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👍 | This photo, a trap that you never notice at first glance ... shocks the mimicry that deceives the human brain


In this photo, a trap that you never notice at first glance ... shocks to the mimicry that deceives the human brain

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, there are some users who make "a certain misunderstanding" episode that is typical of tube products, such as "I accidentally used toothpaste and face wash."

[Summer skin conditions where sunburn and moisturizing measures are important.Meanwhile, a certain user posted an instinctively convincing "misunderstanding ... → Continue reading


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    Tube products

    Facial wash

    Facial washWhat is (Senganryo)?CosmeticsOut offaceWash (→Washbasin) It is specialized for applications.


    Facial cleanserEye-nose-mouthIt is for washing the face where various organs are concentrated, so-called石 鹸It may be said that it is a face wash if it is used to wash the face, but in the case of those sold as face wash, those that are less irritating, those that are easier to wash off by rinsing, or those with severely uneven facescleanIt is designed so that it can be kept at.

    The face may bemake upEtcPigmentIn some cases, an article (cosmetics) containing the above is applied, and there is also one for washing it away.Facial cleanser to wash away these cosmetics (Cleansing), Which contained pigmentsgreaseTheEmulsificationDo or melt, orAbrasive materialSome include (called scrubs).By the way, scrub is different from industrial abrasives that scrape metal etc.Rice branPlant powder is used.

    On the other handamountFor (hitai), the tip of the nose, and the noseSebumBut around the eyes and mouthFine wrinklesHowever, dullness tends to appear around the eyes, and if this is noticeable, it is not very cosmetically pleasing.For this reason, it removes dirt from the face wash andWhiteningな どPigmentationOr preventHornyMelt酵素Some have functionality such as including.

    There are various types of facial cleansers, for example, to remove the shine of the skin surface.LotionSoaked those lotions fromWet tissueSomething like, alsotubeThere are a wide variety of products such as pasty products, solid products such as soap, and powder products in bags.

    It's a little different from face wash,packIs also used to remove waste products on the surface of the face.

    CleansingUsed afterLotionUsed before.

    Facial cleansers fall under the category of "cosmetics" defined by the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, and there are restrictions on advertising expressions.[1].

    Facial cleanser and hygiene

    皮膚Epidermis and sebum垢In general, it is considered clean when there is no sebum or dirt, but even if it is washed excessively, it is considered clean.Metabolism(→metabolism) Cannot be completely removed, and since these skin wastes have the function of protecting the skin surface, excessive cleaning should be done.DermatitisThere is a risk of inviting.

    For facial cleansers containing scrubs, use them in your hands to lather and wash your face, but if you rub your face with a strong force to get a more refreshing feeling, or if there are variations in the abrasive particles due to manufacturing defects. It is easy to make small scratches on the skin.In this case, the face may feel uncomfortable, or skin problems such as swelling and stains may occur.Regarding scrubsAestheticBut too muchMassageInviting skin troubles includingNational Life CenterThere are also cases of consultation with consumer protection groups.

    On the other hand, it is hard to say that the facial cleanser partially remains, and it is assumed that they will be rinsed off in a short time, so they will adhere for a long time. Doing so may cause skin problems.If it remains on the hairline,DandruffMay be more likely to occur (even if you wash your head with soap and rinse not enough).For this reason, some facial cleansers are colored so that you can see the unwashed residue at a glance.

    People who use face wash

    As mentioned earlier, facial cleansers are used as part of makeup.For this reason, in Europe and the United States and related cultures, there is a strong idea that facial cleansers are used by women who have a strong interest in makeup, and in fact, most facial cleansers are products for women.But in Japan since the 1990sMaleHas become more interested in cosmetologyconvenience storeHowever, men's beauty products shelves are lined with facial cleansers for men.

    Many of these men's facial cleansersAcneIt is easy to have skin troubles due to hormone balancepubertyIt is mainly used by men, but men's facial cleansers seek a refreshing feeling when washing their face.mentholThere are many products that contain such products, and there are also users who like such a refreshing feeling.

    Various products have been distributed for women's facial cleansers for a long time, but many of them are tailored to the skin care situation by age group, and for young people, acne care is similar to the men's facial cleansers listed above. In addition to specializing in makeup, the layer that improves makeup has the function of dissolving and removing those makeup, and the layer that cares about the health of the skin has the function of skin care.AgingYou can see products that meet various needs, such as making wrinkles inconspicuous in the layer where you are concerned.


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    • Uguisu(Contains a lot of digestive enzymesshitDried powder has long been popular as a face wash)
    • Bran - Rice bag(This has also been used for washing the body including the face for a long time, and is still used for scrubbing.)
    • 皮膚 - Cutaneous respiration(There are also facial cleansers that are often referred to as "promoting cutaneous respiration," but their validity is subtle.)
    • Cold cream
    • Skin Care


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