 浜 市,Saitama,ChibaTheNational Route 16I chose the title of the program because it is tied.Personality isSuzuki Mahiru..The program itself will end about a year after the start of broadcasting.

      In a narrow sense, it refers to the above program itself, but in a broader sense, it is a program that was subsequently broadcast on the Internet or simultaneously on three independent FM stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and in the broadest sense,JFN,JFL,MegaNetFormally likeRadio networkAlthough it does not take the form of, it may be used when it is expressed collectively as the one in which the metropolitan area independent FM3 stations form a network.

      However, considering the total amount of programs in each station, the amount of programs broadcast on the Internet or simultaneously in the three stations is insignificant, and it cannot be said that a network has been formed.As you can see from the program list below, many of the programs online at the three stations are independently provided programs, and rather than actually forming a network mainly by broadcasting stations, each station sells frames to sponsors. The fact is that I was there.

      History of 3 stations net program

      • Fall 1991,Mitsubishi MirageWith the full model change ofMitsubishi MotorsSponsors special programs at 3 stationsPlanning netIt was broadcast in the form of, and one of the three listeners was given a Mirage by lottery.Because of the planning net, the broadcast content was different for the three stations.
      • 1993 year 4 month,AND MOPlay special program "Technopolis Triangle" (Toshiba(Sponsored by) is planned by 3 stations. The content is the same only for the interview part with YMO. By the way, the sponsorship of the reproduction performance isTOKYO FMwas. ).
      • Every year since 2005Marine DaySpecial program (Yokohama tire(Sponsored by) is broadcast on the planning net.Some corners were broadcast live at the same time.
      • August 2005, 9 (Autumnal Equinox Day"Holiday Special"),Metropolitan Expressway Company LimitedBroadcast in the form of a planning net at 3 stations as a privatization PR special program.The broadcast content was also different for the three stations.
      • Every January since 2007LotteNiigata Prefecture with the support ofJoetsu International Ski ResortWe are doing a joint ski tour of 3 stations. (After 2008FM-FUJIAlso participated, and the four stations are joint. )
      • In December 2007, the three stations jointlyDrunk drivingWe carried out an eradication campaign.
      • On October 2009, 2,CorteoA special program entitled "Tokyo Performance Special" was broadcast (InterFMBut broadcast).The broadcast time differs for each station.Personality isOkabe Reiko.
      • From 2009,Twin Ring MotegiAtMotoGPBroadcasting "MotoGP SPECIAL" at the time of the event (produced byRADIO BERRY).
      • On October 2009, 4,Kaikoku Expo Y150”Special program is broadcast in the form of a planning net.The guest is an artist from Yokohama (for bayfm)Crystal kay, NACK5Yokoyama sword) Was welcomed.
      • On March 2012, 3 (FM Yokohama only 24th), "Spring Train Special" was produced by bayfm and provided by Chiba Prefecture. Isumi RailwayJourney "was broadcast.Personality isKensaku MoritaGovernor of Chiba,Nakamura Ayumi.
      • On July 2012th and 7th, 7,Oshikiri MoeAs a special version of "moe's up" (usually broadcast only on bayfm)JVC KenwoodIn the offer "KENWOOD"Ayasoku Navi presents PERFECT DRIVE" will be broadcast on 2 stations over 3 weeks.
      • On September 2013, 9, the planning net was provided by.To guestsOkinawaWe welcomed an artist from which we were born.
      • On March 2014, 3 (16th for fm yokohama only), 15 stations including Inter FM said "Cirque du Soleil CastelnuovoBroadcast "Special".Personality isDj MapiでTomoaki Ogura,Hironori TaniguchiWas welcomed as a guest.

      Programs on the 3-station net that were broadcast in the past other than the above

      • NTT MUSIC MULTIMEDIA DJ: AK LIVE (April-September 1997)
      • (January-September 2003, at the end of the programFM FujiAlso net)
      • OLE(April 2003-June 4) * The initial main sponsor wasJAL (Japan Airlines)(JAL Presents OLE). FM Yokohama withdrew from online broadcasting after JAL's sponsorship was dismissed.
      • au presents (-September 2006)
      • CircleK Sunkus * Bayfm production I have been soliciting messages with the theme of National Highway No. 16.
      • au * FM Yokohama production
      • COSMO * NACK5 production
      • Open University MANABEE'S CAFE * Depending on the production time of bayfm, it may or may not be broadcast on other than bayfm.

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