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👍 | Shoko Nakagawa gives an example of “digital tattoo” and calls attention “Be careful with SNS”

Photo Shoko Nakagawa attending the press conference for the 2022 best "Miss Magazine 16" [Photo: ENCOUNT editorial department]

Shoko Nakagawa gives an example of "digital tattoo" and calls attention "Be careful with SNS"

If you write the contents roughly
Initially, Yuki Saito and Fumie Hosokawa were produced, and then Nakagawa, Mayuko Iwasa, Mami Yamasaki, Kie Kitano, Kana Kurashina, Nanami Sakuraba, Yua Shinkawa, Misa Eto, and so on.

The real intention is also Porori "I have chosen a job over love and I regret it in the future" Kodansha's "Miss Magazine 2022" ... → Continue reading


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Ki Kitano

Kitano Kie(Kitanokii[4],19913/15[3][4] -) isJapan Ofactress.KanagawaYokosukaBackground[1][2].Foster plusBelongs.For a whilesingerAlso served.


2005(HeiseiMarch 17, 3, a fashion magazine for teens, "Hana*chu →』(SHUFUNOTOMO) Appeared as a new model in the April issue and serves as an exclusive model[Note 1].. same year,Miss MagazineWon the 2005 Grand Prix.At the age of 14, he became the youngest Miss Magazine in history and the first Grand Prix winner born in Heisei.[5]..On June 7, the same year, the drama "Sunday in loveFirst starring in a one-shot drama in "Summer Memories".

In 2007, the movie ``Happy tableThe movie's first starring role as Sawako Nakahara.On January 1th of the same year, her ballad song "Sakura Mai" was released.Ringing songReleased only for distribution, and challenged the singer business.In June of the same year, she made a drama "life』In the role of Ayumu Shiiba, starring in the serial drama for the first time.She alsoThe 86th National High School Soccer ChampionshipServed as a support manager for.Yubei Maki,Aragaki YuiIt became the third generation following, but it is the main TV relay station of the tournament.Nippon TVKitano is the first actress to be selected as a breakthrough in a drama produced by a broadcasting station other than the above.[Note 2].

2007, 17thTokyo Sports Film AwardsThe 31st New Face Award, "Happy Dining Table"Japan Academy AwardNew Actor Award, 29thYokohama Film FestivalThe 45th Best Rookie of the Year Award for "Life"Golden Arrow AwardReceived the rookie award drama category.

August 2010, 2,avex traxSingle fromCherry blossomMade his CD debut.

March 2011, 1thJapan Gold Disc AwardSelected as "The Best 5 New Artists" (Japanese music category).

Broadcasted on May 2012, 5Hillnandez!Commented that he was injured in the magazine "FridayIt was reported that the ligaments of the foot were damaged.[6]Announced on the official blog dated June 6th that he was hurting his leg[7].

August 2014, 9,Mari SekineAs a successor to Nippon Television, "ZIP!In charge of the general moderator[8].

In May 2015, she was nominated for the 5th Supporting Actress Award for "".[9].

Graduated from Nippon Television's "ZIP!" On September 2016, 9.[10]..Former as a successornine nine OfKawashima sea cargoWill serve as the general moderator.

May 2018,Doll house”[11].



  • Both parents are remarried and both have children. She appeared on March 2021st of the same year that she had a younger sister 1 years and 29 months younger in January 10 and she has 11 siblings.Legal counseling service』(Nippon TV)[12].


  • 2009(21)Hiji High Schoolgraduate[13].. To classmatesAmi KikuchiI had a 19th birthday party with my high school classmates at Kikuchi's house.[14][15].
  • Middle school age[Note 3]Club activitiesTennisDepartment.Besides this,gymnasticsDepartment,baseballThere was a time when each manager of the department was also in charge[16].
  • In junior high schoolBullyingI have received it, and at that timeSuenobu KeikoCartoon oflife, And later played the heroine, Ayumu Shiiba, who was bullied when "Life" became a drama. "I got a lot of courage to see Ayumu confronting me."[17]In addition, he said in the production announcement of "Life" that he thought that he would lose if he was absent from school, and that "the courage I got from the friend I met at that time also applies to me."[18].
  • The stage name "Kii" is full of energy, "Kii".黄色I got it because I have an image of[Source invalid].
  • When "ZIP!" Appeared, I got up at 2:3 and entered the station at XNUMX o'clock.News (Chinese)I read all the papers.He also touched on political and economic news that he was not good at until then, and his knowledge has increased dramatically.Also, after "ZIP!", The troubles in appearing in "ZIP!"NHK general TVBroadcast on "Asaichi』CasterV6 OfYoshihiko InoharaWas going to[19].

