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👍 | Mr. Hiroyuki mentions the "accusation tweet" of the former Maiko "Illegal even if you think in morals" The topic of "Maiko ...


Hiroyuki mentions former Maiko's "accusation tweet" "Illegal even if you think morally" "Maiko's ..."

If you write the contents roughly
The contents are "I was drunk enough to take a bath", "I was forced to take a mixed bath with the customer", "Salary is 0 yen for living, a little pocket money system, only letters or public telephones can be connected to the outside. , Don't have a mobile phone.

[On the 27th, former 2channel manager and businessman Hiroyuki Nishimura (hereinafter referred to as Hiroyuki) is his YouTube Chan ... → Continue reading


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Public phone

Public phone(Koushudenwa) is a public service that can be used by an unspecified number of people.Telephone.


Payphones provide calling servicesSystemIt is a form of high publicityServicesExists as.Of payphonewordThe range indicated by the meaning of is often including not only telephone terminals but also services.

Basically every time anyone uses itPricesIt can be used if you pay, but there may be restrictions depending on the location.The administrator will decide it, but it is believed that the restrictions due to mechanical failure are not limited to this.


At the beginning of the telephone business, the telephone itself was very expensive and out of the reach of the general public.As a result, telephones have been installed for those who need them, and this is said to be the origin of public telephones.

At that time, it was called ``automatic telephone'' and is said to be a literal translation of the automatic telephone displayed on street telephones in the United States.When a 5 or 10 sen coin was inserted into the coin slot, the bell sounded from inside the machine, and the operator judged the type of coin over the phone.

19st centuryToEuropeInstalled in, thenNorth America,AsiaBut it was installed.20st centuryIt was installed in most countries around the world after the middle of the century, but in the 21st centuryMobile phoneIt is on a downward trend due to the spread of.

The United States of AmericaIn the example,1999The 200 million payphones that existed in2018Reduced to 10 units[1]..freeWi-Fi,SmartphoneWith the advent of alternative communication methods such as, May 2022, 5,マ ン ハ ッ タ ン OfFifth AvenueIt was reported in Japanese that the last public telephone in New York City at the corner of 50th Avenue was removed.[2],actuallyBell systemPayphones (English: payphone) Has been removed, and a successor street communication base that allows free calls(English edition)Was just replaced by[3]..At the same time, it is reported that there are still four public telephone booths in Manhattan.[3].


Payphone installers and operators vary from country to country, but in many countriesTelephone business TheNationalTherefore, in many cases, the government is responsible for both installation and operation.Also, in countries where the telephone business is led by the private sector, public telephonesPrivate enterprisesInstalled and operated by.Following the developed countries, the telephone business is being privatized even in countries where the economy is improving in recent years, such as East Asia.

State-owned payphonesRevenueDue to the greater emphasis on publicity, a large number of payphones are installed in financially-powered countries.However, since public telephones operated by private companies and countries without financial resources are sensitive to profits, they are often used by many people and installed only in places where profits are expected. Since the beginning of the 21st century, mobile phones have become widespread, and when profits cannot be expected, public telephones tend to be abolished.


Since it is important to consider convenience from the viewpoint of high publicity, it is generally installed in a place where there is a lot of traffic or a high need.As an example, on the street,Shop-convenience storeIn the store or in the store, etc.Railway station-空港Passenger Terminal ・Bus terminalTransportation bases such aspublic facility-Hotel-Department storeIn the facility where an unspecified number of people come and go,列車,Ship,aircraftThe inside of a traffic vehicle such as.In some cases, the general line drawn by an individual may be opened to an unspecified number of people.

Payphones are simply outdoorsroofInstalled underTelephone booth(Telephone box) Is installed in a dedicated box-shaped living space.Indoors, it is often placed near a wall due to the problem of handling communication lines and power lines.

In Japan, based on the standards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, it is stipulated that one unit will be installed every 1km square in urban areas and one unit every 1km in other areas.[4].


As the terminal used for a public telephone, a general telephone is rarely used, and most of them are telephones designed exclusively for public telephones.The biggest feature of telephones for payphones is that they are equipped with a toll collection system, which is the country of the country.coinOrPhone cardFor example, you cannot make a call unless you pay a fee equivalent to that (magnetic card insertion type is available only in Japan).

Nowadays, most of them are button type, but when it comes to public telephones, the dial type was the mainstream.In addition, the former eastern countries where there are still many old types of public telephonesSoutheast AsiaIn such cases, there are more dial types than push types.

As an exception, in developing countries, telephones do not have a function of collecting charges, and some telephones collect charges manually.This is because labor costs are cheaper than the installation and maintenance costs of telephones that can collect charges, it is difficult to install unmanned public telephones for security reasons, and coin / banknote identification devices that support the currencies of these countries in the first place. It is thought that the reason is that is not produced.Telephones are often placed at stores and the clerk collects charges, but in large cities there may be specialized telephone stores.Call charges may be displayed on the phone or in the store, but in some cases the operator tells the charges after the call or negotiates the charges.In recent years, there are also telephone shops that use mobile phones.


Most public telephones are telephone-only types that can only make short-distance calls.international callThere are various things such as those that can be connected to the Internet and those that can connect to the Internet.Most of them can talk for a certain period of time by inserting coins, but there are also cases where charges are collected using magnetic cards, IC cards, and prepaid cards with passphrases printed on them.Countries with many public telephones that can make international calls have a small land area and with neighboring countries.TradeIs often a thriving country.

Various payphones


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