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📱 | How to convert "HEIC format" of images to JPEG format only with iPhone! Do not save with "HEIC" ...

Photo Introducing how to convert photos taken in HEIC format to JPEG format using only iPhone.Keep this in mind as a workaround in case of trouble.

How to convert "HEIC format" of images to JPEG format only with iPhone! Do not save with "HEIC" ...

If you write the contents roughly
All you have to do is wait for the upload and conversion to complete.

The extension of the photo taken with the iPhone is ".heic", and it is difficult to view and edit after that ... → Continue reading

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Upload (Upload) Was connectedComputerData that exists in between (FileEtc.) is transferred from the downstream node to the upstream node.In Japanese, "increaseThere is also a paraphrase.Also, thisSENDIn other words, uploading to transfer from the downstream node to the upstream node at the instruction of the upstream node isReceiveIs.As an antonymDownloadCan be mentioned.Originally in the word "load" itselfdata transferIt has the meaning of, and this word is derived and used along with it.


This concept isPC communicationBegan to be usedthe 1970sLatter half - the 1980sIt has been used since (in Japan in the mid-1980s).The computer network at that time was "Host computerTerminalBecause the relationship was clear, "Upstream → DownstreamOr "Going upGoing downWas treated in the category of.

HoweverインターネットAt the same time, this relationship became a little vague because there were many relays.P2PEven in the case of two-way communication, which is typified by communication, there is also a tendency to refer to a state in which a large amount of data is unilaterally sent to the other party, which is called upload.

Originally in communication, "serverA reception request is first made from the terminal side to the side, and data is transmitted from the terminal side in response to the transmission request coming from the server.However, since the user is not aware of the reception request and the transmission request, simply give the information (data) to yourself.computerThere is also a tendency to refer to the act of sending from a terminal or terminal and call it upload.

OriginallyElectronic bulletin boardWrite in or電子 メ ー ルThe act of sending a file is also an upload to a server that provides these services, but today the act of sending a file, which is a collection of data, is called uploading and receiving, and this is mentioned above. A similar tendency can be seen in P2P communication.

In these uploads, it is also possible to send data such as files to the server in particular and put it in a state where it can be accessed by the general public.

Uploading text to an electronic bulletin board

In addition, the electronic bulletin board can be immediately made available for viewing by a third party by uploading the content written by oneself, but there are many problems related to this.

VandalismActsIntimidation-SlanderNot to mention the cases that were mentioned in the form of such as, among usersAnonymousTherefore, the act of uploading indiscriminately is also a problem.In relation to incidentalitychannel 2See section.AlsoInternet slangUploads are often "asうpIs called.

Examples of problematic uploads

By uploading, anyone can publish and provide information to a third party via the Internet, but the transmitted contentCopyrightAnd accompanying thisTransmission enablement rightIn general, the act of uploading and opening to the public without permission of those who do not have the copyright, etc.Copyright infringement(Infringement of transmission enablement right).

Other than copyright infringement, depending on the content of the uploaded file, it may be an illegal act, and there is no end to being arrested by cyber patrols and simultaneous arrests using the P2P monitoring system by the police.[1]..In fact, in Japan, the breakdown of those arrested for file sharing software in 2013[2]66% are copyright-related, 19% are obscene materials, and 15% are in violation of the Child Pornography Prohibition Law.

Especially in Japanthe 1990sIn the second halfWarez(IllegalCopy software) In connection with the problem, it was commercially available on the server so that it could be accessed by the general public.Application softwareThe person who uploaded the copy of was arrested and guilty.

またNon-confessional offense under copyright lawWith regard to theTPP11The effective date of the agreementEnforced from December 2018, 30 (Heisei 12)It was decided to be done[3].

Downloader responsibility

In Japan, due to the amendment of the Copyright Law that came into effect on January 2010, 1, it is illegal to download copyrighted works or demonstrations while knowing that it is illegal (Copyright infringement).Furthermore, on October 2012, 10, criminal punishment for downloading audio and video, which are commercial works or demonstrations (paid works, etc.) that are generally marketed under the revised Copyright Law, while knowing that they are illegal contents. Will be imposed.


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