Hobbies / special skills / preferences




PieRelease datetitlespecificationStandard product numberRanking
1st20102/24Cherry blossom12cm CD + DVDAVCD-31804 / B7 bit
12 cm CDAVCD-31805
Debut memorial board
Limited Edition
AVCD-31806 / B
2nd20108/11花束CD + DVDAVCD-31879 / B14 bit
Limited Edition
3rd20113/2bondsCD + DVDAVCD-48019 / B15 bit
Limited Edition
4th20121/18Darl: orzCD + DVD
Limited Edition
AVCD-48274 / B16 bit
Normal Edition
AVCD-48275 / B
Normal Edition
-20127/9Jumping!Limited distribution-
5th20133/20profile[Note 4]CD + portrait book
Limited Edition
AVCD-4866752 bit
Normal Edition
CD special package[Note 5]
mu-moLimited edition
6th20136/26Raspberry jamCD + newsletter
Limited Edition
AVCD-4869953 bit
Normal Edition
mu-mo limited edition
-201311/5CHASE THE SUNLimited distribution-
titleTie-upCollection work
Jumping!NHK E Tele Anime"Hanakappa"Ending themeK
Raspberry jamTV Tokyo"Takeshi Japan's hero!"Ending themeRaspberry jam
ShiidaaruieshiNHK E-Tele "Chinese on TV』Ending song
CHASE THE SUNTBS drama "Nail Salon Paris-Love comes from the beginning-] Japanese version opening themeK


PieRelease datetitlespecificationStandard product number
1st20114/13HeartSpecial Package CD + DVD + Photobook
Limited Edition
AVCD-38278 / B
CD + DVDAVCD-38279 / B
2CD + DVDAVCD-93415 ~ 6 / B

Mini album

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
20123/14Can you hear me?CD + DVD 1AVCD-38447 / B
CD + DVD 2AVCD-38448 / B

Video work

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
20119/28Thoughts -Kie Kitano First One-Man Live-DVD
Limited Edition
Normal Edition
2013/3/20Thoughts + a-nation'10Blu-ray + Photobook
Limited Edition
Normal Edition


  • Miss Magazine 2005 Kie Kitano (October 2005, 10,Bop)
  • Oops! (March 2006, 3,Pony canyon)
  • Kitano Diary (June 2008, 6, Wanibooks)
  • Kitanofurii (April 2009, 4, Kodansha)
  • Kie Kitano's "Lovely! Talking China !!" (March 2008, Fuji TV KIDS / Pony Canyon)


TV drama


Delivery drama

TV program

  • Idol way (October 2004-March 10,Fuji TV 721)
  • Kaiun Ongakudo (October 2005, 10-March 1, 2006,TBS)
  • Good luck! Shabe China (December 2007, BS Fuji)
  • Kie Kitano's Soccer Spirit (December 2007, 12-January 29, 2008, Nippon Television)
  • Genius! Shimura Animal Garden "Kie Kitano and Woolly Monkey Tsuyoshi no Kizuna Monogatari" (May 2010, 5-August 15, Nippon Television)
  • Chinese on TV(October 2013, 4-March 2, 2014,NHKE Tele)-Navigator
  • ZIP!(September 2014, 9 --September 29, 2016, Nippon Television) --General host


    • GIRLS LOCKS! 4th week of every month Regular personality, newspaper manager (February 2009, 2-December 23)
    • GIRLS LOCKS! 2nd week of every month Regular personality, newspaper manager (January 2011-March 1, 2012)
  • NHK audio drama
    • Count 2.9! (June 2019, 6,NHK FM・ Rebroadcast May 2020, 5 NHK R1) --The role of Haruka Kawamura, the main character[44][45]
    • Goodbye, my god (September 2021, 9, NHK FM) --The role of the main character, Saki[46]






Photo album


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外部 リンク

Mayuko Iwasa

Mayuko Iwasa(Mayuko Iwasa,1987(62)2/24 -) isJapanSource ofactress, Originaltalent.NicknameIt is, Mayuko Iwasa[1].. OncePlatinum productionBelonged to. TokyoNerimaI'm from


2003(15)ShibuyaScouted at 16 years oldMiss Magazine 2003(Organizer /Kodansha)[2][3],Entertainment worlddebuted[4]..Magazine from the beginning as a beautiful girl with a small devil lookgravureIt becomes sought after.

As an actress2004(16) In October, the TV drama "Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari ~』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.), Starring as Ayu[5]..In the same year, due to his success in gravure, "42nd (2004)" Golden Arrow AwardGraph Award ”(sponsored byJapan Magazine Association) Has been awarded[5].

2014,movies"Passion』I acted as the leading role.In this work, her acting that Iwasa, who starred in her, sprints naked, became a hot topic, and the 23rdJapanese Film Professional AwardWon the Emerging Actress Award[6]..It is also a masterpiece for Iwasa.

202010/1, Retired from the entertainment world at the end of September of the same yearInstagramReport in[7], After retirementNursing careRevealed to go on the path of work[7].



  • He has a sloppy personality that both himself and others admit, and is not good at cleaning up.When the program introduced the room of my parents' house, all the clocks in the room stopped, hats, bags, cartoons (which I was ready to read at any time) were piled up and the floor was almost invisible. Sometimes I use the pipe bed spread out. "[11].. When I turned 20, I decided to live alone.A TV program with a monthly rent of 15 yenApartmentI chose and moved[12].
  • I wrote on the old official blog only once a month, which I wrote until October 2009, and I called myself a "monthly blog".[13].
  • love"I'm not good at coming (from the other party). I'm the one who wants to go from myself," he said, and the maximum dating period is "7 months."[14]..For professional wrestlers who are sometimes regarded as Iwasa's favorite male typeTenryu Genichiro[15]There is, but he says he is really just his favorite professional wrestler.
  • In the entertainment world, the actress is on good termsErika Sawajiri,Yuu Yuu,Haruna YabukiAnd so on.


