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🐈 | Cat's stationmaster Nitama and Tanabata Children decorate strips Wakayama Dentetsu Takashigawa Line


Wakayama Dentetsu Kishikawa Line where cat stationmaster Nitama and Tanabata children decorate strips

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The Tanabata event on the Kishigawa Line will be held at Kishi Station, Wakayama Station and Idakiso Station until the 7th day after tomorrow.

At Kishi Station on the Wakayama Dentetsu Kishikawa Line in Kinokawa City, to coincide with the Tanabata on July 7, from today, seven wishes will be hung on Sasatake ... → Continue reading

 TV Wakayama

The only private television broadcasting station in Wakayama prefecture. Incidents, accidents, disaster prevention, politics, education, tourism, sports, gourmet, fashion, entertainment, culture, history, nature, health, pandas, Tama stationmaster ... We will tell you various news about Wakayama.

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