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🚁 | Vol.01 Immediately before the drone premise society!Drones that fly "naturally" in stormy weather are lined up [DRONE E ...

Although it sometimes rained heavily during the time period for photographic media, many media such as TV and newspapers gathered.

Vol.01 Immediately before the drone premise society!Drones that fly "naturally" in stormy weather are lined up [DRONE E ...

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As an outline of the business alliance, it is said that the Meitetsu Drone Academy will jointly develop a training program on industrial drones and related systems developed and produced by PRODRONE.

DRONE EXPO 2022 in Aichi will be held!Drones flying in the sky in bad weather Occasionally due to typhoons ... → Continue reading


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    Industrial drone

    business partnership

    business partnership(Gyomu Teikei) is limited to a specific field andCompanyHave business cooperation[1][2]. Or thatAgreementSay[3].


    TechnologyDevelopment and provision,生産,Material procurement,logistics, Personnel exchange,Sales PromotionThere are various partnership methods. The feature is that mutual companies cooperate with each other while maintaining their independence in terms of management.merger,Acquisition such asM&AIs different from. While maintaining corporate independence and being able to dissolve alliances, there is no expectation of guarantee of continuity or financial support.[2]. A phenomenon that creates new customer value by combining products/services and sales channels from different industriesOpen innovationThat.


    Production tie-up

    生産,製造Part ofConsignmentTo do.needIf it is strong, it will be a great advantage for the outsourced company in the situation that the in-house production cannot catch up, and the outsourced company can improve the capacity utilization rate to increase the production volume. When outsourcing to other companies, detailed instructions and management from the viewpoint of quality maintenance are required.[2].

    Sales partnership

    Companies that already have sales routes and sales know-how, such as companies that have technical capabilities and product capabilities but do not have sales/sales power or know-how, or have weak sales routes, or companies that do not have sales routes in newly developed products, new fields, etc. When outsourcing the sale to[2].

    Technical cooperation

    There are cases where companies jointly develop technology and cases where existing technology is provided. In the case where a single company specialized in a specialized field cannot develop a new technology due to technological specialization and complexization, multiple manufacturers cooperate with each other to increase the possibility and speed of new technology development. Increase. Also of development costriskCan be distributed[2].

    Manufacturing industryFor technology licensing inLicense productionSee also

    With capital participation/capital alliance

    Contributing to capital, not only through a business alliance, but also by acquiring or holding shares in one companyCapital participationOr holding shares in each otherCapital allianceHowever, the purpose is to build stronger relationships between companies. It may be one form of M&A, and in the future, it may be premised on business integration or merger.DuskinとMos BurgerThe tie-up of this corresponds to this[3].

    • Capital allianceSecures one-third of the issued sharesVetoA low percentage of mutual shareholding that cannot be secured[4].


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    • Acquisition: Holding more than half of the issued shares

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