  • 2006(18), in a TV programSuppinWas released for the first time.I didn't have half of my eyebrows, but my face wasn't much different from when I put on my makeup.[16].
  • TV program "It was your thanks to the Tunnels』In an urgent project,Nankai CandiesRyota YamazatoAppeared as a lover in the delusional drama of the work.A scene of kissing Yamasato, the main character, was broadcast, and the women in the studio who were watching it screamed, but he didn't care at all.
  • 2004In (16)Adult consomme』Plan "blue Dragon"soOgi and Hagi OfHiroaki OgiCo-starred with[17]Since then, Ogi and Iwasa have been set up as "Inu-Saru no Naka", which will be the later program "God TanAlso in "Hiroaki Ogi's quarrel drive""Reconciliation Friend ParkWe often confronted each other in projects such as.Iwasa has not appeared on the program since 2007, partly because he started his career as an actress, but for about 2012 years in the "4th year rush! Rare video quiz" broadcast on April 7, 6. Guest appearance for the first time.HeelsHe trampled on the crotch of Ogi, and showed the same "Inu-Saru no Naka" style as at that time, which made the studio excited.
  • "Cinderella World of the Weekend! Bullet Traveler』The 82ndVietnamOn a trip, he demonstrates his freedom, such as drinking beer on the street with his female friend.On the street cornerChaeWhen I ate (fruit-mixed ice cream), the seeds of the fruit were blown from my mouth onto the street, and my companion woman hit my head.
  • 2011(23) "" aired on June 6Have a nice day], I listed 10 things that I couldn't do to myself, such as "I'm not good at cleaning up", "I'm not kind", and "I have a bad foot habit".


  • The grandfather, who is also the godfather of "Mayuko," is the deceased. "Mayuko" contained the wish that "I want you to grow up straight and relaxedly."I didn't like my name in the past, but now I like it and love it.In my new house, my grandfather's keepsakeCoffee millI took it with me.
  • I have two older brothers.



Video work

  • Miss Magazine (October 2003, 10,Bop)
  • COCOON (February 2004, 2,Pony canyon)
  • MI4 (September 2004, 9,Sony Music Entertainment)
  • Mayuko Natsumi (November 2004, 11, E-Net Frontier)
  • Catch the Idol (2004,Four side dot com)
    • A shortened version of Mayuko's summer vacation.UFO catcherGiveaway
  • Beach Angels Mayuko Iwasa in Borneo(December 2004, 12,Bop)
  • Idol Road ~ Goku ~ (February 2005, 2,Liverpool)
  • WILD BLUE (February 2005, 2, GP Museum Software)
  • Little Devil (June 2005, 6) Convenience storeLimited release, general release on April 2006, 4,Liverpool)
  • Tokyo Miyu Cut Loose (July 2005, 7, GP Museum Software)
  • Lovers (April 2006, 4,Line Communications)
  • Idol Road-Friendly to People- (March 2007, 3, convenience store limited release, December 28, 2007, general release, Liverpool)
  • Mayuko Iwasa DVD-BOX (June 2007, 6, Forside.com)
    • Released as a 3-disc DVD-BOX with the addition of a DVD containing unreleased footage to the three works "Mayuko Natsumi," "WILD BLUE," and "Tokyo Miyu Cut Loose."
  • Good Life, Good Today (October 2007, 10, E-Net Frontier)


TaiziIs the main character or the main character.


TV drama

original video

Mobile drama

Web drama


Music program

  • Pop jam(May 2005, 5 NHK General TV) "Naoya Ogawa★ Mayuko Iwasa sings "Invaders without permission"
  • Music Station(June 2005, 6 TV Asahi) Singing "Katteni Shinryaku" in "Naoya Ogawa ★ Mayuko Iwasa"
  • Sugar Hill Street(November 2006, 11, 16 Nippon Television)MCGuest




CM / Campaign


Photo exhibition

  • J: COM presents Evangelion x Bishoujo Photo Exhibition -Girls Collection of EVANGELION- (held in 2012)


Photo album

Newspaper serialization

  • Mayuko Iwasa goes my way (2006,Yomiuri ShimbunIs being serialized irregularly)

Trading cards

  • Super Idol Collection (SIC) Vol.1 Mayuko Iwasa (February 2004, 2)
  • Separate Volume Girls First Love Box (April 2004, 4)
  • Miss Magazine 2003 (May 2004, 5)
  • BOMB CARD LIMITED Mayuko Iwasa ~ COOL ~ (November 2004, 11)
  • Mayuko Iwasa Official Card Collection JEWEL (May 2005, 5)
  • Platinum Official Card Collection (October 2007, 10)
  • Platinum Official Card Collection Vol.2 (October 2009, 10)


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