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👍 | Rino Sashihara, Kamaitachi Yamauchi's “Recommended Betting Ticket” I regret not buying it ...


Rino Sashihara, Kamaitachi Yamauchi's "recommended betting ticket" I regret not buying ... "I missed it"

If you write the contents roughly
I'm glad that I wasn't able to get "results" and "properly (laughs)" from the fans in this series of exchanges!

[Rino Sashihara has been addicted to horse racing since the end of last year.She regrets not buying the betting ticket recommended by Kenji Yamauchi ... → Continue reading


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    (Lol)(Straw, sho, straw,Parentheses (Warai, parentheses, parentheses) describes the laughter of the speaker or the audience in the speech record, etc.symbol,Expression technique..Other than remark recordarticleIt is also used to indicate that the author of the sentence is smiling.The other person may feel uncomfortable.


    "(Laughs)"PerformanceIs oldSecond World WarUsed from the front.originally,Parliament,裁判 所InFast recordSo, it is thought that it was used to describe the situation of remarks, but at the moment it shows the reasonBookAnd no testimony has been obtained.

    Imperial Assembly OfMinutesAlso, there are descriptions that describe the state of various chambers, such as "(some people call it" humorous ")," "(applause)," and "(laughter)."[Note 1].

    Use case


    after that,Literature magazine OfSymposiumArticles andInterview记事So, it was used to explain the state and gestures of the attendees and speakers, such as "(all laugh)" and "(all nod)".

    Furthermore, even in general sentences that are not discussions or interviews, mainlysub cultureI saw a monologue-like usage written at the end of a sentence in a related magazine.

    For those who profess to have used "(laughs)" in the first-person style for the first time in the notation of dialogues and roundtable discussions.Harumi Yamazaki(LegendaryVending machine book"Hours''HEAVEN』Editor) is[Note 2].

    In addition, DramaAnd broadcastingScriptBut to write something like "Laughter here" (script) Was used.


    In the English-speaking worldLOL (Laughing out loud laughter,(English edition) I can laugh so much that my ass is broken)[1] ,French speakingThen MDR ((French version),Death from laughter).

    Besides, in Korea, "ㅋㅋ, In the Chinese-speaking world, it spread from the Chinese BBS "Cat".233Is used[2]. Also,ACGIn the neighborhood, the "w" described later may be used as in Japan.

    In Japanese net culture, it is used at the end of the sentence in a similar way.wIt is sometimes used as an expression to express the meaning of laughter and sometimes ridicule by adding the character of[Note 3].

    channel 2On Internet bulletin boards such as"Warota'[Source required]"w(Due to the acronym "warai" in the Roman alphabet of "warai"),From around 2016 "草'[Source required]

    (Because it looks like grass is growing when many "w" s are connected depending on the degree of laughter. Sometimes it is described as grass growing.)[Note 4]It may be written as such.

    1997 online game "DiabloIt is said that the player who was born from ”and could only talk in Roman letters abbreviated“ (laughs) ”from“ (warai ”to“ (w ”” and then to “w”. Ru[3].[Reliability required verification]

    In 2017, the women's fashion magazine "CanCamIn a questionnaire survey of women in their teens and thirties,(Lol)Without parentheses笑Was the most frequently answered[4].



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    注 釈

    1. ^ "Applause" and "Laughter" in parentheses on the minutes of the Imperial Diet:Second World War OfAfter the warAn example soon, 1945(20)11/28,11/30There is a description in the minutes of the Imperial Diet.
      Imperial Diet Minutes Search System→ Search → Speaker Search Opening date: November 20, 11 →House of RepresentativesMain Convention→ [037]Takeo Mitamura
      Imperial Diet Minutes Search System→ Search → Speaker Search Opening date: November 20, 11 →House of RepresentativesMain Convention→ [005]Kita Sokichi な ど
    2. ^ Harumi Yamazaki Thethe 1970sFrom the second halfthe 1980sIn the first half, "Hours''HEAVEN"" ""Treasure island''Monthly OUT''Play''Billy"" ""FOOL'S MATE''Rock magazine』And other magazinesrock band"Gaseneta""TACOWas active inWriter-ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンIs.Yamazaki contributed the following contribution to his own bibliography regarding the use of "(laughs)".
      Another digression.Like this sentence I'm writing now (that is, if you're the subject, you're reading it now), it can be a critique or an article, but in the first-person text, I am proud that I was the first person in history to use "(laughs)" in the notation of dialogues and roundtable discussions.The rationale is simple, because when I came up with it, I hadn't seen anyone else using it.It's been a long time since I encountered this use case.Well I am (ParodyI wouldn't use it anymore (if it wasn't ridiculous), and I don't know if it doesn't have a very good image now, or if it's settled on the contrary.It is the prototype of the so-called "straw". — Harumi Yamazaki"Yamazaki Harumi's Confession! Zange! Gegege's Thank Gay!"Kawade Shobo Shinsha,2013, 330.
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    4. ^ the 2000s"Straw" that comes from pronunciation and "W" that comes from the appearance of wShibaWas also seen.


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