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📱 | House of Councilors election polling place Check congestion on your smartphone Chuo-ku, Sagamihara

Two-dimensional bar code that allows you to check the congestion status on the day of the photo polling

House of Councilors election polling place Check congestion on your smartphone Chuo-ku, Sagamihara

If you write the contents roughly
Read the two-dimensional bar code on the "election notice" or "polling place admission ticket" installed at the distribution of inserts, stations in the city, commercial facilities, etc. with your smartphone, or access the special site with your computer. You can check it.

The Sagamihara City Election Commission (election) will check the congestion of polling stations in the Upper House election, which will be voted on July 10 (Sun). → Continue reading

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    Polling place admission ticket

    Polling place admission ticketWhat is (Tohyosho Nyujoken)?election OfPolling placeDocuments issued to voters in advance for paperwork inAdmission ticket). Also known as a "polling place admission ticket".


    The admission ticket includes the name of the target election, the date and time of voting, the polling place, and the voters.Address-Name・ The list number, voter reception number, etc. are recorded in advance.vote(Early votingBy cutting out only the polling place admission ticket with the name of the person who is going to vote, and then bringing it to the polling place and handing it to the staff.BallotIt is for exchanging for.The admission ticket can only be used by the person whose name is written and will be refused.Even if you don't bring your admission ticket because you left it at home or lost it, you can still vote if you have the right to vote on the day of the poll.

    Public office election lawAccording to the enforcement order市町村 OfElection Management CommitteeMust endeavor to issue admission tickets to voters as soon as possible after the date of public notice or notification of the election, unless there are special circumstances.[1].

    Many local governments print the entry field for the oath required for early voting on the back of the admission ticket.[2]..In this case, fill in the required items in advance and hand it to the staff at the polling place.If your admission ticket does not have an oath entry field, or if you did not bring your admission ticket, fill out the oath at the polling place.


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