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🐈 | [Cartoon] Dogs love their owners talking about themselves "I love you ♡" "Why do you understand?"

Photo Inu-kun notices that he is talking about himself (courtesy of Hidekichi Matsumoto)

[Cartoon] Dogs love their owners to talk about themselves "I love you ♡" "Why do you understand?"

If you write the contents roughly
I thought a lot, and when the chicken egg somen came to my mind with a picone, I felt very comfortable.

Both dogs and cats seem to know that their owners are talking about themselves.Manga artist Hidekichi Matsumoto (@hidekiccan) ... → Continue reading

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Chicken egg noodles

Chicken egg noodles(Keiran Somen) isPortugalIntroduced fromNanban confectioneryone of. Rock sugarSaturated aqueous solution ofboilingIn the honey made by lettingegg yolkPour in thinlyRaw noodlesHardened into a shape, taken out, cooled, and then cut into pieces.Confectionery.

Egg somen noodlesAlso called (egg somen).PortugueseThen.Fios de OvosIt is a confectionery called (fios de ovos, egg thread), and it is not only eaten locally, but also locally.cakeIt is often used as a decoration for.For example, "" in PortugalLampreyA large amount of Fios de ovos is used as the main ingredient in the cake called "lampreia de ovos".

FukuokaFukuoka City OfFamous confectionery..Similar thingsOsakaTsuruya Hachiman and Fukunobu Takaoka,Kyoto CityIt is also made at long-established stores such as Tsuruya Tsurujuan.It is also a NanbangashiCastella,CasdoseIt tastes even sweeter and is extremely sweet.


To JapanAzuchi-Momoyama PeriodToNanban tradeforPortugueseMerchants were coming and goingHizen country OfHiradoThe one that was introduced to is the originator.

Generally considered to be an old confectioneryEdo PeriodEarly published "Cooking storyThe confectionery section also describes the manufacturing method as "egg somen noodles".

During the Edo period, Hakata's Matsuya Riemon was a trader.Sokyu OgaWhen I visited Hirado withChinese peopleIt is said that he was taught the manufacturing method by Chung.The first Riemon1673ToHakataGo back to and start sellingEnpo yearToFukuoka domainLord'sMitsuyuki KurodaIt is said that it became a confectionery dealer by offering chicken egg noodles to[1].1957Riemon XNUMXth was incorporated under the trade name of Matsuya Confectionery.The chicken egg noodles produced by the company were sometimes listed as one of the three major confectioneries in Japan.[2][Source required].

Matsuya Confectionery Store is due to a decrease in sales2012In 11 monthSelf-bankruptcy official[3].2013Kagoshima Japanese sweets makerSatsuma JokiyaAcquired the Matsuya Confectionery Factory and resumed production, while Riemon Todai said, "Riemon MatsuyaProduction is being resumed separately under the name of[4].

Manufacturing method

When makingsugarBoiledpotThere was a hole in the bottomstainlessFrom the equipment ofegg yolkPour while turning.ChopsticksとRice scoopUse to pull up while shaping and complete[5]..It takes skill to make it beautiful, but it can be made at home as long as it looks good and costs.Overseas, you can roll up the products without cutting them, or you can buy cheap products (Sauce yakisobaIn many cases, they are packed in a rough form and sold.

In addition, in Fukuoka CityJapanese sweetsIsIshimura Manseido OfTsurunokoIs left over when making chicken egg noodlesEgg whiteIt is said that the idea was to use it after seeing.The store still manufactures and sells chicken egg noodles.

Jala mas noodles from each country

PortugalFios de Ovos was a colonyBrazil,MacauIt is also handed down and made.

Neighboring countrySpainAnd thatColonyMetMexicoAlso transmitted toSpanishMeans "spun egg"Uebo Irado(Huevo hilado)[6]Called.

Also, Fios de OvosJapanese-Portuguese-BengaliMixed raceHiradoCourt chef of originMarie GimaldoByAyutthaya morningOf the eraThailandWas also told.In ThailandFoey Tone(ฝอย ทอง, Gold thread), and is still popular as a famous confectionery, but in Thailand it can produce a darker golden color than chicken eggs.duckEggs are preferred,jasmine,(English edition)Cook with syrup flavored with[7].

Foy tone isCambodiaThen.WowieKnown as[8].


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